Precious BK Moments

January 24, 2010 at 6:53 pm (bernice liu)

Here are some awesome Bernice & Kenneth pictures from their function in 2006. They look so adorable together. I’ve never seen these pictures posted before. Thanks to Fanta @ MKMC for posting! All fans enjoy, while we await for Mysteries of Love to air (I heard that Tavia said it’ll air next yr? :-/ I can’t wait that long!)

There’s a lot more, click into this post to see all! 😀 Read the rest of this entry »


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Bernice Liu fears love relationship may change after publicly announced

August 31, 2009 at 10:52 pm (bernice liu)

Source: The Sun

Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu and 8 Models including Anjaylia and Evelyn attended a skincare event yesterday. Although Bernice and Jocelyn did not agree on what to wear, but they coincidentally still ended up wearing the same tube dress to the event. Currently busy filming for new series “Shall We State the Case” with Kenneth Ma, Bernice expressed that she developed a fresh new modern couple relationship with him. Asked if her mom accepts all the reports with her and Moses Chan’s relationship. She said: “She usually reads the news. (Will you be like Andy Lau announcing your relationship?) I have seen that same news recently!” Later she expressed that she’s worried that if she exposes a love relationship, there will be a change as a result: “It’s two people’s business when it comes to dating. If we announce it, then we’ll have to have an explanation for 700 million people! (Who didn’t want to announce it?) We had always announced our good friend relationship, but it’s been a while since we been in a series together.”

Comments: Tho this was a Bermo article, I’m happy to hear that Bernice enjoys their partnership lol! Since their collaborations have never been extensive, it must be refreshing! 🙂

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Kissing scenes in Shall We State the Case

August 28, 2009 at 7:13 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case)

Bernice giving you the scoop on her kisses w/ Kenneth

Bernice teasing everyone to guess what kinda of relationship she has w/ MaMing

Kenneth tells you his side of the story

Bernice & Kenneth have been letting us know that kissing scenes are not easy to film! haha. Both of them are trying extremely hard to convince us that it’s not exactly romantic and fun kissing each other…well in MaMing’s case other ppl too! Bernice’s version is particularly funny as she tells us that her first day filming was at Maming’s “house” and that filming was intense (as we know from her twitter haha). She goes into detail making faces and giving us the dish on how everything has to be so precise. (I really wonder how many NG’s they’ve had…if MaMing NG’s while hugging…I can just imagine!)

Bernice is hilarious as she describes a scene where they kiss from entering the door and how their noses get squished and they can’t breathe haha. I would love to see all the outtakes as mentioned by Bernice! She constantly tells us that filming such scenes is not enjoyable uh huh…Bernice…we gotcha….are u trying to tell us this or Moses…or maybe convince urself? hm…

Kenneth on the other hand, says it hard to film such scenes as he doesn’t want the girl to think he’s a pervert. He mentions bed scenes and how he needs to hold himself up w/out touching the girl…wow..that sounds kinda unlike TVB so maybe this is as “intense” as Bernice says! He mentions Jessie Shum giving him her first onscreen kiss! lol.

Bernice also teases us w/ her smiley face as to the scenes she has w/ Kenneth.. She really cute in the videos! Must watch! Somehow the first video is cut off at the end for me. I only see her talking up to the part about her purse and it jumps back! who knows!

hm…they are so cute! BK are so fishy! lol. If I didn’t know any better….which I don’t haha. …hm…

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BK Reunion – Aw…so sweet! :-D Shall We State the Case Costume Fitting

August 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been waiting on me for the BK reunion post. I’ve been putting it off for so long, there’s no longer anything to write haha. So I’ll just skim over random things until the next BK moment swings around! 🙂 – Additionally, tho Kenvia are cute, I wish we’d get more BK!

Bernice & Kenneth look absolutely adorable together! I was surprised at all the hugging, leaning, and fake kissing. Honestly, I’ve always wondered about them. They really never seemed like super close friends, but sometimes they come out and surprise us. MaMing when mentioning close female friends never mentioned Bernice. And whenever they are together, I get the feeling that Bernice isn’t really comfortable completely? But I love the pic above, where she’s actually leaning into him! Haha, I keep telling myself that they are awkward in a cute “we have a crush on each other way” lol. Like they’re too shy to talk to each other enough to be super close friends so they aren’t crazy together like Kenvia!

I couldn’t help myself, all thru Tavia’s blog video, I was watching them hug in the background! I liked that they looked comfy enough w/ each other w/ some awkward shyness! They also didn’t pull away from each other too quickly after and only walk separate ways when asked to do interviews. Love how Bernice remembered their “Into Thin Air” days! There 360 kiss was memorable to her and she said it was her first time doing one of those haha. I guess this time she’ll have lots of new memories!

More pix:

TVB videos screencaps:

Kenneth completely steals all the girls (ah, Ray you must be jealous!), but it’s kinda sad that I don’t think Bernice is “that” big of a character anymore. Maybe she really is a big cameo. I hope she gets development esp. w/ Kenneth not just passion! I’m worried about how their love story will turn out and how his character is gonna be. I hope Bernice will change him and actually be meaningful (cuz Kenneth seems to like his roles when the girl loves him unconditionally!)

Video Clips:

Ma Ming is James Bond!

《談情說案》 “Shall We State the Case” Costume Fitting Pictures

Ma Ming’s Official Girlfriend

Haha, I love how Bernice is referred to being the “official” gf lol. That’s super cute! The way Kenneth was all like “i’ll bring u into the role” was hilarious. Bernice made it sound like a Category 3 series ! I absolutely adored it when Kenneth said they’d kiss and Bernice was like “really? In front of everyone?” That reaction was priceless. Instead of saying no or playing along as expected, she seemed shy to do it in front of the cameras haha, but didn’t seem to mind the idea. She looked like she was gonna let him really kiss her until he said they’re were pretending! Silly girl!

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“Shall We State the Case” Blessing Ceremony + News

August 23, 2009 at 6:49 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma ditches Nancy Wu for one night stand [Misleading Title]

Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu play a couple in TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth revealed that he’s a playboy in the series and often does one night stand, so it’s fortunate for him to be in this series. Besides stealing many of his female colleagues first on-screen kiss, Kenneth also expressed that he did two kiss scenes with Bernice. Asked if he would tell rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu about it? He said: “I don’t think that is neccesary. (Afraid that Nancy might scold you?) Nope. (How about Moses Chan?) Actually I am a bit worried about that.”

Bernice exposed that from all the series she has done, this series has the most kiss scenes for her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Raymond Lam brings illness along in continuing fate with Tavia Yeung; Tavia wants rumors with Kenneth Ma

The other day Raymond Lam ate something wrong and got a stomach infection, he had to go see the doctor and get shots before feeling better to attend events. Although he brought an illness to the studio, but he did not forget flatter co-star Tavia Yeung, greatly praising that she is getting prettier.

Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Astrid Chan and Jack Wu attended TVB new series “Shall We State the Case” blessing ceremony. Once Raymond arrived at the event, he revealed that the day before he ate something wrong and got a stomach infection (vomiting/diarrhea), he said: “I don’t know what I ate at home,. Yesterday afternoon, I already started getting diarrhea and by night I was vomiting a little. So, last night I was feeling very unwell at the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign. I didn’t go see the doctor until this morning and he gave me a shot, I need to attend another celebration tonight, I got no choice but to try my best to eat as much as I can.” As for Astrid Chan who was sick as well, she suspects that she ate an egg salad sandwich that resulted in her vomiting, therefore she had to leave early during the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign.

Raymond and Tavia are a couple in the new series, they reveal that they have not played a couple for many years already. This time, there is a whole different feeling as they ‘date’ again. Tavia expressed: “Raymond and I have not been a couple for man years, recently he’s more focused on being a couple with Linda Chung, but this time being a couple with him is a different feeling than in the past. I feel that he is more mature and stabled now. We both seem to have gotten so much older, we have a deeper and better relationship. (Are you afraid of starting rumors with Raymond?) I am a rumor free individual!” Raymond expressed his appreciation towards Tavia’s praises, he also did not forget to praise her back that she has gotten very feminine, getting prettier and prettier.

Taking rumors to joke around with
Also, Tavia joked that she wanted to start rumors with Kenneth Ma. She even chased Kenneth to ask him if she’s or Nancy Wu was better? Kenneth definitely knew what to do, he said that Tavia is really good. Then the two of them exchanged fruits, the scene was quite comedic. But afterwards, Tavia laughed: “Kenneth felt that I was better? Did you see him when he was giving me the orange, he was covering his conscience!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Tavia Yeung works with Raymond Lam as a couple again

Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam attended the blessing ceremony for up coming new TV series “Shall We State The Case” yesterday. Raymond and Tavia will play the role as a couple again following “Golden Faith” and “Twin of Brothers”. Tavia revealed that the two has worked well together, but this time the feeling is different as Raymond has matured a lot. He doesn’t look like a kid anymore. Tavia was teased by the reporter if she is worried about rumors. Tavia smiled saying that it would be inevitable, whether it spreads out successfully is another matter. Tavia went on to say that she is immune with rumors. Raymond thanked Tavia for her remarks, in return, he also said Tavia is very feminine and she is getting more and more beautiful too.

Raymond was late for the blessing ceremony yesterday, he disclosed that he has gastroenteritis and has been having diarrhoea. “I am not sure if I had eaten out of date food at home. I started having diarrhea yesterday and throughout the night too. I was feeling really unwell last night in the fund raising activity. I went to see the doctor and had an injection this morning. We have a celebration dinner tonight, it is a shame that I can’t eat as much as I want.”

Tavia revealed that Kenneth wanted the media to create a rumor for them as on screen couple. She asked Kenneth if he is worried about his girlfriend Nancy Wu. Kenneth said he preferred to have Tavia as his rumored girlfriend; the two was seen sharing fruits together. Tavia told reporter afterwards “You think Kenneth prefers me as his girlfriend, can’t you see he said it with the orange covering his heart?”
Translation:R.E.D @

Yesterday, Tavia Yeung appeared at a blessing ceremony for TVB’s new series. In the series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond Lam. Raymond has been paired with Linda Chung for the past year. Tavia jokingly replied about Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu.

In the new series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond, as they were in “Twin of Brothers.”
Raymond: For the past year, I’ve been paired with Linda Chung. If we continue to star as a couple, I feel that we have matured and grown up. We are more emotional now.
Reporters: Aren’t you afraid of rumors?
Raymond: Yeah, I have rumors occassionally.
Tavia: Kenneth said he wants to get some rumors with me.
Reporters: But, he had Nancy.
Tavia: Oh, I don’t know about his life outside the series.
Reporters: Who’s better, you or Nancy?
Tavia: TVB products are alway good. If he likes Nancy, then go ahead.
咀廖碧兒驚陳豪嬲 (Kissing Bernice; Afraid that Moses will be Mad)

Kenneth blurted that his mom always praises Tavia for being a good girl. In the series, Kenneth will have numerous kissing scenes with Bernice.
Kenneth: I won’t get mad, we can kiss all we want.
Reporters: Are you afraid that Nancy will be mad?
Kenneth: No.
Reporters: Afraid that Moses Chan will be mad?
Kenneth: Oh yes.

Also, Moses Chan was a special guest at a coffee shop opening yesterday. He also said that Bernice had praised his coffee as being good tasting.
Moses: I want to have my own coffee brand shop.
Reporters: Will Bernice be part of it?
Moses: Yes, and I will tell many other artists as well.
Moses lost 1 million (HKD?) due to the economical crisis.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: love_of_tvb

Comments: Aw…KenVia are cute as usual, but im super disappointed that there are no BK moments 😦 !! Poor Ray is sick, but either way Kenneth would have stolen the limelight lol. I love how Tav pokes fun at Kenneth but still says she doesn’t know about KeNancy as if she’s hinting that its just all rumors to us lol. Love how Kenneth said he’s afraid of Moses haha. Bernice should beat him up for saying that

More pix @ baidu:

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Scared to hug the girl, Kenneth Ma NG-ing constantly! Punishing Bernice to stand on the streets inhaling all the dust

August 14, 2009 at 1:08 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case)

Kenneth Ma is lucky! He’s been appointed to play the role of a playboy in the new series “Shall We State the Case.” Aside from getting to partner with Bernice who’s hot and good looking, they even have scenes that are very intense in emotions. He’s also gets to hug all the hot girls in town, what a lucky man! The other night, they were filming in Lan Kwai Fong; the scene speaks of Kenneth flirting with another girl and Bernice catching him on the spot. However, Kenneth was not performing very well, as he was constantly making mistakes and was not acting naturally, seeming a bit scared. This caused Bernice to have to wait for him to complete his part. Bernice was forced to stay around on the streets for 30 mins. As it was hot and dusty, no wonder she looked upset.  There wasn’t much to the script, but Kenneth was just too nervous and constantly NG-ed.

From what we saw, Bernice arrived at the location and was in a good mood,wearing a pair of 4 inch high heels. She was talking with the crew and seemed to be having a good time. Yet Kenneth who had a “valid license” to hug girls was a bit shy and wasn’t very willing to hug the girl. His actions were a bit stiff. Not sure whether it’s because he’s worried that Nancy Wu might be upset about it.
Kenneth jokingly said “Tonight wasn’t tough, I’m only being a playboy, which is the same in reality, (that means you’ve got a lot of girlfriends?) What? No that’s not the case, I’m only joking. I’m not dating right now.”
Credits: Carmen, baidu
Comments: Haha. Another article trying to stir up unfriendly rumors. Well, I must admit, the reporter was actually pretty nice as it wasn’t a very convincing collaboration mishap article. Aw…Kenneth is still the same old shy MaMing! 😛 Haven’t seen that in a while! jkjk. Well maybe Kenneth was nervous becuz his goddess Bernice was watching him! muhaha. And maybe she wasn’t upset cuz she was “biting dust” but becuz she was jealous! ok. Explains it all! I should caption for this article instead lol. All jokes aside, Kenneth could’ve just felt awkward since the girl is buddy Johnson Lee’s gf (Fanny Ip), i believe. Wow 4-in heels?! I’m starting to wonder about Bernice’s height. How tall is she?! I remember seeing her in 7-in heels @ the Sales Presentation (was it 7-in? or 4 as well?) and she was still shorter than Kevin! Given she could’ve been slouching to let him feel taller, but I recently saw a pic of her and Ray @ the Laughing Gor Movie premier and she looked really short (gasps, was Ray wearing heels?! haha) KINDA sad that KenVia were not @ the LG premier while Berray were there 😦 tsktsk. leaving their partners behind!
Anyways, Bernice’s been twittering away. Here are some of her SWSTC related tweets:
I know! Was shooting in LKF & lots o doggie press. Whatever! but my sponsors for the drama are hot! Not bad for TV drama 🙂 thank uuuu!!10:18 PM Aug 9th from web
Studio shooting today… one scene… but man, definitely uhmm…. uh… yeah. Let’s just say…hehehe12:30 PM Aug 12th from web
Haha, looks like the first tweet was about the article above. Seems like Bernice was more upset at the doggie press than @ Kenneth’s NG-ing lol. I LOVE the 2nd tweet. Some intense in-studio shooting ooo-lala. Filming intense scenes already??!
OT: I see bernice tweeting CoffeeM0, is that Moses? Well, if so then, that’s very strange. I highly doubt Bernice would openly tweet him given that they are an item. I mean, if they are together, she would say all she had to say to him in person, phone or text. Tweeting is so public (something artists would avoid) and so distant? haha. OH well…interesting….

Another Article about filming & bumping in to Manecy Chan:
Comments: Aw..poor Manecy not getting to take a pic w/ Kenneth. She finally got up the courage! She should’ve totally done it @ the walkathon before everyone knew who she was! Yeah, i figured TVB would get in the way so she won’t get free publicity! We all know the 3 unmentionable letters in TVB ….haha A-T-V! oh well. she should try to switch channels! btw, Kenneth’s clothes are a tad weird? oh well. He’s still cute!

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Shall We State The Case – Several Articles

July 26, 2009 at 5:38 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

In Kenneth Ma’s new series, he plays a flirty inspector, besides having a very sexy girlfriend Bernice Liu, he will also have a one-night stand with beautiful girl Lisa S. For the role, Kenneth said that he will need to go to Lan Kwai Fong and look up information. Not hard to believe that rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu may get jealous.

Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu and Lisa S. attended the costume fitting of TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth and Bernice will again play a couple in the series, the two will even have a heated bed scene. Bernice appeared at the event in a low-cut outfit and always stuck by Kenneth when taking pictures, no wonder Kenneth had a huge smile on his face.

Kenneth being surrounded by all these pretty girls, will he report to rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu? He smiled: “I don’t need to. But its really just a role, I never tried one-night stand before. Maybe I will have to go to Lan Kwai Fong to check it out and take some notes for this role.” Even Western-like girl Bernice expressed that the script is quite an uproar, it doesn’t even seem like a television series would have such scenes.

Playing as a female cop, Tavia Yeung appeared in a police uniform, but the uniform requires her to change her 25-inch waist into a 22-inch, Tavia said: “This time I’m playing as a police officer, my mom is the happiest because she had always wanted me to be a police.” Raymond Lam’s role doesn’t beat Kenneth’s role where he is surrounded with girls, asked if he’s worried that Kenneth may steal all the limelight? He said: “Having many girls would stand out? Kenneth and my roles are very different. He is flirty and I’m the honest one.”

News Source: Mingpao
please credit if reposting

Kenneth Ma wins the year’s best role
Today at the costume fitting of a new TVB series (Shall we state the case), Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam appeared in their costumes.

At the fitting, it was indicated Kenneth, portraying a policeman, might have won the best role this year, because in the series he will have many girlfriends and will be a player, plus he loves ¡§One night stands¡¨. When asked whether he will notify rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu first, before filming romantic scenes with many actresses, of course he denied it. However, Bernice who will be Kenneth¡¦s girlfriend in the series, reminded him to bring chewing gum and a toothbrush.

Bernice also indicated, in the new series the first scene will be a passionate kiss between her and Kenneth. The rate of intimacy is closer than any kissing scenes she had done before. So she doesn¡¦t know whether it will be appropriate for showing on TV.

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Raymond, Kenneth, Tavia & Bernice in ‘Romance and Case Discussions’

July 26, 2009 at 5:31 pm (bernice liu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Raymond Lam Fung, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Tavia Yeung Yi and Bernice Liu Bik Yee were at the costume fitting for TVB’s new series, “Romance and Case Discussions” 《談情說案》yesterday. In the series, Raymond will play a physicist and assist police officer, Kenneth, in solving criminal cases.

The theme for “Romance and Case Discussions” appear to resemble Japanese drama “Detective Galileo,”《神探伽俐略》. Was Raymond concerned that he will be accused of copying the Japanese drama? Raymond noted that “Romance and Case Discussions” will be set amidst a mystery, case-solving backdrop, while focusing on love relationships. To prevent the audience’s inability in following the cases, scientific explanations will often be used to validate the outcomes. This strategy will be different than “Detective Galileo.” To avoid further comparison to Fukuyama Masaharu’s performance in “Detective Galileo,” Raymond will avoid watching the Japanese drama. Raymond indicated he will need to prepare in advance for his role, as the scientific jargon will be even more difficult to relay than legal jargon.

Kenneth Ma will act as a detective, who is popular among women. At the costume fitting yesterday, Kenneth was surrounded by 6 actresses. Was Raymond concerned that Kenneth will steal the show? Raymond questioned, “Having more women will steal the show?” Reporters asked whether Raymond’s singer status prevented him from portraying womanizer roles? “No, it’s not related. Perhaps my image resembles a professor more! However, I do envy Kenneth. I have never seen a role with so many female co-stars. I would like to try the challenge sometime too!”

Bernice will play a guest role in “Romance and Case Discussions.” The script gave her a good surprise, as she and Kenneth will share an intimate scene together. Bernice said, “In a past series, we shared a kissing scene which required a 360 degree angle during filming. In ‘Romance and Case Discussions,’ the excitement will be taken a step further, as we will kiss and embrace passionately at the same time.” Bernice stressed that it would be necessary for both of them to freshen their mouths prior to filming.

Kenneth admitted that his role in “Romance and Case Discussions” was his most ‘fortunate’ role in 2009. Will Kenneth need to explain himself to rumored girlfriend, Nancy Wu Ding Yan? Kenneth laughed, “There’s no need to. But I never had a one night stand before; I may need to observe more activities in Lan Kwai Fong.” Reporters teased Kenneth that he was treated to feeling Bernice’s “boobie cakes” during the photograph session. Kenneth said, “Bernice has a very fit figure. I did feel her curves while standing next to her. Hopefully, during the filming, I will have more opportunities to feel them again!” Despite her long acting career, it will be the first time for Tavia Yeung to wear a police uniform in a series. It turns out that Tavia’s mother had wished her to become a police officer at one point. Thus this series will fulfill Tavia’s mother’s dream. Reporters noted that Tavia’s image lost out to the sexily dressed Bernice, Tavia laughed, “No, we are good sisters and will share. She will be sexy, while I will be prim.”

Tavia revealed that she will have a one night stand with Raymond in the series. In one scene, Raymond and Tavia lost their way in the mountains and thus shared an intimate night together.


Comments: This is one weird translation! haha…the translator said that it sounds like Kenneth said he wants to touch Bernice’s “boobiecakes” haha what kinda word is that?!
I guess it was taken out of context. Kenneth is a joker and has developed the weirdest sense of humor. I think he was simply complimenting Bernice’s figure and saying he would love to get to hold Bernice again haha…(and feel her curves?) innocent.gif Kenneth should be glad that the media loves him haha and that everyone just knows he’s all talk & being silly or else they could make it out to be a lot worse!

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Who would Kenneth had been in……(insert series name)?

July 6, 2009 at 7:39 pm (bernice liu, born rich, grand entrepreneurs)

Just Love II

So I got to thinking after watching Just Love II, which Kenneth was supposed to guest star in but couldn’t due to Born Rich, who he would have played. From the looks of it, I would think he would’ve played CK which was played by Ken Wong. I don’t know whether they planned the role w/ MK Sun in mind or not, but most likely they did. The nontraditional lawyer who owns a bar sounds so familiar haha. I wondered how it would have worked if he had indeed guest starred. Would they have made the character “MK Sun” instead? And wrote a new love interest for Natalie (possibly his assistant)? Or would they have given Kenneth the role just as Ken’s? Seriously, I don’t think Kenneth would have needed the ponytail to pull off the “crossing line” lawyer as he had proved thru MK Sun. I really wonder how it “would have been”. If given a completely new character, it would be interesting to see Kenneth and Natalie I guess. Actually, I was more interested in Kenneth-Sunny interaction again after Love Guaranteed. Too bad it wasn’t meant to be. Had MK Sun been planned to take part, he would surely have been the most “crossed over” character in TVB history, having been in Money Maker’s Recipe and Your Class or Mine.

Wasabi Mon Amour

I remember reading that Kenneth was supposed to be in WMA, but pulled out due to landing a lead in SLII (the right choice might I add). If MaMing had been in the series, the only possible role I could think that he would have taken would have been Dexter’s role, pairing w/ Bernice. Had this been the case, this would be yet another missed BK opportunity. Not that I particularly like the series, which was not so good IMO, but had Kenneth played Bernice’s dorky partner, I think it would have drawn a lot more fans and ppl would have found them amazingly cute yet again! Not to mention the yellow sports car that appeared in the series (and many other series) had a “BK####” license plate 😀 I could see Kenneth playing the role completely, but am glad he chose MK Sun instead!

The Drive of Life

I remember hearing that Kenneth was supposed to be in TDOL?! Who could he have possibly been??? One of the workers in the factory? If not, then could he have been William Feng’s role aka Raymond’s cousin?haha. I doubt it, but that would’ve been the role I wanted him to take. I think he would more likely have been Ellesmere Choi’s role as Ray’s assistant and Myolie’s buddy, which was not a bad role at all. At least, I think Kenneth playing it would have attracted more towards the character and make ppl root/hope for a possible Kenolie pairing. Well, had he taken part, I don’t think Kenneth would have had the chance to roll out w/ 8 series in one year. As he said, the siu sangs were all tied up and they needed someone to film and he was available. I’m glad he wasn’t in the series though. I’d rather he lead in smaller series and build up from there. I’m glad he’s taking part in Born Rich now, his first grand production since he’ll be one of the few younger generation guys in the show as opposed to having Ray & Ron there.

Always Ready

English Title: Determinations in the Clouds
Chinese Title: Jong Chi Ling Wan

Casts: Ekin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Lai Lok Yi and Vivien Yeo
Some Infos: The story talks about flying services crew and they will come into contact with helicopters. It story tells of Ekin who plays a team leader, taking us on a tour of Chek Lap Kok and motivating the newcomers to join in the team.

This is something totally shocking. lol. I was looking through old Sales Presentation news and spotted this one. Who would Kenneth had played in AR? Wow. And Bosco & Vivien were supposed to be in it? I guess Vivien was replaced by Linda. And Lok Yi would have probably been pushed back further had Bosco & Kenneth taken part (reminds you of the two underdogs of S4). I guess Bosco would have been a bigger roled Chris and Kenneth a bigger roled Charles Szeto. It would have been nice to see Kenneth and Bosco work together again, not to mention a man in uniform..grr….despite the not so sexy uniform they had haha.

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Kenneth Denies Dating Nancy Wu – says they’re just good friends

June 14, 2009 at 9:20 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, tavia yeung)

Scoop Video Clip

Kenneth denies that he and Nancy are dating during the set of Iron Horse in reply to the 1 year Anniversary Celebration news. He says he’s close to Nancy becuz she’s tomboyish and not afraid of rumors. He further praises her performance in Rosy Business, saying she has a large range. haha. he repeats the same things about how Nancy called him to give her a ride and that they were each doing separate things that day.

Haha. Pix from filming of Iron Horse. They look like they’re enjoying themselves….more pix @ hyn5’s blog! (haha i stole these from her, hope that’s ok). As someone mentioned, does look like Kenneth & Kevin exchanged looks…IMO Kenneth looks good both ways, while Kevin looks better this way. I prefer Kenneth’s previous outfit tho!

Kenneth will only be a guest star in the FungYi series :-(…but that’s ok. I guess I was right in the beginning. And there will be no Bernice anyways! Apparently he’ll appear in 5 epis, and be Tavia’s husband who dies, leaving her with a son, Lawrence Ng. I hope its touching. Reminds me of The Brink of Law (some ppl are guessing he’ll die on a cop mission!). Haha. Kenneth always guest stars for someone. Life Made Simple he guest starred for Roger, now for Tavia…hm…I wonder if he guest starred in TBOL for Bernice??? (wishful thinking)

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Bernice-Kenneth Love….(links to BK miniseries)

May 31, 2009 at 12:02 am (bernice liu)

Guess what? I finally found the BK miniseries Summer Friends Forever! This is not all the epis..only two…but oh well…at least i finally found it! It’s super cute…they look so good together and so cute especially when they’re making faces and playing pool, when Bernice hooked on to Kenneth’s arm, & when they were eating…. also when they’re getting their foot massages! Must see! This was in 2005 and it was probably filmed after Into Thin Air!


Here are the links: (Must Watch!)

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TVB Rumored Couples attends dinner party alone

April 22, 2009 at 6:31 pm (bernice liu, bosco wong)

TVB Rumored Couples attends dinner party alone

Mr. Leung, the TVB deputy executive, treating over 20 leading TVB actors (Bosco, Michael Miu, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Natalis Chan, Kenneth Wong, Cho-lam Wong…etc) and managers to abalone, 30-year-old treasured XO cognac and some fine red wine.

Most of the actors leaving the restaurant two hours later at 11pm were clearly drunk with bright-red ears and face.

To avoid getting their driver’s license revoked like Laugh gor, many of the actors were afraid to drive. They either took the taxi, caught a ride with Virginia Lok’s assistant 7-passenger van, or called their assistant for pick up. Bernice had her dad pick her up.

Bosco was very drunk. Most of the people had left, but because Bosco’s assistant got lost, Bosco had to stay behind to wait for his ride. When he saw reporters, he got especially “High.” He was reciting Cheng Dan Shui’s “留 給 最 愛 的 說 話” <> and added few stanzas to it “one careless driver, one slippery road.” He then added, “… wait it didn’t rain today!” Reporters said he had a little of too much to drink and was talking non-sense. He also added that seniors from the Wing-Lung bank (the building where the banquet was held) often treat TVB actors.

Credits: Credit : pinkcherries @,

Comments: Kenneth was there! haha. Too bad didn’t see a picture of him…or of him and Bernice! grr…haha….is this Tommy Leung they are speaking of?

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Rare Bernice-Kenneth Moment

April 6, 2009 at 6:59 pm (bernice liu)

OMG! I found this super rare picture that I’ve never seen b4!

it’s old and we see Bernice and Kenneth playing drums together! He’s also sitting next to her in the bottom pic….when was this? I’m not sure if Bernice is teaching Kenneth or the other way around…but they’re just too cute…looking at each other!

Anyone care to translate?

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Old Article (’05): Kenneth Ma Never Had Rumors, Only Wants to Get Married

February 23, 2009 at 5:18 pm (bernice liu, interviews)

TVB’s newly promoted actor, Kenneth Ma, has been in the entertainment industry for 5 years. He has long regarded himself no longer a “newbie.” So when TVB cast him in “Lost In The Chamber of Love,” he did not self-congratulate himself nor did he feel that he has advanced to the position of leading male actor. But now since he has more acting opportunities, Kenneth is not shy to admit that he hopes to earn more money in the future….

He Doesn’t Care About Fame, Only What He Actually Earns

Although in “Lost In The Chamber of Love,” Kenneth shares the lead with Ron Ng, Kenneth’s mentality has not changed from before. He does not feel that his status has moved up. In reality, Kenneth does not want to be a star, but hopes to be an unknown rich man. Kenneth says, “When I go out on the streets now, I don’t feel that more people recognize me; my lifestyle has not changed much from before. But now, I just want to earn more money. If fame and money were separate, I would chose to be an unkown rich man. To have wealth and still have your own freedom, that would be the best combination.” Kenneth mentioned that since he is now 31 years old, and his parents have already retired, he hopes to be able to take care of his parents better financially.

Since graduating from TVB acting class 5 years ago, Kenneth now has more acting opportunities. He says that things luckily worked out: “Many people from the same acting class as me no longer have any performance opportunities. As for me, I am lucky enough to combine my interests in acting as a career, it is very fortunate. I will cherish this opportunity and will spend 10 years in the entertainment industry to advance my opportunties. Hopefully I will do even better. Actually, my biggest interest is soccer. Too bad Hong Kong doesn’t have an outstanding soccer team. If I were born in England, then without doubt, I would join their soccer team!”

No Rumors, Just Want to Get Married

When working with so many veteran actors, Kenneth doesn’t consider himself a leading actor yet: “Once a veteran told me, if anyone asks you, you have to have to say you are already a leading man. But I couldn’t say that, it’s not a question of my confidence. But I really don’t feel that my experience is strong enough yet. After filming “Scavenger’s Paradise,” I learned how to really read a script. In the past, I thought that if I prepared by reading the script right before we shot it, it would be adequate. But Roger Kwok taught me that’s not the case; you must read the whole script for the whole drama when you first get a copy of the script. Only this way, will I be fully prepared to act well. In my mind, actors like Roger Kwok, Hui Siu Hung, and Power Chan, are the real actors. If I had to tell someone that I am a leading actor, I would feel embarrassed. That’s why I am not concerned about fame and how many people know my name; I am more focused on my actual ability. In this field, I admire Hui Siu Hung. He is not an idol and does not self-promote himself, but he is still highly sought after as an actor!”

Besides recognizing his goals in the entertainment industry clearly, Kenneth nearly has had zero rumors. In contrast, Ron Ng has been plagued by recent rumors. In response, Kenneth said “In the past I have liked someone in the industry as well. But shooting a series is only for a very short length in time. I never believed in love at first sight. I will only like a girl and pursue her after knowing her for an extended period of time. But working in this industry is always so busy, after filming one series, then I have to film for the next drama. I had wanted to ask her out on a date, but I really didn’t have time due to my workload. As I am no longer young, if I were to be in a relationship, I would not play around, but I would wish to get married.”

More About Kenneth Ma

Kenneth Ma is a distinct creature in the entertainment industry. He doesn’t like self-promotion. In the past when trying to arrange an interview with him, he turned it down. Many actors hope to act in heavy roles, but Kenneth afraid he can’t handle them, would prefer to start with minor roles instead, to build up his experience. Many artists go hang out and socialize after work, but he would prefer to go home after work or watch a ball (sports) game. Men in their 30’s should not be interested in comics/ cartons, but Kenneth still likes Donald Duck. Having known him for a year, my opinion is still the same, he is not the sharpest person, is he suitable for working in the entertainment industry? Since working for TVB 5 years ago to having increased exposure today, the answer is yes! It’s because he understands his position.

Only TVB Accepted Me

5 years ago, Kenneth returned to Hong Kong after graduating from British Columbia with a degree in engineering. He sent out several covers letters to find a job, but only TVB acting class responded to his inquiries. When I was in school, I already liked to act in dramas. At that time, I decided to take a risk, but after entering TVB, I realized that surviving in the entertainment industry is not easy.

“At that time, I entered the industry based purely on interest. However after working for awhile, I realized that acting on tv versus my college experience was very different. Also I needed a bit more luck to succeed in the entertainment industry. After graduating from TVB acting class, I started out acting in very minor extra roles. But I was not discouraged since at the time, I was nervous having to speak 1-2 lines of dialogue already. If I were given larger roles, I would not have been able to handle them well. On the other hand, by starting out with minor roles, I was slowly able to build up my abilities and experience. I really never thought of discontinuing my acting career. The job market is still tough, now I have a job that pays enough to cover my expenses, why shouldn’t I continue acting?”

For 3 years, Kenneth was content playing small roles. When he received the offer to act in “Triumph In the Skies,” he was not nervous at all since the role was not a big one. However when he received the script for “Driving Power,” and his character part was that of a con-artist, he was a little anxious.

“When I heard that my other co-stars would include Adam Cheng, Cecilia Yip, and Lai Yiu Cheurng, who are all accomplished actors, I was a little worried. I was afraid my acting ability would not match to those of the veterans. However I am lucky that I got a chance to work with Lai Yiu Cherng; we had a lot of scenes together. He is a very straight-forward guy. He would often given me suggestions on how to act out a scene best. Working with him is definitely without pressure, and at the same time I learned a lot as well.”

No Newsworthy Content

Besides Lai Yiu Cherng, Kenneth also said that there were many other veterans that he gain a lot from as well: Law Lan, Law Koon Lan, Tse Kwan Ho, Hui Siu Hung, and Roger Kwok. He learned a lot especially from Hui Siu Hung and Roger, once would tell him straight out his mistakes, while the other would look after him.
“Benz Gor (Hui Siu Hung) would lecture me very sternly. ‘Do you know what you are doing?’ He would then point out my mistakes. As for Roger, he would give suggestions to Myolie and I on how to act out a scene more naturally. When Roger receives the script for a new series, he would read through the whole thing immediately. Roger would take mental note of all the important elements in the script. Roger is a team player and watches out for other people. Also I learned how to read a script properly from working with Roger.”

“After ‘Driving Power’ was released in HK, I didn’t feel that more people recognized me. I don’t know why there were reporters who were interested in interviewing me. I thought they should interview more famous actors, I didn’t feel that news about me would help the magazine’s sales volume.” When I heard Kenneth say that, I guess it was somewhat true. You can say he has business acumen, or you can say he was just being realistic about himself. Recalling an incident earlier in the year, when the reporter interviewed an elderly actor at Huang Mountain, the actor said at the end of the interview: “I guess you guys didn’t care who you were interviewing, as long as the requirements were satisfied.” The reporter was upset since that was not the magazine’s intention. After relaying the story to Kenneth, he laughed “I had the same mentality at the time [in turning down interviews].”

Kenneth does not know how to play the games in the entertainment industry. For example, he is afraid to chat with reporters he does not know very well. “When I see some reporters I don’t know very well, and they are acting like they’ve known me for years, asking me out to dinner and interviews, it’s a very odd feeling.”

He’s Not Interested In Self-Creating News

Example #2: Some reporters asked him to self-create some news, but Kenneth turned them down. “In the past, a reporter had called me. He asked me who was my current female co-start. He told me to ask her out to dinner so that the report could take secret pictures of us together. I was upset and turned him down because I am not someone to self-fabricate news about myself. Also another reporter asked me if I did not get along with a certain actor/actress. Although we had some minor disagreements, but it really was not to that degree worth mentioning to the reporter. I do not like fabricated news. If it is the truth, than I don’t mind it being published.”

Example #3: Also another time, there were reporters who wanted to interview Kenneth (since one of his dramas was airing at the time). However Kenneth was busy filming another series and he had to work past midnight hours most of the time. So Kenneth told the reporter that he’ll do the interview after he finishes filming for his current series. But after the filming wrapped up, the drama that was airing on tv also finished, so there was no need to interview him anymore. As a result, another opportunity to appear in the media news vanished. Kenneth didn’t feel that it was a loss however: “I only had 4 hours of sleep at the time, if I sacrificed any more time to do an interview, it would affect my health. I want to focus on acting, anything that affects my acting and performance I will not do. However if I have time, then of course I don’t mind doing interviews.”

Maybe Kenneth doesn’t under that when he has time for interviews, the opportunity may not be there anymore. Kenneth laughed and said that although he has entered the entertainment industry for 5 years, his personality does not fit the industry. One veteran had told him before: “Your personality can’t be like that! Other people always appear in the news, what about you? (Did they point out how you can increase your exposure in the media?) No they didn’t. But after awhile, I got to know some reporters better. After our interview, I looked back at what they wrote and they did report everything I said accurately. So after awhile, I had more trust in them.”

Kenneth is open to admit that it takes him awhile to warm up to people. “I personally feel that when I don’t know someone well, I have nothing to say to them at first. I need more time to know someone better…but I do know the cinematographer, make-up and hair stylists people quite well. Alot of people think I am very shy, but after knowing me better, they find out that’s not the case.”

Sometimes other artists say that Kenneth is quite “soft,” easygoing, and gives in to other people easily. Kenneth shakes his head, “it depends on what people want me to do. If it is not a major thing, I usually say yes. To a certain degree, I usually am ok, however if I really don’t like it, I won’t. For example like playing basketball, going to bar, I won’t. For one, I have no interest in basketball, and for the other, I really don’t like to drink. Other people may keep drinking, but I’ll settle for lemon tea. At the end of the night, I’ll pay my share. Unless it is someone’s birthday, then I’ll pay for it.”

Besides working, Kenneth is only interested in soccer or staying at home. Like today when we finished the interview, he said he had to return home. “Since I was young, I have enjoyed my time spent at home. It’s the most relaxing and I like being with my family. I am very close with my mother. People may ask, why do you always go out with your mother, I just think why would that not be normal? Besides that, I am very close with my father and my two older sisters as well.”

Although Kenneth has a close family where everyone gets along with each other, he said that his childhood was not always easy: “Since our family immigrated to Canada, Dad has been traveling back and forth between Canada and Hong Kong. My two sisters were focused on their studies, so I am usually the only one left at home with Mom. Since then, I have always been close to Mom and felt a need to protect her. I think that’s why I’ve always been on the quiet side as well. However after joining TVB, and interacting with more and more people, I have slowly started to change as well.”

Able to Lose

In the past, Kenneth did not have any specific goals. However since he likes to act, he hopes that people will think of him as an actor who acts well. At the same time, he hopes he is able to earn more money to provide for his family. “I am no longer young, I have to take on the responsibility for the family. I hope that I have more different performing opportunities. I want other people to think that Kenneth Ma can act, that I am serious about acting. I don’t mind playing villian roles either, as I am not aiming to be an idol. When I first entered TVB 5 years ago, I did not have anything. During this time, I have been earning enough to cover my needs. However if I lost everything now, I am not afraid of starting over again.”


Kenneth admits that his interests have not changed over the years. Since third grade, he has liked soccer and today he is still a big fan. Also liking Donald Duck, etc, these things will not change. Maybe these things may change? Kenneth says that he probably won’t….

(this one may be a repost…but oh well..)

Translated by: CB

Posted by Agnes @

Comments: Randomly sticking in recent pix into an old article haha. A very good read! So it takes Kenneth sometime to warm up…6 yrs? hm..haha. jkjk.

As a shameless shipper of BK, I would like to note:

The reporter asked if she has considered to become a mother? [Bernice] immediately said “I want to.” (Do you have plans?) “Many people want to have children but may not be able to. I would also like to get married soon and have kids. But I still don’t have a boyfriend that is why I can’t have children. In the past I wanted to be a 24 hour mother, now I don’t know about that. But I am ready. I am mature and it’s a suitable time.”


Aw…Bernice & Kenneth have similar goals in a way! I always had a feeling that she would be a “family” woman, but I had my doubts. I guess this supports it! They would be great for each other….both love kids!

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An Asian Version of the Baby….

February 12, 2009 at 1:07 am (bernice liu)

Haha. This is such a random post, but I found another program that made babies and this time I can make them asian…so i randomly picked a BK picture…and produced this… go to the link & move your mouse around…it looks cuter than this picture…really it does..

At first I though little Nathan here was hideous, but as you move it around on the page of the link, he grows on u! haha

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Kenneth in search for his partner to have a baby

February 9, 2009 at 11:34 pm (bernice liu)


More pictures:


Kenneth was at a public event recently.  During the function the children dressed up in costumes from different countries.  Kenneth admits that he loves children, and really hopes to have his own family soon.  He’ll want to have his own children once he is married, and right now he is in search of a partner.
During the day of the event, Kenneth’s nephew also came to support Uncle Kenneth.  Kenneth indicates that his nephew is always nagging him for gifts, in the eyes of his nephew everyday is Christmas.
Kenneth is busying filming, but he’s glad that he’s able to attend public functions so that he’s able to earn a few extra dollars!

Credits: Yin (pix & video) @ MKMC, Carmen (translation), MKMC

Comments: Sry, this news is a little old, but news nonetheless haha. OMg, Kenneth is just too cute..I love the creepy expression in the next to last pic! Aw… he really wants to be a daddy…I really hope he meets the girl of his dreams and starts a family with her! Make a baby MaMing! Well, I was procrastinating from work and started playing w/ a baby generator haha (thanks to Enrica and her blog…i saw how she “made a baby” with MaMing lol…) I made some Bernice & Kenneth babies, but unfortunately the website only does Caucasion or African American….so their babies turned out white haha…but oh well… (I must admit, they make pretty good babies, pretty symmetrical and cute!) Here they are!

The Liu-Ma Family

Ian & Christian

Read the rest of this entry »

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Bernice & Kenneth Reunited for CNY 2009 Special

January 29, 2009 at 3:44 am (bernice liu, kate tsui, nancy wu, Ron Ng)

B: What are you doing? K: Sweeping you off your feet!

Silly, your hair's messed up!

Just can't get enough of you!

Watch here:

Download here:

First of all, what a way to start off the New Year! TVB gave us a much welcomed surprise! BK Reunion!!! haha. This may sound totally strange, but when I saw both of their names on the list, I had a strange feeling that there might be some BK moments, even if it were just a little, that we’d get out of this. But I didn’t say anything cuz I didn’t wanna jinx it! And I got so much more than I expected. When I saw Kate’s name, I totally thought TVB would just pair them up again…like they did for the intros. But I’m so happy that they went w/ Bernice & Kenneth for the skit! It was hilarious and cute! Those two stole the show. Their chemistry was flying every which way!

While I know that they probably chose this pairing cuz Kenneth is tall and they could take this chance to make the Moses joke, I didn’t care, I got my BK moments! haha. And this is like Bernice’s first official appearance after the Hollywood film and of the new year! Glad she got to spend it w/ Kenneth! The thing is, since TVB has kinda disbanded Bermo’s partnership (since they are now promoting Movia), maybe they’ll consider pairing Kenneth w/ Bernice! (I’m hopeful)

I loved how Bernice was like “I want someone who’s taller than me…and who’s manly!” And then, she jumped into Kenneth’s arms and he spun her around. That was so cute. Made me think of dancing! (Grrr…reminds me of how TVB had got our hopes up of a BK reunion for Strictly Come Dancing II! Actually, I have a “Steps 2” script in mind, but it’ll never happen so I might change it to a fanfic….and of course it’ll be BK but I’ve been to lazy to write it) Kenneth is so strong he carried Bernice effortlessly! He literally swept our Princess off her feet! The kissing was hilarious …Maming’s entrance was hilarious (it’s hard to believe he was such a shy guy!) and his kissing Louis and the way he walked in HA!

But nothing beats how he and Bernice were kissing nonstop. He just couldn’t have enough of her and she seemed to enjoy it as well! Like even when the camera was not on them they kept going! I loved how when Bernice was on Kenneth’s lap, Wong Cho Lam pushed them together….their faces were so close…they nearly kissed for real! Haha, I’ve noticed that both Bernice and Kenneth love doing that exaggerated pouting lip thing when they do comedies (Bernice, whenever she’s pretending to kiss the guy like in SL and in LB always does that and Kenneth just does that all the time haha – see they’re perfect for each other!)

Now I seriously think they’re better friends than we’re led to believe. When they’re at functions, they hardly interact but during this show when Kenneth was standing in front of Bernice, you can see him help her fix her hair (that girl was going wild, her hair was everywhere!) And I bet they were making cute faces at each other when they were fake kissing haha…since you see Fala, Nancy, and Kate sneaking looks at them and laughing!

They even skipped sideways together! But when they were facing the audience, they didn’t have any contact…haha like they realized that they had been too affectionate (haha let my imagination run wild!) and Kenneth even got so confused that he clapped early! (his heart must have been beating fast – He must have missed Bernice!)

What was even cuter was when after Bernice spoke, she touched Kenneth’s forehead …I’m not sure what she was doing..she was either fixing “his” hair, patting him,  pushing him, or wiping his sweat (? haha no…I don’t think so) But body language says a lot! Things like fixing each other’s hair come so naturally… so I would guess that they are close enough that they would do these things comfortably!

Now that TVB has given us a small dose of BK, they’re just making me yearn for more! They keep doing this to us! Why oh why? Can they just give us a BK series? Please?! Since they had “Root of Evil aka Grand Entrepreneurs” planned for them being a couple, maybe they had the intention to put them together again..not just cuz they fit the roles. I’m holding on to hope, but it won’t be any time soon since after “Root” Kenneth’ll film “Iron Horse”. And Bernice doesn’t have anything scheduled yet….unless one of the girls can’t make Iron Horse, we’ll have to wait forever for a BK series! (But I like both Nancy & Selena …so I’m not complaining about the casting!)

Well, I’ll not vest too much hope and maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised as I was for this! They were just too cute!

Btw, Kenneth attended another CNY show (for Pleasure and Leisure) w/ Nancy and apparently, if I understand correctly, he gave both Nancy and Sung Chi Ling a ride (haha. too bad Bernice had another function in Macau that night after the show/the next day… I was hoping he’d drive her home in his new car lol!)

Ok. I’ll stop my ranting now…but please do carry on the wave of BKness w/ me! Hehe… would anyone like to make nice screencaps for me? I would really appreciate it… I’ll post them up and put them in the gallery if anyone would be kind enough to do it! Also is anyone else interested in helping me work on the gallery. Let me know here if you are!

Also, I’ve already been ranting about this @ AF so please join us in the BK thread there if you haven’t already or just read other BK fans’ thoughts there too… (We so need more “active” BK fans!): (go to page 1 to see all info about Bernice & Kenneth…and compatibility! Currently we’re on page 5!)

Credits: MKMC, hyn5, tungstar, AF

While I’m here, I want to shamelessly declare my new obsession w/ Him Law! haha. He is so cute! After watching “Your Class or Mine” I’m hooked on him! And after going to his thread, I found that Kenneth was mentioned in one of the articles regarding Him, but it was not translated very well, so I’m not sure if I understood it right but here’s an excerpt:

Weird was that in olden times, many artistes prefer to play evil roles due to the fact that they thought evil roles are extraordinary. But now, many men like to play kind-hearted person in the show. Among the men, there was one HK artiste that looks alike-Kenneth Ma. The reporters are smart and looking into the entertainment news carefully. And the reporters prefer to believe themselves rather than other people. However, Him Law was the special person to be trusted. The only son in his family and his father was a strict person. However, he only used a cane for punishing him and the others. Sometimes he did not know whether he had made a mistake. Even he was hurt by the boiling water, he would get punished before his father helped him to treat his wound. During his school time, less people noticed him. Even during playing basketball or football, less female students surrounded them to watch.

During secondary school time, he had dated for two times. He had no new love companion to be with after that. He thought himself was a boring guy because he often played games from day to night. After school, he would play basketball while at night he played football. On Saturday, he would play football in the day whereas basketball at night. After earning some money while working as a lifeguard, he spent most of the money to learn diving. “I want…Of Course I want to have a date but first I want to look for someone who good in her cooking. I prefer men working outside, women stay in the house. And he said,” No girls that are taller than me to be my girlfriend. Even she is wearing a pair of high heel shoes, she must not taller than me. And the girl must not have the same height with me.” And he said,” He liked Japanese actress, 竹內結子 due to the fact that she had some ‘housewife feel’ from her.

I’m not sure what the article was saying about Kenneth, but I guess they’re saying he’s going for a similar image or he’s the golden example of a good boy that sells?! Haha. Him, like Kenneth has dated twice before entering the industry or say they have and both love playing ball! Sporty! Both guys say they’re boring and are quite “traditional”…What better? He’s young! yummy…haha…I’m so off topic here! Click to see the entire article at Him Law’s thread @ AF

MaMing’s still my #1 though! haha.

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Kenneth wishing Bernice a Happy Bday!

January 12, 2009 at 2:39 pm (bernice liu)


Kenneth’s msg is the last/third one (after Joe’s and Wayne’s). His msg was longer and though he said some of the same things the other two guys said, somehow coming from Kenneth it’s just sweeter!

well here’s what i heard:

“Well, first off, I’ll wish you a happy birthday. Then, I’m really sad that once you heard that you had to be in 40 episodes (? not sure abt the number) with me that you quit to film something else. But I that doesn’t matter since I know you’ll be filming in hollywood so I wish you luck. Hope you get prettier, more popular and earn more money. And I hope you…..”

I couldn’t make out the rest of it. it was like two sentences… I’ll listen to it again and see if i can figure it out haha..

did any of u get the entire message?but aw… So that’s what the fans that found out abt bernice and the hollywood film did haha! Kenneth’s a good source for Bernice fans i see! i love how he said he was sad… So he did know abt her going to hollywood…i wasn’t sure if he only knew abt her not filming or both
this is the first yr Bernice fans got kenneth to wish her a… hopefully maybe some Kenneth fans can get bernice to do a bday thing for Kenneth as well…since his bday is the day b4 Valentines Day

come back soon bernice and make kenneth happy again! haha.

Well, all I’ve got to say is…listen to how different his msg to Bernice was compared to the Bday msg he had for Michelle Ye a few yrs back (and he’s filmed with Michelle far more than with Bernice!) Just take a look and you’ll notice the difference haha.

Note: Sry for the lack of updates … i’ve been nose is falling off! :-/

Happy belated Bday to Bernice as well!

Credits: hyn5

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Updates & Added “The Signs of Kenneth” page (Navigation to the right)

December 18, 2008 at 9:04 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, sharon chan, updates, videos)

Note to all: I added “The Signs of Kenneth” page which you can check out. (To the right where all the other pages are) It’s basically random stuff, like the meaning of his name, his astrology/zodiac info. TVB actresses (not married) who are compatible in Zodiac w/ him (I’m not doing Astrology…I can’t look up everyone’s bday month haha.), his birth flower, stone, color etc… Some of the personality traits do seem to fit him and i highlighted the interesting things in color. (I remember watching a Astrology/Zodiac show hosted by Margie, Halina, etc and they studied BerMo. It was very strange how the Zodiac outlined an entirely opposite personality for Bernice when compared to the Astrology, but from these readings, the personality of Kenneth seems pretty much similar) Just a fun read!

What did Nancy do?! Haha. these pix are hilarious! So cute. This looks like it was taken during SCDII (Kenneth’s hair from epi 8/9?) so it wasn’t his Bday. So why would everyone ‘cake’ him? Either everyone smudged cake on him w/ their fingers or he stood there and let Nancy give him “cake-makeup”! OMg. that cake looks really good (both in Nancy’s hand and on Kenneth haha)…i’m hungry! Anyone know what really happened? hm…they’re cute together!

Calendar 2009

Kenneth’s Blog:

Lai Lok Yi’s Blog:

The last clip (Start at 1:25) is way too cute! What in the world is Kenneth doing? He’s so cute! He’s fake kissing LokYi, saying that he’s irresistable (Selena was cracking up!)! He’s such a big kid and so cute! lol. Was the whole posing w/ the big scarf a part of the photoshoot or did he do that himself? you just never know when it’s w/ kenneth! lol. He’s also hugging LokYi in his blog clip..too cute! Couldn’t hear what he said before in the clip about Lokyi giving all his show money to him! lol. They’re such good friends! By the way both guys list the people in the calendar u notice who they’re closest to. Shirley seems like such an outsider in the group…(someone’s cute siggy on the forums!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Updates on “Grand Entrepreneur” Storyline, General Chai, & Kennet’s new car?

November 18, 2008 at 10:20 pm (bernice liu, General Chai & Lady Balsam, grand entrepreneurs)

The above blog has posted the translation for the storyline. There’s nothing on Kenneth in the main plot, but it’s sounds interesting. So Gallen’s the 2nd brother. I would guess that Kenneth’s the legitimate brother of Ray Lui? Sounds very confusing and interesting…

As for the next two paragraphs, hyn5 has translated them on her blog:

“Grand Entrepreneur” (The Money Temptation of Crime)
Cast: Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Anita Yuen, Kenix Kwok, Jamie Chik, Joe Ma, Nancy Sit, Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, and Toby Leung

Kenneth Ma: It is really rare to be able to work with all of these veterns. The series is based on family gratitude, grudges, and rivalry in love. The storyline is extremely powerful! I am very happy to work with Gallen Lo again. I remember the first and only time was in “At the Threshold of an Era” and at the time, I only graduated from TVB’s acting class and I was very green. I hope this time I will get the chance to learn from him again.
Bernice Liu: We all filmed our individual parts for the promotional clip separately, so I am really anticipating the final result. I hope it will give audience a mysterious feeling when watching it. I am most happy to see Kenix Kwok again because the last time was “Love Bond” and that was four years ago.
I liked how they interviewed Kenneth and Bernice and both talked about how they are so excited to work w/ Gallen and Kenix, respectively who they had worked with before. They are a perfect match! Grrr…TVB! I’m still angry! Now that I think on the bright side, at least we know for sure that Toby and Sharon will take a lot of pix w/ MaMing and they’ll all have lots of fun together…but yet again, that upsets me…cuz it could’ve been Bernice and him! (Not that I’m sure they’re even friends…even tho they share a lot of the same friends)

Just received an email from Carmen regarding Bernice. 😦
Goodluck to Bernice though. I wonder if it’s a big role? I’m not a big fan of Hollywood films though, especially if its a kung fu flick. (I hope she does come back for filming at TVB though)
Hi Valli,
I know what happened to Bernice now…she’s going to be filming a Hollywood movie….”The King of Fighters”….its going to take up 2months time, hence no time to film the TVB series.
travelbug’s translation of news on Bernice:
Bernice Liu has left for Canada to film western movie, tonight she will not be able to attend TVB Anniversary Gala.

The movie has started filming in Canada, 2 months later than scheduled. This was a difficult decision for Bernice who has a very tight schedule, but since this is her first attempt into international market, she had to decline commercials, even (performances) during Christmas and New Year, when it is artistes “golden period” to make money. Her role in new series 金錢誘罪 had to be changed, her approximate loss is in 7-figure (HK$), apparently this new movie is very important for her.

In the mist of this depression, I’ll try to rewatch Into Thin Air…haha…and rant about it lonesomely in the BK thread or here. As for now, will rewatch this fanvid of BK that I made!

No translation yet.

Kenneth’s New Car!
I guess Kenneth will no longer need to ask his costars for a ride. Pictures from the Awards Presentation from fans, post-event, show Kenneth driving away in a Black Subaru Legacy (I don’t know anything about that’s just based on what was written). Pix can be seen here.
How secretive Kenneth is! Haha. When did he buy a car? I was actually thinking the other day, does Kenneth have to hurry to hitch a ride after the awards show. Now he has he own happy for him…but that means there’s no hope for ever running into him on the subway lol.
Btw, I’m still trying to figure out what his silver necklace is of? It’s too small for me to see…anyone know what’s on Kenenth’s necklace?
Credits: hyn5’s blog, Wilson’s blog, SehSeh’s blog

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