Producer Nelson Cheung: Charmaine Sheh & Dayo Wong gives surprises (mentions Kenneth & Tavia)

March 26, 2010 at 7:45 pm (tavia yeung)

TVB Producer Nelson Cheung has been in behind the scenes television industry for 30 years, relying boldly on innovative characters to generate applaud by the public. Some of his productions include Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong’s “You’re Hired” and Roger Kwok and Sonjia Kwok’s “D.I.E” which has left deep impressions on audience. Among them, the Charmaine and Dayo fresh new combination created a strong chemical effect, giving happiness to all.

At an early age, Nelson has always loved to watch comedy flicks. Because of the accelerating Hong Kong film industry in the 70s and 80s, he was able to get into production and filming work. He joined ATV in 1979 as a PA and was promoted to director after 2 years. In 1985, he switched over to TVB and was promoted to a producer in 1989. Some of his productions includes: “One Step Beyond”、”Love Is Beautiful”、”Dicey Business”、”D.I.E”, “You’re Hired”, etc, moving forward into his television career and earning a very good reputation.

Nelson had also always had an adventurous spirit, so he is brave on the roles he creates for the artists he uses. Back in 1991, he decided to use Dicky Cheung and Deric Wan for the comedy series “One Step Beyond”, it was so funny that it left memorable impressions on audience. His recent production “Your Hired”, he decided to use Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong for a fresh new pairing, not only did audience applaud to the idea, but even Nelson felt surprised at the great success the pairing gave off.

Admires Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh surprises you

He said: “I really admire Dayo Wong. He is one talented performer and he is very hard working. Every time he does a series, he would do a lot of homework for it. From TV series to stand up comedy, he is the best. He is a very generous person, whatever new ideas he thinks of, he’ll definitely share it with others. When filming series, he doesn’t know that his acting is good, but he would look after otehr artists, getting into character together. Charmaine, although she’s one of the most popular actresses, but she really uses her heart to act. Not only does she fulfill the producer’s requirements well, but many times she would give you many surprises along with it. So Dayo and Charmaine both give off good sparks. I also discovered that Charmaine really does have good comedy acting skills.”

Supports Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung

Speaking of the rising stars, Nelson felt among the new rising Siu Sangs Kenneth Ma’s acting is the most solid. New rising FaDan, he supports Tavia. He said: “I have worked with most of the new rising siu sangs, every one of them have their own strengths and hard work, but for acting Kenneth Ma is definitely the one that is most solid. Perhaps he knows he needs to put up the go down the acting path. As for FaDans, Tavia Yeung I support, she’s like a military worker. Maybe its because whatever role you give her, she will put all her efforts into it for you, I have seen her improving all along.”

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