TVB Rumored Couples attends dinner party alone

April 22, 2009 at 6:31 pm (bernice liu, bosco wong)

TVB Rumored Couples attends dinner party alone

Mr. Leung, the TVB deputy executive, treating over 20 leading TVB actors (Bosco, Michael Miu, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Natalis Chan, Kenneth Wong, Cho-lam Wong…etc) and managers to abalone, 30-year-old treasured XO cognac and some fine red wine.

Most of the actors leaving the restaurant two hours later at 11pm were clearly drunk with bright-red ears and face.

To avoid getting their driver’s license revoked like Laugh gor, many of the actors were afraid to drive. They either took the taxi, caught a ride with Virginia Lok’s assistant 7-passenger van, or called their assistant for pick up. Bernice had her dad pick her up.

Bosco was very drunk. Most of the people had left, but because Bosco’s assistant got lost, Bosco had to stay behind to wait for his ride. When he saw reporters, he got especially “High.” He was reciting Cheng Dan Shui’s “留 給 最 愛 的 說 話” <> and added few stanzas to it “one careless driver, one slippery road.” He then added, “… wait it didn’t rain today!” Reporters said he had a little of too much to drink and was talking non-sense. He also added that seniors from the Wing-Lung bank (the building where the banquet was held) often treat TVB actors.

Credits: Credit : pinkcherries @,

Comments: Kenneth was there! haha. Too bad didn’t see a picture of him…or of him and Bernice! grr…haha….is this Tommy Leung they are speaking of?


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  1. hyn5 said,

    Yes, “Mr. Leung” is Tommy Leung.

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