Nancy Wu denies trying to patch her relationship with Kenneth Ma

November 18, 2011 at 5:00 am (nancy wu)

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma have been rumored for several years now. Last year it was said they broke up, but yesterday a magazine reported again that Nancy is working hard trying to patch things up. It was rumored she asked TVB to give her the chance to go work in New Zealand with Kenneth, so she can patch things up while at work. Also, she passed the ‘mother-in-law’ test and successfully got back together with Kenneth. Yesterday Nancy denied the rumor and stressed she has only been good friends with Kenneth all along. They have never dated before.

Regarding the trip this month to New Zealand with Kenneth, as guest performers for the Miss Chinese International Pageant, Nancy was said to be taking the opportunity to patch up her relationship. She laughed and said she doesn’t have the ability to ask TVB to do anything. This time, her trip to New Zealand is entirely arranged by TVB. She stressed she never dated Kenneth and has always been good friends, so she sees this report as a joke. However, Nancy welcomes anyone to give her and Kenneth jobs, they can earn money together as an on-screen couple. As if there is a chance to develop a relationship with Kenneth? She said Kenneth is a very good man, but it is all about fate.

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Nancy Wu Unable to Stop Loving Kenneth Ma After Breaking Up 1 Year Ago

As one of TVB’s diamond bachelors, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was renowned as a filial son without any sinful habits. Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) allegedly started dating in 2008 for two years and broke up in April 2010 due to Nancy’s princess attitude. According toNext Magazine, Kenneth allegedly possessed a recent change in heart and allowed Nancy to re-enter his life once again.

Nancy Wu received critical acclaim for her convincing performances as a selfish lawyer inForensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒3> and ambitious concubine in Curse of the Royal Harem <萬鳳之王>. After completing the filming of Lucky Father <當旺爸爸>, Nancy found out that Kenneth was scheduled to travel to New Zealand for a guest performance in a local Chinese pageant on October 30th. Since Nancy’s next series did not start filming yet, she requested to appear at the same event that Kenneth was attending, sparking a 5-day-4-night trip to mend their former relationship!

Outside of their work engagements, Nancy allegedly glued herself by Kenneth’s side to offer her attentive care. Nancy and Kenneth were photographed dining together in New Zealand. Perhaps Nancy’s efforts to reconcile their relationship were highly effective!

On November 7th, Kenneth and Nancy returned to Hong Kong from their New Zealand trip. The pair were spotted chatting non-stop at the Hong Kong airport, with Kenneth dutifully hauling Nancy’s luggage while her hands swung freely by her side. Entering the airport’s main reception area, which was filled with a large crowd, Kenneth and Nancy purposely maintained their distance. Since avid fans received Kenneth at the airport, Nancy quickly boarded a car and waited for Kenneth to finish signing autographs with fans. Afterwards, the pair returned to Tai Koo Shing together.

Nancy originally lived in Tuen Mun with her family. When she started dating Kenneth in 2008, she moved to the same residential grounds as Kenneth. Their buildings were only one block apart, requiring only three minutes walking time.

It was rumored that Kenneth and Nancy’s romantic sparks ignited in 2008 during their training and participation in Strictly Come Dancing 2 <舞動奇跡2>. Good friends, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Christine Ng (伍詠薇), put in their efforts to match Kenneth with Nancy. After dating Kenneth for only three months, Nancy allegedly resumed her unreasonable personality and often threw tantrums at him.

An inside source close to Nancy commented, “Nancy’s personality was too blunt. Initially, she was very gentle while dating Kenneth, but she could not maintain it and resumed her old unstable personality. When Nancy was stressed at work, she released her tantrums upon Kenneth, who let her have her ways at first. Kenneth tolerated the situation for one year. Afterwards, Nancy frequently complained that Kenneth only paid attention to his family. Since Kenneth was a filial son, things worsened when their arguments revolved around his family. As a result, Kenneth initiated the break up.”

Nancy Wants Kenneth Back

It was understood that Nancy did not stop loving Kenneth and attempted to reconcile their relationship several times. Allegedly, Nancy could not accept the break up reality. During a private gathering for A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋>, Nancy got drunk and took advantage of the circumstances to apologize to Kenneth, “I’m a bad girl; I’m not good!” The situation made Kenneth feel extremely embarrassed.

After their recent New Zealand trip together, Nancy was very happy and could not resist posting a photo taken with Kenneth on her blog. Despite this, at the November 10th press conference unveiling the nominations for the TVB Anniversary Awards, Nancy and Kenneth maintained their distanced and pretended they did not know each other well.

Despite their breakup last year, Nancy continued to live in Tai Koo Shing, which was only three minutes away from Kenneth’s house, latching on the excuse to travel to work together and curry the favor of Kenneth’s mother. Allegedly, before Nancy’s 30th birthday and after her solo vacation to Europe, she expressed her heartfelt wishes to Kenneth, successfully changing his mind and winning his acceptance again.

An insider revealed, “Kenneth brought Nancy home to introduce to his mother in the past and share meals together. Realizing that Kenneth was a filial son, Nancy knew that earning his mother’s favor will help her in winning Kenneth back. Once in awhile, Nancy will call Kenneth’s mother to talk to her and give gifts on holidays. Nancy did these things to demonstrate that she has changed and knew how to care about Kenneth’s family.”

Nancy Insists That She Is Only Good Friends With Kenneth

Speaking with Ming Pao, Nancy insisted that she did not ask TVB to send her to New Zealand in order to spend time with Kenneth. Nancy clarified that TVB made the work arrangements. Nancy stressed that she and Kenneth have always been friends and did not date in the past. Nancy laughed over tabloid claims that she had attempted to reconcile her relationship with Kenneth.

Nancy welcomed advertisers interested in inviting Kenneth and herself to appear at joint promotions together. Asked whether there was potential development with Kenneth, Nancy said that he was a very good man, but it will depend upon romantic fate.


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Comments: Finally, some Kenneth news! I really do hope this is true. Kenneth’s my fav actor & Nancy’s my fav actress, and they look  great together. However, they could really just be friends haha. I don’t see why they should deny it; why can’t they just tell the truth like they do in Hollywood? Recently, Nancy said in an interview that she was “starting to see someone new” so I assumed it was someone else, but she could have just been trying to throw us off! Nancy does seem blunt, outgoing and tomboyish, which doesn’t match with “the princess syndrome.” I really do not like how they’re painting her to be so desperate & making it seem like Kenneth doesn’t really like her!  I feel like since they’re such opposites, that may have caused their first breakup if there was indeed one. Kenneth may seem perfect on paper, but an overly filial son who is not very romantic could be aggravating at times and not for everyone. I hope they can work it out and that Nancy doesn’t just hold on to him because he seems like such a great catch. Let’s hope that this 2nd go will be successful (Yoyo Chen & Vincent Wong gave me hope for TVB love). While I still hold onto hope for BK since Bernice is single again, I really love KeNancy too.

Why hasn’t TVB promoted them as a “couple” yet? It beats seeing Moses run around with Aimee! 😛  I’m really happy to see Nancy’s career reaching new heights as well, but it seems Kenneth’s has become a little stagnant? I’m hoping he’ll get an awesome role this upcoming year! 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it ends up like this…


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  1. krys said,

    Quite the contrary, nancy wu is notorious to being a spoilt princess having her way, ask any insiders and they would tell you the same! She isn’t one bit of tomboy as she used to hav long curly locks and now has cut her hair short. Apparently cutting hair short is the craze for up and comming tvb actresses, perhaps she thinks she has a shot.

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