Ella Koon: Women reaching age 30, gets more charming

July 6, 2009 at 6:26 pm (ella koon)

Welcomed by users of the popular website on.cc, usually posts the most recent entertainment clips. Recently on.tv invited “Electrifying Beauty” Ella Koon to accept an interview by “on Show Entertainment”. The Host made a big confession, wants to see what Ella has to expose?

Had always had the image of being sexy, Ella Koon spoke a lot about her private life due to the pressure from the Hosts. She said that her personality is like a tomboy, she is only like a girl when it comes to work.

Often appearing very pretty on shows, she exposed that she’s a “game addict”, she even said that the more she plays the more she gets into the game and the more happy she is. Recently she hosted a food show and appeared to have positive feedback. Playful Ella even pretended to speak like how she speaks in the show, it was very funny!

This year she will be turning 30 years old, will she throw a big party? She said: “I don’t really like to throw big parties, sometimes I don’t like to be the spotlight. (30 years old, does she feel that she’s getting old and afraid of aging?) Not really, but I feel that time really passed by fast. Also maybe because I always watch ‘Sex and the City’, so I feel that as women get older , the more charming they get. So actually I feel that I’ll look forward to being 30!”

Avoids Ron Ng; Most Compatible with Kenneth Ma

When asked about how since her entry into the industry, the hottest rumor she had was with Ron Ng, Ella immediately minded the question and avoid to answer. She appeared embarrassed, the feelings of the two could be seen indeed! Ella said: “Collaborating with so many male artistes, I think I match most with Kenneth Ma. We’re full of chemistry, a very comfortable feeling.”

Credits: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Comments: Aw…Ella of course picks Kenneth lol! I love how ppl just always randomly mention him. Hm…i just got to thinking, Toby has totally NOT posted pix from the filming of General Chai & Lady Balsam. I wonder why…? Is she waiting til the series airs? This is really puzzling becuz i remember her writing that she will post pix. Then, she didn’t update for a while and now she’s posting pix from her new series after that one. hm…I wonder if she was told to post them later or whether she’s waiting…because i was under the impression that she took a lot of pictures…hm…we’ll see.


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  1. zotasansai said,

    Ella is cute but I prefer Angelababy – she’s got a more exotic look and more popular all over Asia and Japan

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