Nancy Wu likes making soup, but won’t share with Kenneth Ma

July 13, 2009 at 1:30 pm (nancy wu)

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu attended “Food in Eastern Tsim Sha Tsui” event together, the two appeared in red dresses, filled with summer feel. Besides taste testing at the event, they both made salads together. During the time the organizers arranged a male model who resembled Kenneth Ma, Nancy even fed the male model tomatoes.

Nancy smiled and said that the male model does not look anything like rumored boyfriend Kenneth Ma. Speaking of how her cooking skills are like? Nancy expressed that she knows how to cook some simple dishes. She felt that the most important thing to know for girls is making soup because it is healthy for the body. She often makes fish maw soup to drink. Asked if Kenneth Ma has received her care? Nancy said that Kenneth’s mom is a great cook, so she believes Kenneth can just go back home to have dinner. Nancy is part of the cast of “A Bride For a Ride” will be broadcasting next week, she smiled and said she’s really happy because the series is filled with goodies, just the NG clips can be cut to make a whole series!

Speaking of the recently negative news about MJ, Nancy expresses that she hopes it stop because she feels that being a superstar is not easy, MJ’s life is like a dream.

Comments: wow both Nancy & Kate…kenneth’s 2 dancing rumored gfs haha. Nancy looked super pretty at the event! hehe..i like how she says that Kenneth’s mom already cooks well enough so she doesn’t need to feed him! How do u know that Nancy?? have u tried some of MamaMa’s cooking??! lol. And the model so does NOT look like Kenneth!


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