Miss ATV/Asia ’07 Contestant Manecy Chan Siu Ching had a crush on Kenneth for 8 years

June 7, 2009 at 7:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow. Manecy completely embodies and displays true Kenneth love! haha. Once you fall for Kenneth there’s really no turning back. I can’t believe she had her eye on Kenneth back in his cameo days…”A Colourful Life” ! sheesh…we’re not even talking about cameos like Eternal Happiness…that’s pretty crazy stuff! She just couldn’t stop talking about Kenneth and she likes to convince everyone to like him as well (telling the other girl to imagine a long haired MaMing since she likes guys w/ long hair)! She said her 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd choice are all MaMing! She went to school in Canada, hence her open display of Kenneth love lol. All thru, she started giggling even when she was asked what she would do if she got to act in intimate scenes w/ him! She said she’d lose control and that she’d even be a cameo just to be in a scene w/ Kenneth. The other girl kept saying Manecy always talks about dreaming about running into Kenneth during interviews. Even that day, she was like “do you think I’ll run into Kenneth?”

When asked if she’s ever met Kenneth in person, Manecy says that she hasn’t really. She has friends that know him and the whole ATV knows she crazy about him. She recalls seeing him in person at a Walk-athon and she spent 10 mins just staring at him, but was too shy to go talk to him despite being egged on by everyone around her.

She said Kenneth is like her white horse prince and even the host got tired of her constant talking about him! She commented that she thinks MaMing likes more mature girls and that she herself is pretty mature. The host then said that the most recent rumor girl (Nancy) is not older…Manecy asked who he is rumored w/ now and then said hopefully that it was probably just a rumor and that maybe the one about Margie was real (does she have inside info hmm?). She said that her friends are tired of her bothering them and would not tell her if he had a gf or not! She also said she’d be slightly disappointed if he was taken.lol. She also claims to have a Kenneth collection (pix and everything) and still collects them when she has time now despite a busy schedule! When the host said the media calls MaMing a “tall version Amigo” she seemed offended!

Clip (around 12min): http://video.appleactionews.com/index.php?fuseaction=Features.Archive&channel_id=543210&program_id=653178

Manecy’s blog

hyn5 post w/ transcript on the show



  1. hyn5 said,

    It was actually the host that referred to Ma Ming as the “taller version of Amigo”.
    I don’t know where she got that impression from because Amigo is nowhere close to Ma Ming. They are only thing they have in common is that they are both spokesperson for Bella. Ha ha…

  2. sport3888 said,

    wow a ATV’s Miss Asia is a pretty big Kenneth fan! wow during his cameos days, “A Colorful Life” I don’t think many fans even noticed him back then. That shows how supportive she is! haha she should just go up to him and ask if she can take a photo with him at least. Kenneth seems to be pretty nice to his fans. It’ll be hard to work with him if she’s at ATV though, should go work for TVB if she doesn’t have a contract with them.

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