Kenneth Ma hopes his future wife can stay at home to clean the house

November 1, 2009 at 10:42 pm (nancy wu)

Kenneth Ma and rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu attended a cleaning product promotion activity yesterday. The reporter asked Nancy whether she gets higher fees for appearing as a couple with Kenneth? Nancy smiled and said he has to ask her manager. Kenneth revealed that he always likes the place to be clean and tidy. Once he went to his friend’s house, he saw clothes on the floor, things everywhere, he had to push the clothes away to sit down. He also disclosed that because of his habit of “neat and tidy” and “cleanliness”, he is hoping his future wife can do the household chore, and he doesn’t mind if she doesn’t go out to work.

Translator: R.E.D @

Comments: CUTENESS! Aw…clean MaMing lol. Um…I like how he’s like I don’t mind if she doesn’t work. haha. aren’t women today more concerned abt working instead? haha….Kenneth u’r so confused! 😀


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