Who would Kenneth had been in……(insert series name)?

July 6, 2009 at 7:39 pm (bernice liu, born rich, grand entrepreneurs)

Just Love II

So I got to thinking after watching Just Love II, which Kenneth was supposed to guest star in but couldn’t due to Born Rich, who he would have played. From the looks of it, I would think he would’ve played CK which was played by Ken Wong. I don’t know whether they planned the role w/ MK Sun in mind or not, but most likely they did. The nontraditional lawyer who owns a bar sounds so familiar haha. I wondered how it would have worked if he had indeed guest starred. Would they have made the character “MK Sun” instead? And wrote a new love interest for Natalie (possibly his assistant)? Or would they have given Kenneth the role just as Ken’s? Seriously, I don’t think Kenneth would have needed the ponytail to pull off the “crossing line” lawyer as he had proved thru MK Sun. I really wonder how it “would have been”. If given a completely new character, it would be interesting to see Kenneth and Natalie I guess. Actually, I was more interested in Kenneth-Sunny interaction again after Love Guaranteed. Too bad it wasn’t meant to be. Had MK Sun been planned to take part, he would surely have been the most “crossed over” character in TVB history, having been in Money Maker’s Recipe and Your Class or Mine.

Wasabi Mon Amour

I remember reading that Kenneth was supposed to be in WMA, but pulled out due to landing a lead in SLII (the right choice might I add). If MaMing had been in the series, the only possible role I could think that he would have taken would have been Dexter’s role, pairing w/ Bernice. Had this been the case, this would be yet another missed BK opportunity. Not that I particularly like the series, which was not so good IMO, but had Kenneth played Bernice’s dorky partner, I think it would have drawn a lot more fans and ppl would have found them amazingly cute yet again! Not to mention the yellow sports car that appeared in the series (and many other series) had a “BK####” license plate 😀 I could see Kenneth playing the role completely, but am glad he chose MK Sun instead!

The Drive of Life

I remember hearing that Kenneth was supposed to be in TDOL?! Who could he have possibly been??? One of the workers in the factory? If not, then could he have been William Feng’s role aka Raymond’s cousin?haha. I doubt it, but that would’ve been the role I wanted him to take. I think he would more likely have been Ellesmere Choi’s role as Ray’s assistant and Myolie’s buddy, which was not a bad role at all. At least, I think Kenneth playing it would have attracted more towards the character and make ppl root/hope for a possible Kenolie pairing. Well, had he taken part, I don’t think Kenneth would have had the chance to roll out w/ 8 series in one year. As he said, the siu sangs were all tied up and they needed someone to film and he was available. I’m glad he wasn’t in the series though. I’d rather he lead in smaller series and build up from there. I’m glad he’s taking part in Born Rich now, his first grand production since he’ll be one of the few younger generation guys in the show as opposed to having Ray & Ron there.

Always Ready

English Title: Determinations in the Clouds
Chinese Title: Jong Chi Ling Wan

Casts: Ekin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Lai Lok Yi and Vivien Yeo
Some Infos: The story talks about flying services crew and they will come into contact with helicopters. It story tells of Ekin who plays a team leader, taking us on a tour of Chek Lap Kok and motivating the newcomers to join in the team.

This is something totally shocking. lol. I was looking through old Sales Presentation news and spotted this one. Who would Kenneth had played in AR? Wow. And Bosco & Vivien were supposed to be in it? I guess Vivien was replaced by Linda. And Lok Yi would have probably been pushed back further had Bosco & Kenneth taken part (reminds you of the two underdogs of S4). I guess Bosco would have been a bigger roled Chris and Kenneth a bigger roled Charles Szeto. It would have been nice to see Kenneth and Bosco work together again, not to mention a man in uniform..grr….despite the not so sexy uniform they had haha.



  1. hyn5 said,

    Hey bbfreak,
    Did you hear? Bernice is in “Shall We State the Case” with Raymond, Tavia, and MA MING!!!!

    • bbfreak said,

      Omg…i’m getting so excited! heard he’s becoming a regular as well no longer a guest star…omg… but i must calm down…can’t bear to get my hopes up AGAIN! haha…

      lets countdwn till the costume fitting!

      thanks for the news hyn5…. is Bernice in FOR SURE tho?

  2. hyn5 said,

    For sure! But she might be the guest star this time. 🙂

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