TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation 2009

December 6, 2009 at 1:12 am (anniversary, linda chung)

First of all, I’m really glad Kenneth fixed his hair in time for the Awards show. Haha. He always does! For the past few functions he’s been sporting some weird and messy hairstyle and I’ve noticed he always does this the months before the TVB ceremony and then gets it fixed in time! H/e I still don’t think this is his best hairstyle. I don’t know which is my fav tho. Considering Bernice & Raymond didn’t show up for the anniversary and that Linda and Kenneth are gonna be in “Here Comes the Princess” together, I guess this does make sense that they are walking down the carpet together However, no offense, but Linda looks awful! What is she wearing? Why would she do that? Last year, she surprised us w/ a sexy black dress, w/ some spideryweb like arm piece (that still looked ok), but this year she has totally loss her mind! Were they playing a trick on her? I kept looking at Linda that I couldn’t even judge Kenneth’s outfit haha..his weird ties! (I liked his outfit last year better tho)

This year was particularly plagued w/ bad outfits. I don’t understand why some ppl wear what they wear to these events. ~coughs Lisa Wang coughs~ Really, what are ppl thinking? Off to another topic, it seems to me, TVB has made Kenneth Raymond’s understudy lol. First, they replace him w/ Kenneth for Iron Horse, and now as Linda’s partner? Not that it’s a bad thing since Raymond is like TVB’s love child…I guess they see Kenneth as capable and of status to replace Raymond. (Can you imagine Raymond standing next to Linda on this nite?! haha. I remember how small Ray looked next to Linda last year…if he had been here this year, it would sure look funnier!)

Interesting to see Kenneth walk with Liza and the popular “Laughing Gor” in last. I’m not sure if that’s an acknowledgement of his status or just a we had to fit u two tall “Ma’s” somewhere. He did get to stand in the middle tho when they were saying the Motto, so that’s cool!

Can he look any cuter? haha. Kenneth always looks so goofy! Those are pix fans took after the show, ah, driving away in his car….too bad he’s not driving Raymond Wong home this year! Darnit! Then, I’d have a pic of two hotties! 😀



  1. carmen said,

    omg!!! Linda’s outfit is….sorry to say…ugly!
    the tube top is still okay…but what’s with the sharp shoulder things?!?!?!
    totally doesn’t match Kenneth’s outfit.
    he’s is so normal with his formal wear…and she’s like she’s heading for a punk party!
    weird weird.
    as for the two of them pairing. i’m not sure what kind of chemistry it’ll bring, but i do want to see it happen soon!

  2. carmen said,

    did Kenneth and Sharon have any kissing scenes in Born Rich? if so when did it happen??

    • bbfreak said,

      hey Carmen! I am actualli not done w/ Born Rich yet, but from being on epi 37, I can say there have been no Sharon-Kenneth kisses…they haven’t even started dating..(they only had a hug) 😦
      haha. (sighs…imaging Kenneth and Bernice making cakes together…that would’ve been so cute haha…but at least I can look forward to Mysteries of Love!)

      Apparently, its not longer Linda-Kenneth. It’ll be Fala-Kenneth in “Princess”

      • carmen said,

        ahh, I see~ well, I finished watching the whole thing, but i don’t recall that they kissed! but, I was listening to the radio interview that Kenneth and Matthew did together, and they were talking about kiss scenes…and Kenneth was saying that he filmed with Sharon recently (at the time of the interview it was March or April) and they just kissed and didn’t have to talk about it before filiming…lol…so I was thinking it was for Born Rich, but….yea…anyways, maybe they cut it out?! or its for something else?!

      • bbfreak said,

        now that u mention it, I remember that interview too! ah… i don’t know haha. Kenneth is a confused person sometimes but yeah…I don’t think he’d mistaken something like that so they probably did cut it out…tho I can’t imagine anything in the script requiring a kiss….haha I also remember hearing that kenneth went and “watched” the gallen-sharon kissing scene….haha I don’t know which one, but talk abt awkward.

      • carmen said,

        hehe, oh good. at least you recall hearing over the kissing over the interview! yea, Kenneth does get confused or unsure about things quite often, but when it comes to this kind of stuff, he’s usually pretty concrete with his info, lol!!
        I think that was the scene when Gallen walked into Sharon’s house and started to kiss her, and they get all over the floor, but I’m not sure.
        anyways, i think hugs were more than enough for what’s presented for Sharon and Kenneth’s love story in Born Rich.

  3. Cindy said,

    I think Kenneth and Linda would look great together. They could be a very cute couple. I hope they will start in a movie soon!

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