Rare Bernice-Kenneth Moment

April 6, 2009 at 6:59 pm (bernice liu)

OMG! I found this super rare picture that I’ve never seen b4!

it’s old and we see Bernice and Kenneth playing drums together! He’s also sitting next to her in the bottom pic….when was this? I’m not sure if Bernice is teaching Kenneth or the other way around…but they’re just too cute…looking at each other!

Anyone care to translate?


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  1. 冷冰心 said,

    hey just happened onto your blog and while reading saw that you were asking for translation… the rough translation of above as follows:

    Bernice, Shirley, Mandy & Kenneth gathered to rehearse the asia drum dance. the drums that they are using are very very rare elephant leg drums from west china minority group in bright colors and not very light in weight. thus carrying and hitting it at the same time is quite a tiring task. some practicing artists even get “blue-black” on shoulders from carrying them while some others injured their fingers while hitting the drums. this is an performance that require full cooperation between artists as well as good “beat”. Thus all performance agree that they should practice more in order to achieve perfection.

    the pic with bernice n kenneth says that “bernice who had practice on the drums for 2 days is now showing kenneth who’s just starting how to hit the drums.

    the message pointing to the group pic says that ” the 4 artist are sitting beside each other learning from the instructor the right way to hit the drums and the “beat”.

    hopefully the above translation helps!

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