Kenneth Ma Searches Everywhere For Script!

August 11, 2011 at 7:18 pm (news)

The previous night, when Kenneth Ma (馬國明) appeared in Tai Hang to film, he unexpectedly had a little incident and it unfolded like a scene out of a comedy. To facilitate filming, Kenneth Ma, who was donned in filming attire, left his script on the ground. Unexpectedly, the security guard of the apartment nearby mistook the script as trash, picked it up and threw it into the dustbin of the apartment block.

After shooting a line of dialogue, Kenneth Ma came back and was astonished to find the script gone. He then searched everywhere furiously for the script. Upon knowing that it had been thrown away by the security guard, he immediately ran into the apartment building and requested to be let in to retrieve his script. The scene was indeed rather comical.

After that incident, Kenneth resumed his professionalism, continued filming and practiced dialogues and which position to stand in with his co-star. Because the weather was very hot and humid, as soon as there was a break, the crew quickly stepped up to wipe his sweat and touch up his makeup.

Credits: Ah K @

Comments: Mr. Ma, you’re just too adorable! He looks really good here; I wonder what he’s filming for? I love how he’s got that goofy smile and glint in his eyes all the time, despite the frustration! 


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Kenneth Ma’s childhood wish was to become professional soccer player

November 21, 2009 at 5:20 am (news)

Lee San San, Kenneth Ma and Derek Kwok attended a soccer team event at Tsing Yi Sports Ground for the <Four Corner Soccer Tournament> press conference. San San will be the cheerleader for the team at the tournament, giving support to the players. San San is the only girl who is part of the team, she expressed that she likes the communication she has with the players. Asked who she likes the most in the team? San San laughed and said that she’s familiar with all of them and will not take the initiative to pursue a guy. Also she is the only girl in the team, she can just wait for a guy to ask her out.

Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth is also a long time lover of soccer, yesterday he attended the even and participated in the game play as well. Turns out that his childhood wish was to become a professional soccer player, at the time his mother scolded him loudly and said that soccer players don’t earn enough to support the family. When he grew up he understood his mother’s reason and the Hong Kong soccer teams do not have very good development compared to other countries. If in the future he has a son and he wants to develop a career as a professional soccer player, he will definitely send him to Europe to train.

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Hong Kong Male Stars become “Male Star Stamp Collector” suspects

March 23, 2009 at 8:19 pm (news)

Hong Kong Male Stars become “Male Star Stamp Collector” suspects
Monday March 23, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: Hunan News, Sudden Daily,
Translated by: Matchbox @

The new issue of Hong Kong’s Sudden Weekly magazine revealed the new “Male Stamp Collector’s” scandal. Many Male artistes have denied the claims and that they were not involved in the incident. Last month Sandra Ng first exposed on the programme “Club Sparkle” that there was a “Female artist Stamp Collector” in the industry, meaning the female star will collect Famous male stars and sleep with them just like collecting stamps as a hobby. Since she exposed this topic it has been a hot topic in the industry and has made many female stars became suspicious suspects.

While Sandra was afraid she offend people this “Stamp Collecting Storm” has blown to Taiwan. Last week on the Taiwan Programme “王 牌 鑑 定 團” a guest exposed that there was a “Male Stamp Collector” in the industry that slept with 5 famous Hong Kong female stars and told people about it. Many famous male artistes have become suspects. The description of the Male Stamp Collector was that he has a muscular physique. Previously married and divorced, his wife was a former Martial arts star, has filmed Category III films and even exposed that the females he collected are female main leads in the industry. Michael Miu and Joe Ma were a few that were speculated as suspects.

Joe Ma: They said the male stamp collector shot Category III films, I have never filmed that category. I have only done Category II B. This point doesn’t match me, but this news makes it sound like all male artistes do this kind of thing.

Michael Miu stressed that he has never filmed a Category III movie and is not the muscular type.

Linda Chung: “I have been in the industry 5 years and have never experienced anything like that. Perhaps I don’t know the person they are hinting (Male Stamp collector). My image is also healthy and will scare away many males. Actually there are many healthy artistes in the industry. I will not discriminate those who have made mistakes. Everything in this industry is shown on TV. Many people see me as a role model. I hope there won’t be any more news like this.”

Ray Lui: “Now people have nothing to play with and it’s got to such an abnormal state. Actually this storm cannot last for long. This (refering to stamp collector) incident has made things messed up. Personally I am a buddhist, moral values are most important, when one is healthy they will be happy too.”

Charmaine Sheh: “Stamp Collecting? What is that? I haven’t heard about it. No one has approached me to collect stamps.”

Moses Chan: ” Well when we are shooting a series together there will certainly be some laughing. But when you talk about “Stamp collecting” I really don’t know if people do that. I feel that the entertainment circle has too much of these rumours about recently. The Salty Pork Hand news has finished, then it got to the female star stamp collectors. Now its discussing about male star stamp collectors. I feel that the entertainment industry recently is very unhealthy.”

Raymond Lam: ” Stamp Collecting, I don’t understand, sorry I’m not talking about this because I have worked with many Fa Dan’s. We are all brothers and sisters.”

Kenneth Ma: I will not take this news too seriously. Like before when there was the salty hand pork news. I don’t believe that there are so many female stars who won’t go and report to the police when they have been sexually harassed. They reported on Female stamp collectors last time. Now they talk about male stamp collectors. I will see it as entertainment. (Have any female stars tried to collect you?) “No, I also want people to collect me.”

Tavia Yeung: I believe many of the things said are just rumours. I don’t quite believe the rumours are true. If I choose, I would choose the real stamp collecting, I like to collect stamps. I feel that people should just do the best in their own duties.

TVB Command to Keep Quiet

Many TVB artistes have been speculated of being the “Male Stamp Collector” after the description. TVB Executives have ordered their artistes to keep quiet about the case to avoid making the issue even bigger. Many artistes have been advised to be extra careful of what they do in their personal life, as it would affect and ruin the company’s image.


Comments: Haha…omg..i LOVE Kenneth’s reply..”I want to be collected” ~winks~ I bet a lot of girls wanna collect u! All this gossip coming up…its so funny…but weird at the same time…I’ll take it as entertainment as well…too much negativity these days… we need some positive energy! Like Kenneth…will post soon about him winning the Bella award from Next Mag!

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Kenneth at Bella 27th Anniversary Function & Sandra Ng’s replies to Stephan Chan’s Question About Margie & Kenneth

November 18, 2008 at 1:31 am (news)

More pix of the function here:

Note: These pix are from wa_haha_cool @ MKMC. There are more and will probably be up in the gallery sometime later when I upload them. Thanks for the pix!

Kenneth Ma, Alice Lau and Amigo Choi appeared at a skin care centre promotion as spokespersons. The three of them were all faced with skin problems in the past. Kenneth Ma indicates that he’s been having skin problem since high school. He even went to do facials with his mother and used his sisters’ skin care products, but nothing worked. He said because of this, in the past he felt inferior, and lacked confidence. He was asked if girls disliked him because of his skin problems, and he replied “No, there was no opportunity to meet girls, because I went to a all-boys school, and because of my looks I didn’t dare go meet girls. I felt a little inferior.” Now that your skin condition has improved, do you feel more confident about meeting girls? Kenneth feels that “guys don’t have to be handsome/good looking, being healthy and clean and putting effort into their career is enough (to attract girls).”Mentioning that he has three nominations for this year’s TVB awards, he was asked if he has confidence in winning. Kenneth replies that he is neutral about it and has no pressure about winning them. Instead, he jokes that he’s more concerned about the Sales Presentation, because he needs to do a coquettish dance with other SiuSungs such as Kevin Cheung and Ron Ng.

Comments: First off, Kenneth looked very cute at the function. Loved his outfit. Aw…he felt inferior and was afraid to meet girls… No wonder he became so shy. He’s right though, looks aren’t the most important thing! But Kenneth is so darn cute haha! What’s up with Bella and guns? A little violent aren’t they? It started off as a small pistol last time and now it’s a rifle?! haha. I hope that’s not Kenneth’s phone he’s talking on…cuz that heart thingy is very girly haha.

Sandra Ng on Margie & Kenneth’s Relationship

Sandra Ng indicates that she’s good friends with Margie Tsang. Talking about the pervious rumours that indicate Margie and Kenneth were dating; Sandra said she called up her good friend to learn more about the gossip, yet in return Margie scolded her, and said that if she was dating she would of course tell Sandra. Hence Sandra is certain that Margie did not date with Kenneth.

Comments: Haha. I thought the rumors were over? Stephan Chan bringing that up again? Well at least it got Kenneth’s name in the news. I remember how Sandra said MaMing was the TVB siu sang she felt had potential. Maybe they’ll get to work together someday!

Credits: Carmen, Yin @ MKMC, wa_haha_cool @ MKMC

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Toby has a crush on Kenneth!

November 14, 2008 at 3:56 am (news, toby leung)

Recently, Toby was filming 《蔡鍔與小鳳仙》 aka General Chai and Lady Balsam with Kenneth, she says that she really admires Kenneth. “I think he has heart towards acting, he’s the only male actor that I’ve come across that loves acting so much.  Treats people with care, I’m beginning to have a crush on him.”

*Random pix from last years Sales Presentation where Kenneth was surrounded by girls. What a ladies’ man!

Credit: Carmen

Comments: Haha. Can I say I’m not surprised? Toby is totally someone crazy enough to say that! haha. Kenneth is such a sweetheart, that it amazes me that he doesn’t have a bunch of girls chasing after him or maybe he does and we just don’t know it! Who wouldn’t love Kenneth? She’s probably just saying that though…. Seriously, Kenneth is just so loveable, I’m amazed that all his costars don’t fall for him! All the girls sell him and gush over him haha…

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Kenneth Ma Shows a more Naughty Side of Him…

August 27, 2008 at 2:24 pm (news)

Yesterday Kenneth Ma and Amigo Chui were shooting an advertisement for men’s skincare center – MSC. In front of the camera, they are to portray a handsome man, showing the wet side of their body. In order to match with the promotion effort and the new generation of HD, Kenneth erases his big boy impression, appearing all wet and naked, revealing a more naughty side of him. Amigo was responsible for portraying a healthy image, showing vitality with his vest.

Kenneth laughed and said that he likes his wet look the most, usually he has a gentlemen look. He never thought of revealing this type of image and having the public approve. The response was that people said he was naughty looking, and also his skin has been taken care of well. The positive response gave him more confidence. Amigo Chui also stepped into the generation of HD, many artistes true skin tones are revealed clearly through HD, currently Amigo has no stress over his skin, which is one less of a mental worry for him.

Original pix from:,

Credit: mv_288 @ AF, aZnangel @, Wilson’s blog

Comments: One word — YUM! haha.. woohoo..Kenneth…topless, wet, in HD…what more can u ask for?! (~smilez innocently~) For once MaMing gets to be the bad boy …lol… I think secretly he’s always wanted to be naughty… I like both Naughty & Nice MaMing onscreen, but I hope they don’t try to change his image. I like him just the way he is….love the dorky silly Kenneth offscreen (like that picture in the white w/ Amigo). Don’t get me wrong, they can give him different roles as much as they want, but at the end of the day and during interviews we just want the MaMing we fell for! haha. Just curious, when they say “naked”, do they really mean naked? So how much do we really get to see (haha..weird…I hope they mean half naked. I prefer him clothed from waist-down, but maybe I’m the only one!)?

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Kenneth in New Miniseries & Other updates – Guest Star in New Series

August 4, 2008 at 8:25 pm (christine ng, Leila Tong, nancy wu, news, sharon chan, strictly come dancing, updates)

Walk With Celebrities 明星私遊記

Kenneth, along with Leila Tong – yes, all Keila fans rejoice – are featured in a miniseries/reality show for MTR. It’s supposedly showing on TVB8. I don’t have the details, but for anyone who wants to translate the summary on the site, please do so and send it to us or give us a link to ur post & I’ll post it up to share!

My Health-Food Girlfriend (我的「衛」食女友)

A miniseries starring Kenneth & Koni Lui Wai Yee can be seen at the website below. Four episodes are currently up!

  • Kenneth also showed up at the Book Festival to support Sharon Chan’s book along w/ Nancy Wu, Christine Ng, Teacher Zhou & Stephen Chan (reminds us of SCD!)

  • Speaking of SCD, if you watch the newest video, #40 on the TVB SCD II website, you’ll see the after the finale footage. You see Nancy crying and Kenneth hugging her. They are supercute! She’s whispering in his ear & he’s whispering back and it looks like he gives her a kiss on the cheek (or I’m imagining it!) haha…aw…. Ms. Lok also gives Kenneth a hug. (all this is happening in the background so look closely!)
  • Kenneth Ma will be a guest star on “Your Class or Mine” (New TVB series previously named ‘Sharp Plans’)

Title: 尖子攻略
English title: Your Class or Mine
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-18 to 2008-Sept-12
Air time: Weekdays 20:30 – 21:30

Bobby Au Yeung as Pang Gam Chau 彭錦秋
Sheren Tang as Yim Ga Lai 嚴家勵
Benz Hui as Faan Daai Wai 樊大偉
Derek Kwok as Ching Gwok Chue 程國柱
Mimi Lo
Law Lok Lam
Lee Yee Man (李綺雯)
Vincent Wong
Eileen Yeow
Ha Ping
Renee Dai
Oscar Chan
Benjamin Yuen
Oscar Leung
Percy Fan
Eric Chung (鍾志光)
Jeffrey Mok (莫宇樺)
Kenneth Ma (guest star)

  • Nancy will be in DIE 2 and will probably be paired w/ Edwin Siu …grrr…i hope this isn’t true… how abt KeNancy?!

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Sammul Chan and his opinions of his fellow TVB siusangs

May 3, 2008 at 6:19 pm (bosco wong, news, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Ron Ng in the eyes of Sammul
‘After entering this industry for so long, Ron can be considered as the most playful artist friend. Filming with him is very joyful because he has many mischievous ideas and very energetic! During filming, when there is time out period, he might not necessarily rest. Instead, he will think of some nonsense games for everyone to play together. He’s quite a big kid, so he will always bring happiness to people around him!’

Raymond Lam in the eyes of Sammul
Raymond Lam looks very cool, but in actual fact he likes to joke. Filming ‘Survivor’s Law’ and ‘The Four’ with him, I find him to be a hardworking person who takes his work very seriously.’

Kenneth Ma in the eyes of Sammul
While filming ‘The Four’, there were rumours that I was one of the people who boycotted him. There was no such thing! I have quite a lot of things to chat with him. He looks proper, but in reality, he’s the opposite. He looks quiet, but can actually talks a lot. A lot of crew members also like to interact with him. He has good interpersonal relationships.

Bosco Wong in the eyes of Sammul
‘Bosco is a very nice person. He might not be a person who is always playing gag (I think he means always joking), but talking with him is very confortable. He has a great sense of humor. Although I don’t work with him a lot, I have watched his series. He is a very versatile actor.’

Credits: reiyi and ling gan @ AF

Comments: Nice to know Sammul has good things to say about all of them. Shows that most likely the rumors b4 were nonsense. The whole thing about the guys not talking to Kenneth during “The Four” is ridiculous. The tabloids just found a few pix of Kenneth sitting by himself and quiet…which is probably how Kenneth is a lot cuz he’s tired and memorizing his script…. and published all this stuff…. haha… no one believes it anyways cuz Kenneth is so well-liked. Also, in all the other pix, he’s getting along fine w/ the guys! (Kenneth is one of those more self-conscious shy ppl, so it isn’t a shocker that he’d sit to the side while other ppl r having fun. Ppl with such personalities, I know cuz I’m kinda one of those ppl, need personal space and don’t want to force themselves into a conversation just to be ignored or awkward!) I get a feeling that Kenneth has a LOT of friends, but no DEEP friends, cuz he protects himself. haha… i love the “he looks proper, but he’s the opposite”- what are u trying to say sammul??? haha.. I guess when Kenneth opens up, he can be tons of fun…and that’s why ppl like him when they get to know him! Cute article!

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TVB guys dub themselves as “The Disabled Youths”

April 16, 2008 at 12:52 am (myolie wu, nancy wu, news, strictly come dancing)

Kevin Cheng jokes and Proclaims He’s Disabled as He can’t Dance.
Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Angela Tong, Nancy Wu, Derek Kwok, Timmy Hung, Grace Wong, Eddie Kwan and Christine Ng headed off to Wu Nan yesterday to represent TVB for the collaboration show (Strictly Come Dancing 2). Numerous people have expressed that they favour Nancy Wu and Grace Wong as they both have dancing experience. But Kevin Cheng, Timmy Hung, Kenneth Ma and the other guys proclaimed themselves as (The Disabled Youth’s.) They joked that they would use their secret weapons to cause chaos for the China Female representatives. Last time Dancing King Michael Tse had won the competition, but this time only Nancy Wu and Grace Wong had dancing experience in the past.

Eliminated in the First Round

Kenneth Ma joked “Christine Ng and me have already planned to be eliminated in the first round”. Also Myolie stated that she thought Timmy Hung was pretty good but he later expressed “As for the male’s particpants there’s only 5 disabled youths. When I did a cowboy dance I looked like a rebel. The male’s are weaker this year but that’s why we have to create chaos for the China female particpants.

Sexy Outfits
In addition, Myolie Wu and Angela Tong will dance Latin and Tango. They will both wear sexy outfits such as the one’s Shirley Yeung wore last year. Myolie immediately laughed “ I’m not as sexy as Shirley”. She also explained that she had a lot of pressure during rehearsals. “ The dance routine is focused on feel, not only do you have to dance but you have to act too. “
Angela Tong claimed that the outfits were very tight and sexy therefore she would need to exercise regularly.

Grace Wong used to dance Hip hop at her university. While Nancy Wu has 8 years experience in Chinese Dance. Nancy found it difficult to adapt to Latin. “It’s my first time learning Latin dance. At first it was very hard to adapt to and I found it difficult to learn. I also had a lot of minor injuries. But the most important thing is that I don’t injure my waist.

Credits: kingkongit27 @

Contestant numbers: (for sms voting in future rounds)

01 Junning Zhang
02 Eddie Kwan
03 Kenneth Ma
04 Li Cheng Xuan
05 Dong Fang
06 Gao Zi Qi
07 Kevin Cheng
08 Derek Kwok
09 Yu Hao Ming
10 Timmy Hung
11 Preaw Sha Li
12 Nancy Wu
13 Christine Ng
14 Ruoxi Yang
15 Angela Tong
16 Niu Meng Meng
17 Laetitia Zeppellini
18 Myolie Wu
19 Chen Lu
20 Grace Wong

Credits: Sehseh @

Comments: Haha. why in the world can’t the team captain dance??! lol. haha. I like that, the 5 disabled youths! that’s cute. Nice that Kenneth’s bonding w/ Christine over something! Well the point of the show is to show ppl who can’t dance in the first place learning how to…hence the “miracle” part of the name…. it was kinda like cheating to put Michael in last time, but then again, some of the mainlanders had experience as well. I just can’t wait to see the show! Hopefully, they’ll let us see more behind the scenes stuff and some awesome friendships! I really really really want Kenneth to stay past the first night! I hope he was kidding about his plan w/ Christine haha..he can’t be that bad…can he? Well, if anything, like he says, he can just come back and film more series…. which would be awesome too!

*The girls look so nice in this picture. Wonder where Christine was? In another interview, Myolie mentioned that she’s pressured to do better since “Grace, Nancy, Timmy and Derek were all doing so well.” hm… no mentioned of Kenneth lol…so I guess he’s not doing so well lol….

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TVB Did It Again!

April 5, 2008 at 4:52 pm (news)


Strictly Come Dancing – There will be NO BK! I’m so sad right now! Bernice apparently is not listed as one of the 10 stars taking part in the show. However, Kenneth is definitely confirmed. Nancy Wu will also take part so hopefully we can have some KenNancy! ~crosses fingers~ (hopefully they don’t decide to make it Derek-Nancy) I just knew the BK thing was too good to be true! grrr… TVB! Why must you always lie to us and get our hopes up?? huh?! lol.

Participants: Eddie Kwan, Christine Ng, Angela Tong, Myolie Wu, Timmy Hung, Derek Kwok, Grace Wong, Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, & Nancy Wu….

Here’s a link to THE LIST:

On the bright side, since Kenneth’s participating, maybe we’ll get a nice pic of him? So here’s the website for the show. The new season stuff is, of course, not up yet, but keep an eye out for it!

“Strictly Come Dancing season 2 starts from April 7 till June 6th, 2008. HunanTV will be broadcasting live [@ 8 pm], while TVB will air the show on weekend’s prime time. In addition, the show will be aired in US, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan by TVBI.

The format for 2nd season is a little different as normal people get to participate as well. Like previous season, TVB and HunanTV each will send 10 celebrities participants. Meanwhile normal contestants from 7 states in China will contest against each another to have a chance to dance with the celeb finalists in the last 2 weeks.”

Credits: sehseh @

Season 2 Trailer:

*Press Conference for Season 2 will be on 4/10/08!

Kenneth’s Blog Update (Finally haha!)


My Heart’s Very Nervous (The Mood is very Intense – Rough Translation)

“After finding out that I will be taking part in “Strictly Come Dancing 2″, I’m really nervous.
I’ve never learned how to dance before, and rarely did any dance performances in the past.
In the coming days we’ll start to practice dancing, I’m hoping I could handle this.”

*Credits: mv_288 @

Side Note: Seems like Kenneth’s been on a VERY LONG vacation from filming series. I know he still has a few series that haven’t aired yet, but it’s not good to not be filming! I heard he went on a family vacation during this ‘vacation’ period, which is very good for him (Did he really go to England? He’s so low key, it’s hard to even keep track of him!). We don’t want him overworked! Since he’s going to Hunan now, we might not get a Kenneth feed in a while after all his series are aired. Hope he resumes filming soon! (Hopefully, he still gets to lead series despite the other guys being freed up from the big productions!)

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Kenneth entering the China/Taiwan Market?

March 28, 2008 at 1:12 am (news)

COMMENTS: The article, i believe from the replies at MKMC, is about Ms. Lok is introducing Kenneth, Stephen Hyunh, Tracy Yip, & Suki Chui to the Taiwan/China market; lol… its Kenneth plus the pageant ppl haha…

Kenneth DOES carry that big bag EVERYWHERE. I really wonder what he keeps in there. Soccer close and sneakers so he can play anywhere anytime? haha.

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3 Weekly Issue 373: Hot Favourite Dark Horse – Kenneth Ma (11/25/06)

March 14, 2008 at 9:30 pm (interviews, news)

Kenneth Ma was originally a happy young horse, among the reasons are the following:

1. His father is an engineer and although they are not rich, they had no worries for their livelihood.

2. Apart from his parents, he also has a pair of twin elder sisters. As the youngest son in the family, he has the love of the whole family.

3. After graduating from the TVB acting class in 1999, many of his classmates are still passer-bys, but in just five years, Kenneth was promoted to one of the ‘Six Olympic Stars’ and then joined the ranks of second male lead, with quite a rapid rise up the ranks.

This is all on the surface though and few people know that he was once the person inside the cockroach suit to play ‘Siu Keung’ in Dayo Wong’s MV.

After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineer, he had a great career ahead of him, but he chose to become an actor and those who do not understand his reasons, will think that he is seeking fame and fortune and deserves to end up as a cockroach.

From his days hiding behind the cockroach suit to boldly taking the award for ‘Most Improved Male Artiste’ at the TVB anniversary awards as a dark horse, there is a story of blood, sweat, tears and hard work that is worth learning from. However, he keeps his modest approach: “From beginning to end, I had never imagined I would win the award because there were many people there who were better than me.”

Asked if he felt he was being bullied by Nat Chan, who sprayed him with red paint during the anniversary show, Kenneth defended Nat, saying: “We had expected to be made fun of that night and I thought they didn’t take it far enough because they didn’t even mention my rumours with Margie Tsang.”

The hardest to believe is that when asked about his low points in his thirty odd years, he thinks dopily for a moment before saying: “I have not had any low points really.”

No low points in life? That is strange.

Even stranger is that this Kenneth who often makes people laugh in front of the camera is not really one who talks or laughs a lot in private. He is cool, but not in a way that will leave you with hard feelings.

Following in the Footsteps of Benz Hui to be a Character Actor

Returning to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Kenneth was lucky enough to be chosen as one of TVB’s ‘Six Olympic Stars’. At the time, he was 30 years of age and much older compared with the other stars: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and Lai Lok Yi, you could say he was an ‘overaged star’ and this raised some criticisms. His age also affected his progress in showbiz, but life is full of surprises and three years later, the 33-year old Kenneth is becoming more and more popular.

The ‘Most Improved’ award winners of the past have included Moses Chan, Raymond, Ron and Bosco and they are all in the line of leading male artistes, so there is reason to believe that this award is a great step up for any male artiste, but Kenneth does not feel too much about this and has never thought that this would take him up a level. He has not put any more pressure on himself, because at the moment he is still second lead and whether the ratings are good or bad, it is not up to him to worry about it.

“Take for example the forthcoming series ‘Curious Detective’, the male lead is Roger Kwok and if anyone needs to worry, it is him and not me. From entering this industry, I just know that I have to do my job well and perform my roles well. You can say I have won ‘Most Improved Actor’, but to be honest, I am still finding my way in acting. I have never thought about being an idol, my target is to become a character actor like Benz Hui (Hui Siu Hung).

“Take my niece for instance, she likes to listen to A’s songs today, but when I see her in a few days time, she will have changed to listening to B, The fans of the idols move around and it is very insecure. You say you are good looking, but tomorrow there will be someone even more good looking appearing on the scene. How can you stand that? Character acting is different, take Sean Lau and Benz Hui for example, have you ever heard of someone saying that they like Sean one day and then Benz the next?”

This photo was taken when Kenneth was about three years old, but he does not remember when or where this was. – After seven years in the industry, Kenneth has had minimal gossip, the biggest of which was being linked with Margie Tsang

Young Master Finds Independence in Canada

Kenneth attended secondary school at Chai Wan’s Tse Yau School and loved playing football [soccer] from an early age. Throughout primary and secondary school, football was his life. As the youngest in the family, he did not have to worry about much at home, so he spent all his spare time kicking a ball around. At Form 5, he was well and truly the young master of the Ma family and it was only in 1992 when his family emigrated to Canada that he put this behind him and learned to be independent.

Kenneth went to school six days a week and played football six days a week, but despite this, his results were better than some, but not as good as others. At home he was the apple of his parents’ eyes and he had whatever he wanted. When he learned that they were to emigrate, his HKCEE examinations were of no matter any more, but he still took part in them and passed all his exams, maybe thanks to his natural talent and potential.

After moving to Canada, he continued his studies and although he did not struggle in life, this young master had new responsibilities, because his father was an ‘immigration spaceman’ [a term for fathers who returned to Hong Kong to make a living after emigrating] and Kenneth was left in Canada having to look after his mother and sisters. As the only man in the house, he had to take on the burden of looking after the women and as well as doing the housework, doing things such as changing lightbulbs, clearing the snow and cutting the grass all became his responsibility, so Kenneth waved goodbye to his ‘young master’personality.

“If I had not emigrated to Canada, or if my father did not have to return to Hong Kong, then I would still be a young master who did nothing.” Kenneth’s father is a mechanical engineer and under this influence, Kenneth chose to study this subject at university in the hope of forging a career for himself in the world of engineering, but it was the response from a letter applying for employment that changed the path of his life.

The happiest thing for Kenneth in winning an award was going home to celebratory soup from his mum and some lucky packets from his sisters – Before winning the award, Kenneth had been chosen by a skincare sponsor to be their new spokesperson.

Not Becoming an Engineer, Becoming ‘Siu Keung’ Instead

After a few years living in Canada, Kenneth’s family decided they were more suited to life in Hong Kong, so in 1998 after Kenneth graduated, they moved back to Hong Kong. After returning, Kenneth tried to apply to work in an engineering firm, but he felt he did not fit in, so he thought about changing his career. He sent out six or seven letters seeking employment but he only received a reply from one of them and that was for an interview at TVB’s Artiste Training Class.

As a mechanical engineer, Kenneth’s father naturally wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but he is a very open-minded person and when he found out about the audition, he urged his son to give it a try, but Kenneth has other thoughts about this: “I have suspected that my father telling me to try it was because he thought I would definitely not get in, so he had no worries about me going.”

In the end, Kenneth was accepted into the class and his family were very supportive. In 1999, after Kenneth graduated from the class, he was like all the other graduates and sent to gain experience from passer-by roles, the most memorable of which was to dress up in a cockroach suit for the music video of Dayo Wong’s song ‘Blue Sky’. “Beforehand, I did not know that I had to play Siu Keung, so when I arrived at the studio, I was a little shocked and I held some hard feelings, but afterwards I found it was quite fun and I treated it as a challenge in life.”

After this, Kenneth’s roles were by no means meaty, but at least he was able to show his face and he had more lines, as well as more NG’s [outtakes]. For example in “At the Threshold of an Era II”, he played one of Gallen Lo’s men and in one scene, he had some lines, but NG’ed around thirty or forty times and the crew looked on in despair as they watched him goofing up over and over again, longing to finish and go home. “At the time, they kept improvising the script and I had a lot of long lines. The more nervous I got, the more I NG’ed and the more I NG’ed, the more nervous I became, so even up to now, I have a phobia of script improvisation.” Kenneth is very hardworking, and despite loving to watch football, he has still spent time to learn his script well for ‘Curious Detective’ rather than watch his beloved English Premier League and Spanish football. Here is another example of how success has been forged through taking time to learn scripts well and not through pure luck.

Kenneth is a talented comedian and at the TVB artistes party, his imitation of Ekin Cheng was among the most popular acts – although Kenneth is a little cool, he is always game for a laugh and being sprayed with paint at the anniversary did not leave him upset, but he was calling for more instead.

Does Not Rule out Dating Margie Tsang

Kenneth’s popularity has risen sharply recently. Apart from taking the ‘Most Improved’ award, he also became the highlight of the Annual Artiste’s Presentation Party by dressing up as Ekin Cheng and then being the victim of Nat Chan’s antics at the Anniversary show and being criticised by the viewers. His news has been covering the entertainment press of late, but before all this, there was very little gossip about Kenneth and if it wasn’t for him being linked to Margie Tsang, there would have been next to no news about him.

As an artiste, appearing in the press is important to gain audience recognition, but for Kenneth when he first emerged on the scene, he was very afraid of seeing himself in the papers because he held the intention of just giving a good show. “Whenever I saw myself in the papers and magazines then, I would become very frightened, it was only after some advice from many seniors that I did not become as scared. For example, the first gossip I had was suggesting I was dating Kate Tsui and it was very unnerving. Now they link me with Margie Tsang and say that we have already split up, but then we are working together on ‘Curious Detective’, so they say we are getting back together. I have got used to it now.”

Asked about the story of how he got to know Margie, Kenneth tells the story directly: “I met her once when I was on her radio show to promote ‘Scavenger’s Paradise’ and she introduced me to some charity show work. We kept in touch after that and we are good friends.” With him being so open, the opportunity was taken to ask if there is a chance of them developing a relationship. “I really daren’t say, but I will not close all my doors and say it definitely will not happen. We don’t know what will happen in the future and there is a chance of a relationship between anyone. At the moment, the spark is not there, but who knows what will happen in the future. If I am dating, then I will not be afraid to admit it.”

Kenneth emphasises though that his first choice for a girlfriend would be someone from outside the industry and he does not just go for looks because he has many friends who have beautiful girlfriends, but their personalities are terrible. Kenneth says that he has a fear of troublesome women. Another thing is that if you want to be Kenneth’s girl, then you must have one quality and that is to be able to live with his family. “My father and mother are renowned for being easy going, if you cannot live with them, then this is a problem and with this problem, there is no chance of marriage.” Change Change Change

Kenneth’s manager beside him during the shoot said: “His image is too positive, even if he has gossip people will not believe it.”

Kenneth says that in the seven years in showbiz, his personality has not changed very much, but he has started to adjust to the rules of the entertainment industry game.

Although he has not changed much, the change has been there.

Remember in 2004, when Kenneth joined the others as the ‘Six Olympic Stars’, this was the first chance for him to be introduced to the viewed and raise interest in him by the press.

At the time, I [reporter] was among those who were interviewing the six stars and my impression of Kenneth was of a person who did not say very much but was a man of action. The press would ask him a question and he would answer the question very politely. He was a typical ‘good boy’ image and one of those newcomers who would not find success through gossip.

Three years later, coming into contact again with Kenneth, the gossip is still minimal, but at least he knows what the press want from him and although he is still a man of few words, what he says is quality.

For example, when asked about his opinion on romance, he will say: “I will not be afraid of gossip and not pursue an affair with an older woman. When you love someone, then even if they are not a woman, then I would not mind if they were a man.”

Another example, when you ask about the criteria for a lover, he will say: “I am afraid of girls with bad tempers, so if I meet these people, I often want to give them a good slapping.”

Whether these comments are engineered purely for the press or whether they come from the heart, he has at least learned and changed how to talk to the media now.

* Credits to:

The magazine had some incorrect info.

Kenneth wasn’t working at an engineering firm. He was working at an architecture firm that had nothing to do with his major and all day he’d be running around with blue prints. The magazine had this wrong. He tried to apply and find an engineering job but couldn’t find any. He sent more than 6 or 7 letters he sent 70 letters and had no replies. I corrected it on the article already since Em said she typed the wrong number. That’s because during that time HK’s economy was at a very low point. Those were the things he said in his radio interview on the Superman radio show hosted by Margie Tsang and Lai Lik Chi. I believe what Kenneth said in person on the radio more than what the magazine wrote just wanted to correct this. I still have the 2hour radio interview at home and will try to upload and post it at his forum over here in about a week for those who haven’t listened to it since rthk deleted the show already.

Credit: Sport388

Comments: Kenneth is such a sweet heart! And for the reporters that say if they don’t ask about Margie what else is there to write about, then the above shows that there’s tons more to Kenneth than rumors!

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Kenneth Ma & Margie Tsang: No More Chemistry

March 14, 2008 at 7:06 pm (margie tsang, news)

TVB new series D.I.E <古靈精探> will begin airing next week and a promotional event was held today, attended by cast members including Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮), Margie Tsang (曾華倩). Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and Kitty Yuen (阮小儀).

Rumoured couple Margie and Kenneth seemed to be a little disconnected when they were on stage and as an MC, Margie was noticeably quite distracted. Asked about this later, she explained that it has been over a year since she filmed this series and it was also her first series after returning to TVB, so she was doing too much reminiscing and not concentrating.

Margie has been working as a host on a Fung Shui show for TVB Pay Vision recently and has gained a lot of insights into the art. Asked if she has bought in some plum blossom to encourage romance, she said that there are plenty of blossoms around, so there is no need. When she was then asked if Kenneth was one of her blossoms, she quickly changed the subject and pointed out that plum blossom can also signify popularity.

Kenneth explained that he did not communicate with Margie on the stage because they have not seen each other on a personal level since they finished filming for the series.

Roger’s wife Cindy Au (區倩怡) is due to give birth to their son in April and he was asked if this was a good omen to bring him good ratings for his series. He smiled that there was a chance of this, because there are a lot of factors that can lead to a pleasant surprise. Asked if he was worried about ratings being affected by Sonija’s recent drop in popularity, Roger replied that the birth of his son will bring good luck to everyone.

Roger revealed that the baby has already brought him an advertising job for a stem cell storage company and he will be putting the fee from this job towards a trust fund for the baby. He added that he has already prepared some luggage for his wife for when she is admitted to hospital and plans to join her in the birthing room.

Sonija said that the ratings are hard to predict, but she hoped that the audience will enjoy the series.


COMMENTS: Are they gonna stop dragging Margie into everything Kenneth now? It sad how every time you see one of them, the other is mentioned. They’re probably really tired of it now! I really wouldn’t mind if Kenneth were dating Margie since it’s his business and she pretty for her age. I mean if he were, he’d probably admit it. I don’t think they’re really dating and would prefer that he was with someone else (hehe….Bernice!).

Have you guys seen the gameshow “Heart Big, Heart Small” (I forgot the english name)? Margie was on it and was asked in a pretend psychologist scenario and was asked if she liked Kenneth and she didn’t answer/ was speechless and the psychologist said she’s trying to hide something, but it ended up with the women making fun of the psychologist himself. lol.

Part of me feels like Kenneth has now learned to play along w/ this rumor. Not that I particularly like that, but he’s playing by the rules of the game I guess. Every time he’s asked, he keeps being vague and jokingly saying that people have said they’ve broken up already or that when a series airs people are gonna write that they’re back together…while this may be his way of laughing it off due to his annoyance, I feel that Kenneth is aware that this may get him in the news more.

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Old Article: Kenneth Ma on a Date with Sharon Chan?

March 13, 2008 at 12:35 am (news, sharon chan)

Sharon Chan Man Chi was spotted yesterday meeting with a 6 feet tall man. After long-legged beauty Sharon finished her promotional event with Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, she met with this man in Causeway Bay.

It turns out that Sharon met up with Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming. Kenneth was very understated and wore a cap, obscuring his face. They lingered until 9pm before leaving together.

Since Kenneth had previous rumors with Margie Tsang Wah Sin, he kept his distance while walking next to Sharon. They would chat once in awhile. Sharon’s car was parked in the garage, at which point Kenneth waved to say goodbye. Then he headed in a different direction to go home.

Since the time was still early, Sharon headed to Tsim Tsa Tsui to meet her girlfriends for hot pot. Sharon did not return home until 1 AM.

When Sharon was contacted over the phone about her date with Kenneth, she said she is not afraid of rumors, “We are good friends. He just returned to Hong Kong after filming ‘Tai Chi.’ Since we haven’t seen each other for several months, we decided to meet up.” (How come it was only the 2 of them?) “We met in such a public place, that’s it no big deal even if we were spotted together. I knew Kenneth many years ago from filming ‘Dreams of Colors.’ He was my boyfriend in the series. We have been friends for many years.”

Did Sharon have any pursuers currently? “I am not dating anyone. Even if there were pursuers, I am focusing on my career right now.”


Comments: This is one of Kenneth’s very few rumors…. It was actually a one day rumor lol. I use to love ShaKen together… before my conversion to BK. But they really seem to be very good friends and do look compatible physically! How many series have they been in together? hmm… DOC, SL, SH, and…? There was something else that I just cannot recall!

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Kenneth Ma: Too Old to Go Clubbing + Sing K Every Night

March 13, 2008 at 12:31 am (ella koon, news, survivor's law II)

Sammul Chan and Ella Chan have been reported to be not getting along because both a fighting for Ron Ng. But a group of Sammul fans left messages of support on their idol’s web page, telling him that they support him perusing Ron and that they wish them well.

While being rumoured to be fighting for Ron, Sammul has been angered by the discussion on his sexuality. This has caused his fans to act immediately, by showing their support for him. One Sammul fan called Alvin left a message on Sammul’s message board saying, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with Sammul liking Ron. I hope that you two will always be in love and together till the end.”

On the other hand, Ella and Kenneth Ma, who were filming a holding hands scene for ‘Survivor’s Law 2’, attracted many people to watch. Kenneth disclosed that as they will be filming a kissing scene, he is not nervous about holding hands. He then praised Ella for her soft hands. When asked if he liked girls like Ella, Kenneth replied, “I like girls who are straight forward but they must be mature. This is because I am old and unable to go sing k and clubbing with her every night.”


Comments:  Kenneth is so hilarious. I didn’t realize this at first, but I don’t think Kenneth was merely talking about singing karaoke. I think he was making a joke, that no one caught lol.. silly Kenneth and his quirky sense of humor. I think he brought up ‘singing K’ cuz of Ron’s nickname “Ng Cheung K” (not singing K). It does seem that Kenneth was very careful of what he says about Ella though or maybe the reporters just aren’t interested? They’d rather make up stuff about Ron and Sammul lol.

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Kate Tsui Sent Valentines Flowers To Girlfriend

March 13, 2008 at 12:27 am (kate tsui, news)

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) took part in a pet show at a shopping mall yesterday and shared a new year greeting with several tens of doggie friends and their owners.

Kate revealed that the dog she brought along to the show actually belonged to a friend because she does not have time to look after a pet at the moment. However, she said that the dog was very obedient and did what she told it to. Asked what she is currently working on, she said that she has been preparing to film for TVB series Heart of Greed II <溏心風暴之家好月圓>, where she plays a character who has just come back from Portugal. As a result she has been busy learning some Portuguese and making sure that her accent is authentic.

When asked how she spent Valentines Day, Kate said: “I bought some flowers for a girlfriend because I wanted to make her happy. I sent it anonymously and she was very pleased to receive it. However, I was a bit of a failure and did not receive any flowers. Even last year I had a few.”

Asked to comment about the recent sex photo scandal, Kate said that she hopes it will draw to an end soon, because as an artiste herself, she finds it troubling when she reads the reports every day.

Kenneth said that he has kept many pets in the past, but does not have time now because of his work. He revealed that he spent Valentines Day alone at home, but he did speak to his first girlfriend on the phone because it was her birthday on 13 February and he called her to wish her a happy birthday. He clarified that she is now married so there is no chance of them getting back together again. He laughed that even his rumored girlfriend Margie Tsang (曾華倩) did not call him on that day.


Comments: It’s cute how Kenneth and his first gf are still friends. Those pictures of Kenneth and Kate make me think of the time when Bernice and Kenneth were at an event with dogs. They pretty much asked the same questions about whether he likes animals. haha…Kenneth is so logical, he always equates everything to money and how he should have enough time and money before he takes on a pet, family, wife, or child. He’s so responsible!

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Selena Li Says Look Out For Kiss Scenes

March 13, 2008 at 12:24 am (master of taichi, news, selena li)

Cast members of TVB series The Master Of Tai Chi <太極> took part in a promotional event yesterday, however the two leading male stars Raymond Lam (林峯) and Vincent Zhao (趙文卓) were noticeably absent.

Leading female Melissa Ng (吳美珩) is also currently on maternity leave, so the event was left to the other cast members including Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Selena Li (李詩韻), Power Chan (陳國邦), Derek Kok (郭政鴻) and semi-retired TV veteran Lau Siu Ming (劉兆銘), to hold the fort. However, everyone still had a good time as they played some games with the audience and introduced their roles in the series.

Selena revealed that her character fights against Melissa for the affections of Kenneth in the series and she tempted the viewers by saying that has many exciting kissing scenes, including her first screen wet kiss. However, Kenneth spoiled her plug by saying that the period in which the show is set was very conservative, so the level of their passion was strictly limited.

Talking of filming for the series in Yunnan province for four months, Selena said that she found the time between shoots extremely boring, so during the four months, she returned to Hong Kong eight times, spending around HK$20,000 on plane tickets. She laughed that people said that she was losing money on this job.

Asked what she did on Valentines Day, Selena said that she spent the evening at church, so she did not receive any gifts. She said that she is still single and when asked if she had split up with rumored boyfriend Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), she immediately denied that there was anything between them.


COMMENTS: These two are so cute. KenSelena are just so silly and flirty. Too bad Selena has Patrick, who I think she looks cute with as well. They seem like pretty good friends! That was Selena’s first onscreen kiss, of course she thinks/remembers it being a lot!

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Kenneth Ma Complains About Lack of Kissing Scenes

March 13, 2008 at 12:24 am (kate tsui, news, Sweet Talk)

Caption: Despite collaborating numerous times, Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui have never kissed.

Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Kate Tsui Tsi San were filming for new TVB series, “Sweet Talk” 《甜言蜜語》. Although this is their fifth collaboration together, they have never shared an on screen kissing scene.

In the series, Kenneth will be caught in a love triangle between Kate and Claire Yiu Ka Lei. Since the script does not include a kissing scene with either actress, Kenneth plans to request the Producer to add a kissing scene!

Often lacking intimate scenes on screen, Kenneth said, “Although I will be in a love triangle with Kate and Claire, I don’t even get to touch their hands! I always lacked intimate scenes with the ladies in past series. The only fortunate exception was with Ella Koon Yan Na in ‘Survivor’s Law 2.’ We kissed 3 to 4 times then!”

In real life, was Kenneth ever involved in a love triangle? He shook his head, “Never tried it! My love life has been very clean! I will only start a new relationship after ending the past one.”

“There is so much headache with one girlfriend already; how do you handle more? I would not know what to do for Valentine’s Day! Also, I am too cheap to watch a movie twice with two women!”

Regarding Kenneth’s request to add a kissing scene, Kate said, “He is only joking! If we were to share a kiss, he will be very embarrassed! A long time ago, I had to give him CPR on screen. Although this was not a love scene, our lips did touch! When Kenneth and I filmed ‘Hidden Master’ 《幕後大老爺》, we did not have any intimate scenes together despite playing a married couple. ”

In “Sweet Talk,” Kate will be playing a deaf character. Playing a character with a disability for the first time, she prepared for the role by learning how to read lips. Kate also went to a learning center to observe people with hearing challenges.


Comments: Haha….Kenneth’s got such a quirky sense of humor. He just loves pretending he’s a pervert…lol…which as Ella has clarified he is not. He’s so a good boy -wanna-be-bad. So Cute! Looks like he got his wish 😛 (somehow it was awkwardly funny? lol.)

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Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

March 13, 2008 at 12:15 am (master of taichi, myolie wu, news, raymond lam, selena li)

Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

New Series The Master of Tai Chi 《太極》 will broadcast soon. Yesterday the promotion was held at a mall in Macau. Cast members including Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li were present at the event. Other cast members such as Myolie Wu and Vincent Zhao were unable to attend due to busy schedules. Myolie is currently in Malaysia doing some stage work, while Vincent currently is not in Hong Kong due to some personal problem. Producer Mr. Leung mentioned that Vincent has agreed to take part in the promotional event in March.

Kenneth Ma Welcomes Patrick Tang to come express Anger
Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were responsible for promoting the series to help ratings, at the event they were arranged to play games with audience members. Raymond had both of his arms in front of him and also shrugged his shoulders up for protection, he laughs and said that it is to avoid fans touching places that does not need to be touched, the event was extremely playful. Raymond expresses that he has confidence in “Tai Chi”‘s ratings. Also this is his first Pre-Modern series, the story talks a lot about the human nature. But in the series’s promotional clip, it showed a bed-kissing scene of him and Myolie and looked very intimate. He says that even though he’s very familiar with Myolie, but when filming that kind of scene the both of them had to do some preparations. Asked Raymond, if Myolie’s rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong would get jealous when he sees the scene? When Raymond heard the question, he laughed: “He will understand. We are all just acting. And also the series was already filmed 2 years ago, that time didn’t even know those two had rumors.” Kenneth Ma and Selena Li also has a bed scene in the series. Kenneth expresses that its not bad, only showed down to her shoulders, when reporters asked him if he’s afraid that Selena’s boyfriend Patrick Tang would go express his anger towards him, Kenneth laughs that he welcomes him to come find him.

Translated by: aZnangel


COMMENTS: Wonder if Kenneth means it? haha.. He’s such a joker. I can’t wait to see him and Selena in TaiChi and The Four!

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