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July 26, 2009 at 5:38 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

In Kenneth Ma’s new series, he plays a flirty inspector, besides having a very sexy girlfriend Bernice Liu, he will also have a one-night stand with beautiful girl Lisa S. For the role, Kenneth said that he will need to go to Lan Kwai Fong and look up information. Not hard to believe that rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu may get jealous.

Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu and Lisa S. attended the costume fitting of TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth and Bernice will again play a couple in the series, the two will even have a heated bed scene. Bernice appeared at the event in a low-cut outfit and always stuck by Kenneth when taking pictures, no wonder Kenneth had a huge smile on his face.

Kenneth being surrounded by all these pretty girls, will he report to rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu? He smiled: “I don’t need to. But its really just a role, I never tried one-night stand before. Maybe I will have to go to Lan Kwai Fong to check it out and take some notes for this role.” Even Western-like girl Bernice expressed that the script is quite an uproar, it doesn’t even seem like a television series would have such scenes.

Playing as a female cop, Tavia Yeung appeared in a police uniform, but the uniform requires her to change her 25-inch waist into a 22-inch, Tavia said: “This time I’m playing as a police officer, my mom is the happiest because she had always wanted me to be a police.” Raymond Lam’s role doesn’t beat Kenneth’s role where he is surrounded with girls, asked if he’s worried that Kenneth may steal all the limelight? He said: “Having many girls would stand out? Kenneth and my roles are very different. He is flirty and I’m the honest one.”

News Source: Mingpao
please credit if reposting

Kenneth Ma wins the year’s best role
Today at the costume fitting of a new TVB series (Shall we state the case), Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam appeared in their costumes.

At the fitting, it was indicated Kenneth, portraying a policeman, might have won the best role this year, because in the series he will have many girlfriends and will be a player, plus he loves ¡§One night stands¡¨. When asked whether he will notify rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu first, before filming romantic scenes with many actresses, of course he denied it. However, Bernice who will be Kenneth¡¦s girlfriend in the series, reminded him to bring chewing gum and a toothbrush.

Bernice also indicated, in the new series the first scene will be a passionate kiss between her and Kenneth. The rate of intimacy is closer than any kissing scenes she had done before. So she doesn¡¦t know whether it will be appropriate for showing on TV.

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Raymond, Kenneth, Tavia & Bernice in ‘Romance and Case Discussions’

July 26, 2009 at 5:31 pm (bernice liu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Raymond Lam Fung, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Tavia Yeung Yi and Bernice Liu Bik Yee were at the costume fitting for TVB’s new series, “Romance and Case Discussions” 《談情說案》yesterday. In the series, Raymond will play a physicist and assist police officer, Kenneth, in solving criminal cases.

The theme for “Romance and Case Discussions” appear to resemble Japanese drama “Detective Galileo,”《神探伽俐略》. Was Raymond concerned that he will be accused of copying the Japanese drama? Raymond noted that “Romance and Case Discussions” will be set amidst a mystery, case-solving backdrop, while focusing on love relationships. To prevent the audience’s inability in following the cases, scientific explanations will often be used to validate the outcomes. This strategy will be different than “Detective Galileo.” To avoid further comparison to Fukuyama Masaharu’s performance in “Detective Galileo,” Raymond will avoid watching the Japanese drama. Raymond indicated he will need to prepare in advance for his role, as the scientific jargon will be even more difficult to relay than legal jargon.

Kenneth Ma will act as a detective, who is popular among women. At the costume fitting yesterday, Kenneth was surrounded by 6 actresses. Was Raymond concerned that Kenneth will steal the show? Raymond questioned, “Having more women will steal the show?” Reporters asked whether Raymond’s singer status prevented him from portraying womanizer roles? “No, it’s not related. Perhaps my image resembles a professor more! However, I do envy Kenneth. I have never seen a role with so many female co-stars. I would like to try the challenge sometime too!”

Bernice will play a guest role in “Romance and Case Discussions.” The script gave her a good surprise, as she and Kenneth will share an intimate scene together. Bernice said, “In a past series, we shared a kissing scene which required a 360 degree angle during filming. In ‘Romance and Case Discussions,’ the excitement will be taken a step further, as we will kiss and embrace passionately at the same time.” Bernice stressed that it would be necessary for both of them to freshen their mouths prior to filming.

Kenneth admitted that his role in “Romance and Case Discussions” was his most ‘fortunate’ role in 2009. Will Kenneth need to explain himself to rumored girlfriend, Nancy Wu Ding Yan? Kenneth laughed, “There’s no need to. But I never had a one night stand before; I may need to observe more activities in Lan Kwai Fong.” Reporters teased Kenneth that he was treated to feeling Bernice’s “boobie cakes” during the photograph session. Kenneth said, “Bernice has a very fit figure. I did feel her curves while standing next to her. Hopefully, during the filming, I will have more opportunities to feel them again!” Despite her long acting career, it will be the first time for Tavia Yeung to wear a police uniform in a series. It turns out that Tavia’s mother had wished her to become a police officer at one point. Thus this series will fulfill Tavia’s mother’s dream. Reporters noted that Tavia’s image lost out to the sexily dressed Bernice, Tavia laughed, “No, we are good sisters and will share. She will be sexy, while I will be prim.”

Tavia revealed that she will have a one night stand with Raymond in the series. In one scene, Raymond and Tavia lost their way in the mountains and thus shared an intimate night together.


Comments: This is one weird translation! haha…the translator said that it sounds like Kenneth said he wants to touch Bernice’s “boobiecakes” haha what kinda word is that?!
I guess it was taken out of context. Kenneth is a joker and has developed the weirdest sense of humor. I think he was simply complimenting Bernice’s figure and saying he would love to get to hold Bernice again haha…(and feel her curves?) innocent.gif Kenneth should be glad that the media loves him haha and that everyone just knows he’s all talk & being silly or else they could make it out to be a lot worse!

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Kenneth in a series w/ Tavia!

June 2, 2009 at 8:16 pm (raymond lam, tavia yeung)

Omg. ah-yi posted @ AF regarding this news. Apparently, stated that Kenneth’s been confirmed for the Raymond Lam & Tavia Yeung series (Fungyi)! Joel Chan will also be in the series. I don’t understand how this works, but Tavia is supposed to film right after she finished guest starring in Iron Horse. Then wouldn’t Kenneth be still filming, unless of course, he’s a guest star in the FungYi series upon request haha. The producers wanna fulfill his wishes so he’ll stop nagging them! “Here, you get a scene w/ Ah Yi! Now stop bothering us!”

The series is slated for June (wouldn’t Kenneth still be filming Iron Horse?). Bernice is also slated to film a series in June….hm…..~crossing my fingers~

I am so happy that there is a Fung-Yi-Ming series. Hope we see a love triangle haha…unless Bernice gets in on it of course!

This all still doesn’t make sense since Kenneth is apparently going to be in a series in July w/ Joe Ma and Susanna Kwan according to (Apparently Kate Tsui may also be in it…haha. they just wanna even the number of collaborations out w/ Selena’s eh?)

Fungyi fans (well i’m one too) seem super concerned that Kenneth may take part haha. That is funny. Lots of ppl anticipate a Kenvia collaboration, but they don’t want it to get in the way of FungYi haha. Come on, we all know sweet Kenneth will totally melt away our hearts if there is a triangle…the dangers 😛

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TVB Weekly Issue #591: “The Four” The Final Battle

October 24, 2008 at 12:18 am (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Note: The only parts translated are those involving Kenneth. This is not a full translation.

Picture 1: Main Cover – “The Four” The final battle

Picture 2: Table of Contents

Picture 3: “The Four” – Four in One (Ron & Sammul)

Picture 4: (Kenneth & Raymond) The 3 paragraphs there just gives a general overview of the storyline, and which actor/actress is acting as which character.

Picture 5: Raymond and Sammul talks about what they think about their character; and what happens to them in the end of the story.

Picture 6: “Metal Hand” – The Mediator (A peace-keeper)
Kenneth has a few similar characteristics as Metal hand; Metal Hand is a very honest and sincere; good-natured person, he acts as a neutralizer in the story. Kenneth said “In comparison to Heartless’ aloofness, Cold Blood’s cruelness, and Chase’s cheeriness, out of the four of them Metal Hand seems like the only one without any personal characteristics.  However, this is actually what makes Metal Hand the special character he is; friendly and “down-to-earth,” hence he always acts as the mediator in the group.”
This is the first time that Kenneth has to do fight scenes (kung fu).  Kenneth said “This is the first time (doing kung fu) since entering into the industry; in the past I acted as “Gan Yun Geen” in “My Master is Wong Fei Hong”, there were some kung fu involvement, but it had elements of comedy in it.  But this time it is a real kung fu movie/drama, so this is a big challenge.  Because I’m tall, every move/action I do involves me to stretch far and wide in order to create the required visual effect, and by doing so, it makes my fist manoeuvres more strong and tough.  I’m not very satisfied with my performance this time, everything was learned instantly (accelerated course); I hope I can improve more for the kung fu scenes in the future.”

“Metal Hand” – Ending – Brotherhood
The four of them had gone through a lot in order to achieve the brotherhood that they have now, however they are about to face a rupture on the relationship.  Kenneth said “the recent cases revealed that Metal Hand and Heartless actually has a unique association due to their family backgrounds; the two families are enemies.  Smart viewers would have noticed that at the beginning of the drama there was a part dealing with the two families, due to some misunderstanding, trying to kill each other off; Metal Hand and Heartless happens to be the descendents of the two family.  Plus with the “help” (inciting one against the other) from the “enemy spy” Song Gee Yin, our hatred for each other deepened.  The ending is to see how the four of us, not being brothers anymore, pull back together and team up to congregate our last battle, to elaborate the brotherhood in order to save each other.” (OMG!!! This paragraph is really hard to translate!!!)
Caption on the picture: Kenneth explains that Metal Hand’s hands can be injured by weapons, but because there are two little shields on his gloves that blocks it for him.  Seeing his own performance in the kung fu scenes, Kenneth feels really surprised and says “looks like I’m able to do pretty well for kung fu scenes, it is a big satisfaction (fulfillment).”

Picture 7: Raymond talks about Kenneth
“Although I’ve partnered with Kenneth a few times, we never had opportunities to actually act in the same scene with each other.  But this time we have a lot of screen time together.  In comparison to the three of us, Kenneth is mild-mannered/urbanely/suave, he usually doesn’t talk much.  This time during the filming process we got to know each other more (during play time while goofing around).  We would talk and laugh non-stop.  The major achievement this time was being able to “open up” Kenneth’s mouth (making Kenneth talk more).”

Picture 8: Ron talks about Kenneth
“I’ve partnered with Kenneth twice, although we don’t have a lot of scenes together, I can see major improvements in him.  He completed the actor training course, and has not learnt any kung fu or dancing skills, but you can see that when he does the fight scenes he knows what he’s doing and does it well.  You can see that other than his acting skills, he has matured a lot in other areas as well.  He does not feel that he is at a disadvantage because of the personality his character has, instead because every character has a different personality there can be attractive chemistry effects.”

Picture 9: Sammul talks about Kenneth
“I feel that Kenneth has become broad-minded and outspoken (optimistic).  When we first met, he was really shy and didn’t speak much.  This time around he is able to bond into (get along) our big family.  When we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” he doesn’t dare to play with us, this time he has learned/willing to joke with us and knows when to “fight back” when necessary.  Over the years, I’m able to see him improve in many different areas.”

Picture 10: Kenneth – Matured
Looking back, Kenneth is gratified that they’ve all matured. Kenneth says “thinking back to when we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” we were all new to the industry, all of us were very nervous.  Every time when we film the most important part was to fully delivery our lines and that was it.  Now after 5 years we’re able to work together again to film “The Four” and indeed we’ve all matured a lot, especially for our acting.  After getting our script we should discuss about it, we’ll do some pre-runs, and work out any kinks and make changes until everything is smooth.  This would be a hard task to accomplish if we didn’t have “unspoken consensus” (“muk ka-ie”).”

Kenneth talks about Raymond

“Haven’t partnered with Raymond a lot, even when we were both filming “La Femme Desperado” we didn’t have any scenes together, strictly speaking this is the first time we’ve filmed together, where we had so many parts together.  In the past I see more of his performance.  Remembering to the time when we were filming “Eternal Happiness” I was only a scholar, and he was already one of the main characters.  He had good control of his sword.  I think he is fit for ancient roles.”

Kenneth talks about Sammul
“Sammul is just like Chase, usually talks a lot, knows how to create a good atmosphere, in comparison I don’t talk as much.  But working with him is great, there wouldn’t be any boredom.  I just need to stand on the side to listen, and laugh together with them all; I really enjoy this type of happy and relaxing work environment.”

Kenneth talks about Ron
“Ron wouldn’t have a straight face just because he is playing the role Cold Blood, when filming he would look really cruel and not say a single word, but once the camera stops his own personality will come right back.  Because of Cold Blood it has caused him to hold back/depressed/constrained, he needs to be released (set free from Cold Blood’s personality).  For a person like him broad minded and outspoken, having them to stop and be silent and not speak is really hard on them.”

Credits: Carmen @ MKMC (Carmen, We really appreciate your translation! Thanks again!),

Note from Carmen: Please note that this is not an official translation of the article itself.  There may be some mistakes, and minor errors on the translation.  I’ve tried my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there had been a few parts that I had to change a little in order to make the content “flow” better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!

Another version of the translated magazine w/ the Raymond Parts and soon all the other parts translated can be found here:

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The Four – Themevideo

September 15, 2008 at 2:27 pm (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four, videos)

Kenneth’s voice is third in the themesong. Aww…he’s got the 2nd…

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The Four – Coming Soon….

September 11, 2008 at 8:50 pm (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

The Overseas Poster ( Credit:

Promo Videos:

Yay. Kenneth speaks twice in the video! haha.

鐵手 Tie Shou (Tit Sau) – The Iron Hand is a honest character that possesses incredible internal strength palm that allows him to stop the sharpest blades with his bare hands. He is modest, kindhearted, and faithful to the one he loves.

He is recuited into The Four after Zhou Ming making him the 3rd disciple. (I read that he’s suppose to be the 2nd disciple…but I guess they change him)

Credits: Fairytale_angel @ AF


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Sammul Chan and his opinions of his fellow TVB siusangs

May 3, 2008 at 6:19 pm (bosco wong, news, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Ron Ng in the eyes of Sammul
‘After entering this industry for so long, Ron can be considered as the most playful artist friend. Filming with him is very joyful because he has many mischievous ideas and very energetic! During filming, when there is time out period, he might not necessarily rest. Instead, he will think of some nonsense games for everyone to play together. He’s quite a big kid, so he will always bring happiness to people around him!’

Raymond Lam in the eyes of Sammul
Raymond Lam looks very cool, but in actual fact he likes to joke. Filming ‘Survivor’s Law’ and ‘The Four’ with him, I find him to be a hardworking person who takes his work very seriously.’

Kenneth Ma in the eyes of Sammul
While filming ‘The Four’, there were rumours that I was one of the people who boycotted him. There was no such thing! I have quite a lot of things to chat with him. He looks proper, but in reality, he’s the opposite. He looks quiet, but can actually talks a lot. A lot of crew members also like to interact with him. He has good interpersonal relationships.

Bosco Wong in the eyes of Sammul
‘Bosco is a very nice person. He might not be a person who is always playing gag (I think he means always joking), but talking with him is very confortable. He has a great sense of humor. Although I don’t work with him a lot, I have watched his series. He is a very versatile actor.’

Credits: reiyi and ling gan @ AF

Comments: Nice to know Sammul has good things to say about all of them. Shows that most likely the rumors b4 were nonsense. The whole thing about the guys not talking to Kenneth during “The Four” is ridiculous. The tabloids just found a few pix of Kenneth sitting by himself and quiet…which is probably how Kenneth is a lot cuz he’s tired and memorizing his script…. and published all this stuff…. haha… no one believes it anyways cuz Kenneth is so well-liked. Also, in all the other pix, he’s getting along fine w/ the guys! (Kenneth is one of those more self-conscious shy ppl, so it isn’t a shocker that he’d sit to the side while other ppl r having fun. Ppl with such personalities, I know cuz I’m kinda one of those ppl, need personal space and don’t want to force themselves into a conversation just to be ignored or awkward!) I get a feeling that Kenneth has a LOT of friends, but no DEEP friends, cuz he protects himself. haha… i love the “he looks proper, but he’s the opposite”- what are u trying to say sammul??? haha.. I guess when Kenneth opens up, he can be tons of fun…and that’s why ppl like him when they get to know him! Cute article!

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Updates: Upcoming Series

April 8, 2008 at 1:21 am (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, selena li, Sweet Talk, The Four, The Speech of Silence, updates)

The Four

* Sources indicate that The Four will be released around Mid-May or June of this year, targeting the younger generation who are off during the summer. Sammul’s manager Ivy has confirmed that the themesong is going to be sang by the four leads, so Kenneth will take part in the themesong! There will be 25 episodes.

Cast: Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Ron Ng, Cilla Kung, Sammul Chan, Vivi Li, Crystal Tin, Dominic Lam

Man In Charge aka Hidden Master

* Rumor has it that Man In Charge will be airing soon, possibly before The Four. It is believed that the series may be released after Catch Me Now. There will be 20 Episodes.

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Mathew Ko

Credits: &

COMMENTS: Glad to hear that two more Kenneth series will be coming out this year and they’re ANCIENT! I haven’t seen a Kenneth ancient series in a while. I just can’t wait! I’m sorta surprised that the theme’s going to be sang by all four guys. Although it makes sense, I just thought super-biased TVB would let Raymond sing the theme or maybe even Ray and Ron. At first I thought it would be awesome if all four guys got to sing the song, but now that I think about it, it would just be weird. Can you imagine all four of them getting up on stage and lipsynching singing together? lol. What are they, F4? That would be majorly weird. Well, I’m guessing Raymond will probably get to sing the subtheme. Haha, I was hoping that Kenneth would be able to get a song himself, a pretty far fetched idea. He’s standing in a pretty good position in the tentative poster though…hehe…

As for Man In Charge, I’m really hoping that Kenneth gets his own themesong. For some odd reason though, I have a feeling that they’ll let Kate sing or at least make it a duet. Hopefully, it won’t be a funny song like the one in SP or the songs from WOIL! I want it to be a serious nice song lol. (If I were given a choice, however, as to which theme Kenneth were to sing, the one for Man in Charge or The Speech of Silence, I would totally vote for TSOS since modern songs tend to be more serious & better.)

I have a feeling The Speech of Silence will probably air at the beginning of next year, probably around the same time as SLII was aired or in February in time for Valentine’s Day. While the beginning of the year timeslots pose as a disadvantage for ratings and people tend to forget it by the Anniversary, I think Kenneth will be able to pull it off once again. Afterall, he prove he could in SLII. I just cannot wait for all three series. It scares me though that there’s no news of any new Kenneth series where he is leading coming out. Hopefully, he’ll continue to lead series and that more than 2 series of his, TSOS and Just Love II will come out next year!

* Kenneth getting made-up for The Speech of Silence.

Aw..he’s reading his script intently! He’s wearing that silver bracelet, his necklace, his watch, his favorite dress style – the tank and drinking his fav drink lemon ice tea! haha… he is so consistent with what he wears and his likes. Haha, what’s with the computerized autograph? – Are those cute donald duck gifts or does he actually carry that around?

Credits: MKMC Forum

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Interview Videos

March 14, 2008 at 6:35 pm (ella koon, interviews, master of taichi, michelle ye, raymond lam, selena li, survivor's law II, videos)

Kenneth & Michelle interview for HK Live – half of the interview

Ella Koon’s Ebuzz Interview about SLII and Kenneth Ma

Kenneth & Selena (end part) interview about TaiChi

Costume Fitting of “The Four” – Kenneth & Selena Complimenting each other

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Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

March 13, 2008 at 12:15 am (master of taichi, myolie wu, news, raymond lam, selena li)

Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

New Series The Master of Tai Chi 《太極》 will broadcast soon. Yesterday the promotion was held at a mall in Macau. Cast members including Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li were present at the event. Other cast members such as Myolie Wu and Vincent Zhao were unable to attend due to busy schedules. Myolie is currently in Malaysia doing some stage work, while Vincent currently is not in Hong Kong due to some personal problem. Producer Mr. Leung mentioned that Vincent has agreed to take part in the promotional event in March.

Kenneth Ma Welcomes Patrick Tang to come express Anger
Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were responsible for promoting the series to help ratings, at the event they were arranged to play games with audience members. Raymond had both of his arms in front of him and also shrugged his shoulders up for protection, he laughs and said that it is to avoid fans touching places that does not need to be touched, the event was extremely playful. Raymond expresses that he has confidence in “Tai Chi”‘s ratings. Also this is his first Pre-Modern series, the story talks a lot about the human nature. But in the series’s promotional clip, it showed a bed-kissing scene of him and Myolie and looked very intimate. He says that even though he’s very familiar with Myolie, but when filming that kind of scene the both of them had to do some preparations. Asked Raymond, if Myolie’s rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong would get jealous when he sees the scene? When Raymond heard the question, he laughed: “He will understand. We are all just acting. And also the series was already filmed 2 years ago, that time didn’t even know those two had rumors.” Kenneth Ma and Selena Li also has a bed scene in the series. Kenneth expresses that its not bad, only showed down to her shoulders, when reporters asked him if he’s afraid that Selena’s boyfriend Patrick Tang would go express his anger towards him, Kenneth laughs that he welcomes him to come find him.

Translated by: aZnangel


COMMENTS: Wonder if Kenneth means it? haha.. He’s such a joker. I can’t wait to see him and Selena in TaiChi and The Four!

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