Bernice-Kenneth Love….(links to BK miniseries)

May 31, 2009 at 12:02 am (bernice liu)

Guess what? I finally found the BK miniseries Summer Friends Forever! This is not all the epis..only two…but oh well…at least i finally found it! It’s super cute…they look so good together and so cute especially when they’re making faces and playing pool, when Bernice hooked on to Kenneth’s arm, & when they were eating…. also when they’re getting their foot massages! Must see! This was in 2005 and it was probably filmed after Into Thin Air!


Here are the links: (Must Watch!)


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Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu celebrate their 1st year dating anniversary + MORE

May 30, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, selena li, tavia yeung)

Source: Hkheadline Translated by: Matchbox @

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma who are currently being promoted by TVB, collaborated on the show “Strictly Come Dancing II” last year. It was rumored that good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng were the matchmakers and the pair became a couple. But because they were afraid that announcing the news may affect their careers they have never admitted being together. Their relationship is very low profile. It was also reported that Nancy moved from her old home in Tuen Mun to the Hong Kong Island area, so that it would be more convenient. Her new home is only one street away from Kenneth’s. Picks up Nancy from work The other day, Kenneth who didn’t need to work drove to Pacifc Place to pick up girlfriend Nancy from work. In order to avoid being recognized Kenneth stayed inside his car and waited for Nancy. However he needed to drive around a few times because he wasn’t allowed to park there. After a while, Nancy appeared from level 3 of the car park and got into his car. They drove to Times Square, Causeway Bay. Nancy was seen getting out of the car and believed to be having a facial there. After parking his car, Kenneth walked around the streets near the shopping mall. He was seen looking in brand watch stores. In the end he purchased a watch that cost HK$3000 as a 1 year dating anniversary gift. After 1 hour Kenneth received a phone call from Nancy. He went back to the Times Square to meet up with her. She even paid for the parking ticket. As they departed, a group of paparazzi’s took pictures of them. The couple were shocked and Nancy looked unhappy. When the reporter mentioned that he had free time to go shopping, Kenneth didn’t know how to respond. [Where are you going now?) They only said they were going home. It wasn’t clear whether he felt the reporters misunderstood his reply, therefore he added “We are going back to our own homes.” (You mean you are driving Nancy back to her home, then going back to yours?) “Yes”. After clearing up the misunderstanding Kenneth felt more relaxed and allowed the reporters to take pictures.

Also a video about KeNancy rumors and Nancy getting a new kitty – Little Tiger!…0639bfcb07feae/

Iron Horse Blessing Ceremony on Scoop – Cast pokes fun @ KeNancy!


Watch Kenneth-Tavia-Selena-Nancy blog video, super kute!



Love this video. it’s super cute! Kenneth is such a sweet talker! No wonder the girls adore him! This is the first time we see Kenvia being close together! its really cute…and we too would love a Kenvia series..Kenneth is begging for it! I love how he was all sweet when he was calling for “Ah Yi”…and when he made that face at Selena saying “next time it’s me and ah Yi!” he’s so cute…the whole “Mommy” thing from Tav was adorable as well! haha….Kenneth spreading rumors now?! haha. too cute…As I have said b4, the only two fadans that are friends w/ everyone but don’t show in front of cam that they are close to Kenneth are Tavia & Bernice, but now that’s not true anymore…hopefully we’ll see more displays of affection from BK as well! Iron Horse will be yet another KenSelena series!

Since hyn5 beat me to it, here is a link to the transcript of the interview! haha. amazing how i like all 4 of them!

An old Kenancy video:

Super cute pix of Iron Horse filming from Shirley’s blog here

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What Others Say About Kenneth….

May 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm (ella koon, nancy wu, selena li)

Since I’ve been slow to update…u guys, if u haven’t already, should check out and all her posts on Kenneth!

I shall comment on them here, since im too lazy to repost a varying translation…i hope hyn5 doesn’t mind! 😀 The ones w/ only links I will not comment on…


Nancy Wu Refuses to Bring Boyfriend to Meet Parents

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma

Nancy Praising Kenneth:

Nancy said, “[Jacqueline Chong & I] don’t know each other so there is no need. I would like the year 2009 to wash away all of the year 2008’s unhappy matters. I don’t want to be associated with these two names (Deep Ng and Jacqueline Chong) anymore.” (What about with Kenneth Ma?) “That’s alright!”

Sweetly Praising Him as Being a Good Guy

Although Nancy has denied her love relationship with Kenneth, but she could not restrain from revealing her sweet smile and also praising him non-stop. When asked if they were love at first dance? She said, “No, I didn’t dance with him. We are still good friends. I’m not saying that he cannot be my boyfriend.” (Your rumours were in the C1 headlines!) “I’m not afraid of these headlines! I can even accept more of these headlines, since my rumoured partner is so good! (Does he have potential?) “Yes, he has a good reputation among artistes. And he is also a dong ka siu sang, but I don’t think he is chasing after me. (Is he your ideal partner?) “I don’t know! He has such great attributes. It is very hard to find such a good guy!”

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma (Again!)

Without avoidance, Nancy highly praises Kenneth as being a good guy and a gentleman. When asked how she will react if he pursued her, Nancy says sweetly, “Let’s see if he means to do so!”

Nancy: “We do get along well with each other. If not, we wouldn’t be good friends. Everyone in TVB praises him as being a good guy. He is a very simple person. He is very hard-working, faithful, and he is an ambitious guy. Every female colleague also praises him. Will I consider him if he pursues me? Let’s see how he will do so, and also see if he means to do so, or see whether the heavens will grant us fate!

Comments: Aww…that’s so cute..Nancy praising Kenneth…but then again…everyone praises him! haha. I’m not sure if Nancy is being blatantly honest that she’s kinda interested or if she’s playing up on the whole publicity thing…somehow i feel like its the latter…not that its a bad thing. But I have a feeling that TVB has a big hand in how rumored couples reply. Oh well…its cute to watch anyways! If Nancy is interested, Kenneth you gotta start moving!


TVBE Clip for “Iron Horse Seeking Bridge” Costume Fitting

Comments: The clip is super cute! haha. We know Selena & Kenneth will have chemistry for sure! haha. “My heart is toward you”….Kenneth keeps flirting w/ Selena…I’m surprised she hasn’t been charmed away by him! I guess since Patrick is around, we’ll never get KenSelena rumors haha. Aw…he doesn’t have scenes really w/ Nancy?

Selena Li’s Billionth Time Working with Ma Ming. Ella Koon Loves Kissing Ma Ming.

Also, Ella Koon was on a TVB game show hosted by King Kong and Vivien Yeo, and Ella expressed that Kenneth is the best guy to kiss because he had so many bloopers during the filming of the kiss.

It was the scene in “Survivor’s Law II” where they got married in the court. Kenneth was originally supposed to kiss Ella twice. However, the kiss scene was not rehearsed, so Ella took a step backwards after the first kiss, and Kenneth (must have closed his eyes) leaned in and fell forward. The entire cast and crew laughed out loud. That is why that kiss is memorable to Ella.

Comments: You can read Selena’s translated blog entry thru the link! Aw…so cute that Selena enjoys working w/ Kenneth! As for Ella…wow what a surprise haha. Ella totally like Kenneth haha…he’s too cute not to like. Kenneth is so silly. That must have been embarassing! I wonder where we can see this show? Anyone know? Please share!


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Kenneth Ma Fans Forum is Officially OPEN!

May 21, 2009 at 2:37 pm (forum)


Please join the forum and discuss all things Kenneth in there! You can post stuff you’ve found & discuss in detail about series! I’ve set up the forum for ages but never got to announcing it or fixing stuff up….I also need a new banner! Any one wanna make one for the forum?! 😀

So please register and start topics and anything else you want (nothing naughty of course lol)!

Sry for the lack of updates…been busy summer job searching to no avail! :-/

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer!

– bbfreak

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Eileen Cha Radio Interview w/ Kenneth & Chris Lai (The Speech of Silence)

May 1, 2009 at 1:46 am (chris lai, The Speech of Silence)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Super cute interview as requested by WL. Posted by Wilson. I’ll do a recap of it soon…:-) finals busy…

awesome BK updates to come! haha. check out hyn5’s blog for the pix! 🙂

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