Ella Koon Complimenting Kenneth…AGAIN!

August 28, 2009 at 7:17 pm (ella koon)


Ella once again compliments Kenneth haha. He must have made quite an impression!

When asked which guy she had the most chemistry w/, Ella wiggled her way pass the question by asking “Do you mean the one I’m most comforatable with? In that case, Ma Kwok Ming.” haha. the host made fun of Kenneth for being serious and boring, but Ella stepped to his defense, saying he’s professional, punctual and takes his job very seriously. And unlike her, he would not play and work together, so maybe that is why ppl misunderstand him as boring. At first, they didn’t talk much, but after a while he would joke w/ her. And she thinks he’s funny and a very nice guy. Just a very comfortable person to be around!

I love how Ella describes him. She says it hard to describe, but he’s just easy to be around!



  1. carmen said,

    I’m in support of Ella’s comment! lol
    Kenneth must be a really fun person to work with!!!

  2. Jess said,

    lol Kenneth along so well with his female costars ^^ i remember Ella’s interview Ebuzz, when mentioning how he’s really never late, she was holding her head with her hands looking all stressed. So nice of Ella to praise both the actor and singer I like; one is Kenneth Ma and the other is Charles Ying. She sure have good comments about the shy&nice guys.

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