About Me & The Mission


About Me:

There’s not much about me. I’m just a super fan of Kenneth’s from the US. I’m currently still ‘addicted’ to Kenneth and hopefully will continue to be. I’ve been a fan of Kenneth’s since 2004, I believe.

The Mission:

Here at KMKM Fanpage, the goal is to share a comprehensive collection of everything Kenneth Ma. (lol. That sounds like a corny mission statement.) While all the news and translations may not belong to this blog, I am hoping to create a place where Kenneth fans can directly access articles, videos, pictures, and information about Ma Ming. I will also share reviews of Kenneth’s performances and the like.

KMKM Fanpage would like to extend a warm welcome to you (who’s reading this) and all Kenneth fans!

When did I start to like Kenneth?

I started liking Kenneth while I was watching, believe it or not, Wong Fei Hung – Master of Kung Fu. I admit to being a little bit vain when it comes to male stars, so I too was shocked that I started to like Kenneth, especially since he was like bald in the show. I didn’t think he was very very good looking; he was cute but not “wow” or else I would’ve liked him very early on (as I had Edison Chen- which actually lasted 6yrs but faded, Kevin Cheng, or Ron Ng – all of which have faded off very quickly). I loved his character as Gan Gin, who always put up a tough front but was actually a very cowardly, sweet, and nice person. Kenneth was so convincing in the role, with his puppy dog eyes and blushingly-shy smiles, that I began to really like his role (even more than Bosco’s, who I started out liking more than Kenneth). However, I actually LIKED LIKED Kenneth after watching his interview with Michelle Ye on HK Live (which was during the time I was finishing WFH and beginning LITCOL), where he showed us his reserved, shy, traditional, and somewhat innocently silly personality. Since then, the family always jokingly made fun of him as the guy who wants to get married and have babies, which is so endearing, lol. Following up, I quickly got another Kenneth feed in LITCOL, which further feud my liking. Yes, I admit during the time when I started liking Kenneth, I had a thing for dumb guys, you know the surfer boys and Kenneth’s mannerisms and roles totally fit into that category! (But of course, as a Mechanical Engineer, Kenneth is bright, but socially probably silly and cute) As Kenneth began to get bigger roles and as time went on, I began to like him more and more. He just grew on me! He gets better looking by the day. Sometimes, I’m not sure if he is actually changing a lot in appearance or if it’s just because he’s so adorable and lovable. I hope he continues to be successful as he has proven that he can be a leading man in Survivor’s Law II.

Why Do I like Kenneth?

Actually, I really didn’t like Kenneth in the very beginning. I thought he was scrawny and evil looking. I don’t recall when it was, but I started feeling neutral towards him and accepting the way he looked, maybe it was during Driving Power. As time went by, I began to find his characters quite interesting. I thought his role as Roy in TITS was adorable and though I was attracted to Ron at that time, I still managed to notice how cute Kenneth was. When I look back, I’m shocked at how I didn’t realize that Kenneth was so cute in Survivor’s Law, even as a pervert. I noticed him, but didn’t at the same time. When I started becoming neutral to him, I really liked his pairing with Sharon Chan (ShaKen lol.), but it was not until Into Thin Air that I fell absolutely in love with the Bernice-Kenneth pairing (BK). I’m still obsessed about them right now, and don’t plan to change unless something better comes up!

What I love about Kenneth aside from his cute, quirky, silly, and humble personality is that he’s actually talented. Not only is he cute, handsome, and charismatic, but he is actually a pretty good actor. He’s improved so vastly and has become such a “open” actor. When he’s acting, it’s like he’s a completely different person, who’s not afraid of hurting his image or shy. This is a very attractive trait and it allows him to have chemistry with every co-star. He manages to make any love relationship cute! Although I never liked Michelle, Cherie, or Ella, Kenneth managed to make those pairings sweet. I would say that more than half of the credit goes to him most of the time for the great chemistry.

When it comes down to it, I like Kenneth because he’s Kenneth. The image he portrays, the simple, responsible, innocent guy next door is just so likable. He’s capable of being such a charismatic person on screen and being such a down-to-earth person off screen. Not to mention that I’ve never heard a single person who knows him say anything negative about him, which really shows a lot. While we do not know him in person, his talent and the way he carries himself definitely make him shine in the crowd (even when he stands all the way up in the last row and to the side in pictures! lol)



  1. cami said,

    Thank-you so much for opening a kenneth site/blog, i’m so happy =] snice kenworld shut down, i’ve been haveing troubles finding kenneth news in english cause my chinese sucks. I’m like a crazy kenneth fan, i really like him, well a didn’t strat likeing him on a spefic series, he just grew on me and i dig his personality.

    After SL2, kenneth is gaining more popularity, and i think it’s great for him to have a blog like this, thank you so much for crating on in english if you need any help with anything, feel free to contact me, i lwould love to help.

    Keep up the awesome work~

  2. Jenny said,

    How many fans in here?

  3. not a kenneth fan said,

    to be ahonest i think he looks weird.. sumfin about him dont look right when he talks.

  4. bbfreak said,

    wow. haha.. thanks for coming ‘not a kenneth fan’ – you should’ve left your real nickname lol since you don’t probably don’t go by that name.
    kenneth fans are nice fans haha…we won’t bash u if u don’t like him…

    it’s ok. ur entitled to ur opinion.

  5. J said,

    This is such an awesome site! So happy to see such a dedicated Kenneth fan! It’s so nice to have english translated news of Kenneth.

  6. hyn5 said,


    I like you blog a lot because you have some many things on Ma Ming. My sister told me about your blog a while back now, but I always thought I needed a blogspot blog in order to post a comment. It is always good to share Ma Ming things with others. He is so cute and funny!

    There might be some useful things that you can add to your 4:11 on Ma Ming.

    Nancy Wu once said, “Of the male artistes in TVB, Kenneth Ma is an extinct good guy. He has a good temperament and he is hard working.”

    Gallen Lo (article) and Roger Kwok (interview) both had good praises for Ma Ming, but I have to find out from my sister on what exactly is it that they said.

    There are also a lot of good things said about Ma Ming from the competitors on SCD. This might be helpful, too. http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2008/09/ninth-round-team-mengma-cha-chajive.html

  7. bbfreak said,

    Hey hyn5, thanks for stopping by! Yup we all love MaMing! haha..I love ur blog as well. Thanks for all the info…I will be sure to add it when I get around to it (too lazy..to much skool work lol)… Hope to see u stop by more often… and provide us w/ some more good MaMing info! We’re very limited in info here since I don’t have someone that can read chinese…so we can use all the help we can get!

    Thanks again…. the chat room’s pretty dead..come by n chat it’s over on the right under the glittery chat picture…haha…

  8. Carmen @ MKMC said,

    Hey bbfreak!

    Very well said! What you’ve wrote are pretty much the exact reasons why I admire Kenneth so much! And enjoy seeing him on TV, magazines, and of course in person! haha
    Another “feature” of Kenneth that really surprises me is that he’s able to act almost any type of characters without a problem. He’s not limited to what roles he can play, and most importantly is that he’s willing to play any role!
    I also really like it when Bernice and Kenneth pair up, partly because my best friend is a fan of Bernice, but more because they make such a cute pair!
    I see that you’re in need of help for your blog here, let me know if I can be of any help. But again, I think the quality of my work sucks…haha…
    By the looks of it, I guess half the time you don’t really know what we’re saying on MKMC?
    Anyways, keep up the good work!

  9. bbfreak said,

    Yes, I really love how Kenneth can be convincing playing anything…it’s usually really hard for actors to pull off the whole “good guy role” without being annoying somehow, but Kenneth is so convincing that you believe him all the time… and he’s very good at being characters that are so diff from him too life Tim from LG and MK Sun from SLII!

    BK BKBK! I take any chance I get to scream that! haha.

  10. misshknz said,

    Hmm, how do I talk about Kenneth without taking up a whole page? An interest was sparked in Triumph in the Skies (I refuse to shorten that to the acronym), and I noticed him in The Driving Power, Wong Fei Hung – Master of Kung Fu, La Femme Desperado, and The Family Link, but since I’ve had to keep my addiction to watching HK tv series at bay for the last few years during uni, and now work (I only saw bits and pieces of those series when my mum was watching them), and since I’ve been more into Bosco (after he played But Lo Ming in Wars of In-Laws) until recently, that spark didn’t grow very much.

    A few weeks ago, I watched The Four. This is the first in a long time since I’ve seen a Kenneth series, and my interest in him multiplied like crazy! That spark just turned into a full on fire and I haven’t been able to put it out!

    Now I’m obsessed and been spending all my free time trying to catch all his other series and because he’s got so many series I don’t know which one to watch! I loved him in Survivor’s Law II and Speech of Silence and can’t pick which one I like more. I can’t wait for Man in Charge and I wish all his other series were lead roles, so I don’t have to keep skipping through episodes just to see him!

    • bbfreak said,

      misshknz: Welcome here! haha…omg.. good to hear Kenneth has yet another fan..yes Kenneth has that mesmerizing power…it’s just a matter of time when you fall for him! I like how to refuse use the acronym for Triumphs – yes a very strange one indeed)… wow.. yeah, university is so time consuming! X_x

      haha so u work now? wow Kenneth definitely attracts fans of all ages! So ur a big bosco fan? I used to like bosco more than kenneth, then MaMIng just took over haha!

      Yeah, would love to see him lead more cuz when he’s not, I just keep waiting for him to show up… He almost always manages to steal the show anyways from the lead…so just let him LEAD! haha.

      I dunno if u’ll get this msg, becuz i have no idea how the reply thingy works, but if u see this, I’m really glad u leave comments (i luv them and i read them, but maybe don’t get arnd to replying to all of them…yet…especially thees few weeks!)

      Thanks again! I’ll help fuel that fire of urs! haha… (chat in the chat box too!)

  11. misshknz said,

    Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t a huge Bosco fan, I just liked him. I never developed quite the same obsession as I have some celebrities, but at the time he was my favourite (cos But Lo Ming was just irresistable). But I’ve fallen head over heels for Kenneth!

    • bbfreak said,

      Yes.that’s the way to go…Head over Heels! 😉

      Kenneth is just so loveable!

  12. clara said,

    yay yay

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