Kate Tsui likes to kiss guys with thick lips

December 25, 2009 at 4:18 pm (kate tsui)

Kate Tsui accepted an interview with Commercial Radio yesterday. Sammi Leung asked Kate which type of lips that she likes to be kissed by a guy. Kate revealed that Kenneth Ma was the first person she kissed when she entered the entertainment circle. His lips are too thin, not her type, she feels more comfortable to kiss a guy with thick lips. Kate also disclosed that she had kissed Raymond Lam, Sammul Chan and Ron Ng. She will have a chance to kiss Bosco Wong later on. Once, she kissed Ron Ng in a series, he complained about her.”He said I put too much lip gloss on, it was sticky and it smeared all over his lips.” Kate told Sammy that she likes to kiss guys with thick lips, but can’t stand guys with mustache. However, if that person is Johnny Depp, that would be different.

Translator: Hokkien128 @ http://www.asianvn.com

Comments: haha…kate flaunting all the siusangs she’s kissed! lol…what a “stamp collector”! haha jkjk…aw…Kenneth’s lips are too thin? haha. Now we all know…


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