TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards 2010 – My Favorite Male Character: Kenneth Ma – Gu Yu Tong (A Fistful of Stances)

December 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm (A Fistful of Stances, anniversary, bosco wong, kate tsui, kevin cheng, Ron Ng, selena li, the mysteries of love, toby leung, tvb anniversary)

With the Awards’ season coming to an end, I believe most of us expected, though were still disappointed, that Kenneth would not receive an award for Gu Yu Tong (AFOS). However, I think the biggest shock of all was not Raymond Lam winning for the oh-so-plain-and-boring-I-wear-tight-pants-&-weird-vests Kingsley (dude, what kind of name is that anyways?), but that A Fistful of Stances didn’t even make the Top 5 series of the year. TVB are you serious? I personally thought AFOS was one of THE best series of the year. It started off the year right. Given that I have not seen NR, I will not judge, but it’s over-hyping is slightly nauseating me. While I did not think I’d like CBML initially, I ended up finding it pretty entertaining, though it was no-where near Best Series material. ACOTOB was a dark-horse in Top 5 for sure, and while I enjoyed the series much to my surprise, I really felt it was mediocre. It is an easily forgettable series. And then there’s TMOL….it was a bad series with a likable cast, and it does NOT belong in top 5 despite my love for BK & Tavia. Not to mention, every character was pretty much annoying. My choices for Favorite series are: AFOS, GMG, EMYM (I surprisingly enjoyed it), & I guess the two other anniversary series just based on popularity. I just have to say that I’m particularly amused at how TVB strategically aired AFOS at the beginning of the year, so people would forget it by Anniversary time. I guess they see the series & Kenneth as a threat (cause more uproar if he didn’t get anything) against their anniversary series. It was also a lame move to not let GMG finish airing before the Awards Ceremony.

As we knew early on this year, the contenders were Wayne, Moses, Raymond, and dark-horses Steven & Felix. There was not a doubt in my mind that the first 3 were going to take the Male Actor Awards home. Of course, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming. Kenneth’s performance in AFOS was amazing, and a definite breakthrough. Just the year prior, I was worried that Kenneth would never get a good role like MK Sun again, which was a contender for the Favorite Character Award in 2009. However, he came back strong this year with Gu Yu Tong, which deserved a Best Actor nomination. I am still amazed at how TVB can honestly not nominate him for the Best Actor award, but yet, list Kevin for AFOS and Bosco for GTL (among a few). If you’ve seen the series, no explanation is necessary, and you know who gave the better performance and was lead. While Steven is a deserving candidate for the awards, he did not deserve it for GW, and I have come to the conclusion long ago that Steven will NEVER get an award. Unless he gets super lucky and causes an unexpected uproar like Wayne did last year, as long as TVB is in control, he won’t get anything. Wayne is a great actor and among the five, I’m glad he won. Moses is a good actor as well, but I get tired of his comedies, and I know he can do so much more/better (Can TVB please give him a serious role?). Raymond is a good actor too (haha, this is getting repetitive), but he is always the same character, the prince-charming who bawls over a girl breaking his heart and he’s never exceptional. Felix was a refreshing lead, and while I liked GMG, I did not think he was as amazing nor was the series as great as everyone says it is. With all that said, I am secretly really happy that Raymond got this award (which I already expected) instead of Steven, because TVB just made a fine display of favoritism and instead of being happy for Steven, people are feeling sorry that Kenneth was robbed. 😀 I am still upset, however, that the media is feeling bad for Moses for being robbed of My Favorite Character, despite all the voices online (overseas) saying that Kenneth deserved it! (As seen in the screen-cap of the poll, where Kenneth is in the lead)

Kenneth is pulling off his bald look very nicely, and I love how the “Ma’s Brothers” were together on stage. Of course, I know Kenneth can do a better “chok” look and look super-handsome doing it, but his choice of shaking his head up and down just makes him the adorable MaMing we love. I was sad that Kenneth walked with Kate again, I was hoping for Nancy lol.

On a side note: Congrats Raymond Wong!!! (baby & award) Very deserving, though I loved ALL the contenders for Most Improved Male. As for the girls, I was sad Selena didn’t win. I don’t think Natalie is a that good of an actress, and no matter how touching her speech was, I felt there was so many people more deserving than her. My Best Supporting Actor choices were Dominic and Derek. Wing Tak (AFOS) was awesome and Dominic is just a great actor in general, but I was leaning more towards Derek (9 -Mui from SOF) because I don’t think he’d have much of a chance any other year. Derek is a great actor, but I haven’t liked one of his characters in a long time (used to love his evil roles) until 9-Mui in Season of Fate. He reminded me why I used to like him. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of Evergreen in general.

As for Best Supporting Actress, I think everyone in Top 5 was deserving. I secretly was cheering for Elena Kong (Angela Auntie) because she was just superb! I knew her chances were slim though so I was in support of Kara. While I love Nancy, I didn’t think she deserved this award for GMG (though her crying has gotten really good). Fala is an up-and-coming actress, but of the contenders she was the least deserving. Can’t they just wait for it to be her time? I’m sure it’d come soon, so why is TVB forcing us to believe she’s the best? Fala does not need your “help.” I secretly have always wished Rebecca Chan would at least get a nomination for Best Supporting.

As for Toby’s statement, I see some people sort of bashing her for it. While Ron did look awkward, I thought it was an adorable situation and display of their friendship. I already knew they were close, and I thought it was cute how Ron was embarrassed. Statements like those are just typical of Toby, and I personally love her craziness! (While she may not be the best, I Toby has been improving, but I still want her to go back to long hair and singing!)

My Choices:

Best Actress – Michelle Yim (SOF)

Best Actor – Wayne Lai

My Favorite Character – Charmaine Sheh & Kenneth Ma

Most Improved – Raymond Wong & Selena Li

With all that said, I’m sure Kenneth will not disappoint and will come out with an equally, if not more likable, character in the near future. In all our hearts, you’re a winner Kenneth!


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Bernice & Kenneth Reunited for CNY 2009 Special

January 29, 2009 at 3:44 am (bernice liu, kate tsui, nancy wu, Ron Ng)

B: What are you doing? K: Sweeping you off your feet!

Silly, your hair's messed up!

Just can't get enough of you!

Watch here:

Download here:

First of all, what a way to start off the New Year! TVB gave us a much welcomed surprise! BK Reunion!!! haha. This may sound totally strange, but when I saw both of their names on the list, I had a strange feeling that there might be some BK moments, even if it were just a little, that we’d get out of this. But I didn’t say anything cuz I didn’t wanna jinx it! And I got so much more than I expected. When I saw Kate’s name, I totally thought TVB would just pair them up again…like they did for the intros. But I’m so happy that they went w/ Bernice & Kenneth for the skit! It was hilarious and cute! Those two stole the show. Their chemistry was flying every which way!

While I know that they probably chose this pairing cuz Kenneth is tall and they could take this chance to make the Moses joke, I didn’t care, I got my BK moments! haha. And this is like Bernice’s first official appearance after the Hollywood film and of the new year! Glad she got to spend it w/ Kenneth! The thing is, since TVB has kinda disbanded Bermo’s partnership (since they are now promoting Movia), maybe they’ll consider pairing Kenneth w/ Bernice! (I’m hopeful)

I loved how Bernice was like “I want someone who’s taller than me…and who’s manly!” And then, she jumped into Kenneth’s arms and he spun her around. That was so cute. Made me think of dancing! (Grrr…reminds me of how TVB had got our hopes up of a BK reunion for Strictly Come Dancing II! Actually, I have a “Steps 2” script in mind, but it’ll never happen so I might change it to a fanfic….and of course it’ll be BK but I’ve been to lazy to write it) Kenneth is so strong he carried Bernice effortlessly! He literally swept our Princess off her feet! The kissing was hilarious …Maming’s entrance was hilarious (it’s hard to believe he was such a shy guy!) and his kissing Louis and the way he walked in HA!

But nothing beats how he and Bernice were kissing nonstop. He just couldn’t have enough of her and she seemed to enjoy it as well! Like even when the camera was not on them they kept going! I loved how when Bernice was on Kenneth’s lap, Wong Cho Lam pushed them together….their faces were so close…they nearly kissed for real! Haha, I’ve noticed that both Bernice and Kenneth love doing that exaggerated pouting lip thing when they do comedies (Bernice, whenever she’s pretending to kiss the guy like in SL and in LB always does that and Kenneth just does that all the time haha – see they’re perfect for each other!)

Now I seriously think they’re better friends than we’re led to believe. When they’re at functions, they hardly interact but during this show when Kenneth was standing in front of Bernice, you can see him help her fix her hair (that girl was going wild, her hair was everywhere!) And I bet they were making cute faces at each other when they were fake kissing haha…since you see Fala, Nancy, and Kate sneaking looks at them and laughing!

They even skipped sideways together! But when they were facing the audience, they didn’t have any contact…haha like they realized that they had been too affectionate (haha let my imagination run wild!) and Kenneth even got so confused that he clapped early! (his heart must have been beating fast – He must have missed Bernice!)

What was even cuter was when after Bernice spoke, she touched Kenneth’s forehead …I’m not sure what she was doing..she was either fixing “his” hair, patting him,  pushing him, or wiping his sweat (? haha no…I don’t think so) But body language says a lot! Things like fixing each other’s hair come so naturally… so I would guess that they are close enough that they would do these things comfortably!

Now that TVB has given us a small dose of BK, they’re just making me yearn for more! They keep doing this to us! Why oh why? Can they just give us a BK series? Please?! Since they had “Root of Evil aka Grand Entrepreneurs” planned for them being a couple, maybe they had the intention to put them together again..not just cuz they fit the roles. I’m holding on to hope, but it won’t be any time soon since after “Root” Kenneth’ll film “Iron Horse”. And Bernice doesn’t have anything scheduled yet….unless one of the girls can’t make Iron Horse, we’ll have to wait forever for a BK series! (But I like both Nancy & Selena …so I’m not complaining about the casting!)

Well, I’ll not vest too much hope and maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised as I was for this! They were just too cute!

Btw, Kenneth attended another CNY show (for Pleasure and Leisure) w/ Nancy and apparently, if I understand correctly, he gave both Nancy and Sung Chi Ling a ride (haha. too bad Bernice had another function in Macau that night after the show/the next day… I was hoping he’d drive her home in his new car lol!)

Ok. I’ll stop my ranting now…but please do carry on the wave of BKness w/ me! Hehe… would anyone like to make nice screencaps for me? I would really appreciate it… I’ll post them up and put them in the gallery if anyone would be kind enough to do it! Also is anyone else interested in helping me work on the gallery. Let me know here if you are!

Also, I’ve already been ranting about this @ AF so please join us in the BK thread there if you haven’t already or just read other BK fans’ thoughts there too… (We so need more “active” BK fans!): (go to page 1 to see all info about Bernice & Kenneth…and compatibility! Currently we’re on page 5!)

Credits: MKMC, hyn5, tungstar, AF

While I’m here, I want to shamelessly declare my new obsession w/ Him Law! haha. He is so cute! After watching “Your Class or Mine” I’m hooked on him! And after going to his thread, I found that Kenneth was mentioned in one of the articles regarding Him, but it was not translated very well, so I’m not sure if I understood it right but here’s an excerpt:

Weird was that in olden times, many artistes prefer to play evil roles due to the fact that they thought evil roles are extraordinary. But now, many men like to play kind-hearted person in the show. Among the men, there was one HK artiste that looks alike-Kenneth Ma. The reporters are smart and looking into the entertainment news carefully. And the reporters prefer to believe themselves rather than other people. However, Him Law was the special person to be trusted. The only son in his family and his father was a strict person. However, he only used a cane for punishing him and the others. Sometimes he did not know whether he had made a mistake. Even he was hurt by the boiling water, he would get punished before his father helped him to treat his wound. During his school time, less people noticed him. Even during playing basketball or football, less female students surrounded them to watch.

During secondary school time, he had dated for two times. He had no new love companion to be with after that. He thought himself was a boring guy because he often played games from day to night. After school, he would play basketball while at night he played football. On Saturday, he would play football in the day whereas basketball at night. After earning some money while working as a lifeguard, he spent most of the money to learn diving. “I want…Of Course I want to have a date but first I want to look for someone who good in her cooking. I prefer men working outside, women stay in the house. And he said,” No girls that are taller than me to be my girlfriend. Even she is wearing a pair of high heel shoes, she must not taller than me. And the girl must not have the same height with me.” And he said,” He liked Japanese actress, 竹內結子 due to the fact that she had some ‘housewife feel’ from her.

I’m not sure what the article was saying about Kenneth, but I guess they’re saying he’s going for a similar image or he’s the golden example of a good boy that sells?! Haha. Him, like Kenneth has dated twice before entering the industry or say they have and both love playing ball! Sporty! Both guys say they’re boring and are quite “traditional”…What better? He’s young! yummy…haha…I’m so off topic here! Click to see the entire article at Him Law’s thread @ AF

MaMing’s still my #1 though! haha.

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TVB 41st Anniversary

November 15, 2008 at 11:52 pm (grand entrepreneurs, kate tsui, Man In Charge, nancy wu, Ron Ng, selena li, tvb anniversary, videos)

Aritcle & Video about Kenneth making it to Top10:

Video of Kenneth speaking in Mandarin post award ceremony:

*In the video Kenneth mentioned that “Man In Charge” will be airing soon and that he will work on a challenging series. I’m not sure which one he means. I couldn’t hear too clearly and I don’t know Mandarin. But I think he means, Grand Entrepreneur. I wonder if he’ll get to be a villain since he said it was challenging…can’t wait! Kenneth is so cute!

To download the show:

and on megavideo:

First off, I have not seen the show yet, but I know the results now. Kenneth looked so hott in his outfit. Very nice outfit. It was classic yet unique. I didn’t have high hopes for what he would choose to wear, but this totally shocked me. I love the hair as well. He didn’t gel it all the way up. I like it both ways, but this was different. (did he perm his hair too? Well it doesn’t look weird so that’s good) I love the tie. Simple yet charming! The gems were cute. He totally outshined Ron haha (who was plagued not only by a shaved head, but FUR! OMG. Well then again, Kenneth pulled off fur the year he won so…) I kinda knew he’d walk w/ Kate or Selena, but I didn’t know he’d walk with both haha. One for the carpet and one for the entrance and Ron was with him both times. That’s an interesting combination. I’m so upset that Bernice didn’t show up for the Anniversary, I hope that doesn’t mean anything bad. (She better still be in on the Grand production w/ Kenneth!)

I’m pretty satisifed w/ the results with minor exceptions, but it’s definitely a lot better than last year! Very happy w/ Paul Chun and his award, maybe Benz Hui will get one of those someday, cuz I don’t think he’ll ever get the Best Supporting! Very happy for all the deserving winners!
So happy that MK Sun made it into Top 5 for Most Favorite Male Character! I wonder what Kenneth got to say cuz from the screen caps it looks like Amigo went up and asked them stuff. Wonder what they said in the entrace as well! Also, he’s very good w/ escorting it seems (maybe it’s the years of practice when he was a cameo where they had to escort Award Presenters out). His posture, the angle of his arm and everything looked so charming….especially (no offense) compared to Ron who stood with not as great posture or maybe it was the fur…haha. I just realized he looks so charming because he walks with one arm in back! Is Kenneth getting into his Hugo character again? Oh well, I hope he looks like that for Grand Entrepreneurs! hehee…

1st pic – Interesting, a think a fan pointed out Kenneth, yes back there, behind Kate (you can see his hair) and it seems he’s talking to Nancy? (the shoulder w/ the long thin strap) Here’s a pic for comparison of the shoulder hahaWas it me, or was there a lot of very low, cleavage showing dresses this year? It seems like everyone, who we never expected to have much, all of a sudden had a “lot” that night lol.

2nd pic – Kenneth in the back, blurred as Paul was receiving his award (go Paul!)

Credits: AF, MKMC, Selena Fansource

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TVB Sales Presentation 2009

November 12, 2008 at 3:10 pm (bernice liu, grand entrepreneurs, kate tsui, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, toby leung, tvb sales presentation 2009)

For More Pix, Please visit:

First off, I can’t wait to see the Sales Presentation. When will someone put it up?!
OMG. Kenneth was standing behind Bernice in the line-up! Too bad he walked out w/ Kate instead. Bernice was so close…so close… If only Kenneth and Sammul got to switch partners!

Why Couldn’t it be like this? (Did Kenneth walk the red carpet alone?)

Maybe Kenneth and Bernice will get to walk the red carpet together in the Awards Presentation since she walked in w/ Sammul and Kate this time? (wishful thinking) Is there time to rally? Someone go on the Chinese forums and start a BK rally! haha. Maybe TVB’ll hear our prayers?!

Kenneth took part in a dance number with the guys and Bernice danced w/ the girls.
Here are some pix of the sexy guys from Joe Ma’s blog… (Click on the pix, they are superbig!)

More: (with Kenneth)

*Aw Kenneth took off his tattoo really quickly, he said he reapply it later haha!

So does this mean that Sammul is contracted now? I’m so confused. lol. I’m not sure if BK are even in the Grand Entrepreneurs clip and I wouldn’t be shocked if they weren’t, considering that they don’t always put everyone in the series in the clip esp. when they aren’t the leads.

Can’t wait for the complete clip! Looks so good.

More pix:

Someone posted the 2009 Programme Book and it’s looking like a very Ron-full year! There is currently no Kenneth 😦 but only part of the booklet is up and he still has his unaired series.

Video from Tsui Wing’s Blog:

Let’s just say Toby-blog stalking was not wasted! haha. Finally I found something!

Another pic from her blog:

Is that Kenneth’s face on that magazine in the back (to the right of Toby’s shoulder)? What mag is that? haha.

TVB Calendar Update: Kenneth’s on May 2009 with Yoyo, Shirley & Chris. (He’s always w/ Chris & Yoyo lol)

Credit:, Toby’s blog, Joe Ma’s Blog, Tsui Wing’s blog, MKMC

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TVB Weekly Issue #591: “The Four” The Final Battle

October 24, 2008 at 12:18 am (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Note: The only parts translated are those involving Kenneth. This is not a full translation.

Picture 1: Main Cover – “The Four” The final battle

Picture 2: Table of Contents

Picture 3: “The Four” – Four in One (Ron & Sammul)

Picture 4: (Kenneth & Raymond) The 3 paragraphs there just gives a general overview of the storyline, and which actor/actress is acting as which character.

Picture 5: Raymond and Sammul talks about what they think about their character; and what happens to them in the end of the story.

Picture 6: “Metal Hand” – The Mediator (A peace-keeper)
Kenneth has a few similar characteristics as Metal hand; Metal Hand is a very honest and sincere; good-natured person, he acts as a neutralizer in the story. Kenneth said “In comparison to Heartless’ aloofness, Cold Blood’s cruelness, and Chase’s cheeriness, out of the four of them Metal Hand seems like the only one without any personal characteristics.  However, this is actually what makes Metal Hand the special character he is; friendly and “down-to-earth,” hence he always acts as the mediator in the group.”
This is the first time that Kenneth has to do fight scenes (kung fu).  Kenneth said “This is the first time (doing kung fu) since entering into the industry; in the past I acted as “Gan Yun Geen” in “My Master is Wong Fei Hong”, there were some kung fu involvement, but it had elements of comedy in it.  But this time it is a real kung fu movie/drama, so this is a big challenge.  Because I’m tall, every move/action I do involves me to stretch far and wide in order to create the required visual effect, and by doing so, it makes my fist manoeuvres more strong and tough.  I’m not very satisfied with my performance this time, everything was learned instantly (accelerated course); I hope I can improve more for the kung fu scenes in the future.”

“Metal Hand” – Ending – Brotherhood
The four of them had gone through a lot in order to achieve the brotherhood that they have now, however they are about to face a rupture on the relationship.  Kenneth said “the recent cases revealed that Metal Hand and Heartless actually has a unique association due to their family backgrounds; the two families are enemies.  Smart viewers would have noticed that at the beginning of the drama there was a part dealing with the two families, due to some misunderstanding, trying to kill each other off; Metal Hand and Heartless happens to be the descendents of the two family.  Plus with the “help” (inciting one against the other) from the “enemy spy” Song Gee Yin, our hatred for each other deepened.  The ending is to see how the four of us, not being brothers anymore, pull back together and team up to congregate our last battle, to elaborate the brotherhood in order to save each other.” (OMG!!! This paragraph is really hard to translate!!!)
Caption on the picture: Kenneth explains that Metal Hand’s hands can be injured by weapons, but because there are two little shields on his gloves that blocks it for him.  Seeing his own performance in the kung fu scenes, Kenneth feels really surprised and says “looks like I’m able to do pretty well for kung fu scenes, it is a big satisfaction (fulfillment).”

Picture 7: Raymond talks about Kenneth
“Although I’ve partnered with Kenneth a few times, we never had opportunities to actually act in the same scene with each other.  But this time we have a lot of screen time together.  In comparison to the three of us, Kenneth is mild-mannered/urbanely/suave, he usually doesn’t talk much.  This time during the filming process we got to know each other more (during play time while goofing around).  We would talk and laugh non-stop.  The major achievement this time was being able to “open up” Kenneth’s mouth (making Kenneth talk more).”

Picture 8: Ron talks about Kenneth
“I’ve partnered with Kenneth twice, although we don’t have a lot of scenes together, I can see major improvements in him.  He completed the actor training course, and has not learnt any kung fu or dancing skills, but you can see that when he does the fight scenes he knows what he’s doing and does it well.  You can see that other than his acting skills, he has matured a lot in other areas as well.  He does not feel that he is at a disadvantage because of the personality his character has, instead because every character has a different personality there can be attractive chemistry effects.”

Picture 9: Sammul talks about Kenneth
“I feel that Kenneth has become broad-minded and outspoken (optimistic).  When we first met, he was really shy and didn’t speak much.  This time around he is able to bond into (get along) our big family.  When we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” he doesn’t dare to play with us, this time he has learned/willing to joke with us and knows when to “fight back” when necessary.  Over the years, I’m able to see him improve in many different areas.”

Picture 10: Kenneth – Matured
Looking back, Kenneth is gratified that they’ve all matured. Kenneth says “thinking back to when we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” we were all new to the industry, all of us were very nervous.  Every time when we film the most important part was to fully delivery our lines and that was it.  Now after 5 years we’re able to work together again to film “The Four” and indeed we’ve all matured a lot, especially for our acting.  After getting our script we should discuss about it, we’ll do some pre-runs, and work out any kinks and make changes until everything is smooth.  This would be a hard task to accomplish if we didn’t have “unspoken consensus” (“muk ka-ie”).”

Kenneth talks about Raymond

“Haven’t partnered with Raymond a lot, even when we were both filming “La Femme Desperado” we didn’t have any scenes together, strictly speaking this is the first time we’ve filmed together, where we had so many parts together.  In the past I see more of his performance.  Remembering to the time when we were filming “Eternal Happiness” I was only a scholar, and he was already one of the main characters.  He had good control of his sword.  I think he is fit for ancient roles.”

Kenneth talks about Sammul
“Sammul is just like Chase, usually talks a lot, knows how to create a good atmosphere, in comparison I don’t talk as much.  But working with him is great, there wouldn’t be any boredom.  I just need to stand on the side to listen, and laugh together with them all; I really enjoy this type of happy and relaxing work environment.”

Kenneth talks about Ron
“Ron wouldn’t have a straight face just because he is playing the role Cold Blood, when filming he would look really cruel and not say a single word, but once the camera stops his own personality will come right back.  Because of Cold Blood it has caused him to hold back/depressed/constrained, he needs to be released (set free from Cold Blood’s personality).  For a person like him broad minded and outspoken, having them to stop and be silent and not speak is really hard on them.”

Credits: Carmen @ MKMC (Carmen, We really appreciate your translation! Thanks again!),

Note from Carmen: Please note that this is not an official translation of the article itself.  There may be some mistakes, and minor errors on the translation.  I’ve tried my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there had been a few parts that I had to change a little in order to make the content “flow” better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!

Another version of the translated magazine w/ the Raymond Parts and soon all the other parts translated can be found here:

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The Four – Themevideo

September 15, 2008 at 2:27 pm (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four, videos)

Kenneth’s voice is third in the themesong. Aww…he’s got the 2nd…

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The Four – Coming Soon….

September 11, 2008 at 8:50 pm (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

The Overseas Poster ( Credit:

Promo Videos:

Yay. Kenneth speaks twice in the video! haha.

鐵手 Tie Shou (Tit Sau) – The Iron Hand is a honest character that possesses incredible internal strength palm that allows him to stop the sharpest blades with his bare hands. He is modest, kindhearted, and faithful to the one he loves.

He is recuited into The Four after Zhou Ming making him the 3rd disciple. (I read that he’s suppose to be the 2nd disciple…but I guess they change him)

Credits: Fairytale_angel @ AF


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Sammul Chan and his opinions of his fellow TVB siusangs

May 3, 2008 at 6:19 pm (bosco wong, news, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Ron Ng in the eyes of Sammul
‘After entering this industry for so long, Ron can be considered as the most playful artist friend. Filming with him is very joyful because he has many mischievous ideas and very energetic! During filming, when there is time out period, he might not necessarily rest. Instead, he will think of some nonsense games for everyone to play together. He’s quite a big kid, so he will always bring happiness to people around him!’

Raymond Lam in the eyes of Sammul
Raymond Lam looks very cool, but in actual fact he likes to joke. Filming ‘Survivor’s Law’ and ‘The Four’ with him, I find him to be a hardworking person who takes his work very seriously.’

Kenneth Ma in the eyes of Sammul
While filming ‘The Four’, there were rumours that I was one of the people who boycotted him. There was no such thing! I have quite a lot of things to chat with him. He looks proper, but in reality, he’s the opposite. He looks quiet, but can actually talks a lot. A lot of crew members also like to interact with him. He has good interpersonal relationships.

Bosco Wong in the eyes of Sammul
‘Bosco is a very nice person. He might not be a person who is always playing gag (I think he means always joking), but talking with him is very confortable. He has a great sense of humor. Although I don’t work with him a lot, I have watched his series. He is a very versatile actor.’

Credits: reiyi and ling gan @ AF

Comments: Nice to know Sammul has good things to say about all of them. Shows that most likely the rumors b4 were nonsense. The whole thing about the guys not talking to Kenneth during “The Four” is ridiculous. The tabloids just found a few pix of Kenneth sitting by himself and quiet…which is probably how Kenneth is a lot cuz he’s tired and memorizing his script…. and published all this stuff…. haha… no one believes it anyways cuz Kenneth is so well-liked. Also, in all the other pix, he’s getting along fine w/ the guys! (Kenneth is one of those more self-conscious shy ppl, so it isn’t a shocker that he’d sit to the side while other ppl r having fun. Ppl with such personalities, I know cuz I’m kinda one of those ppl, need personal space and don’t want to force themselves into a conversation just to be ignored or awkward!) I get a feeling that Kenneth has a LOT of friends, but no DEEP friends, cuz he protects himself. haha… i love the “he looks proper, but he’s the opposite”- what are u trying to say sammul??? haha.. I guess when Kenneth opens up, he can be tons of fun…and that’s why ppl like him when they get to know him! Cute article!

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Updates: Upcoming Series

April 8, 2008 at 1:21 am (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, selena li, Sweet Talk, The Four, The Speech of Silence, updates)

The Four

* Sources indicate that The Four will be released around Mid-May or June of this year, targeting the younger generation who are off during the summer. Sammul’s manager Ivy has confirmed that the themesong is going to be sang by the four leads, so Kenneth will take part in the themesong! There will be 25 episodes.

Cast: Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Ron Ng, Cilla Kung, Sammul Chan, Vivi Li, Crystal Tin, Dominic Lam

Man In Charge aka Hidden Master

* Rumor has it that Man In Charge will be airing soon, possibly before The Four. It is believed that the series may be released after Catch Me Now. There will be 20 Episodes.

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Mathew Ko

Credits: &

COMMENTS: Glad to hear that two more Kenneth series will be coming out this year and they’re ANCIENT! I haven’t seen a Kenneth ancient series in a while. I just can’t wait! I’m sorta surprised that the theme’s going to be sang by all four guys. Although it makes sense, I just thought super-biased TVB would let Raymond sing the theme or maybe even Ray and Ron. At first I thought it would be awesome if all four guys got to sing the song, but now that I think about it, it would just be weird. Can you imagine all four of them getting up on stage and lipsynching singing together? lol. What are they, F4? That would be majorly weird. Well, I’m guessing Raymond will probably get to sing the subtheme. Haha, I was hoping that Kenneth would be able to get a song himself, a pretty far fetched idea. He’s standing in a pretty good position in the tentative poster though…hehe…

As for Man In Charge, I’m really hoping that Kenneth gets his own themesong. For some odd reason though, I have a feeling that they’ll let Kate sing or at least make it a duet. Hopefully, it won’t be a funny song like the one in SP or the songs from WOIL! I want it to be a serious nice song lol. (If I were given a choice, however, as to which theme Kenneth were to sing, the one for Man in Charge or The Speech of Silence, I would totally vote for TSOS since modern songs tend to be more serious & better.)

I have a feeling The Speech of Silence will probably air at the beginning of next year, probably around the same time as SLII was aired or in February in time for Valentine’s Day. While the beginning of the year timeslots pose as a disadvantage for ratings and people tend to forget it by the Anniversary, I think Kenneth will be able to pull it off once again. Afterall, he prove he could in SLII. I just cannot wait for all three series. It scares me though that there’s no news of any new Kenneth series where he is leading coming out. Hopefully, he’ll continue to lead series and that more than 2 series of his, TSOS and Just Love II will come out next year!

* Kenneth getting made-up for The Speech of Silence.

Aw..he’s reading his script intently! He’s wearing that silver bracelet, his necklace, his watch, his favorite dress style – the tank and drinking his fav drink lemon ice tea! haha… he is so consistent with what he wears and his likes. Haha, what’s with the computerized autograph? – Are those cute donald duck gifts or does he actually carry that around?

Credits: MKMC Forum

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