Nancy Wu denies trying to patch her relationship with Kenneth Ma

November 18, 2011 at 5:00 am (nancy wu)

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma have been rumored for several years now. Last year it was said they broke up, but yesterday a magazine reported again that Nancy is working hard trying to patch things up. It was rumored she asked TVB to give her the chance to go work in New Zealand with Kenneth, so she can patch things up while at work. Also, she passed the ‘mother-in-law’ test and successfully got back together with Kenneth. Yesterday Nancy denied the rumor and stressed she has only been good friends with Kenneth all along. They have never dated before.

Regarding the trip this month to New Zealand with Kenneth, as guest performers for the Miss Chinese International Pageant, Nancy was said to be taking the opportunity to patch up her relationship. She laughed and said she doesn’t have the ability to ask TVB to do anything. This time, her trip to New Zealand is entirely arranged by TVB. She stressed she never dated Kenneth and has always been good friends, so she sees this report as a joke. However, Nancy welcomes anyone to give her and Kenneth jobs, they can earn money together as an on-screen couple. As if there is a chance to develop a relationship with Kenneth? She said Kenneth is a very good man, but it is all about fate.

Credits:, aZnangel @

Nancy Wu Unable to Stop Loving Kenneth Ma After Breaking Up 1 Year Ago

As one of TVB’s diamond bachelors, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was renowned as a filial son without any sinful habits. Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) allegedly started dating in 2008 for two years and broke up in April 2010 due to Nancy’s princess attitude. According toNext Magazine, Kenneth allegedly possessed a recent change in heart and allowed Nancy to re-enter his life once again.

Nancy Wu received critical acclaim for her convincing performances as a selfish lawyer inForensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒3> and ambitious concubine in Curse of the Royal Harem <萬鳳之王>. After completing the filming of Lucky Father <當旺爸爸>, Nancy found out that Kenneth was scheduled to travel to New Zealand for a guest performance in a local Chinese pageant on October 30th. Since Nancy’s next series did not start filming yet, she requested to appear at the same event that Kenneth was attending, sparking a 5-day-4-night trip to mend their former relationship!

Outside of their work engagements, Nancy allegedly glued herself by Kenneth’s side to offer her attentive care. Nancy and Kenneth were photographed dining together in New Zealand. Perhaps Nancy’s efforts to reconcile their relationship were highly effective!

On November 7th, Kenneth and Nancy returned to Hong Kong from their New Zealand trip. The pair were spotted chatting non-stop at the Hong Kong airport, with Kenneth dutifully hauling Nancy’s luggage while her hands swung freely by her side. Entering the airport’s main reception area, which was filled with a large crowd, Kenneth and Nancy purposely maintained their distance. Since avid fans received Kenneth at the airport, Nancy quickly boarded a car and waited for Kenneth to finish signing autographs with fans. Afterwards, the pair returned to Tai Koo Shing together.

Nancy originally lived in Tuen Mun with her family. When she started dating Kenneth in 2008, she moved to the same residential grounds as Kenneth. Their buildings were only one block apart, requiring only three minutes walking time.

It was rumored that Kenneth and Nancy’s romantic sparks ignited in 2008 during their training and participation in Strictly Come Dancing 2 <舞動奇跡2>. Good friends, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Christine Ng (伍詠薇), put in their efforts to match Kenneth with Nancy. After dating Kenneth for only three months, Nancy allegedly resumed her unreasonable personality and often threw tantrums at him.

An inside source close to Nancy commented, “Nancy’s personality was too blunt. Initially, she was very gentle while dating Kenneth, but she could not maintain it and resumed her old unstable personality. When Nancy was stressed at work, she released her tantrums upon Kenneth, who let her have her ways at first. Kenneth tolerated the situation for one year. Afterwards, Nancy frequently complained that Kenneth only paid attention to his family. Since Kenneth was a filial son, things worsened when their arguments revolved around his family. As a result, Kenneth initiated the break up.”

Nancy Wants Kenneth Back

It was understood that Nancy did not stop loving Kenneth and attempted to reconcile their relationship several times. Allegedly, Nancy could not accept the break up reality. During a private gathering for A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋>, Nancy got drunk and took advantage of the circumstances to apologize to Kenneth, “I’m a bad girl; I’m not good!” The situation made Kenneth feel extremely embarrassed.

After their recent New Zealand trip together, Nancy was very happy and could not resist posting a photo taken with Kenneth on her blog. Despite this, at the November 10th press conference unveiling the nominations for the TVB Anniversary Awards, Nancy and Kenneth maintained their distanced and pretended they did not know each other well.

Despite their breakup last year, Nancy continued to live in Tai Koo Shing, which was only three minutes away from Kenneth’s house, latching on the excuse to travel to work together and curry the favor of Kenneth’s mother. Allegedly, before Nancy’s 30th birthday and after her solo vacation to Europe, she expressed her heartfelt wishes to Kenneth, successfully changing his mind and winning his acceptance again.

An insider revealed, “Kenneth brought Nancy home to introduce to his mother in the past and share meals together. Realizing that Kenneth was a filial son, Nancy knew that earning his mother’s favor will help her in winning Kenneth back. Once in awhile, Nancy will call Kenneth’s mother to talk to her and give gifts on holidays. Nancy did these things to demonstrate that she has changed and knew how to care about Kenneth’s family.”

Nancy Insists That She Is Only Good Friends With Kenneth

Speaking with Ming Pao, Nancy insisted that she did not ask TVB to send her to New Zealand in order to spend time with Kenneth. Nancy clarified that TVB made the work arrangements. Nancy stressed that she and Kenneth have always been friends and did not date in the past. Nancy laughed over tabloid claims that she had attempted to reconcile her relationship with Kenneth.

Nancy welcomed advertisers interested in inviting Kenneth and herself to appear at joint promotions together. Asked whether there was potential development with Kenneth, Nancy said that he was a very good man, but it will depend upon romantic fate.


Credits: Kenneth Ma @ baidu

Comments: Finally, some Kenneth news! I really do hope this is true. Kenneth’s my fav actor & Nancy’s my fav actress, and they look  great together. However, they could really just be friends haha. I don’t see why they should deny it; why can’t they just tell the truth like they do in Hollywood? Recently, Nancy said in an interview that she was “starting to see someone new” so I assumed it was someone else, but she could have just been trying to throw us off! Nancy does seem blunt, outgoing and tomboyish, which doesn’t match with “the princess syndrome.” I really do not like how they’re painting her to be so desperate & making it seem like Kenneth doesn’t really like her!  I feel like since they’re such opposites, that may have caused their first breakup if there was indeed one. Kenneth may seem perfect on paper, but an overly filial son who is not very romantic could be aggravating at times and not for everyone. I hope they can work it out and that Nancy doesn’t just hold on to him because he seems like such a great catch. Let’s hope that this 2nd go will be successful (Yoyo Chen & Vincent Wong gave me hope for TVB love). While I still hold onto hope for BK since Bernice is single again, I really love KeNancy too.

Why hasn’t TVB promoted them as a “couple” yet? It beats seeing Moses run around with Aimee! 😛  I’m really happy to see Nancy’s career reaching new heights as well, but it seems Kenneth’s has become a little stagnant? I’m hoping he’ll get an awesome role this upcoming year! 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it ends up like this…


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Selena Li & Nancy Wu deny being “New Old Mrs. Kenneth Ma”

June 3, 2010 at 10:45 pm (nancy wu, selena li)

It was rumored that Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu’s relationship ended and that new love sparks happened between Kenneth and Selena Li after filming a series together. The two “Mrs. Ma” attended a HK soccer event, where the organizers arranged a Kenneth Ma cardboard figure pretending to take a group photo with them. The two girls could not help but laugh at the funny scene.

Selena heard the new titles of “New Old Mrs. Kenneth Ma” and immediately denied then looked at Nancy and said: “I’m not! She is?” Nancy embarrassingly smiled: “I don’t know either, it’s just what the news said and is the past now.” Selena frankly said that when she and Kenneth started, she coincidentally wasn’t even in HK. It was only when she returned to HK that she found about the rumors, so she was extremely clueless.

Both girls were asked if they would fall in love with the same guy? Selena said: “I don’t think so, I don’t like to fight for guys, I just feel it’s troublesome, I rather not deal with it.” Nancy said: “From what I see usually, I don’t think we like the same things.” As their rumors get brought up by the event organizers, Nancy expressed that she knew about the rumors being involved beforehand, she said: “Actually before when we were filming series, the rumors were already constantly going on and plus Kenneth’s role as a playboy in his new series , this is good series promotion!”

It was said that Selena didn’t break up with Patrick Tang, so the relationship becomes a square of love. Selena said embarassingly: “Not related.” Both Selena and Nancy said that they are good friends with Kenneth.

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Kenneth Ma ‘Splits’ from Nancy Wu, Chases Selena Li Instead

May 7, 2010 at 8:55 pm (nancy wu, selena li)

Thirty-six year-old, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, is a renown filial son who currently lives with his parents in Tai Koo Shing. Kenneth has been rumored with TVB colleague, Nancy Wu Ding Yan, ever since their collaboration on a dance show in 2008.

Recently, there were rumors that due to Kenneth being dissatisfied with Nancy’s princess attitude, the pair have split. Allegedly, Kenneth requested breaking-up and chased after Selena Li Sze Wan instead.

Allegedly, during the filming of A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋> last year, Kenneth developed feelings for Selena. To make Selena happy, he often bought breakfast and supper for her. This aroused the curiosity of fellow cast members.

When Selena officially broke up with Patrick Tang at the end of 2009, Kenneth started openly pursuing her. Allegedly, in March 2010, he succeeded in winning Selena’s heart. On April 18th, Selena and Kenneth were spotted leaving in the same car, after the cast and crew viewing of the finale of A Fistful of Stances together.

Credits: Jayne @

*Here’s the Entertainment CSI clip about KeNancy break up. Most of there stories are completely ridiculous anyways but its a nice way to keep up w/ Entertainment gossip, short n sweet especially for those who don’t/can’t read mags!

Comments: Haha, this is kinda ridiculous, the way they’re making it sound. I totally wouldn’t mind a KenSelena pairing but i don’t want KeNancy to break up! I really wanna see a KeNancy series. I guess reporters really wanna make news for Kenneth! Glad that at least he’s always rumored w/ girls i like! hahha. This rumors just give me an excuse to put up pix! ;-D I just love how they manage to have several versions of the KeNancy break up despite the fact that they’ve never admitted to ever dating lol.

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Break up rumors, Kenneth Ma supports Nancy Wu that she’s not vain

April 13, 2010 at 4:52 pm (nancy wu)

Yesterday break up rumors between rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu circulated. It was said that Tracy Ip introduced Nancy to a wealthy man, so she cold-heartedly flinged off Kenneth. However both Kenneth and Nancy thought the reports were a joke and that it is not true at all. Kenneth also strongly supported Nancy that she’s not a person who likes vanity. He said: “If this is true then she doesn’t need to be working so hard in filming series. A girl getting painted black like that is just not good.”

Towards the rumors, Nancy was extremely helpless, she said: “The most frustrating part is that the reports said my family is in financial decline. Actually besides the name being correct on the story, everything else is made up. The person who wrote the story can become a scriptwriter. (The report said that you and Tracy Ip are good friends?) We are colleagues. They just pulled her into the water this time, she’s really innocent.”

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Nancy Wu is suitable to be Kenneth Ma’s wife

November 4, 2009 at 1:35 am (nancy wu)

Rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu attended a promotional event together. Asked if the two are attending as a couple team, have their salary improved? Nancy’s manager expressed that the salary is reasonable. Kenneth loves cleaniness, he reveals that there was one time he went to a friend’s house from the entertainment circle and saw that their clothes were tossed everywhere around the house. He even have to push the clothes aside in order to sit down, but he refuses to reveal who that person is. It was suggested that he should marry a Filipino maid, Kenneth laughed: “The feeling is different, I feel that the girls who can do house chores are very gentle. If they can cook for me to eat then I would be very pleased.”

Reporters asked Nancy if she can do chores? She smiled: “I live alone and I also have a pet at home, so I have no choice but to do them.” It was said that Nancy is quite suitable for Kenneth’s qualifications. Kenneth said: “Nancy is suitable for many gentlemen.”

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

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Kenneth Ma hopes his future wife can stay at home to clean the house

November 1, 2009 at 10:42 pm (nancy wu)

Kenneth Ma and rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu attended a cleaning product promotion activity yesterday. The reporter asked Nancy whether she gets higher fees for appearing as a couple with Kenneth? Nancy smiled and said he has to ask her manager. Kenneth revealed that he always likes the place to be clean and tidy. Once he went to his friend’s house, he saw clothes on the floor, things everywhere, he had to push the clothes away to sit down. He also disclosed that because of his habit of “neat and tidy” and “cleanliness”, he is hoping his future wife can do the household chore, and he doesn’t mind if she doesn’t go out to work.

Translator: R.E.D @

Comments: CUTENESS! Aw…clean MaMing lol. Um…I like how he’s like I don’t mind if she doesn’t work. haha. aren’t women today more concerned abt working instead? haha….Kenneth u’r so confused! 😀

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“Shall We State the Case” Blessing Ceremony + News

August 23, 2009 at 6:49 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma ditches Nancy Wu for one night stand [Misleading Title]

Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu play a couple in TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth revealed that he’s a playboy in the series and often does one night stand, so it’s fortunate for him to be in this series. Besides stealing many of his female colleagues first on-screen kiss, Kenneth also expressed that he did two kiss scenes with Bernice. Asked if he would tell rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu about it? He said: “I don’t think that is neccesary. (Afraid that Nancy might scold you?) Nope. (How about Moses Chan?) Actually I am a bit worried about that.”

Bernice exposed that from all the series she has done, this series has the most kiss scenes for her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Raymond Lam brings illness along in continuing fate with Tavia Yeung; Tavia wants rumors with Kenneth Ma

The other day Raymond Lam ate something wrong and got a stomach infection, he had to go see the doctor and get shots before feeling better to attend events. Although he brought an illness to the studio, but he did not forget flatter co-star Tavia Yeung, greatly praising that she is getting prettier.

Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Astrid Chan and Jack Wu attended TVB new series “Shall We State the Case” blessing ceremony. Once Raymond arrived at the event, he revealed that the day before he ate something wrong and got a stomach infection (vomiting/diarrhea), he said: “I don’t know what I ate at home,. Yesterday afternoon, I already started getting diarrhea and by night I was vomiting a little. So, last night I was feeling very unwell at the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign. I didn’t go see the doctor until this morning and he gave me a shot, I need to attend another celebration tonight, I got no choice but to try my best to eat as much as I can.” As for Astrid Chan who was sick as well, she suspects that she ate an egg salad sandwich that resulted in her vomiting, therefore she had to leave early during the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign.

Raymond and Tavia are a couple in the new series, they reveal that they have not played a couple for many years already. This time, there is a whole different feeling as they ‘date’ again. Tavia expressed: “Raymond and I have not been a couple for man years, recently he’s more focused on being a couple with Linda Chung, but this time being a couple with him is a different feeling than in the past. I feel that he is more mature and stabled now. We both seem to have gotten so much older, we have a deeper and better relationship. (Are you afraid of starting rumors with Raymond?) I am a rumor free individual!” Raymond expressed his appreciation towards Tavia’s praises, he also did not forget to praise her back that she has gotten very feminine, getting prettier and prettier.

Taking rumors to joke around with
Also, Tavia joked that she wanted to start rumors with Kenneth Ma. She even chased Kenneth to ask him if she’s or Nancy Wu was better? Kenneth definitely knew what to do, he said that Tavia is really good. Then the two of them exchanged fruits, the scene was quite comedic. But afterwards, Tavia laughed: “Kenneth felt that I was better? Did you see him when he was giving me the orange, he was covering his conscience!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Tavia Yeung works with Raymond Lam as a couple again

Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam attended the blessing ceremony for up coming new TV series “Shall We State The Case” yesterday. Raymond and Tavia will play the role as a couple again following “Golden Faith” and “Twin of Brothers”. Tavia revealed that the two has worked well together, but this time the feeling is different as Raymond has matured a lot. He doesn’t look like a kid anymore. Tavia was teased by the reporter if she is worried about rumors. Tavia smiled saying that it would be inevitable, whether it spreads out successfully is another matter. Tavia went on to say that she is immune with rumors. Raymond thanked Tavia for her remarks, in return, he also said Tavia is very feminine and she is getting more and more beautiful too.

Raymond was late for the blessing ceremony yesterday, he disclosed that he has gastroenteritis and has been having diarrhoea. “I am not sure if I had eaten out of date food at home. I started having diarrhea yesterday and throughout the night too. I was feeling really unwell last night in the fund raising activity. I went to see the doctor and had an injection this morning. We have a celebration dinner tonight, it is a shame that I can’t eat as much as I want.”

Tavia revealed that Kenneth wanted the media to create a rumor for them as on screen couple. She asked Kenneth if he is worried about his girlfriend Nancy Wu. Kenneth said he preferred to have Tavia as his rumored girlfriend; the two was seen sharing fruits together. Tavia told reporter afterwards “You think Kenneth prefers me as his girlfriend, can’t you see he said it with the orange covering his heart?”
Translation:R.E.D @

Yesterday, Tavia Yeung appeared at a blessing ceremony for TVB’s new series. In the series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond Lam. Raymond has been paired with Linda Chung for the past year. Tavia jokingly replied about Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu.

In the new series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond, as they were in “Twin of Brothers.”
Raymond: For the past year, I’ve been paired with Linda Chung. If we continue to star as a couple, I feel that we have matured and grown up. We are more emotional now.
Reporters: Aren’t you afraid of rumors?
Raymond: Yeah, I have rumors occassionally.
Tavia: Kenneth said he wants to get some rumors with me.
Reporters: But, he had Nancy.
Tavia: Oh, I don’t know about his life outside the series.
Reporters: Who’s better, you or Nancy?
Tavia: TVB products are alway good. If he likes Nancy, then go ahead.
咀廖碧兒驚陳豪嬲 (Kissing Bernice; Afraid that Moses will be Mad)

Kenneth blurted that his mom always praises Tavia for being a good girl. In the series, Kenneth will have numerous kissing scenes with Bernice.
Kenneth: I won’t get mad, we can kiss all we want.
Reporters: Are you afraid that Nancy will be mad?
Kenneth: No.
Reporters: Afraid that Moses Chan will be mad?
Kenneth: Oh yes.

Also, Moses Chan was a special guest at a coffee shop opening yesterday. He also said that Bernice had praised his coffee as being good tasting.
Moses: I want to have my own coffee brand shop.
Reporters: Will Bernice be part of it?
Moses: Yes, and I will tell many other artists as well.
Moses lost 1 million (HKD?) due to the economical crisis.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: love_of_tvb

Comments: Aw…KenVia are cute as usual, but im super disappointed that there are no BK moments 😦 !! Poor Ray is sick, but either way Kenneth would have stolen the limelight lol. I love how Tav pokes fun at Kenneth but still says she doesn’t know about KeNancy as if she’s hinting that its just all rumors to us lol. Love how Kenneth said he’s afraid of Moses haha. Bernice should beat him up for saying that

More pix @ baidu:

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Scared to hug the girl, Kenneth Ma NG-ing constantly! Punishing Bernice to stand on the streets inhaling all the dust

August 14, 2009 at 1:08 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case)

Kenneth Ma is lucky! He’s been appointed to play the role of a playboy in the new series “Shall We State the Case.” Aside from getting to partner with Bernice who’s hot and good looking, they even have scenes that are very intense in emotions. He’s also gets to hug all the hot girls in town, what a lucky man! The other night, they were filming in Lan Kwai Fong; the scene speaks of Kenneth flirting with another girl and Bernice catching him on the spot. However, Kenneth was not performing very well, as he was constantly making mistakes and was not acting naturally, seeming a bit scared. This caused Bernice to have to wait for him to complete his part. Bernice was forced to stay around on the streets for 30 mins. As it was hot and dusty, no wonder she looked upset.  There wasn’t much to the script, but Kenneth was just too nervous and constantly NG-ed.

From what we saw, Bernice arrived at the location and was in a good mood,wearing a pair of 4 inch high heels. She was talking with the crew and seemed to be having a good time. Yet Kenneth who had a “valid license” to hug girls was a bit shy and wasn’t very willing to hug the girl. His actions were a bit stiff. Not sure whether it’s because he’s worried that Nancy Wu might be upset about it.
Kenneth jokingly said “Tonight wasn’t tough, I’m only being a playboy, which is the same in reality, (that means you’ve got a lot of girlfriends?) What? No that’s not the case, I’m only joking. I’m not dating right now.”
Credits: Carmen, baidu
Comments: Haha. Another article trying to stir up unfriendly rumors. Well, I must admit, the reporter was actually pretty nice as it wasn’t a very convincing collaboration mishap article. Aw…Kenneth is still the same old shy MaMing! 😛 Haven’t seen that in a while! jkjk. Well maybe Kenneth was nervous becuz his goddess Bernice was watching him! muhaha. And maybe she wasn’t upset cuz she was “biting dust” but becuz she was jealous! ok. Explains it all! I should caption for this article instead lol. All jokes aside, Kenneth could’ve just felt awkward since the girl is buddy Johnson Lee’s gf (Fanny Ip), i believe. Wow 4-in heels?! I’m starting to wonder about Bernice’s height. How tall is she?! I remember seeing her in 7-in heels @ the Sales Presentation (was it 7-in? or 4 as well?) and she was still shorter than Kevin! Given she could’ve been slouching to let him feel taller, but I recently saw a pic of her and Ray @ the Laughing Gor Movie premier and she looked really short (gasps, was Ray wearing heels?! haha) KINDA sad that KenVia were not @ the LG premier while Berray were there 😦 tsktsk. leaving their partners behind!
Anyways, Bernice’s been twittering away. Here are some of her SWSTC related tweets:
I know! Was shooting in LKF & lots o doggie press. Whatever! but my sponsors for the drama are hot! Not bad for TV drama 🙂 thank uuuu!!10:18 PM Aug 9th from web
Studio shooting today… one scene… but man, definitely uhmm…. uh… yeah. Let’s just say…hehehe12:30 PM Aug 12th from web
Haha, looks like the first tweet was about the article above. Seems like Bernice was more upset at the doggie press than @ Kenneth’s NG-ing lol. I LOVE the 2nd tweet. Some intense in-studio shooting ooo-lala. Filming intense scenes already??!
OT: I see bernice tweeting CoffeeM0, is that Moses? Well, if so then, that’s very strange. I highly doubt Bernice would openly tweet him given that they are an item. I mean, if they are together, she would say all she had to say to him in person, phone or text. Tweeting is so public (something artists would avoid) and so distant? haha. OH well…interesting….

Another Article about filming & bumping in to Manecy Chan:
Comments: Aw..poor Manecy not getting to take a pic w/ Kenneth. She finally got up the courage! She should’ve totally done it @ the walkathon before everyone knew who she was! Yeah, i figured TVB would get in the way so she won’t get free publicity! We all know the 3 unmentionable letters in TVB ….haha A-T-V! oh well. she should try to switch channels! btw, Kenneth’s clothes are a tad weird? oh well. He’s still cute!

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Shall We State The Case – Several Articles

July 26, 2009 at 5:38 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

In Kenneth Ma’s new series, he plays a flirty inspector, besides having a very sexy girlfriend Bernice Liu, he will also have a one-night stand with beautiful girl Lisa S. For the role, Kenneth said that he will need to go to Lan Kwai Fong and look up information. Not hard to believe that rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu may get jealous.

Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu and Lisa S. attended the costume fitting of TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth and Bernice will again play a couple in the series, the two will even have a heated bed scene. Bernice appeared at the event in a low-cut outfit and always stuck by Kenneth when taking pictures, no wonder Kenneth had a huge smile on his face.

Kenneth being surrounded by all these pretty girls, will he report to rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu? He smiled: “I don’t need to. But its really just a role, I never tried one-night stand before. Maybe I will have to go to Lan Kwai Fong to check it out and take some notes for this role.” Even Western-like girl Bernice expressed that the script is quite an uproar, it doesn’t even seem like a television series would have such scenes.

Playing as a female cop, Tavia Yeung appeared in a police uniform, but the uniform requires her to change her 25-inch waist into a 22-inch, Tavia said: “This time I’m playing as a police officer, my mom is the happiest because she had always wanted me to be a police.” Raymond Lam’s role doesn’t beat Kenneth’s role where he is surrounded with girls, asked if he’s worried that Kenneth may steal all the limelight? He said: “Having many girls would stand out? Kenneth and my roles are very different. He is flirty and I’m the honest one.”

News Source: Mingpao
please credit if reposting

Kenneth Ma wins the year’s best role
Today at the costume fitting of a new TVB series (Shall we state the case), Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam appeared in their costumes.

At the fitting, it was indicated Kenneth, portraying a policeman, might have won the best role this year, because in the series he will have many girlfriends and will be a player, plus he loves ¡§One night stands¡¨. When asked whether he will notify rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu first, before filming romantic scenes with many actresses, of course he denied it. However, Bernice who will be Kenneth¡¦s girlfriend in the series, reminded him to bring chewing gum and a toothbrush.

Bernice also indicated, in the new series the first scene will be a passionate kiss between her and Kenneth. The rate of intimacy is closer than any kissing scenes she had done before. So she doesn¡¦t know whether it will be appropriate for showing on TV.

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Nancy Wu likes making soup, but won’t share with Kenneth Ma

July 13, 2009 at 1:30 pm (nancy wu)

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu attended “Food in Eastern Tsim Sha Tsui” event together, the two appeared in red dresses, filled with summer feel. Besides taste testing at the event, they both made salads together. During the time the organizers arranged a male model who resembled Kenneth Ma, Nancy even fed the male model tomatoes.

Nancy smiled and said that the male model does not look anything like rumored boyfriend Kenneth Ma. Speaking of how her cooking skills are like? Nancy expressed that she knows how to cook some simple dishes. She felt that the most important thing to know for girls is making soup because it is healthy for the body. She often makes fish maw soup to drink. Asked if Kenneth Ma has received her care? Nancy said that Kenneth’s mom is a great cook, so she believes Kenneth can just go back home to have dinner. Nancy is part of the cast of “A Bride For a Ride” will be broadcasting next week, she smiled and said she’s really happy because the series is filled with goodies, just the NG clips can be cut to make a whole series!

Speaking of the recently negative news about MJ, Nancy expresses that she hopes it stop because she feels that being a superstar is not easy, MJ’s life is like a dream.

Comments: wow both Nancy & Kate…kenneth’s 2 dancing rumored gfs haha. Nancy looked super pretty at the event! hehe..i like how she says that Kenneth’s mom already cooks well enough so she doesn’t need to feed him! How do u know that Nancy?? have u tried some of MamaMa’s cooking??! lol. And the model so does NOT look like Kenneth!

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Random Updates

July 6, 2009 at 6:50 pm (christine ng, Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, sharon chan, tavia yeung)

Sry for the lack of updates. I am overwhelmed and exhausted from work 😦 No more bumming for me haha. I realized I have lost like complete contact w/ my Staff as well….haha…and I’m totally to blame. Carmen has translated a bunch of stuff I haven’t even posted and I don’t even feel right sending her more stuff to translate….And I don’t know where Cami is anymore! We used to talk through youtube…but her account is gone now…Cami if you see this and you’re out there…reply! haha.

Back to Kenneth. This stuff is old news now, but w/e. 😛

Shall We State the Case 談情說案 (Tam Ching Suet On) aka the FungYi series

  • Kenneth is confirmed but he is just guest starring in the series. For how much, no one is really sure.
  • The series is inspired by Japanese TV series ‘Detective Galileo’ about crime solving and love.
  • Tavia and Kenneth will have ‘no’ romantic connect (unfortunately) and he’ll just be playing her superior
  • The Producer is Lau Ka Ho and he said that the series will be more focused on romance

In Tavia’s recent ‘Green Room’ aka Today’s VIP interview (link below) she stated that she and Kenneth are not fated to be lovers (haha. same thing Myolie said before), that usually they just ‘walk pass each other’ in series. Even in the new series, he is only her superior. (aww…i guess Tavia knew ppl were getting their hopes up or wondering so she said it very definitel that they don’t have a relationship in the series!) Of the younger generation, Kenneth is the only one she hasn’t gotten a chance to work w/ much so she wants to work with him and knows that he wants to work w/ her (ha. Yeah the whole world knows that!) And interviewer Carlo Ng poked fun saying that he thought Kenneth only wants to work with Kate. Tavia pointed to the camera ppl saying that they are all shaking their heads, “No” that it is someone else. Carlo then laughs and says “Wu…Hang Yee (Myolie)? Or the other one?” Tavia laughs and says “I still don’t know who it is”

I don’t really get Carlo, he seems to only know old news haha. I remember how he commented during the Kate Green Room interview that maybe Kenneth is only so nice to her after she complimented him and she got kinda defensive saying that Carlo shouldn’t say such things and that MaMing is a really good guy to everyone! It’s so random of him to bring up Kate.

Watch Tavia’s interview here (at the end is where she mentions MaMing):

Party Time!

  • Kenneth was not present at Miss Virginia Lok’s bday party since he was filming Iron Horse, nor was Kevin, Selena, Shirley, Linda nor Tavia present.  (too bad, I really wanted me some BK pix)
  • On the same night, Christine Ng and her husband had their anniversary party. I believe, had Kenneth not been working he would have gone/been invited since they seem like good friends. All his buddies went including Sharon, Nancy, Tavia, Joel, etc… (I remember how Kenneth was at Timmy’s bday with Christine and Sharon as well) Sharon, Nancy, & Joel went on to go to Miss Lok’s party while Tavia did not attend (hm..that’s strange oh well)

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Kenneth Denies Dating Nancy Wu – says they’re just good friends

June 14, 2009 at 9:20 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, tavia yeung)

Scoop Video Clip

Kenneth denies that he and Nancy are dating during the set of Iron Horse in reply to the 1 year Anniversary Celebration news. He says he’s close to Nancy becuz she’s tomboyish and not afraid of rumors. He further praises her performance in Rosy Business, saying she has a large range. haha. he repeats the same things about how Nancy called him to give her a ride and that they were each doing separate things that day.

Haha. Pix from filming of Iron Horse. They look like they’re enjoying themselves….more pix @ hyn5’s blog! (haha i stole these from her, hope that’s ok). As someone mentioned, does look like Kenneth & Kevin exchanged looks…IMO Kenneth looks good both ways, while Kevin looks better this way. I prefer Kenneth’s previous outfit tho!

Kenneth will only be a guest star in the FungYi series :-(…but that’s ok. I guess I was right in the beginning. And there will be no Bernice anyways! Apparently he’ll appear in 5 epis, and be Tavia’s husband who dies, leaving her with a son, Lawrence Ng. I hope its touching. Reminds me of The Brink of Law (some ppl are guessing he’ll die on a cop mission!). Haha. Kenneth always guest stars for someone. Life Made Simple he guest starred for Roger, now for Tavia…hm…I wonder if he guest starred in TBOL for Bernice??? (wishful thinking)

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Nancy Wu ‘likes’, ‘clicks with’ stars but won’t reveal whom she really loves

June 14, 2009 at 9:00 pm (nancy wu)

SLENDER Nancy Wu might not have the liver capacity to gulp down a half-yard of beer in a single sitting.

But there’s one thing she definitely doesn’t lack in her life – men.

The 27-year-old Hong Kong actress was in town last weekend, along with fellow TVB stars Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu, to attend the finals of Beds Beer Battle 2009.

Held at Beds KTV Pub, the event was a competition to discover the fastest beer drinker in Singapore.

She watched in amazement as contestants effortlessly washed down beer at breakneck speed.

After the event, as the doe-eyed beauty sipped gracefully on champagne – clearly her preferred drink – with her colleagues, The New Paper took the chance to quiz her about recent rumours surrounding two male celebrities.

Yes, we’re talking about not one, but two men.

The first is boyish South Korean singer-actor Nathan Lee, 25, member of boyband TAKE and part of the cast of A Starry Night, the new subway drama slated to be screened at train stations in Singapore and China later this year.


Nathan and Nancy were dance partners in the second season of reality talent show Strictly Come Dancing, the Asian version of Hollywood’s Dancing With The Stars.

Their chemistry was undeniable as the pair waltzed, tango-ed and rhumba-ed their way to third prize in the competition, even scoring full marks on two occasions.

Nancy had no qualms about heaping praise on him.

‘I must say Nathan is indeed the best partner I’ve had at work so far,’ said Nancy with a grin.

‘It must be fate’s arrangement that we got to dance together on the show.

‘Somehow, we just clicked very well and were able to communicate with ease.

‘I give him a full 100 marks for his dedication and commitment.’

As for Nathan’s confession of love for her during an interview, she laughed and admitted that she initially found his affection ‘odd’, but eventually didn’t think too much about what he said.

‘He grew up in America and therefore is more Westernised and direct in his behaviour,’ she said.

‘We spent two months on the show and saw each other literally every day, so it’s inevitable that we became close as friends.

‘He’s now pursuing his career in mainland China, I do hope he comes back to Hong Kong some time though!’

Another of her rumoured beaus is goofy-looking 35-year-old fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma

The Hong Kong media is rife with reports that the two got to know each other on Strictly Come Dancing.

According to reports, ‘sparks flew despite them being on different teams’ and they have ‘already been secretly dating for nearly a year’.

‘Ahh, it’s pure gossip, we are just very good friends,’ was Nancy’s calm reply.

She said, however, that Kenneth’s ‘down-to-earth disposition’ was one of his most attractive traits.

‘Who doesn’t like a man who is grounded and practical?’

Then, with a sigh, she added: ‘These days, good guys are really hard to come by.’


Local fans with placards sporting her name were seen stationed outside Beds KTV as they patiently waited for her arrival at the Beer Battle event, which was by invitation only.

Last December, she bagged the Most Improved Actress award at TVB’s 41st Anniversary Awards, a sign that she had finally hit the big time after eight years in the television industry.

‘It’s great that my efforts have been recognised,’ said Nancy.

‘I’ve been very lucky too, to get the challenging part in (period drama) The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows where I got to play the fourth wife of veteran actor Paul Chun.

‘The character I portrayed in it was a vivacious hostess who spent much of her rough life in seedy nightclubs. It was definitely a refreshing change for me, as well as for my fans who have followed my career all this while.’

Credits: Tne New Paper, sChiZoO14 @ AF

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Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu celebrate their 1st year dating anniversary + MORE

May 30, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, selena li, tavia yeung)

Source: Hkheadline Translated by: Matchbox @

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma who are currently being promoted by TVB, collaborated on the show “Strictly Come Dancing II” last year. It was rumored that good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng were the matchmakers and the pair became a couple. But because they were afraid that announcing the news may affect their careers they have never admitted being together. Their relationship is very low profile. It was also reported that Nancy moved from her old home in Tuen Mun to the Hong Kong Island area, so that it would be more convenient. Her new home is only one street away from Kenneth’s. Picks up Nancy from work The other day, Kenneth who didn’t need to work drove to Pacifc Place to pick up girlfriend Nancy from work. In order to avoid being recognized Kenneth stayed inside his car and waited for Nancy. However he needed to drive around a few times because he wasn’t allowed to park there. After a while, Nancy appeared from level 3 of the car park and got into his car. They drove to Times Square, Causeway Bay. Nancy was seen getting out of the car and believed to be having a facial there. After parking his car, Kenneth walked around the streets near the shopping mall. He was seen looking in brand watch stores. In the end he purchased a watch that cost HK$3000 as a 1 year dating anniversary gift. After 1 hour Kenneth received a phone call from Nancy. He went back to the Times Square to meet up with her. She even paid for the parking ticket. As they departed, a group of paparazzi’s took pictures of them. The couple were shocked and Nancy looked unhappy. When the reporter mentioned that he had free time to go shopping, Kenneth didn’t know how to respond. [Where are you going now?) They only said they were going home. It wasn’t clear whether he felt the reporters misunderstood his reply, therefore he added “We are going back to our own homes.” (You mean you are driving Nancy back to her home, then going back to yours?) “Yes”. After clearing up the misunderstanding Kenneth felt more relaxed and allowed the reporters to take pictures.

Also a video about KeNancy rumors and Nancy getting a new kitty – Little Tiger!…0639bfcb07feae/

Iron Horse Blessing Ceremony on Scoop – Cast pokes fun @ KeNancy!


Watch Kenneth-Tavia-Selena-Nancy blog video, super kute!



Love this video. it’s super cute! Kenneth is such a sweet talker! No wonder the girls adore him! This is the first time we see Kenvia being close together! its really cute…and we too would love a Kenvia series..Kenneth is begging for it! I love how he was all sweet when he was calling for “Ah Yi”…and when he made that face at Selena saying “next time it’s me and ah Yi!” he’s so cute…the whole “Mommy” thing from Tav was adorable as well! haha….Kenneth spreading rumors now?! haha. too cute…As I have said b4, the only two fadans that are friends w/ everyone but don’t show in front of cam that they are close to Kenneth are Tavia & Bernice, but now that’s not true anymore…hopefully we’ll see more displays of affection from BK as well! Iron Horse will be yet another KenSelena series!

Since hyn5 beat me to it, here is a link to the transcript of the interview! haha. amazing how i like all 4 of them!

An old Kenancy video:

Super cute pix of Iron Horse filming from Shirley’s blog here

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What Others Say About Kenneth….

May 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm (ella koon, nancy wu, selena li)

Since I’ve been slow to update…u guys, if u haven’t already, should check out and all her posts on Kenneth!

I shall comment on them here, since im too lazy to repost a varying translation…i hope hyn5 doesn’t mind! 😀 The ones w/ only links I will not comment on…


Nancy Wu Refuses to Bring Boyfriend to Meet Parents

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma

Nancy Praising Kenneth:

Nancy said, “[Jacqueline Chong & I] don’t know each other so there is no need. I would like the year 2009 to wash away all of the year 2008’s unhappy matters. I don’t want to be associated with these two names (Deep Ng and Jacqueline Chong) anymore.” (What about with Kenneth Ma?) “That’s alright!”

Sweetly Praising Him as Being a Good Guy

Although Nancy has denied her love relationship with Kenneth, but she could not restrain from revealing her sweet smile and also praising him non-stop. When asked if they were love at first dance? She said, “No, I didn’t dance with him. We are still good friends. I’m not saying that he cannot be my boyfriend.” (Your rumours were in the C1 headlines!) “I’m not afraid of these headlines! I can even accept more of these headlines, since my rumoured partner is so good! (Does he have potential?) “Yes, he has a good reputation among artistes. And he is also a dong ka siu sang, but I don’t think he is chasing after me. (Is he your ideal partner?) “I don’t know! He has such great attributes. It is very hard to find such a good guy!”

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma (Again!)

Without avoidance, Nancy highly praises Kenneth as being a good guy and a gentleman. When asked how she will react if he pursued her, Nancy says sweetly, “Let’s see if he means to do so!”

Nancy: “We do get along well with each other. If not, we wouldn’t be good friends. Everyone in TVB praises him as being a good guy. He is a very simple person. He is very hard-working, faithful, and he is an ambitious guy. Every female colleague also praises him. Will I consider him if he pursues me? Let’s see how he will do so, and also see if he means to do so, or see whether the heavens will grant us fate!

Comments: Aww…that’s so cute..Nancy praising Kenneth…but then again…everyone praises him! haha. I’m not sure if Nancy is being blatantly honest that she’s kinda interested or if she’s playing up on the whole publicity thing…somehow i feel like its the latter…not that its a bad thing. But I have a feeling that TVB has a big hand in how rumored couples reply. Oh well…its cute to watch anyways! If Nancy is interested, Kenneth you gotta start moving!


TVBE Clip for “Iron Horse Seeking Bridge” Costume Fitting

Comments: The clip is super cute! haha. We know Selena & Kenneth will have chemistry for sure! haha. “My heart is toward you”….Kenneth keeps flirting w/ Selena…I’m surprised she hasn’t been charmed away by him! I guess since Patrick is around, we’ll never get KenSelena rumors haha. Aw…he doesn’t have scenes really w/ Nancy?

Selena Li’s Billionth Time Working with Ma Ming. Ella Koon Loves Kissing Ma Ming.

Also, Ella Koon was on a TVB game show hosted by King Kong and Vivien Yeo, and Ella expressed that Kenneth is the best guy to kiss because he had so many bloopers during the filming of the kiss.

It was the scene in “Survivor’s Law II” where they got married in the court. Kenneth was originally supposed to kiss Ella twice. However, the kiss scene was not rehearsed, so Ella took a step backwards after the first kiss, and Kenneth (must have closed his eyes) leaned in and fell forward. The entire cast and crew laughed out loud. That is why that kiss is memorable to Ella.

Comments: You can read Selena’s translated blog entry thru the link! Aw…so cute that Selena enjoys working w/ Kenneth! As for Ella…wow what a surprise haha. Ella totally like Kenneth haha…he’s too cute not to like. Kenneth is so silly. That must have been embarassing! I wonder where we can see this show? Anyone know? Please share!


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Kenneth Ma’s ‘Man in Charge’ to Broadcast on April 6, 2009

April 4, 2009 at 6:16 pm (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko, nancy wu)

Take poll for your fav MIC character & Vote Kenneth (@ bottom of page):

TVB will be airing “Man in Charge” 《幕後大老爺》next Monday. The series stars Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, and Matthew Ko. The cast members attended an event to promote the series. Kate and Kenneth wore traditional Chinese bride and groom costumes. When the press asked the pair to kiss for the camera, Kenneth and Kate puckered their lips and pretended to kiss, drawing laughter from all present.

In “Man in Charge,” Kate has numerous martial arts sequences. She hopes that the ratings will break the record of her previous series, “Speech of Silence.” Kenneth also hoped that “Man in Charge” will duplicate the success of “Speech of Silence” which pulled in 30 points in ratings.

Kenneth will be involved in a love triangle with Kate and Leila Tong in “Man in Charge.” He joked that he was a true player. Reporters then asked whether rumored girlfriends, Kate or Nancy Wu possessed better dancing skills. Kenneth did not defend Nancy, “I do not know, both ladies have two different styles. Maybe Kate dances better! (Was this because Kenneth has seen Nancy dance too often?) “I have only seen Nancy dance when we partnered on the dancing program. She doesn’t dance for me to see on a normal basis!”

The theme song will be performed by Kenneth and Matthew Ko. Although Kenneth does not intend to enter the music industry, he does not mind collecting additional income from stage performances or participating in a TVB produced album.


Kenneth Ma compares his rumored girlfriends-Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu

Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui held a press conference yesterday for the new TVB series, ‘Man in Charge’. The reporter asked Kenneth what the difference was between Nancy Wu (present rumored girlfriend) and Kay Tsui (ex rumored girlfriend). He said, “They both dance very well.” When he was asked if Nancy had danced for him, Kenneth replied, “I saw her dance in ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ Kenneth expressed that, as the two girls have different characters, he can’t compare them. Kenneth and Matthew Ko (First Mr. HK 2005) sang the theme song for the new series together, but Kenneth has no intention of entering the music business. He said, “I did it for fun. I already have one or two songs that can be performed onstage, and that is good enough for me to earn a living.”

Kate Tsui expressed that, although the new series was filmed over a year ago, she is not worried about its index rating. She went on to say that she is not bothered about being Kenneth’s rumored girlfriend again. She added that, when the series finishes, the rumors will stop anyway.


More pix here:

Comments: Hope the series does well! Can’t wait! The promotion reminds me of the LITCOL promo when the four leads were dressed in wedding gowns…that was quite a few years back can u believe it? Didn’t MIC film before TSOS…hm…..? Love how Kenneth wears this black jacket all the time! Do u see him wearing a watch under his wedding outfit?! haha. what an anachronism! Too many pix…couldn’t post them all! Hm..i personally think Kate is the better dance though i like Nancy more….Kate just has this looseness and confidence in her….

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Myolie praises that Kenneth is a very good guy

April 4, 2009 at 12:08 am (myolie wu, nancy wu)

  • When Myolie accepted Cha Siu Yan 881 Radio Interview, she said that when she is very stress, she will call her good friend Nancy Wu and chat. They even talked over night before too! Cha Siu Yan asked if Nancy is dating Kenneth? Myolie said: “don’t know, should be no, but Kenneth is a very good guy, Kenneth and rumoured boyfriend Bosco are different type of guys.”
  • Myolie accepted a radio interview today, she expressed that whenever she is unhappy, she will call good friend Nancy Wu.With regards to Nancy and Kenneth rumours, Myolie expressed that she really doesn’t know, but she praised that Kenneth is No. 1 good guy. She said: “If choose husband, also will choose Kenneth Ma la.” When asked if rumoured boyfriend is a good guy, Myolie avoided and said: “Wah! He is of a different type, although Kenneth seems to be very quiet, but he is actually a sweet talker, he always say love me a lot la.”


Myolie Wu: “Kenneth Ma & Nancy Wu Are Not Dating!”

Myolie Wu appeared on a radio program yesterday and mentioned that she often shares her thoughts with good friend, Nancy Wu Ding Yan.

Asked if Nancy is currently dating Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Myolie laughed, “Let me think first! I wish they were dating each other, but I don’t think so!”

In selecting a future husband, Myolie indicated that she will pick a man possessing Kenneth’s qualities. How come Myolie did not chose Bosco Wong Chung Chak instead? “The two men are very different; Kenneth is quite playful in real life. He often says he loves me!”

When will Myolie publicly reveal her relationship with Bosco? “Let’s talk about that later!”


NOTE: Take poll to the side of article @ jaynestars : Which actress would be a compatible GF for Kenneth Ma? Here:

I am very surprised to see Kate leading that poll…lol…i was expecting it to be Selena.

Interview from

*I think this is the right interview, I listened to it, but this is a different link. Hope it’s right, lemme kno!

Comments: haha. the interview was so adorable! Myolie was talking about how she spoke w/ Nancy on the phone for an entire night when she was not happy. Cha Siu Yan then took the chance to comment that they were good friends and quickly asked “So is Nancy dating Kenneth, then?” Myolie answered that she didn’t know but that she wants them to date since she’s close to both of them. She continues to say how Kenneth is a great guy, an extinct guy. Cha Siu Yan says she knows Kenneth’s great (very)…boring…since he doesn’t talk. Myolie quickly defends him, saying that it depends are whata girl’s looking for in a guy. The host asks her, if you had to choose, would you choose Kenneth’s type and Myolie says, if I were looking for a husband, I would choose Kenneth’s type.

The host goes on to ask her what about Bosco and Myolie goes “Waaa… they are two really different type of guys!” The host laughs and says : “Yeah I know they’re really different, one you can’t get to talk and another one won’t stop talking!”

Myolie laughs and says that Kenneth is actually very playful and talkative when he gets to know you. “Did you know he always tells me he loves me?!” The host was shocked and said she couldn’t imagine. She also said, “But Kenneth’s all talk and no action!” Myolie says Kenneth always tells her “Hang Yee, I love you” and goes around the make up room looking for ppl he knows …. the host cuts in and laughs questioning whether he goes around the room telling everyone that and says that this is very unexpected!
Haha, i love how Myolie said the I<3 U thing about Kenneth. I can imagine him walking around the make up room doing that…he’s so cute! That’s why I’m shocked that not all the girls have already fallen in love w/ him! Kenneth just gets sillier and sillier by the day…he may be boring, but he has a fun side as well! I was reading at the other forums, and apparently ppl that don’t follow Kenneth’s news, think that this is a sign that he’s “not as good as he’s made out to be”…. they were saying he’s a “fafa gung ji” (flirty playboy)…which is ridiculous since everyone says he’s known to be a good boy! The news obviously was about Kenneth being a jokester and being playful w/ his friends…haha Myolie wants Nancy & Kenneth to date…that’s cute! Haha, she said Kenneth and Bosco are very different after praising MaMing like that…haha…hm…. I like how she said Kenneth’s all talk – it reminds me of how he said he’d go on stage and kiss her at her concert, but ended up backing out after Myolie poked fun of him onstage and in the end, he was so shy, he was the only one of the artists that DID NOT go on stage! haha. i luv him..he’s so silly but shy (haha…he reminds me of myself…which is so scary hahaa… I guess that’s why I like Kenneth so much!)

Love how she mentions that Kenneth’s husband material…ah..I guess many girls are not yet looking for a husband, since Kenneth’s been waiting around for so long! Haha..the hosts comment about Kenneth & talkative Bosco is so funny!

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Next TV Awards 2009 Results

April 3, 2009 at 10:29 pm (nancy wu, next tv awards)

More Pix:

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma do not feel awkward

It was the first time Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma had appeared at the same scene since being rumoured together. But they didn’t feel awkward. Nancy said “We are friends, when we talk about the rumours we just laugh.” The reporter asked if Kenneth is the type of guy she goes for? She replied “We are colleagues and friends. The rumours are just a topic.


At the awards ceremony, there were two pairs of rumored couples: Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, as well as Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu. When Nancy received her award, she cried onstage. Although seated next to Nancy, Kenneth purposely kept his distance and did not talk to her during the ceremony.
Nancy said, “Kenneth and I are only friends and have laughed over our rumors.” Asked whether Nancy likes Kenneth’s type of man, she said, “We are colleagues and friends. The rumors are just rumors!”
It was Tavia’s first year to receive the Next Magazine award. When Tavia was on stage, Ada yelled out, “Tavia you should cry too!” Since Louis Koo gave Tavia the award, she requested a hug instead. Louis was a little shocked by the request, but Tavia said, “I have never collaborated with Louis before. I’ll act as a little fan today and request a hug.”


Winners List for Next TV Awards

Top 10 TV Artistes:

1. Raymond Lam
2. Ada Choi
3. Tavia Yeung
4. Moses Chan Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenneth Ma might date Nancy Wu & Kenneth Ma said to be a “good steal”

March 5, 2009 at 2:33 am (nancy wu)

Kenneth Ma might date Nancy Wu

Tuesday March 3, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: Takungpao, (Images: Mingpao,
Translated by: aZnangel @

Yesterday Kenneth Ma and Vivien Yeo attended the “Italian Cup Semi-Final” (意大利杯準決賽) press conference. Recently Kenneth and Nancy Wu have been spreading rumors, Nancy even publicly strongly praised him. Towards this, he smiled: “Praising me is useless, I don’t have anyone thats fighting for me. But I do thank her for praising me, thank you first! (Is there a chance for you and Nancy to develop the relationship?) Definitely, or else would I say that she’s not good?!” In Kenneth’s impression, Nancy is a hard working dancer and since a year ago when Nancy moved near him, their rumors started. He smiled: “Starting rumors now is already too late (The unit that Nancy lives in, did you suggest it to her?) No, her relative did, she didn’t even make soup for me.” As to Nancy Sit’s incident of being rushed to the hospital during filming, Kenneth who was also part of the cast in that series, he didn’t know why Nancy had to stop working, he only knew that they had to film the scenes out of order.

Title: 2009.3.2 Kenneth Ma said to be a “good steal”
Kenneth Ma was at TVB City attending a promotion event for a sports show.  When telling him that others think his relationship with Nancy Wu is good (other people think that its real and possible) and that he’s a “good steal” Kenneth said with a laugh “I’m a good steal? Then why isn’t there people fighting over me? I’m really disappointed, but thank you to those that praised me!”

Ever since the news came out that Kenneth and Nancy are dating, today is Kenneth’s first time responding about the news. When asked if there are chances of them being together, he said “No matter which girl I get involved with for rumors like this, I will for sure say yes there can be the opportunity for us to be dating, because as a male, I can’t say bad things about the girls.”  He even said, when Nancy moved into his neighbourhood he knew that these rumors will for sure come along. He actually thinks that these rumors kind of came late.

Credits: Carmen


Comments: Kenneth’s reply is always the same lol. He was so cute flirting w/ the reporter girl. haha. silly MaMing! Aw..Cindy Lee was also there. She was my fav during MHK 2006? Kenneth said in a news report once that he noticed her out of the contestants and also added Angie Mak cuz he had to give her a kiss on the cheek for her Bday before he even really met her. (Cindy was the tennis player)

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Deep Ng Congratulates Nancy Wu dating

February 23, 2009 at 5:11 pm (nancy wu)

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: Matchbox @

Deep Ng, Jacqueline Chong, Chrissie Chau and 2R attended the “Kipling” event yesterday. Deep and his girlfriend Jacqueline attended the event one after the other. They later explained that it was because their work was arranged separately. The reporter asked Jaqueline whether appearing as an couple together her earnings would be increased? She smiled and said that to not have her earnings reduced was already good enough. She wouldn’t dare to increase it.

When discussing about Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma rumoured to be dating. Jacqueline stated that she didn’t know but if it was true then she congratulates them as dating is a happy thing. She doesn’t mind her boyfriend seeing Nancy again or staying in contact. As long as he is honest with her then that’s okay. Deep also congratulated Nancy. He said “Did you capture pictures of them together? If it is true then I am really happy for her.” The reporter asked whether he hopes his gossip earlier would die down? He replied “It had originally died down, everyone has a past. If she finds a suitable guy I hope that she will be happy.” He has not met Kenneth Ma before but has heard that he is a good son and has rarely has rumours, very rare. Deep also stressed that he will not compare himself to him. But no matter who she dates, most important is that she is happy. He is no longer in contact with Nancy. “It’s not necessary to create pointless misunderstandings.” As for Gillian Chung making an comeback in March, he said “No matter what, I will support her. I feel that she is prepared and ready.” Read the rest of this entry »

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