Kissing scenes in Shall We State the Case

August 28, 2009 at 7:13 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case)

Bernice giving you the scoop on her kisses w/ Kenneth

Bernice teasing everyone to guess what kinda of relationship she has w/ MaMing

Kenneth tells you his side of the story

Bernice & Kenneth have been letting us know that kissing scenes are not easy to film! haha. Both of them are trying extremely hard to convince us that it’s not exactly romantic and fun kissing each other…well in MaMing’s case other ppl too! Bernice’s version is particularly funny as she tells us that her first day filming was at Maming’s “house” and that filming was intense (as we know from her twitter haha). She goes into detail making faces and giving us the dish on how everything has to be so precise. (I really wonder how many NG’s they’ve had…if MaMing NG’s while hugging…I can just imagine!)

Bernice is hilarious as she describes a scene where they kiss from entering the door and how their noses get squished and they can’t breathe haha. I would love to see all the outtakes as mentioned by Bernice! She constantly tells us that filming such scenes is not enjoyable uh huh…Bernice…we gotcha….are u trying to tell us this or Moses…or maybe convince urself? hm…

Kenneth on the other hand, says it hard to film such scenes as he doesn’t want the girl to think he’s a pervert. He mentions bed scenes and how he needs to hold himself up w/out touching the girl…wow..that sounds kinda unlike TVB so maybe this is as “intense” as Bernice says! He mentions Jessie Shum giving him her first onscreen kiss! lol.

Bernice also teases us w/ her smiley face as to the scenes she has w/ Kenneth.. She really cute in the videos! Must watch! Somehow the first video is cut off at the end for me. I only see her talking up to the part about her purse and it jumps back! who knows!

hm…they are so cute! BK are so fishy! lol. If I didn’t know any better….which I don’t haha. …hm…


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