The Mysteries of Love

December 6, 2009 at 12:30 am (shall we state the case, the mysteries of love, tvb anniversary)

Shall We State the Case has officially changed its name to The Mysteries of Love. It’s ok, it’s such a typical TVB series name though. The sales presentation clip looks pretty cool. I wanted more MaMing tho. Tavia is adorable, Ray’s just ray..and wow BK! Bernice looks stunning and I see Kenneth and her have a very sweet nose-to-nose kiss! I really cannot wait for the series to air, which will be like next year probably! I hope we don’t see too much of Kenneth and the other girls…i want it to be Bernice & Kenneth….!

I still can’t get over how cute they look!

OT: Congrats to Wayne, Sheren, & Tavia for their awards! I’m so happy for them! Though I am disappointed that Sharon & Raymond Wong did not get the Most Improved (but that was expected..after MaMing got his, I no longer cared…though I was happy about Nancy’s – and here I though Nancy would join Bernice, Selena, & Sharon in never getting one)… Also, what is wrong w/ TVB? How can Born Rich not be in the Top 5 series?! BFIII was atrocious…I can’t imagine how it made it! ew… haha. But I’m happy Kenneth made Top 5 for Best Supporting Actor!

Credits: (screencap)


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