Kenneth’s Popularity Soars after The Hippocratic Crush- Eileen Cha Interview

March 25, 2012 at 5:18 pm (interviews, the hippocratic crush)

Cute interview, glad his popularity is being acknowledged!

Notes of interest:

  • Tavia has lost all “fantasies” for Kenneth cuz he tells everyone they’re beautiful (Tav: “I know I’m beautiful, shut up!”) Haha, that is so cute. He says he flirts with Tavia, Sharon and Selena (his old time partners)
  • Asked whether he tells Mandy she’s pretty, he says yes, because she’s rather pretty and that Mandy is very fresh and tomboyish.
  • Kenneth gets along with Nathan and Gigi – he praises Nathan as being quick-witted and bonds over being part of TVB Acting Class.
  • Tavia couldn’t remember her tumor name, but Kenneth does lol.
  • Nancy guest stars for 6 sec in THC for free – Not only Nancy came to visit on set; lots of ppl came to visit to see the OR due to the technology. He’s known the director since TVB Acting Class and had done a guest star role in “The Family Link” for a few sec as a lawyer (MK Sun) under this director too.
  • Did you date Nancy? Yes but we broke up. She doesn’t have Princess Disease; Kenneth says Eileen knows her too and that she knows she doesn’t have those issues; personalities incompatibilities was the reason for the break up. They are still friends – they broke up peacefully. Kenneth gentlemanly defends Nancy (aw…), but as I mentioned before, this is the reason girls might be concerned to date him: if anything goes wrong in a relationship w/ MM, it’s always gonna be assumed there’s something wrong with the girl lol.
  • Kenneth said when he was young, if a girl smiled at him, he’ll think they liked him so now he is slow in these things
  • No girl has every took initiative to tell him she liked him and he, himself, will take initiative in pursuing girls (he’s failed before lol); he’s never had two girls to choose from
  • Internet guy fans cheer on Kenneth cuz he admits he watches online porn. He feels that its normal and does not want to “pretend” to be innocent. (“I cannot say that because of the fans, I’m keeping my innocence aka not dating”) haha. love Kenneth. He doesn’t like to pretend.
  • Kenneth wants to film in Mainland despite offers. Scheduling conflicts. Won’t happen this year because after Prominent Family (no script, only written on the spot – wow) will be Triumphs In the Skies II.
  • Kenneth’s dubbed as Hot Property #2, Moses being the first. Kenneth comments he’s not and people that are single like Raymond are the Hot Properties. I still don’t get why Kenneth isn’t above Moses haha, I would totally take MaMing over him any day lol!
  • Kenneth’s hobby of collecting Donald Duck mentioned again lol. He has over 1000 even though some have already been donated. This hobby started when he was 10 yo. He likes that Donald Duck has a cute big butt (OMG kenneth…) and his personality (greedy, perverted, angry) – he’s very human unlike Mickey Mouse who is too perfect.
  • She doesn’t think he’ll ever be irritated, but Kenneth says he will, especially when things are annoying. He’ll not talk if he’s angry. He’s waited for girls in restaurant before (1 or so hours) but she didn’t come. He isn’t mad about it and he didn’t ask why.
  • He says Daisy is very girly and he likes long eyelashes
  • He used to like long legs and pretty girls but now he’s less about looks. He’s waiting for ppl to intro him to girls outside the entertainment industry but nothing came out of it; when they say there’s someone, the girl would start dating someone else by the next week or they won’t have pictures lol. Mandy & Selena are all talk
  • He never sensed Tavia & Him were dating, but they did all talk about going BBQing but Him never called him lol.
  • Kenneth felt lost at a point (cuz he doesn’t make enough money); someone recommended an Indian flick to him and inspired him
  • He loved acting at a young age but he got to a point where he realized liking it isn’t enough, money is necessary to raise a family too.
  • After the movie, he resumed mindset to enjoying his job; he’s loves his job
  • Yat Kin Tau role got him more projects/events; thanks his AA who helps him arrange it
  • He calls his 2nd sister’s little boys “little demons”

After 4 epis, the show and Kenneth were already very popular!

Have you met any co-stars that do not practice? He diplomatically says that there person is probably wants to use “the most fresh feeling to ignite something new.” lol ah Kenneth, so good at not offending others.

He said the old Kenneth would practice everything to the T and that he was very “stubborn.” He feels like there needs to be a balance now.

I love how Kenneth, when asked if he was popular due to the doctor’s role, he went on to say Doctors have a tough job and that there aren’t enough in the ER.


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  1. carmen said,

    hey, nice summary!

    just wondering where that picture is from — the one right below “notes of interest”

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