Ella Koon Complimenting Kenneth…AGAIN!

August 28, 2009 at 7:17 pm (ella koon)


Ella once again compliments Kenneth haha. He must have made quite an impression!

When asked which guy she had the most chemistry w/, Ella wiggled her way pass the question by asking “Do you mean the one I’m most comforatable with? In that case, Ma Kwok Ming.” haha. the host made fun of Kenneth for being serious and boring, but Ella stepped to his defense, saying he’s professional, punctual and takes his job very seriously. And unlike her, he would not play and work together, so maybe that is why ppl misunderstand him as boring. At first, they didn’t talk much, but after a while he would joke w/ her. And she thinks he’s funny and a very nice guy. Just a very comfortable person to be around!

I love how Ella describes him. She says it hard to describe, but he’s just easy to be around!


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Ella Koon: Women reaching age 30, gets more charming

July 6, 2009 at 6:26 pm (ella koon)

Welcomed by users of the popular website on.cc, usually posts the most recent entertainment clips. Recently on.tv invited “Electrifying Beauty” Ella Koon to accept an interview by “on Show Entertainment”. The Host made a big confession, wants to see what Ella has to expose?

Had always had the image of being sexy, Ella Koon spoke a lot about her private life due to the pressure from the Hosts. She said that her personality is like a tomboy, she is only like a girl when it comes to work.

Often appearing very pretty on shows, she exposed that she’s a “game addict”, she even said that the more she plays the more she gets into the game and the more happy she is. Recently she hosted a food show and appeared to have positive feedback. Playful Ella even pretended to speak like how she speaks in the show, it was very funny!

This year she will be turning 30 years old, will she throw a big party? She said: “I don’t really like to throw big parties, sometimes I don’t like to be the spotlight. (30 years old, does she feel that she’s getting old and afraid of aging?) Not really, but I feel that time really passed by fast. Also maybe because I always watch ‘Sex and the City’, so I feel that as women get older , the more charming they get. So actually I feel that I’ll look forward to being 30!”

Avoids Ron Ng; Most Compatible with Kenneth Ma

When asked about how since her entry into the industry, the hottest rumor she had was with Ron Ng, Ella immediately minded the question and avoid to answer. She appeared embarrassed, the feelings of the two could be seen indeed! Ella said: “Collaborating with so many male artistes, I think I match most with Kenneth Ma. We’re full of chemistry, a very comfortable feeling.”

Credits: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Comments: Aw…Ella of course picks Kenneth lol! I love how ppl just always randomly mention him. Hm…i just got to thinking, Toby has totally NOT posted pix from the filming of General Chai & Lady Balsam. I wonder why…? Is she waiting til the series airs? This is really puzzling becuz i remember her writing that she will post pix. Then, she didn’t update for a while and now she’s posting pix from her new series after that one. hm…I wonder if she was told to post them later or whether she’s waiting…because i was under the impression that she took a lot of pictures…hm…we’ll see.

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What Others Say About Kenneth….

May 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm (ella koon, nancy wu, selena li)

Since I’ve been slow to update…u guys, if u haven’t already, should check out http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/search/label/Kenneth%20Ma and all her posts on Kenneth!

I shall comment on them here, since im too lazy to repost a varying translation…i hope hyn5 doesn’t mind! 😀 The ones w/ only links I will not comment on…


Nancy Wu Refuses to Bring Boyfriend to Meet Parents

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma

Nancy Praising Kenneth:

Nancy said, “[Jacqueline Chong & I] don’t know each other so there is no need. I would like the year 2009 to wash away all of the year 2008’s unhappy matters. I don’t want to be associated with these two names (Deep Ng and Jacqueline Chong) anymore.” (What about with Kenneth Ma?) “That’s alright!”

Sweetly Praising Him as Being a Good Guy

Although Nancy has denied her love relationship with Kenneth, but she could not restrain from revealing her sweet smile and also praising him non-stop. When asked if they were love at first dance? She said, “No, I didn’t dance with him. We are still good friends. I’m not saying that he cannot be my boyfriend.” (Your rumours were in the C1 headlines!) “I’m not afraid of these headlines! I can even accept more of these headlines, since my rumoured partner is so good! (Does he have potential?) “Yes, he has a good reputation among artistes. And he is also a dong ka siu sang, but I don’t think he is chasing after me. (Is he your ideal partner?) “I don’t know! He has such great attributes. It is very hard to find such a good guy!”

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma (Again!)

Without avoidance, Nancy highly praises Kenneth as being a good guy and a gentleman. When asked how she will react if he pursued her, Nancy says sweetly, “Let’s see if he means to do so!”

Nancy: “We do get along well with each other. If not, we wouldn’t be good friends. Everyone in TVB praises him as being a good guy. He is a very simple person. He is very hard-working, faithful, and he is an ambitious guy. Every female colleague also praises him. Will I consider him if he pursues me? Let’s see how he will do so, and also see if he means to do so, or see whether the heavens will grant us fate!

Comments: Aww…that’s so cute..Nancy praising Kenneth…but then again…everyone praises him! haha. I’m not sure if Nancy is being blatantly honest that she’s kinda interested or if she’s playing up on the whole publicity thing…somehow i feel like its the latter…not that its a bad thing. But I have a feeling that TVB has a big hand in how rumored couples reply. Oh well…its cute to watch anyways! If Nancy is interested, Kenneth you gotta start moving!


TVBE Clip for “Iron Horse Seeking Bridge” Costume Fitting

Comments: The clip is super cute! haha. We know Selena & Kenneth will have chemistry for sure! haha. “My heart is toward you”….Kenneth keeps flirting w/ Selena…I’m surprised she hasn’t been charmed away by him! I guess since Patrick is around, we’ll never get KenSelena rumors haha. Aw…he doesn’t have scenes really w/ Nancy?

Selena Li’s Billionth Time Working with Ma Ming. Ella Koon Loves Kissing Ma Ming.

Also, Ella Koon was on a TVB game show hosted by King Kong and Vivien Yeo, and Ella expressed that Kenneth is the best guy to kiss because he had so many bloopers during the filming of the kiss.

It was the scene in “Survivor’s Law II” where they got married in the court. Kenneth was originally supposed to kiss Ella twice. However, the kiss scene was not rehearsed, so Ella took a step backwards after the first kiss, and Kenneth (must have closed his eyes) leaned in and fell forward. The entire cast and crew laughed out loud. That is why that kiss is memorable to Ella.

Comments: You can read Selena’s translated blog entry thru the link! Aw…so cute that Selena enjoys working w/ Kenneth! As for Ella…wow what a surprise haha. Ella totally like Kenneth haha…he’s too cute not to like. Kenneth is so silly. That must have been embarassing! I wonder where we can see this show? Anyone know? Please share!

CREDITS: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/

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Mak Ling Ling’s Oriental Daily Interviews with Margie & Ella; Nancy Sit mentions Kenneth

February 17, 2009 at 9:01 pm (ella koon, margie tsang)

Ella Koon

Mak Ling Ling: There are times during filming that you will have intimate contact, will you be more careful (to prevent anything from happening)?

Ella: Actually, I have only filmed two series. Kenneth Ma absolutely will not (take advantage), he is an absolute honourable gentleman to the point…..I like this guy very much! He is a good gentleman!

Mak Ling Ling: Then how come you didn’t pick him and picked someone else? You obviously picked the one for his good looks?

Ella: Kenneth Ma is ok, too! There are times when you admire a guy not only for the “like” found between a man and woman. He’s a very good guy!

Credits: hyn5 (also other version of the Margie article can be found here as well)

Margie Tsang

Mak LL: You’ve always had “TaoFa” (meaning luck with girls/guys), Kenneth Ma was for real, right?
Margie: Crazy! It’s fake!
Mak LL: The rumors sound really real! Didn’t they get pictures of you two dining together?
Margie: We didn’t dine together, we only had drinks! Sometimes when a lie is repeated for ten times it seems to become true.
Mak LL: But any women that speaks with Kenneth Ma will end up liking him. They’ll think that he’s really great! For example “YuenJai” (Kingdom Yuen) said to me that Kenneth Ma is a really great guy, and asked if I could introduce some girls to him.  I said “Isn’t he dating with someone?”  Kingdom said “They broke up!” There really isn’t any chance? He’s really a great guy, he’s a “steal”! (純品 I really didn’t know how to translate that)
Margie: I’m a “steal” as well! (我都好純品傢!)

Nancy Sit

Durning an interview Nancy was asked of the new comers who she thinks has good potentials. Nancy said she thinks Linda Chung, Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma has strong potentials.  She said Kenneth Ma is able to play a lot of different roles, and he has talents for acting, hence he’s also the “future star.”

Credits: Carmen

Comments: aw…it’s so cute that all the girls that work w/ Kenneth do end up liking him. Just look at Toby! haha. This is the second time Ella has said she really likes Kenneth public lol. (first time on Ebuzz) Also, I remember reading Queenie Chu saying that Kenneth is a really nice guy during one of the salty pork hand news; she said it was definitely not him. I’m gald to learn that Kingdom likes him as well. So many ppl out there working to find Kenneth a gf! There’s Sharon, Myolie, Christine, Kate, and now Kingdom..hm… I truly wonder if “mission has been accomplished” 🙂

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Interview Videos

March 14, 2008 at 6:35 pm (ella koon, interviews, master of taichi, michelle ye, raymond lam, selena li, survivor's law II, videos)

Kenneth & Michelle interview for HK Live – half of the interview

Ella Koon’s Ebuzz Interview about SLII and Kenneth Ma

Kenneth & Selena (end part) interview about TaiChi

Costume Fitting of “The Four” – Kenneth & Selena Complimenting each other


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Kenneth Ma: Too Old to Go Clubbing + Sing K Every Night

March 13, 2008 at 12:31 am (ella koon, news, survivor's law II)

Sammul Chan and Ella Chan have been reported to be not getting along because both a fighting for Ron Ng. But a group of Sammul fans left messages of support on their idol’s web page, telling him that they support him perusing Ron and that they wish them well.

While being rumoured to be fighting for Ron, Sammul has been angered by the discussion on his sexuality. This has caused his fans to act immediately, by showing their support for him. One Sammul fan called Alvin left a message on Sammul’s message board saying, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with Sammul liking Ron. I hope that you two will always be in love and together till the end.”

On the other hand, Ella and Kenneth Ma, who were filming a holding hands scene for ‘Survivor’s Law 2’, attracted many people to watch. Kenneth disclosed that as they will be filming a kissing scene, he is not nervous about holding hands. He then praised Ella for her soft hands. When asked if he liked girls like Ella, Kenneth replied, “I like girls who are straight forward but they must be mature. This is because I am old and unable to go sing k and clubbing with her every night.”

Credits: Asianfanatics.net

Comments:  Kenneth is so hilarious. I didn’t realize this at first, but I don’t think Kenneth was merely talking about singing karaoke. I think he was making a joke, that no one caught lol.. silly Kenneth and his quirky sense of humor. I think he brought up ‘singing K’ cuz of Ron’s nickname “Ng Cheung K” (not singing K). It does seem that Kenneth was very careful of what he says about Ella though or maybe the reporters just aren’t interested? They’d rather make up stuff about Ron and Sammul lol.

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