July 13, 2009 at 2:41 pm (survivor's law II)

Vote for Kenneth’s MK Sun as Best Lead Actor of 2008 @ TVBSquare:

If you loved Survivor’s Law II ‘s MK Sun, please show some support and vote for him! As Kenneth’s never had much luck in the polls especially against such tough competition and in an overseas poll, lets make it a goal to get him up into Top 3! I know it’s farfetched but a goal is always good to set 😀 Please vote for Kenneth (and preferably for him only haha)!


Quick note: I was browsing thru and was reading some comments under Iron Horse and someone posted that Raymond was in the original trailer, but now Kenneth’s in it. And that “[Kenneth] looks good, but can’t act”. I started cracking up. I have never heard this one b4. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone diss Kenneth’s acting but say he’s good looking! Usually we hear it the other way around haha. Just an interesting comment lol. It’s also interesting to see that everyone is saying that Kenneth replaced Raymond instead of Kevin replacing Raymond. Isn’t that strange? Ppl even rarely comment that both KeKe (haha) replaced Ray usually saying that Kenneth replaced Ray. I’m really hoping that Kenneth’s role surprises us and ends up more important and likable than Kev’s or at least Kenneth gets a chance to outshine Kevin. They better not make his character 2D and boring just so he won’t outshine Kevin becuz we know Kenneth can if given a proper chance! 😀


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