BK Reunion – Aw…so sweet! :-D Shall We State the Case Costume Fitting

August 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been waiting on me for the BK reunion post. I’ve been putting it off for so long, there’s no longer anything to write haha. So I’ll just skim over random things until the next BK moment swings around! 🙂 – Additionally, tho Kenvia are cute, I wish we’d get more BK!

Bernice & Kenneth look absolutely adorable together! I was surprised at all the hugging, leaning, and fake kissing. Honestly, I’ve always wondered about them. They really never seemed like super close friends, but sometimes they come out and surprise us. MaMing when mentioning close female friends never mentioned Bernice. And whenever they are together, I get the feeling that Bernice isn’t really comfortable completely? But I love the pic above, where she’s actually leaning into him! Haha, I keep telling myself that they are awkward in a cute “we have a crush on each other way” lol. Like they’re too shy to talk to each other enough to be super close friends so they aren’t crazy together like Kenvia!

I couldn’t help myself, all thru Tavia’s blog video, I was watching them hug in the background! I liked that they looked comfy enough w/ each other w/ some awkward shyness! They also didn’t pull away from each other too quickly after and only walk separate ways when asked to do interviews. Love how Bernice remembered their “Into Thin Air” days! There 360 kiss was memorable to her and she said it was her first time doing one of those haha. I guess this time she’ll have lots of new memories!

More pix:http://tinyurl.com/llel5j

TVB videos screencaps: http://tinyurl.com/mkyp3u

Kenneth completely steals all the girls (ah, Ray you must be jealous!), but it’s kinda sad that I don’t think Bernice is “that” big of a character anymore. Maybe she really is a big cameo. I hope she gets development esp. w/ Kenneth not just passion! I’m worried about how their love story will turn out and how his character is gonna be. I hope Bernice will change him and actually be meaningful (cuz Kenneth seems to like his roles when the girl loves him unconditionally!)

Video Clips:

Ma Ming is James Bond!

《談情說案》 “Shall We State the Case” Costume Fitting Pictures

Ma Ming’s Official Girlfriend

Haha, I love how Bernice is referred to being the “official” gf lol. That’s super cute! The way Kenneth was all like “i’ll bring u into the role” was hilarious. Bernice made it sound like a Category 3 series ! I absolutely adored it when Kenneth said they’d kiss and Bernice was like “really? In front of everyone?” That reaction was priceless. Instead of saying no or playing along as expected, she seemed shy to do it in front of the cameras haha, but didn’t seem to mind the idea. She looked like she was gonna let him really kiss her until he said they’re were pretending! Silly girl!


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