Kenneth Ma praises Kate Tsui’s singing & moving

April 16, 2009 at 7:48 pm (kate tsui, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko)

Translated by: Matchbox @

Kenneth Ma and Matthew Ko both accepted a interview with Eileen Cha. Due to both of them previously rumored with Kate Tsui and working together in the series “Man In Charge”, they were asked why a love triangle wasn’t reportered? Kenneth said “Because it’s Ancient costume and their were no visitors.” As for Kate Tsui entering the music industry, both of them said that they will be supportive and even praised her having singing talent.

Listen to it here:


  1. Carmen said,

    the interview was fun to listen to
    I wished they talked more about the filming process or talked about real things…not “if questions”
    I had noticed that Kenneth looked shorter than Matthew in the drama, it was nice for Kenneth to share with us that he had planned that part out so that he’s not taller than Matthew!

  2. WL said,

    Such a CUTE interview! Thanks so much, for posting!!
    Do you know if there are any other Eileen Cha interviews with Kenneth??
    She mentioned a few times in other interviews that he’s always so shy/quiet when he’s interviewed. I’d LOVE to hear how he sounds like in her other interviews.

    I think there’s one he did in 2008 – found in this link but I’m not a member and don’t know chinese well enough to signup and open it:

    Have you heard it before?? Do you know where we can find more Kenneth interviews?

    • bbfreak said,

      haha..hey its ok..i deleted the duplicate!
      WL, welcome to KMKMF!
      Hey thanks for the links! i’ve never heard of it before…very cute interview of Kenneth & LokYi abt The Speech of Silence! I’ll do a post on it later….
      Really cute interview yet again haha…i don’t know about his past interviews w/ her….i would luv to heard them as well….maybe i’ll check around! i bet if he was alone he would be super quiet! haha. But since he’s gottent o kno Eileen Cha, he’s just less shy now! Come back and leave more comments! haha. and keep filling us in on new stuff!

      • WL said,

        Wow, that’s Great!!
        Is it a large file, can you send me a copy of it?
        Been really wanting to hear it for SO LONG!!!

        This is a Fantastic site, I’ll be back to post when I find new stuff!!!

      • bbfreak said,

        Actually, you can listen to it online…it’s imeem so u can listen to it online!

        finals are coming up so I wont be able to make a post on it throughly but I’ll add a new post w/ the links for u! 🙂

        About the beautiful cooking thing, I’ll forward that request to my translator cuz I can’t read chinese either haha! It mite take some time tho!

  3. WL said,

    Whoa, is my comment showing up twice??
    Sorry about that, I posted the first comment and then came back to the site and saw it was missing. So I reposted. Is there a way for me to delete it??

    • WL said,

      Great!! Thanks, bbfreak! You’re Awesome!

      Also wanted to let you know that I’ve been trying to find the Starry Kitchen episode with Kenneth and Nancy too! I really wanna see it. It’s tough trying to find it on the web, the closest possibility I found is via this link:

      I think this user “Icooking” on has it, she’s posted like every Starry Kitchen eps there is but when I searched, I couldn’t find one dated before mid-2007 (Do you know when Kenneth and Nancy’s episode was aired?) because I don’t think holds videos for that long. I want to e-mail her and ask but again don’t know Chinese well enough to form the proper question. Do you know anyone who can help?

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