Bernice Liu fears love relationship may change after publicly announced

August 31, 2009 at 10:52 pm (bernice liu)

Source: The Sun

Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu and 8 Models including Anjaylia and Evelyn attended a skincare event yesterday. Although Bernice and Jocelyn did not agree on what to wear, but they coincidentally still ended up wearing the same tube dress to the event. Currently busy filming for new series “Shall We State the Case” with Kenneth Ma, Bernice expressed that she developed a fresh new modern couple relationship with him. Asked if her mom accepts all the reports with her and Moses Chan’s relationship. She said: “She usually reads the news. (Will you be like Andy Lau announcing your relationship?) I have seen that same news recently!” Later she expressed that she’s worried that if she exposes a love relationship, there will be a change as a result: “It’s two people’s business when it comes to dating. If we announce it, then we’ll have to have an explanation for 700 million people! (Who didn’t want to announce it?) We had always announced our good friend relationship, but it’s been a while since we been in a series together.”

Comments: Tho this was a Bermo article, I’m happy to hear that Bernice enjoys their partnership lol! Since their collaborations have never been extensive, it must be refreshing! 🙂


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Ella Koon Complimenting Kenneth…AGAIN!

August 28, 2009 at 7:17 pm (ella koon)


Ella once again compliments Kenneth haha. He must have made quite an impression!

When asked which guy she had the most chemistry w/, Ella wiggled her way pass the question by asking “Do you mean the one I’m most comforatable with? In that case, Ma Kwok Ming.” haha. the host made fun of Kenneth for being serious and boring, but Ella stepped to his defense, saying he’s professional, punctual and takes his job very seriously. And unlike her, he would not play and work together, so maybe that is why ppl misunderstand him as boring. At first, they didn’t talk much, but after a while he would joke w/ her. And she thinks he’s funny and a very nice guy. Just a very comfortable person to be around!

I love how Ella describes him. She says it hard to describe, but he’s just easy to be around!

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Kissing scenes in Shall We State the Case

August 28, 2009 at 7:13 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case)

Bernice giving you the scoop on her kisses w/ Kenneth

Bernice teasing everyone to guess what kinda of relationship she has w/ MaMing

Kenneth tells you his side of the story

Bernice & Kenneth have been letting us know that kissing scenes are not easy to film! haha. Both of them are trying extremely hard to convince us that it’s not exactly romantic and fun kissing each other…well in MaMing’s case other ppl too! Bernice’s version is particularly funny as she tells us that her first day filming was at Maming’s “house” and that filming was intense (as we know from her twitter haha). She goes into detail making faces and giving us the dish on how everything has to be so precise. (I really wonder how many NG’s they’ve had…if MaMing NG’s while hugging…I can just imagine!)

Bernice is hilarious as she describes a scene where they kiss from entering the door and how their noses get squished and they can’t breathe haha. I would love to see all the outtakes as mentioned by Bernice! She constantly tells us that filming such scenes is not enjoyable uh huh…Bernice…we gotcha….are u trying to tell us this or Moses…or maybe convince urself? hm…

Kenneth on the other hand, says it hard to film such scenes as he doesn’t want the girl to think he’s a pervert. He mentions bed scenes and how he needs to hold himself up w/out touching the girl…wow..that sounds kinda unlike TVB so maybe this is as “intense” as Bernice says! He mentions Jessie Shum giving him her first onscreen kiss! lol.

Bernice also teases us w/ her smiley face as to the scenes she has w/ Kenneth.. She really cute in the videos! Must watch! Somehow the first video is cut off at the end for me. I only see her talking up to the part about her purse and it jumps back! who knows!

hm…they are so cute! BK are so fishy! lol. If I didn’t know any better….which I don’t haha. …hm…

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BK Reunion – Aw…so sweet! :-D Shall We State the Case Costume Fitting

August 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been waiting on me for the BK reunion post. I’ve been putting it off for so long, there’s no longer anything to write haha. So I’ll just skim over random things until the next BK moment swings around! 🙂 – Additionally, tho Kenvia are cute, I wish we’d get more BK!

Bernice & Kenneth look absolutely adorable together! I was surprised at all the hugging, leaning, and fake kissing. Honestly, I’ve always wondered about them. They really never seemed like super close friends, but sometimes they come out and surprise us. MaMing when mentioning close female friends never mentioned Bernice. And whenever they are together, I get the feeling that Bernice isn’t really comfortable completely? But I love the pic above, where she’s actually leaning into him! Haha, I keep telling myself that they are awkward in a cute “we have a crush on each other way” lol. Like they’re too shy to talk to each other enough to be super close friends so they aren’t crazy together like Kenvia!

I couldn’t help myself, all thru Tavia’s blog video, I was watching them hug in the background! I liked that they looked comfy enough w/ each other w/ some awkward shyness! They also didn’t pull away from each other too quickly after and only walk separate ways when asked to do interviews. Love how Bernice remembered their “Into Thin Air” days! There 360 kiss was memorable to her and she said it was her first time doing one of those haha. I guess this time she’ll have lots of new memories!

More pix:

TVB videos screencaps:

Kenneth completely steals all the girls (ah, Ray you must be jealous!), but it’s kinda sad that I don’t think Bernice is “that” big of a character anymore. Maybe she really is a big cameo. I hope she gets development esp. w/ Kenneth not just passion! I’m worried about how their love story will turn out and how his character is gonna be. I hope Bernice will change him and actually be meaningful (cuz Kenneth seems to like his roles when the girl loves him unconditionally!)

Video Clips:

Ma Ming is James Bond!

《談情說案》 “Shall We State the Case” Costume Fitting Pictures

Ma Ming’s Official Girlfriend

Haha, I love how Bernice is referred to being the “official” gf lol. That’s super cute! The way Kenneth was all like “i’ll bring u into the role” was hilarious. Bernice made it sound like a Category 3 series ! I absolutely adored it when Kenneth said they’d kiss and Bernice was like “really? In front of everyone?” That reaction was priceless. Instead of saying no or playing along as expected, she seemed shy to do it in front of the cameras haha, but didn’t seem to mind the idea. She looked like she was gonna let him really kiss her until he said they’re were pretending! Silly girl!

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“Shall We State the Case” Blessing Ceremony + News

August 23, 2009 at 6:49 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma ditches Nancy Wu for one night stand [Misleading Title]

Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu play a couple in TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth revealed that he’s a playboy in the series and often does one night stand, so it’s fortunate for him to be in this series. Besides stealing many of his female colleagues first on-screen kiss, Kenneth also expressed that he did two kiss scenes with Bernice. Asked if he would tell rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu about it? He said: “I don’t think that is neccesary. (Afraid that Nancy might scold you?) Nope. (How about Moses Chan?) Actually I am a bit worried about that.”

Bernice exposed that from all the series she has done, this series has the most kiss scenes for her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Raymond Lam brings illness along in continuing fate with Tavia Yeung; Tavia wants rumors with Kenneth Ma

The other day Raymond Lam ate something wrong and got a stomach infection, he had to go see the doctor and get shots before feeling better to attend events. Although he brought an illness to the studio, but he did not forget flatter co-star Tavia Yeung, greatly praising that she is getting prettier.

Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Astrid Chan and Jack Wu attended TVB new series “Shall We State the Case” blessing ceremony. Once Raymond arrived at the event, he revealed that the day before he ate something wrong and got a stomach infection (vomiting/diarrhea), he said: “I don’t know what I ate at home,. Yesterday afternoon, I already started getting diarrhea and by night I was vomiting a little. So, last night I was feeling very unwell at the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign. I didn’t go see the doctor until this morning and he gave me a shot, I need to attend another celebration tonight, I got no choice but to try my best to eat as much as I can.” As for Astrid Chan who was sick as well, she suspects that she ate an egg salad sandwich that resulted in her vomiting, therefore she had to leave early during the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign.

Raymond and Tavia are a couple in the new series, they reveal that they have not played a couple for many years already. This time, there is a whole different feeling as they ‘date’ again. Tavia expressed: “Raymond and I have not been a couple for man years, recently he’s more focused on being a couple with Linda Chung, but this time being a couple with him is a different feeling than in the past. I feel that he is more mature and stabled now. We both seem to have gotten so much older, we have a deeper and better relationship. (Are you afraid of starting rumors with Raymond?) I am a rumor free individual!” Raymond expressed his appreciation towards Tavia’s praises, he also did not forget to praise her back that she has gotten very feminine, getting prettier and prettier.

Taking rumors to joke around with
Also, Tavia joked that she wanted to start rumors with Kenneth Ma. She even chased Kenneth to ask him if she’s or Nancy Wu was better? Kenneth definitely knew what to do, he said that Tavia is really good. Then the two of them exchanged fruits, the scene was quite comedic. But afterwards, Tavia laughed: “Kenneth felt that I was better? Did you see him when he was giving me the orange, he was covering his conscience!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Tavia Yeung works with Raymond Lam as a couple again

Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam attended the blessing ceremony for up coming new TV series “Shall We State The Case” yesterday. Raymond and Tavia will play the role as a couple again following “Golden Faith” and “Twin of Brothers”. Tavia revealed that the two has worked well together, but this time the feeling is different as Raymond has matured a lot. He doesn’t look like a kid anymore. Tavia was teased by the reporter if she is worried about rumors. Tavia smiled saying that it would be inevitable, whether it spreads out successfully is another matter. Tavia went on to say that she is immune with rumors. Raymond thanked Tavia for her remarks, in return, he also said Tavia is very feminine and she is getting more and more beautiful too.

Raymond was late for the blessing ceremony yesterday, he disclosed that he has gastroenteritis and has been having diarrhoea. “I am not sure if I had eaten out of date food at home. I started having diarrhea yesterday and throughout the night too. I was feeling really unwell last night in the fund raising activity. I went to see the doctor and had an injection this morning. We have a celebration dinner tonight, it is a shame that I can’t eat as much as I want.”

Tavia revealed that Kenneth wanted the media to create a rumor for them as on screen couple. She asked Kenneth if he is worried about his girlfriend Nancy Wu. Kenneth said he preferred to have Tavia as his rumored girlfriend; the two was seen sharing fruits together. Tavia told reporter afterwards “You think Kenneth prefers me as his girlfriend, can’t you see he said it with the orange covering his heart?”
Translation:R.E.D @

Yesterday, Tavia Yeung appeared at a blessing ceremony for TVB’s new series. In the series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond Lam. Raymond has been paired with Linda Chung for the past year. Tavia jokingly replied about Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu.

In the new series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond, as they were in “Twin of Brothers.”
Raymond: For the past year, I’ve been paired with Linda Chung. If we continue to star as a couple, I feel that we have matured and grown up. We are more emotional now.
Reporters: Aren’t you afraid of rumors?
Raymond: Yeah, I have rumors occassionally.
Tavia: Kenneth said he wants to get some rumors with me.
Reporters: But, he had Nancy.
Tavia: Oh, I don’t know about his life outside the series.
Reporters: Who’s better, you or Nancy?
Tavia: TVB products are alway good. If he likes Nancy, then go ahead.
咀廖碧兒驚陳豪嬲 (Kissing Bernice; Afraid that Moses will be Mad)

Kenneth blurted that his mom always praises Tavia for being a good girl. In the series, Kenneth will have numerous kissing scenes with Bernice.
Kenneth: I won’t get mad, we can kiss all we want.
Reporters: Are you afraid that Nancy will be mad?
Kenneth: No.
Reporters: Afraid that Moses Chan will be mad?
Kenneth: Oh yes.

Also, Moses Chan was a special guest at a coffee shop opening yesterday. He also said that Bernice had praised his coffee as being good tasting.
Moses: I want to have my own coffee brand shop.
Reporters: Will Bernice be part of it?
Moses: Yes, and I will tell many other artists as well.
Moses lost 1 million (HKD?) due to the economical crisis.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: love_of_tvb

Comments: Aw…KenVia are cute as usual, but im super disappointed that there are no BK moments 😦 !! Poor Ray is sick, but either way Kenneth would have stolen the limelight lol. I love how Tav pokes fun at Kenneth but still says she doesn’t know about KeNancy as if she’s hinting that its just all rumors to us lol. Love how Kenneth said he’s afraid of Moses haha. Bernice should beat him up for saying that

More pix @ baidu:

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Scared to hug the girl, Kenneth Ma NG-ing constantly! Punishing Bernice to stand on the streets inhaling all the dust

August 14, 2009 at 1:08 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case)

Kenneth Ma is lucky! He’s been appointed to play the role of a playboy in the new series “Shall We State the Case.” Aside from getting to partner with Bernice who’s hot and good looking, they even have scenes that are very intense in emotions. He’s also gets to hug all the hot girls in town, what a lucky man! The other night, they were filming in Lan Kwai Fong; the scene speaks of Kenneth flirting with another girl and Bernice catching him on the spot. However, Kenneth was not performing very well, as he was constantly making mistakes and was not acting naturally, seeming a bit scared. This caused Bernice to have to wait for him to complete his part. Bernice was forced to stay around on the streets for 30 mins. As it was hot and dusty, no wonder she looked upset.  There wasn’t much to the script, but Kenneth was just too nervous and constantly NG-ed.

From what we saw, Bernice arrived at the location and was in a good mood,wearing a pair of 4 inch high heels. She was talking with the crew and seemed to be having a good time. Yet Kenneth who had a “valid license” to hug girls was a bit shy and wasn’t very willing to hug the girl. His actions were a bit stiff. Not sure whether it’s because he’s worried that Nancy Wu might be upset about it.
Kenneth jokingly said “Tonight wasn’t tough, I’m only being a playboy, which is the same in reality, (that means you’ve got a lot of girlfriends?) What? No that’s not the case, I’m only joking. I’m not dating right now.”
Credits: Carmen, baidu
Comments: Haha. Another article trying to stir up unfriendly rumors. Well, I must admit, the reporter was actually pretty nice as it wasn’t a very convincing collaboration mishap article. Aw…Kenneth is still the same old shy MaMing! 😛 Haven’t seen that in a while! jkjk. Well maybe Kenneth was nervous becuz his goddess Bernice was watching him! muhaha. And maybe she wasn’t upset cuz she was “biting dust” but becuz she was jealous! ok. Explains it all! I should caption for this article instead lol. All jokes aside, Kenneth could’ve just felt awkward since the girl is buddy Johnson Lee’s gf (Fanny Ip), i believe. Wow 4-in heels?! I’m starting to wonder about Bernice’s height. How tall is she?! I remember seeing her in 7-in heels @ the Sales Presentation (was it 7-in? or 4 as well?) and she was still shorter than Kevin! Given she could’ve been slouching to let him feel taller, but I recently saw a pic of her and Ray @ the Laughing Gor Movie premier and she looked really short (gasps, was Ray wearing heels?! haha) KINDA sad that KenVia were not @ the LG premier while Berray were there 😦 tsktsk. leaving their partners behind!
Anyways, Bernice’s been twittering away. Here are some of her SWSTC related tweets:
I know! Was shooting in LKF & lots o doggie press. Whatever! but my sponsors for the drama are hot! Not bad for TV drama 🙂 thank uuuu!!10:18 PM Aug 9th from web
Studio shooting today… one scene… but man, definitely uhmm…. uh… yeah. Let’s just say…hehehe12:30 PM Aug 12th from web
Haha, looks like the first tweet was about the article above. Seems like Bernice was more upset at the doggie press than @ Kenneth’s NG-ing lol. I LOVE the 2nd tweet. Some intense in-studio shooting ooo-lala. Filming intense scenes already??!
OT: I see bernice tweeting CoffeeM0, is that Moses? Well, if so then, that’s very strange. I highly doubt Bernice would openly tweet him given that they are an item. I mean, if they are together, she would say all she had to say to him in person, phone or text. Tweeting is so public (something artists would avoid) and so distant? haha. OH well…interesting….

Another Article about filming & bumping in to Manecy Chan:
Comments: Aw..poor Manecy not getting to take a pic w/ Kenneth. She finally got up the courage! She should’ve totally done it @ the walkathon before everyone knew who she was! Yeah, i figured TVB would get in the way so she won’t get free publicity! We all know the 3 unmentionable letters in TVB ….haha A-T-V! oh well. she should try to switch channels! btw, Kenneth’s clothes are a tad weird? oh well. He’s still cute!

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