Scared to hug the girl, Kenneth Ma NG-ing constantly! Punishing Bernice to stand on the streets inhaling all the dust

August 14, 2009 at 1:08 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case)

Kenneth Ma is lucky! He’s been appointed to play the role of a playboy in the new series “Shall We State the Case.” Aside from getting to partner with Bernice who’s hot and good looking, they even have scenes that are very intense in emotions. He’s also gets to hug all the hot girls in town, what a lucky man! The other night, they were filming in Lan Kwai Fong; the scene speaks of Kenneth flirting with another girl and Bernice catching him on the spot. However, Kenneth was not performing very well, as he was constantly making mistakes and was not acting naturally, seeming a bit scared. This caused Bernice to have to wait for him to complete his part. Bernice was forced to stay around on the streets for 30 mins. As it was hot and dusty, no wonder she looked upset.  There wasn’t much to the script, but Kenneth was just too nervous and constantly NG-ed.

From what we saw, Bernice arrived at the location and was in a good mood,wearing a pair of 4 inch high heels. She was talking with the crew and seemed to be having a good time. Yet Kenneth who had a “valid license” to hug girls was a bit shy and wasn’t very willing to hug the girl. His actions were a bit stiff. Not sure whether it’s because he’s worried that Nancy Wu might be upset about it.
Kenneth jokingly said “Tonight wasn’t tough, I’m only being a playboy, which is the same in reality, (that means you’ve got a lot of girlfriends?) What? No that’s not the case, I’m only joking. I’m not dating right now.”
Credits: Carmen, baidu
Comments: Haha. Another article trying to stir up unfriendly rumors. Well, I must admit, the reporter was actually pretty nice as it wasn’t a very convincing collaboration mishap article. Aw…Kenneth is still the same old shy MaMing! 😛 Haven’t seen that in a while! jkjk. Well maybe Kenneth was nervous becuz his goddess Bernice was watching him! muhaha. And maybe she wasn’t upset cuz she was “biting dust” but becuz she was jealous! ok. Explains it all! I should caption for this article instead lol. All jokes aside, Kenneth could’ve just felt awkward since the girl is buddy Johnson Lee’s gf (Fanny Ip), i believe. Wow 4-in heels?! I’m starting to wonder about Bernice’s height. How tall is she?! I remember seeing her in 7-in heels @ the Sales Presentation (was it 7-in? or 4 as well?) and she was still shorter than Kevin! Given she could’ve been slouching to let him feel taller, but I recently saw a pic of her and Ray @ the Laughing Gor Movie premier and she looked really short (gasps, was Ray wearing heels?! haha) KINDA sad that KenVia were not @ the LG premier while Berray were there 😦 tsktsk. leaving their partners behind!
Anyways, Bernice’s been twittering away. Here are some of her SWSTC related tweets:
I know! Was shooting in LKF & lots o doggie press. Whatever! but my sponsors for the drama are hot! Not bad for TV drama 🙂 thank uuuu!!10:18 PM Aug 9th from web
Studio shooting today… one scene… but man, definitely uhmm…. uh… yeah. Let’s just say…hehehe12:30 PM Aug 12th from web
Haha, looks like the first tweet was about the article above. Seems like Bernice was more upset at the doggie press than @ Kenneth’s NG-ing lol. I LOVE the 2nd tweet. Some intense in-studio shooting ooo-lala. Filming intense scenes already??!
OT: I see bernice tweeting CoffeeM0, is that Moses? Well, if so then, that’s very strange. I highly doubt Bernice would openly tweet him given that they are an item. I mean, if they are together, she would say all she had to say to him in person, phone or text. Tweeting is so public (something artists would avoid) and so distant? haha. OH well…interesting….

Another Article about filming & bumping in to Manecy Chan:
Comments: Aw..poor Manecy not getting to take a pic w/ Kenneth. She finally got up the courage! She should’ve totally done it @ the walkathon before everyone knew who she was! Yeah, i figured TVB would get in the way so she won’t get free publicity! We all know the 3 unmentionable letters in TVB ….haha A-T-V! oh well. she should try to switch channels! btw, Kenneth’s clothes are a tad weird? oh well. He’s still cute!

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  1. carmen said,

    Bernice’s TVB profile says she’s 171 cm tall…(about 5 ft 6 or 7)
    I’ve met her in person before, and I think she’s consider as a tall girl in compared to the typical height of the girls in HK.

    Seems that Bernice and Kary Ng tweets each other~

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