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July 6, 2009 at 6:50 pm (christine ng, Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, sharon chan, tavia yeung)

Sry for the lack of updates. I am overwhelmed and exhausted from work 😦 No more bumming for me haha. I realized I have lost like complete contact w/ my Staff as well….haha…and I’m totally to blame. Carmen has translated a bunch of stuff I haven’t even posted and I don’t even feel right sending her more stuff to translate….And I don’t know where Cami is anymore! We used to talk through youtube…but her account is gone now…Cami if you see this and you’re out there…reply! haha.

Back to Kenneth. This stuff is old news now, but w/e. 😛

Shall We State the Case 談情說案 (Tam Ching Suet On) aka the FungYi series

  • Kenneth is confirmed but he is just guest starring in the series. For how much, no one is really sure.
  • The series is inspired by Japanese TV series ‘Detective Galileo’ about crime solving and love.
  • Tavia and Kenneth will have ‘no’ romantic connect (unfortunately) and he’ll just be playing her superior
  • The Producer is Lau Ka Ho and he said that the series will be more focused on romance

In Tavia’s recent ‘Green Room’ aka Today’s VIP interview (link below) she stated that she and Kenneth are not fated to be lovers (haha. same thing Myolie said before), that usually they just ‘walk pass each other’ in series. Even in the new series, he is only her superior. (aww…i guess Tavia knew ppl were getting their hopes up or wondering so she said it very definitel that they don’t have a relationship in the series!) Of the younger generation, Kenneth is the only one she hasn’t gotten a chance to work w/ much so she wants to work with him and knows that he wants to work w/ her (ha. Yeah the whole world knows that!) And interviewer Carlo Ng poked fun saying that he thought Kenneth only wants to work with Kate. Tavia pointed to the camera ppl saying that they are all shaking their heads, “No” that it is someone else. Carlo then laughs and says “Wu…Hang Yee (Myolie)? Or the other one?” Tavia laughs and says “I still don’t know who it is”

I don’t really get Carlo, he seems to only know old news haha. I remember how he commented during the Kate Green Room interview that maybe Kenneth is only so nice to her after she complimented him and she got kinda defensive saying that Carlo shouldn’t say such things and that MaMing is a really good guy to everyone! It’s so random of him to bring up Kate.

Watch Tavia’s interview here (at the end is where she mentions MaMing):


Party Time!

  • Kenneth was not present at Miss Virginia Lok’s bday party since he was filming Iron Horse, nor was Kevin, Selena, Shirley, Linda nor Tavia present.  (too bad, I really wanted me some BK pix)
  • On the same night, Christine Ng and her husband had their anniversary party. I believe, had Kenneth not been working he would have gone/been invited since they seem like good friends. All his buddies went including Sharon, Nancy, Tavia, Joel, etc… (I remember how Kenneth was at Timmy’s bday with Christine and Sharon as well) Sharon, Nancy, & Joel went on to go to Miss Lok’s party while Tavia did not attend (hm..that’s strange oh well)

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