Sharon Chan and Chris Lai reveal that the entertainment circle only has healthy competition

January 12, 2010 at 3:27 am (chris lai, sharon chan, Uncategorized)

TVB series “Beauty of the Game” talks about TV stars doing bad things to one another in order to be the best. Reflecting the dark side of the entertainment circle. Sharon Chan and Chris Lai both feel that the circle isn’t as bad as people think. Sharon stated that the current Fa Dan’s are good friends. There is only healthy competition and no such thing as competing to be the best.

In the series Sharon portrays a drug addict actress who competes with Kate Tsui and Christine Ng. Sharon expressed that she has never encountered incidents from the series in real life. She said “I don’t think the entertainment circle is that complicated. My life does not contain the words “Don’t get along” because I feel if something is wrong we should discuss it”. (Which industry is most complicated?) “I hear that movie and music industries have the most social events. The TV industry rarely has night life”. (Is the Fa Dan competition very big?) “It’s healthy competition, currently the Fa Dan’s are very playful, such as Tavia Yeung and Myolie Wu. We have a lot of fun and we encourage each other and are very happy”.

Chris Lai feels that the entertainment circle isn’t the only industry that is complicated. He said “I have had many jobs, such as working in a book store, bank and then working in the entertainment circle. I feel that the entertainment circle is most simple compared to the others. A lot of the time you need connections however the audience can see things clearly and fairly. Just like Wayne Lai (Chai Gao) he performed very natural and the audience supports that”.

In addition, the pair play a couple in the series, will they also choose to date someone from the entertainment industry? Sharon said “If I choose someone from the industry I would choose Kenneth Ma and Chris Lai because they are more innocent compared to other guys. They also take care of their parents. But I rather not choose someone from the industry because I don’t want to talk about work while we are dating”. Chris doesn’t mind whether they are within the industry or not, most important is that she is easy going and understands him.

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Comments: aw… Sharon would choose Kenneth or Chris. lol. how sweet.


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