Mini Fama Mega Fun: Kenneth loves which Yi/Yee?! Plus Episode 7 recap

July 6, 2009 at 7:11 pm (myolie wu, tavia yeung)

Watch and read transcript of episode 9 at link below:

Myolie was asked to prank call ppl on Mini Fama Mega Fun and she decided to call Kenneth when the tasks of getting someone to say I love you came up. This was really cute and Kenneth picked up the phone is a silly and cute voice that made the hosts shudder with goosebumps! haha. It was hilarious and makes me wonder if that is really how he answers the phone. Read above for what happens haha. Myolie asks him if he had fun at her house BBQ the day before  (oo…is this a star gathering we don’t know about? Hm…Nancy probably went lol. I wonder who else?) and goes on to ask him if he loves her. He replies w/ a “I love you” and she thanks him and hangs up! That is the strangest reply I’ve heard, but it’s Kenneth so oh well haha. (Wouldn’t “yeah, love” make more sense haha? But I guess he’s so use to telling her those 3 words that they’re inseparable!) Fama is convinced that Myolie is secretly “with” Kenneth since he replied so quickly and Kitty Yuen decides to call Kenneth to repeart Myolie’s words. Instead Kenneth, answering in the same cute voice, asks her if she’s doing the show again and tells her that “Yeung Yi” just called to ask him if he loved her. Everyone one explodes in laughter, while Myolie just, well, explodes, grabbing the phone and screaming “I am HANG Yee. You came to MY house yesterday…how dare you call me Yeung Yi?!”

Truly an LOL moment as the hosts tease Myolie saying that Kenneth loves the other Yi. Later on, Myolie gets Kenneth to tell her he loves her, Hang Yee, very much. haha. They’re such silly friends!

And girls, Kenneth belongs to only one Yi anways…and thats Bik Yi! muhahahaa…..I had to do that.

Epi 7 recap (watch here)

Kenneth was also featured on an earlier episode, epi 7. However, he had filmed the part way before the show aired since in episode 2’s end, he was already in the preview along w/ Sharon’s epi. He was to be featured on the Mother Day’s epi, but it was never aired until epi 7. It was believed that his part was cut do to the Swine Flu and the fact that his epi had unsanitary “milk spitting” in it. I don’t know, but they all of a sudden decided to air it! Who knows? It got me and bunch of fans waiting for his episode!

I was kinda upset though, since I believe they cut off a lot of footage! Kenneth was so cute during the spit milk part, where he was looking to see if they had milk in their mouths. He was clever and put his face really close to Candice’s so she’d move back and he was all like “I see she has something in her mouth!” Later on, he ended up choosing her since he knew that they all had milk. He was like, rather get spit on by a girl la. He even pretend to flirt with her..saying…what is your phone number to get her to laugh so he could see if she had milk in her mouth! Silly MaMing!

In the end while the credits are rolling you see some cut scenes, where Siu Yee and MaMing ‘pretend kiss’ and then she kisses him on the cheek and says “Today I don’t need to be paid for work!” and then he gives her a peck on the cheek (he looked so cute doing that!) Later you see Candice kissing whipped cream off Kenneth’s face (aw…) Wow. The ladies love him! haha. I liked Candice Chiu since Miss HK haha and she’s from Sydney, Australia, but I’m still surprised she kissed whipped cream off of his face! I mean, seriously? she got cream all over her face, but its MaMing 😀

I don’t know how many more cut scenes there are, I feel like there should be more and TVB said they’re airing online the full episodes I think. I am not sure.

The link is here to the show’s page, but I can’t watch the videos. If anyone sees it, and it is indeed the full version, please put it up on youtube or somewhere and tell us about it! 😀 thanks!



  1. Jess said,

    haha thanks! I didn’t know Myolie called Kenneth for that show cause I don’t watch it!. haha yea I think he matches with bik yee the most too =)

  2. bbfreak said,

    haha, yuppers Jess,

    did you see BK at the costume fitting of Shall we state the case??!

    they were soooo cute!

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