Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu celebrate their 1st year dating anniversary + MORE

May 30, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, selena li, tavia yeung)

Source: Hkheadline Translated by: Matchbox @

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma who are currently being promoted by TVB, collaborated on the show “Strictly Come Dancing II” last year. It was rumored that good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng were the matchmakers and the pair became a couple. But because they were afraid that announcing the news may affect their careers they have never admitted being together. Their relationship is very low profile. It was also reported that Nancy moved from her old home in Tuen Mun to the Hong Kong Island area, so that it would be more convenient. Her new home is only one street away from Kenneth’s. Picks up Nancy from work The other day, Kenneth who didn’t need to work drove to Pacifc Place to pick up girlfriend Nancy from work. In order to avoid being recognized Kenneth stayed inside his car and waited for Nancy. However he needed to drive around a few times because he wasn’t allowed to park there. After a while, Nancy appeared from level 3 of the car park and got into his car. They drove to Times Square, Causeway Bay. Nancy was seen getting out of the car and believed to be having a facial there. After parking his car, Kenneth walked around the streets near the shopping mall. He was seen looking in brand watch stores. In the end he purchased a watch that cost HK$3000 as a 1 year dating anniversary gift. After 1 hour Kenneth received a phone call from Nancy. He went back to the Times Square to meet up with her. She even paid for the parking ticket. As they departed, a group of paparazzi’s took pictures of them. The couple were shocked and Nancy looked unhappy. When the reporter mentioned that he had free time to go shopping, Kenneth didn’t know how to respond. [Where are you going now?) They only said they were going home. It wasn’t clear whether he felt the reporters misunderstood his reply, therefore he added “We are going back to our own homes.” (You mean you are driving Nancy back to her home, then going back to yours?) “Yes”. After clearing up the misunderstanding Kenneth felt more relaxed and allowed the reporters to take pictures.

Also a video about KeNancy rumors and Nancy getting a new kitty – Little Tiger!…0639bfcb07feae/

Iron Horse Blessing Ceremony on Scoop – Cast pokes fun @ KeNancy!


Watch Kenneth-Tavia-Selena-Nancy blog video, super kute!



Love this video. it’s super cute! Kenneth is such a sweet talker! No wonder the girls adore him! This is the first time we see Kenvia being close together! its really cute…and we too would love a Kenvia series..Kenneth is begging for it! I love how he was all sweet when he was calling for “Ah Yi”…and when he made that face at Selena saying “next time it’s me and ah Yi!” he’s so cute…the whole “Mommy” thing from Tav was adorable as well! haha….Kenneth spreading rumors now?! haha. too cute…As I have said b4, the only two fadans that are friends w/ everyone but don’t show in front of cam that they are close to Kenneth are Tavia & Bernice, but now that’s not true anymore…hopefully we’ll see more displays of affection from BK as well! Iron Horse will be yet another KenSelena series!

Since hyn5 beat me to it, here is a link to the transcript of the interview! haha. amazing how i like all 4 of them!

An old Kenancy video:

Super cute pix of Iron Horse filming from Shirley’s blog here


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