Kenneth on Episode 3 of Play-n-chat

April 16, 2009 at 7:42 pm (katy kung)

Too bad the show is only viewable on the website and that there’s not d/l link! It’s soooo kute tho. I remember watching Nancy in epi 2 w/ Jason Chan (and epi 1 was Elanne Kong w/ Katy Kung)…and now epi 3 is w/ Kenneth & Katy…I like all of them! haha. I’m sad that Kenneth didn’t get to go to his old home and stuff like Nancy did, but I guess they didn’t wanna do that again since he did that for the TVB8 show – Walk with Celebrities.

Haha. it’s so cute how when Katy asked where they were going, Kenneth said anywhere…you choose…and finally he said…lets go play soccer! In the end he let Katy choose (what a gentleman!) and they ended up at the kiddy arcade ..that was super kute….and she was making him get her stuffed animals from the machine and he was like “this is a waste of money though…since you never can get it!”…

Then they went grocery shopping, and Kenneth kept going for the on sale sushi stuff. Haha. He even bought her cake w/ his own money cuz she said the next day was her Bday. Very sweet…While Kenneth was discussing w/ the bakery ppl whether he can have candles, Katy tells the audience that she hasn’t told Kenneth this but that he’s one fo the artists she realli likes! And that she’s so happy she gets to celebrate an early bday w/ him…haha

Later they end up at the big waterfall place where they film the series (like Journey Called Life – where they ran) and Katy lets Kenneth walk ahead and turns to the camera and says “He’s so manly. I offered to help hold the stuff & MaMing was like, ‘no, this is a man’s job!'” (She was giggling like a little girl…haha what a charmer Kenneth is!)

They sit dwn and eat and she pulls out cards for him to answer questions. Most of the stuff we know already, but it’s still nice to hear. When asked which actress he was crazy about before, he said it would be Jacqueline Ng Sin Lin. When asked about what qualities he has that are better than the other 4 constables, Katy specifically asked him, what he has better than Raymond Lam.

Kenneth collectively answered and said he’s not as handsome as the other guys, but this is both a strength and weakness. He goes on to explain, but Katy says that she thinks he’s really handsome though! Kenneth also talks about how he became a big boy in Canada and had to shovel snow and stuff. His most memorable bday gift was from his dad and it was a car!

Totally though Kenneth was cute in the interview. Haha. He’s too wonder so many girls praise him! He even sang “Happy Bday” to Katy…and she was laughing uncontrollably saying he was silly!


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