Cha Siu Yan Phone Interview w/ Kenneth

April 5, 2010 at 6:22 pm (interviews)


Sry guys, been busy w/ exams haha. so haven’t updated much but had to post this. Thanks hyn5’s Ivy for posting this link.

Kenneth did an interview w/ Cha Siu Yan about Fistful of Stances. He’s adorable and Cha Siu Yan makes fun of him saying “I Love You” to ppl. haha apparently, now ppl come up to ask him (after the airing of Myolie’s phone prank) whether he loves them and he always says yes! haha. He even says he can tell Kevin he loves him all day long! haha its soooo cute! He also makes very nice compliments about Jacky Heung (who seems like a nice guy lol just not much of an actor & looker lol).

Listen to the interview, cuz Kenneth just sounds cute!! 😀



  1. carmen said,

    sure enough Kenneth was super funny and cute in the interview!!!
    it was very nice of Kenneth to defend for Jacky H. I do hope Jacky’s performace does imporve later on…or else…it’ll be 1 factor that makes me not like the series as much….><

  2. carmen said,

    I was also very impressed/suprised to hear that most of the crying scenes Kenneth was really crying…no wonder (so far) there was one scene where Kenneth’s eyes were so red!! it was so sad!!

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