Kenneth Ma’s childhood wish was to become professional soccer player

November 21, 2009 at 5:20 am (news)

Lee San San, Kenneth Ma and Derek Kwok attended a soccer team event at Tsing Yi Sports Ground for the <Four Corner Soccer Tournament> press conference. San San will be the cheerleader for the team at the tournament, giving support to the players. San San is the only girl who is part of the team, she expressed that she likes the communication she has with the players. Asked who she likes the most in the team? San San laughed and said that she’s familiar with all of them and will not take the initiative to pursue a guy. Also she is the only girl in the team, she can just wait for a guy to ask her out.

Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth is also a long time lover of soccer, yesterday he attended the even and participated in the game play as well. Turns out that his childhood wish was to become a professional soccer player, at the time his mother scolded him loudly and said that soccer players don’t earn enough to support the family. When he grew up he understood his mother’s reason and the Hong Kong soccer teams do not have very good development compared to other countries. If in the future he has a son and he wants to develop a career as a professional soccer player, he will definitely send him to Europe to train.


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TVB Sales Presentation 2010

November 12, 2009 at 8:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Here Comes The Princess – Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong Please visit there to see an excerpt of the sales presentation!

Yummy, both Kenneth & Raymond Wong :-D! I’m guessing it’ll be Linda & Kenneth and Fala-Raymond. This is a comedy lol, it should be interesting! I luv that Ah Mo is working w/ Kenneth, I’ve been dying to see them collaborate!

Shall We State The Case – Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu

**I can’t even tell if that’s Bernice haha. And what? Did they just rename the series “Such A State Can Be Defined as Love” ?! That’s crazy! That’s way too long…keep SWSTC! haha.  Can’t wait for the clip! Btw, this looks super awkward!

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Awards Time!

November 12, 2009 at 8:16 pm (anniversary)

Kenneth’s nominations for TVB Awards 20o9. Vote for him though we know he won’t win! 😀

– 1. Elliot Yue – The Gem of Life
– 2. Kenny Wong – The Gem of Life
– 3. Stephen Au – Off Pedder
– 4. Tsui Wing – Off Pedder
– 5. Michael Tse – Emergency Unit
– 6. Joel Chan – Emergency Unit
– 7. Ron Ng – Rosy Business
– 8. Pierre Ngo – Rosy Business
– 9. Raymond Wong – Sweetness in the Salt
– 10. Derek Kwok – D.I.E. Again
– 11. Evergreen Mak – The Stew of Life
– 12. Dominic Lam – In the Chamber of Bliss
– 13. Lee Kwok Lun – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
– 14. Ram Tseung – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
– 15. Kenneth Ma – Born Rich

1. Moses Chan – The Gem of Life
2. Bowie Lam – The Gem of Life
3. Kenny Wong – The Gem of Life
4. Michael Miu – E.U.
5. Michael Tse – E.U.
6. Kenneth Ma – Man in Charge
7. Wayne Lai – Rosy Business
8. Steven Ma – Sweetness in the Salt
9. Wong Hei – Burning Flames III
10. Chin Ka Lok – A Bride for a Ride
11. Dayo Wong – You’re Hired
12. Roger Kwok – D.I.E. Again
13. Kevin Cheng – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
14. Ray Lui – Born Rich
15. Gallen Lo – Born Rich


– 8. Man In Charge
– 18. In the Chamber of Bliss

– 20. Born Rich

Vote Here! (also instructions credit to SehSeh’s blog:

He’s also nominated for: Asian TV Awards


Nomination for: I weekly: Most favourite TVB artiste (Singapore fans!)

Favourite actors:
1) Raymond Lam
2) Moses Chan
3) Kevin Cheng
4) Roger Kwok
5) Dayo Wong
6) Michael Tse
7) Wayne Lai
8) Bosco Wong
9) Michael Miu
10) Alex Fong
11) Ron Ng
12) Sammuel Chan
13) Gallen Lo
14) Joe Ma
15) Damien Lau
16) Sunny Chan
17) Kenneth Ma
18) Adam Cheng
19) Derek Kwok
20) Wong Hei

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Nancy Wu is suitable to be Kenneth Ma’s wife

November 4, 2009 at 1:35 am (nancy wu)

Rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu attended a promotional event together. Asked if the two are attending as a couple team, have their salary improved? Nancy’s manager expressed that the salary is reasonable. Kenneth loves cleaniness, he reveals that there was one time he went to a friend’s house from the entertainment circle and saw that their clothes were tossed everywhere around the house. He even have to push the clothes aside in order to sit down, but he refuses to reveal who that person is. It was suggested that he should marry a Filipino maid, Kenneth laughed: “The feeling is different, I feel that the girls who can do house chores are very gentle. If they can cook for me to eat then I would be very pleased.”

Reporters asked Nancy if she can do chores? She smiled: “I live alone and I also have a pet at home, so I have no choice but to do them.” It was said that Nancy is quite suitable for Kenneth’s qualifications. Kenneth said: “Nancy is suitable for many gentlemen.”

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

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Kenneth Ma hopes his future wife can stay at home to clean the house

November 1, 2009 at 10:42 pm (nancy wu)

Kenneth Ma and rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu attended a cleaning product promotion activity yesterday. The reporter asked Nancy whether she gets higher fees for appearing as a couple with Kenneth? Nancy smiled and said he has to ask her manager. Kenneth revealed that he always likes the place to be clean and tidy. Once he went to his friend’s house, he saw clothes on the floor, things everywhere, he had to push the clothes away to sit down. He also disclosed that because of his habit of “neat and tidy” and “cleanliness”, he is hoping his future wife can do the household chore, and he doesn’t mind if she doesn’t go out to work.

Translator: R.E.D @

Comments: CUTENESS! Aw…clean MaMing lol. Um…I like how he’s like I don’t mind if she doesn’t work. haha. aren’t women today more concerned abt working instead? haha….Kenneth u’r so confused! 😀

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