TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards 2010 – My Favorite Male Character: Kenneth Ma – Gu Yu Tong (A Fistful of Stances)

December 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm (A Fistful of Stances, anniversary, bosco wong, kate tsui, kevin cheng, Ron Ng, selena li, the mysteries of love, toby leung, tvb anniversary)

With the Awards’ season coming to an end, I believe most of us expected, though were still disappointed, that Kenneth would not receive an award for Gu Yu Tong (AFOS). However, I think the biggest shock of all was not Raymond Lam winning for the oh-so-plain-and-boring-I-wear-tight-pants-&-weird-vests Kingsley (dude, what kind of name is that anyways?), but that A Fistful of Stances didn’t even make the Top 5 series of the year. TVB are you serious? I personally thought AFOS was one of THE best series of the year. It started off the year right. Given that I have not seen NR, I will not judge, but it’s over-hyping is slightly nauseating me. While I did not think I’d like CBML initially, I ended up finding it pretty entertaining, though it was no-where near Best Series material. ACOTOB was a dark-horse in Top 5 for sure, and while I enjoyed the series much to my surprise, I really felt it was mediocre. It is an easily forgettable series. And then there’s TMOL….it was a bad series with a likable cast, and it does NOT belong in top 5 despite my love for BK & Tavia. Not to mention, every character was pretty much annoying. My choices for Favorite series are: AFOS, GMG, EMYM (I surprisingly enjoyed it), & I guess the two other anniversary series just based on popularity. I just have to say that I’m particularly amused at how TVB strategically aired AFOS at the beginning of the year, so people would forget it by Anniversary time. I guess they see the series & Kenneth as a threat (cause more uproar if he didn’t get anything) against their anniversary series. It was also a lame move to not let GMG finish airing before the Awards Ceremony.

As we knew early on this year, the contenders were Wayne, Moses, Raymond, and dark-horses Steven & Felix. There was not a doubt in my mind that the first 3 were going to take the Male Actor Awards home. Of course, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming. Kenneth’s performance in AFOS was amazing, and a definite breakthrough. Just the year prior, I was worried that Kenneth would never get a good role like MK Sun again, which was a contender for the Favorite Character Award in 2009. However, he came back strong this year with Gu Yu Tong, which deserved a Best Actor nomination. I am still amazed at how TVB can honestly not nominate him for the Best Actor award, but yet, list Kevin for AFOS and Bosco for GTL (among a few). If you’ve seen the series, no explanation is necessary, and you know who gave the better performance and was lead. While Steven is a deserving candidate for the awards, he did not deserve it for GW, and I have come to the conclusion long ago that Steven will NEVER get an award. Unless he gets super lucky and causes an unexpected uproar like Wayne did last year, as long as TVB is in control, he won’t get anything. Wayne is a great actor and among the five, I’m glad he won. Moses is a good actor as well, but I get tired of his comedies, and I know he can do so much more/better (Can TVB please give him a serious role?). Raymond is a good actor too (haha, this is getting repetitive), but he is always the same character, the prince-charming who bawls over a girl breaking his heart and he’s never exceptional. Felix was a refreshing lead, and while I liked GMG, I did not think he was as amazing nor was the series as great as everyone says it is. With all that said, I am secretly really happy that Raymond got this award (which I already expected) instead of Steven, because TVB just made a fine display of favoritism and instead of being happy for Steven, people are feeling sorry that Kenneth was robbed. 😀 I am still upset, however, that the media is feeling bad for Moses for being robbed of My Favorite Character, despite all the voices online (overseas) saying that Kenneth deserved it! (As seen in the screen-cap of the poll, where Kenneth is in the lead)

Kenneth is pulling off his bald look very nicely, and I love how the “Ma’s Brothers” were together on stage. Of course, I know Kenneth can do a better “chok” look and look super-handsome doing it, but his choice of shaking his head up and down just makes him the adorable MaMing we love. I was sad that Kenneth walked with Kate again, I was hoping for Nancy lol.

On a side note: Congrats Raymond Wong!!! (baby & award) Very deserving, though I loved ALL the contenders for Most Improved Male. As for the girls, I was sad Selena didn’t win. I don’t think Natalie is a that good of an actress, and no matter how touching her speech was, I felt there was so many people more deserving than her. My Best Supporting Actor choices were Dominic and Derek. Wing Tak (AFOS) was awesome and Dominic is just a great actor in general, but I was leaning more towards Derek (9 -Mui from SOF) because I don’t think he’d have much of a chance any other year. Derek is a great actor, but I haven’t liked one of his characters in a long time (used to love his evil roles) until 9-Mui in Season of Fate. He reminded me why I used to like him. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of Evergreen in general.

As for Best Supporting Actress, I think everyone in Top 5 was deserving. I secretly was cheering for Elena Kong (Angela Auntie) because she was just superb! I knew her chances were slim though so I was in support of Kara. While I love Nancy, I didn’t think she deserved this award for GMG (though her crying has gotten really good). Fala is an up-and-coming actress, but of the contenders she was the least deserving. Can’t they just wait for it to be her time? I’m sure it’d come soon, so why is TVB forcing us to believe she’s the best? Fala does not need your “help.” I secretly have always wished Rebecca Chan would at least get a nomination for Best Supporting.

As for Toby’s statement, I see some people sort of bashing her for it. While Ron did look awkward, I thought it was an adorable situation and display of their friendship. I already knew they were close, and I thought it was cute how Ron was embarrassed. Statements like those are just typical of Toby, and I personally love her craziness! (While she may not be the best, I Toby has been improving, but I still want her to go back to long hair and singing!)

My Choices:

Best Actress – Michelle Yim (SOF)

Best Actor – Wayne Lai

My Favorite Character – Charmaine Sheh & Kenneth Ma

Most Improved – Raymond Wong & Selena Li

With all that said, I’m sure Kenneth will not disappoint and will come out with an equally, if not more likable, character in the near future. In all our hearts, you’re a winner Kenneth!


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Selena Li & Nancy Wu deny being “New Old Mrs. Kenneth Ma”

June 3, 2010 at 10:45 pm (nancy wu, selena li)

It was rumored that Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu’s relationship ended and that new love sparks happened between Kenneth and Selena Li after filming a series together. The two “Mrs. Ma” attended a HK soccer event, where the organizers arranged a Kenneth Ma cardboard figure pretending to take a group photo with them. The two girls could not help but laugh at the funny scene.

Selena heard the new titles of “New Old Mrs. Kenneth Ma” and immediately denied then looked at Nancy and said: “I’m not! She is?” Nancy embarrassingly smiled: “I don’t know either, it’s just what the news said and is the past now.” Selena frankly said that when she and Kenneth started, she coincidentally wasn’t even in HK. It was only when she returned to HK that she found about the rumors, so she was extremely clueless.

Both girls were asked if they would fall in love with the same guy? Selena said: “I don’t think so, I don’t like to fight for guys, I just feel it’s troublesome, I rather not deal with it.” Nancy said: “From what I see usually, I don’t think we like the same things.” As their rumors get brought up by the event organizers, Nancy expressed that she knew about the rumors being involved beforehand, she said: “Actually before when we were filming series, the rumors were already constantly going on and plus Kenneth’s role as a playboy in his new series , this is good series promotion!”

It was said that Selena didn’t break up with Patrick Tang, so the relationship becomes a square of love. Selena said embarassingly: “Not related.” Both Selena and Nancy said that they are good friends with Kenneth.

Credits: aZnangel @

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Kenneth Ma ‘Splits’ from Nancy Wu, Chases Selena Li Instead

May 7, 2010 at 8:55 pm (nancy wu, selena li)

Thirty-six year-old, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, is a renown filial son who currently lives with his parents in Tai Koo Shing. Kenneth has been rumored with TVB colleague, Nancy Wu Ding Yan, ever since their collaboration on a dance show in 2008.

Recently, there were rumors that due to Kenneth being dissatisfied with Nancy’s princess attitude, the pair have split. Allegedly, Kenneth requested breaking-up and chased after Selena Li Sze Wan instead.

Allegedly, during the filming of A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋> last year, Kenneth developed feelings for Selena. To make Selena happy, he often bought breakfast and supper for her. This aroused the curiosity of fellow cast members.

When Selena officially broke up with Patrick Tang at the end of 2009, Kenneth started openly pursuing her. Allegedly, in March 2010, he succeeded in winning Selena’s heart. On April 18th, Selena and Kenneth were spotted leaving in the same car, after the cast and crew viewing of the finale of A Fistful of Stances together.

Credits: Jayne @

*Here’s the Entertainment CSI clip about KeNancy break up. Most of there stories are completely ridiculous anyways but its a nice way to keep up w/ Entertainment gossip, short n sweet especially for those who don’t/can’t read mags!

Comments: Haha, this is kinda ridiculous, the way they’re making it sound. I totally wouldn’t mind a KenSelena pairing but i don’t want KeNancy to break up! I really wanna see a KeNancy series. I guess reporters really wanna make news for Kenneth! Glad that at least he’s always rumored w/ girls i like! hahha. This rumors just give me an excuse to put up pix! ;-D I just love how they manage to have several versions of the KeNancy break up despite the fact that they’ve never admitted to ever dating lol.

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Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu celebrate their 1st year dating anniversary + MORE

May 30, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, selena li, tavia yeung)

Source: Hkheadline Translated by: Matchbox @

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma who are currently being promoted by TVB, collaborated on the show “Strictly Come Dancing II” last year. It was rumored that good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng were the matchmakers and the pair became a couple. But because they were afraid that announcing the news may affect their careers they have never admitted being together. Their relationship is very low profile. It was also reported that Nancy moved from her old home in Tuen Mun to the Hong Kong Island area, so that it would be more convenient. Her new home is only one street away from Kenneth’s. Picks up Nancy from work The other day, Kenneth who didn’t need to work drove to Pacifc Place to pick up girlfriend Nancy from work. In order to avoid being recognized Kenneth stayed inside his car and waited for Nancy. However he needed to drive around a few times because he wasn’t allowed to park there. After a while, Nancy appeared from level 3 of the car park and got into his car. They drove to Times Square, Causeway Bay. Nancy was seen getting out of the car and believed to be having a facial there. After parking his car, Kenneth walked around the streets near the shopping mall. He was seen looking in brand watch stores. In the end he purchased a watch that cost HK$3000 as a 1 year dating anniversary gift. After 1 hour Kenneth received a phone call from Nancy. He went back to the Times Square to meet up with her. She even paid for the parking ticket. As they departed, a group of paparazzi’s took pictures of them. The couple were shocked and Nancy looked unhappy. When the reporter mentioned that he had free time to go shopping, Kenneth didn’t know how to respond. [Where are you going now?) They only said they were going home. It wasn’t clear whether he felt the reporters misunderstood his reply, therefore he added “We are going back to our own homes.” (You mean you are driving Nancy back to her home, then going back to yours?) “Yes”. After clearing up the misunderstanding Kenneth felt more relaxed and allowed the reporters to take pictures.

Also a video about KeNancy rumors and Nancy getting a new kitty – Little Tiger!…0639bfcb07feae/

Iron Horse Blessing Ceremony on Scoop – Cast pokes fun @ KeNancy!


Watch Kenneth-Tavia-Selena-Nancy blog video, super kute!



Love this video. it’s super cute! Kenneth is such a sweet talker! No wonder the girls adore him! This is the first time we see Kenvia being close together! its really cute…and we too would love a Kenvia series..Kenneth is begging for it! I love how he was all sweet when he was calling for “Ah Yi”…and when he made that face at Selena saying “next time it’s me and ah Yi!” he’s so cute…the whole “Mommy” thing from Tav was adorable as well! haha….Kenneth spreading rumors now?! haha. too cute…As I have said b4, the only two fadans that are friends w/ everyone but don’t show in front of cam that they are close to Kenneth are Tavia & Bernice, but now that’s not true anymore…hopefully we’ll see more displays of affection from BK as well! Iron Horse will be yet another KenSelena series!

Since hyn5 beat me to it, here is a link to the transcript of the interview! haha. amazing how i like all 4 of them!

An old Kenancy video:

Super cute pix of Iron Horse filming from Shirley’s blog here

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What Others Say About Kenneth….

May 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm (ella koon, nancy wu, selena li)

Since I’ve been slow to update…u guys, if u haven’t already, should check out and all her posts on Kenneth!

I shall comment on them here, since im too lazy to repost a varying translation…i hope hyn5 doesn’t mind! 😀 The ones w/ only links I will not comment on…


Nancy Wu Refuses to Bring Boyfriend to Meet Parents

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma

Nancy Praising Kenneth:

Nancy said, “[Jacqueline Chong & I] don’t know each other so there is no need. I would like the year 2009 to wash away all of the year 2008’s unhappy matters. I don’t want to be associated with these two names (Deep Ng and Jacqueline Chong) anymore.” (What about with Kenneth Ma?) “That’s alright!”

Sweetly Praising Him as Being a Good Guy

Although Nancy has denied her love relationship with Kenneth, but she could not restrain from revealing her sweet smile and also praising him non-stop. When asked if they were love at first dance? She said, “No, I didn’t dance with him. We are still good friends. I’m not saying that he cannot be my boyfriend.” (Your rumours were in the C1 headlines!) “I’m not afraid of these headlines! I can even accept more of these headlines, since my rumoured partner is so good! (Does he have potential?) “Yes, he has a good reputation among artistes. And he is also a dong ka siu sang, but I don’t think he is chasing after me. (Is he your ideal partner?) “I don’t know! He has such great attributes. It is very hard to find such a good guy!”

Nancy Wu Highly Praises Kenneth Ma (Again!)

Without avoidance, Nancy highly praises Kenneth as being a good guy and a gentleman. When asked how she will react if he pursued her, Nancy says sweetly, “Let’s see if he means to do so!”

Nancy: “We do get along well with each other. If not, we wouldn’t be good friends. Everyone in TVB praises him as being a good guy. He is a very simple person. He is very hard-working, faithful, and he is an ambitious guy. Every female colleague also praises him. Will I consider him if he pursues me? Let’s see how he will do so, and also see if he means to do so, or see whether the heavens will grant us fate!

Comments: Aww…that’s so cute..Nancy praising Kenneth…but then again…everyone praises him! haha. I’m not sure if Nancy is being blatantly honest that she’s kinda interested or if she’s playing up on the whole publicity thing…somehow i feel like its the latter…not that its a bad thing. But I have a feeling that TVB has a big hand in how rumored couples reply. Oh well…its cute to watch anyways! If Nancy is interested, Kenneth you gotta start moving!


TVBE Clip for “Iron Horse Seeking Bridge” Costume Fitting

Comments: The clip is super cute! haha. We know Selena & Kenneth will have chemistry for sure! haha. “My heart is toward you”….Kenneth keeps flirting w/ Selena…I’m surprised she hasn’t been charmed away by him! I guess since Patrick is around, we’ll never get KenSelena rumors haha. Aw…he doesn’t have scenes really w/ Nancy?

Selena Li’s Billionth Time Working with Ma Ming. Ella Koon Loves Kissing Ma Ming.

Also, Ella Koon was on a TVB game show hosted by King Kong and Vivien Yeo, and Ella expressed that Kenneth is the best guy to kiss because he had so many bloopers during the filming of the kiss.

It was the scene in “Survivor’s Law II” where they got married in the court. Kenneth was originally supposed to kiss Ella twice. However, the kiss scene was not rehearsed, so Ella took a step backwards after the first kiss, and Kenneth (must have closed his eyes) leaned in and fell forward. The entire cast and crew laughed out loud. That is why that kiss is memorable to Ella.

Comments: You can read Selena’s translated blog entry thru the link! Aw…so cute that Selena enjoys working w/ Kenneth! As for Ella…wow what a surprise haha. Ella totally like Kenneth haha…he’s too cute not to like. Kenneth is so silly. That must have been embarassing! I wonder where we can see this show? Anyone know? Please share!


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Happy 35th Bday Kenneth! 2.13 : the Best Friday the 13th there is!

February 12, 2009 at 4:28 pm (selena li)

Since HK is a day before us, I decided to post this today haha. I cannot believe Kenneth is already 35! I remember when I first started liking him, I wondered how long it’d last. Will I stop liking him when he becomes older? (I wonder if I’ll like him when he’s 40…time shall tell haha) Well, anyways, he looks nothing like his age, he looks like he’s in his late 20s or something! His bday may be on Friday the 13th, but there’s nothing scary or unlucky about this day as this was the day when this cute guy was born for all of us to adore!

Dear Kenneth,

Hope you have the awesomest Bday ever! May all your wishes come true!
May you and your family be healthy and happy! Since you’re a big boy now, hope you’ll have a family of your own soon and have a little MaMing! Hope you’ll always love your job and find great success!

Love watching your performances…and I know I will continue to enjoy the ones in the near future!


Also, today 2.12 is actually Selena Li’s bday! Isn’t that a coincidence? The day before Kenneth’s bday! Both b4 V-day! I remember how they celebrated Michelle Ye’s Bday w/ Kenneth’s and if it hadn’t been for her leaving TVB, I think they’d probably have celebrated Selena-Kenneth-Michelle’s bdays together (The Herbalist Manual trio!). Maybe fans could make a KenSelena bday/vday party (like TaRo parties)….

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TVB 41st Anniversary

November 15, 2008 at 11:52 pm (grand entrepreneurs, kate tsui, Man In Charge, nancy wu, Ron Ng, selena li, tvb anniversary, videos)

Aritcle & Video about Kenneth making it to Top10:

Video of Kenneth speaking in Mandarin post award ceremony:

*In the video Kenneth mentioned that “Man In Charge” will be airing soon and that he will work on a challenging series. I’m not sure which one he means. I couldn’t hear too clearly and I don’t know Mandarin. But I think he means, Grand Entrepreneur. I wonder if he’ll get to be a villain since he said it was challenging…can’t wait! Kenneth is so cute!

To download the show:

and on megavideo:

First off, I have not seen the show yet, but I know the results now. Kenneth looked so hott in his outfit. Very nice outfit. It was classic yet unique. I didn’t have high hopes for what he would choose to wear, but this totally shocked me. I love the hair as well. He didn’t gel it all the way up. I like it both ways, but this was different. (did he perm his hair too? Well it doesn’t look weird so that’s good) I love the tie. Simple yet charming! The gems were cute. He totally outshined Ron haha (who was plagued not only by a shaved head, but FUR! OMG. Well then again, Kenneth pulled off fur the year he won so…) I kinda knew he’d walk w/ Kate or Selena, but I didn’t know he’d walk with both haha. One for the carpet and one for the entrance and Ron was with him both times. That’s an interesting combination. I’m so upset that Bernice didn’t show up for the Anniversary, I hope that doesn’t mean anything bad. (She better still be in on the Grand production w/ Kenneth!)

I’m pretty satisifed w/ the results with minor exceptions, but it’s definitely a lot better than last year! Very happy w/ Paul Chun and his award, maybe Benz Hui will get one of those someday, cuz I don’t think he’ll ever get the Best Supporting! Very happy for all the deserving winners!
So happy that MK Sun made it into Top 5 for Most Favorite Male Character! I wonder what Kenneth got to say cuz from the screen caps it looks like Amigo went up and asked them stuff. Wonder what they said in the entrace as well! Also, he’s very good w/ escorting it seems (maybe it’s the years of practice when he was a cameo where they had to escort Award Presenters out). His posture, the angle of his arm and everything looked so charming….especially (no offense) compared to Ron who stood with not as great posture or maybe it was the fur…haha. I just realized he looks so charming because he walks with one arm in back! Is Kenneth getting into his Hugo character again? Oh well, I hope he looks like that for Grand Entrepreneurs! hehee…

1st pic – Interesting, a think a fan pointed out Kenneth, yes back there, behind Kate (you can see his hair) and it seems he’s talking to Nancy? (the shoulder w/ the long thin strap) Here’s a pic for comparison of the shoulder hahaWas it me, or was there a lot of very low, cleavage showing dresses this year? It seems like everyone, who we never expected to have much, all of a sudden had a “lot” that night lol.

2nd pic – Kenneth in the back, blurred as Paul was receiving his award (go Paul!)

Credits: AF, MKMC, Selena Fansource

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TVB Anniversary and Sales Presentation Updates

November 15, 2008 at 1:09 am (selena li, sharon chan, tvb anniversary, tvb sales presentation 2009, videos)

Video from Sharon’s blog (Praying Ceremony for Award Presentation 11/15):

They are very cute! Glad that I heard their interview right before seeing them appear together again! haha. they are such good friends. Sharon threatens to disown Kenneth if she finds out he didn’t vote for her. He said he did and when Sharon said that he’s getting an award tonight, Kenneth was like “No, you are.” Sounds a lot like the conversation Myolie mentioned in an article that she and Kenneth had in 2006…and what happened then? He got an award! I don’t think we’ll have such luck this year! 😛

Download videos of the Sales Presentation Entertainment News converage:

Aw… Kenneth an Sharon look so compatible. Kenneth said he’ll match whatever Sharon wears…does that mean they’re walking the carpet together? They’ve walked in together several times before, but never the red carpet…I wouldn’t mind, but really do wish it were BK for once. He’s walked w/ Kate, Fala, Sharon, on different occasions…how about BERNICE?!

More pix:

Credits: MKMC,, Sharon’s blog


You can find the Citywalk 2008 CNY Show that has Kenneth in it here. I haven’t seen it yet, but I believe Selena & Vivien Yeo were there as well! They all played games

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Kenneth Ma and Selena Li’s Mutual Connection

October 31, 2008 at 7:09 pm (interviews, selena li)

Please note that this is not an official translation of the article.  There may be some mistakes, and minor errors on the translation.  I’ve tried my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there had been a few parts that I had to change a little in order to make the content “flow” better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!

Selena welcomes Kenneth to launch a pursuit of her, smiling she says she doesn't mind multiple pursuers

Kenneth has worked with Selena Li and Kate Tsui numerous times, and Kenneth has been paired up with each of them in different series. However when asked to pick between the two “onscreen girlfriends,” Kenneth honestly says that he likes Selena more, implementing “love Selena, give up Kate.”

Kenneth and Selena paired up again as a couple in TVB’s “The Four”

The two of them have worked together as a couple over 5 times.  The number of times they’ve worked together is no fewer than the times Kenneth has worked with his “rumor girlfriend” Kate. However, if he had to the pick between the two “onscreen girlfriend,” Kenneth likes Selena more, and announces that Selena’s personality/characteristics matches his taste. She has the quality/criteria that is required for his being his girlfriend.

Kenneth agrees that Selena is very delicate, fitting all the qualities he's looking for in a wife

He likes girls that are 小 鳥 伊 人
(gentle/weak, feminine, demure; pinyin: “siu liu yi yan” ).
Kenneth says: “Between Selena and Kate, I will pick Selena, because she gives me the feeling of being quiet, polite, and elegant. In contrast, Kate gives the impression that she is strong, has her own opinions, but I like “soft/gentle” type of girls. (What’s the criteria/characteristics for you when choosing a girlfriend?) Long hair, small/tiny (physical size), 小 鳥 伊 人, but can’t be too shy/quiet, because I’m too quiet/shy. (Selena suits you then?) Yeah, too bad she already has a “rumor boyfriend” Patrick Tang!”

She doesn’t mind a lot of guys fighting for her
As for Selena, she agrees that Kenneth’s physical appearance matches well with hers, that they really are a perfect onscreen couple. She says: “Kenneth seems like a really dependable guy (down to earth) and he gives others the impression that he is a “home/family” type of guy. As for me, I seem really quiet/polite/elegant, I don’t have too many rumors, and can be considered a good girl.  Hence, Kenneth and I match up pretty well. (Kenneth complemented that you’re quiet/gentle?) There’s a tough (bold/strong) side of me. I sometimes sit with my leg up, but while I was in Canada, I was really poised, maybe because life in Canada is kind of simple. I fit his criteria for a girlfriend? Is that for real? I think Kenneth is very good looking. (He said too bad you have Patrick?) I don’t mind being fought over for by a lot of guys!”

Kenneth & Selena have been paired together over five times, developing a deep connection worth full points

Credit: Carmen @ MKMC (translation), bbfreak (editor – sry may have further changed the arrangement), captions from babelfish (currently)

**For another version of the translation, Selena’s Fansource has theirs up as well: (aw…Lizzy beat me to posting this up! lol.)

**Other version:

Happy Halloween guys!

Comments: Finally, I’m commenting on this article haha. First off, KenSelena are so darn cute together! Actually, of all of Kenneth’s costars, I’ve always imagined Selena to be the closest to “his type.” I don’t know why, I just always thought Kenneth would like the more gentle good girls and Selena seemed the most like that. I guess I was right. Too bad she has Patrick or she is ‘rumored’ to have him anyways. Why oh why? Kenneth is the better catch in my opinion! I’m OK with Patrick, but for some reason I always imagined him as being too witty and somehow party boy like (kinda like Timmy Hung, but not exactly). I have a strange feeling that Kenneth’s super picky about his ideal girl lol. OMG. Noooooo…Kenneth likes little girls?! Haha. that sounded wrong, I meant like short girls? Is that what he means? I hope that’s not true (that just pops my dreams about BK), but then again, any girl standing next to Kenneth can be considered little as long as she’s below 5’10” (wishful thinking). Bernice isn’t too shy, and I feel that, despite her Westernized personality, she’s pretty feminine  (she has her cutesy/flirty voice). Anyways, it’s ok. That’s just his ideal girl, not necessarily who he dates. Btw, Linda Chung also seems to fit all the qualities, except she too is a little on the tall side.

Btw, does any one know what Month on the 2009 TVB Calendar Kenneth’s gonna be on? Who’s betting we’ll see KenSelena on the same month?!

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‘The Four’ Promotions Begin

September 24, 2008 at 12:49 am (selena li, The Four)

Cast members from TVB ancient period drama The Four <少年四大名捕> including Raymond Lam (林峯>, Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Selena Li (李詩韻), Halina Tam (譚小環) and Dominic Lam (林嘉華) attended a promotional event at a health club on Thursday. The four male leads gave demonstrations with some gym balls and allowed the ladies to do press-ups on their backs.

Selena was suffering from a cold sore, so she appeared wearing a mask. When Kenneth was doing his bounces on the gym ball, Dominic and Ron decided to play a little trick on him and Selena, pushing them into close proximity. In the confusion, Selena was knocked onto the ground after being hit by the ball. Afterwards, she laughed that she did not remember what happened and just found herself on the floor feeling a little dizzy. She joked that she was already a patient, so she did not know why she was chosen to be attacked.

The highly anticipated series starring four of TVB’s most popular male leads will begin airing in Hong Kong tomorrow evening.


Comments: OMG. Kenneth and Selena are so darn cute together! Haha. i wonder if Ron & Dominic think so too…. ~smilez~ I love their video from Kenneth’s blog, btw…everyone shud visit his blog more often… CLICK! – – KenSelena! For the English transcript of the video & other awesome Kenneth stuff visit:
They are just too cute together…

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Selena’s Blog Update

September 18, 2008 at 9:38 pm (selena li)

Kenneth got to go to Macau w/ Selena again! haha. This time, Rabeea was also there. In her blog update, Selena mentions that they were filming a program and that they ended up on the Macau Tower (which is really high, I’ve been there I know haha). I wonder what program this is for? (Aw. they’re so cute together. They all look like students on a school trip. If only Selena weren’t linked w/ Patrick…grr… KenSelena! haha)

Here’s a picture of Kenneth’s feet. Haha…what nice clean shoes… How Brave! haha.


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Updates: Upcoming Series

April 8, 2008 at 1:21 am (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, selena li, Sweet Talk, The Four, The Speech of Silence, updates)

The Four

* Sources indicate that The Four will be released around Mid-May or June of this year, targeting the younger generation who are off during the summer. Sammul’s manager Ivy has confirmed that the themesong is going to be sang by the four leads, so Kenneth will take part in the themesong! There will be 25 episodes.

Cast: Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Ron Ng, Cilla Kung, Sammul Chan, Vivi Li, Crystal Tin, Dominic Lam

Man In Charge aka Hidden Master

* Rumor has it that Man In Charge will be airing soon, possibly before The Four. It is believed that the series may be released after Catch Me Now. There will be 20 Episodes.

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Mathew Ko

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COMMENTS: Glad to hear that two more Kenneth series will be coming out this year and they’re ANCIENT! I haven’t seen a Kenneth ancient series in a while. I just can’t wait! I’m sorta surprised that the theme’s going to be sang by all four guys. Although it makes sense, I just thought super-biased TVB would let Raymond sing the theme or maybe even Ray and Ron. At first I thought it would be awesome if all four guys got to sing the song, but now that I think about it, it would just be weird. Can you imagine all four of them getting up on stage and lipsynching singing together? lol. What are they, F4? That would be majorly weird. Well, I’m guessing Raymond will probably get to sing the subtheme. Haha, I was hoping that Kenneth would be able to get a song himself, a pretty far fetched idea. He’s standing in a pretty good position in the tentative poster though…hehe…

As for Man In Charge, I’m really hoping that Kenneth gets his own themesong. For some odd reason though, I have a feeling that they’ll let Kate sing or at least make it a duet. Hopefully, it won’t be a funny song like the one in SP or the songs from WOIL! I want it to be a serious nice song lol. (If I were given a choice, however, as to which theme Kenneth were to sing, the one for Man in Charge or The Speech of Silence, I would totally vote for TSOS since modern songs tend to be more serious & better.)

I have a feeling The Speech of Silence will probably air at the beginning of next year, probably around the same time as SLII was aired or in February in time for Valentine’s Day. While the beginning of the year timeslots pose as a disadvantage for ratings and people tend to forget it by the Anniversary, I think Kenneth will be able to pull it off once again. Afterall, he prove he could in SLII. I just cannot wait for all three series. It scares me though that there’s no news of any new Kenneth series where he is leading coming out. Hopefully, he’ll continue to lead series and that more than 2 series of his, TSOS and Just Love II will come out next year!

* Kenneth getting made-up for The Speech of Silence.

Aw..he’s reading his script intently! He’s wearing that silver bracelet, his necklace, his watch, his favorite dress style – the tank and drinking his fav drink lemon ice tea! haha… he is so consistent with what he wears and his likes. Haha, what’s with the computerized autograph? – Are those cute donald duck gifts or does he actually carry that around?

Credits: MKMC Forum

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Sharon, Myolie, & Selena – Thoughts on Kenneth

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Host: Speaking of male artists, who have you all collaborated with the most?

Myolie: My fans counted this for me online, it is Kenneth Ma.

Sharon: I have hosted two shows with him in Hong Kong. [I believe the translation should be “two series”]

Selena: It’s always him during magazine photoshoots.

Sharon: He is very popular!

Myolie: Haha!

Host: Please tell us about the deepest impression you had on him?

Sharon: He is very obedient and filial.

Selena: He is very real, but there are times he pretends to be naughty.

Sharon: And he doesn’t smoke.

Myolie: Why don’t you marry him then?

Sharon: I like guys with a big tummy!

Myolie: Haha!

Comments: Aww… three of Kenneth’s good friends. I guess this was an interview done in Mainland? Way to go Kenneth! Hopefully he’ll get to spread his name all over China! haha. About the comment made by Sharon – they’ve so been in more series together than 2! Lemme see: Dreams of Colours, Summer Heat, Survivor’s Law…and was there anymore? lol. OH well, she probably totally forgot SH cuz it was such a small role. I’m surprised Myolie didn’t get to compliment Kenneth lol. Haha, yeah sharon why DOn’t you marry Kenneth. jkjk. It always makes me wonder why the girls have so many great things to say about Kenneth and none of them date him! I wonder which one of the three Kenneth’s closest with? What’s your guess?

*Credits: Aspire @


The full translation of the entire interview w/ the three ladies. It seems that Kenneth fits almost all there requirements for an ideal bf…except for the tummy that Sharon wants haha!

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Interview Videos

March 14, 2008 at 6:35 pm (ella koon, interviews, master of taichi, michelle ye, raymond lam, selena li, survivor's law II, videos)

Kenneth & Michelle interview for HK Live – half of the interview

Ella Koon’s Ebuzz Interview about SLII and Kenneth Ma

Kenneth & Selena (end part) interview about TaiChi

Costume Fitting of “The Four” – Kenneth & Selena Complimenting each other

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Selena Li Says Look Out For Kiss Scenes

March 13, 2008 at 12:24 am (master of taichi, news, selena li)

Cast members of TVB series The Master Of Tai Chi <太極> took part in a promotional event yesterday, however the two leading male stars Raymond Lam (林峯) and Vincent Zhao (趙文卓) were noticeably absent.

Leading female Melissa Ng (吳美珩) is also currently on maternity leave, so the event was left to the other cast members including Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Selena Li (李詩韻), Power Chan (陳國邦), Derek Kok (郭政鴻) and semi-retired TV veteran Lau Siu Ming (劉兆銘), to hold the fort. However, everyone still had a good time as they played some games with the audience and introduced their roles in the series.

Selena revealed that her character fights against Melissa for the affections of Kenneth in the series and she tempted the viewers by saying that has many exciting kissing scenes, including her first screen wet kiss. However, Kenneth spoiled her plug by saying that the period in which the show is set was very conservative, so the level of their passion was strictly limited.

Talking of filming for the series in Yunnan province for four months, Selena said that she found the time between shoots extremely boring, so during the four months, she returned to Hong Kong eight times, spending around HK$20,000 on plane tickets. She laughed that people said that she was losing money on this job.

Asked what she did on Valentines Day, Selena said that she spent the evening at church, so she did not receive any gifts. She said that she is still single and when asked if she had split up with rumored boyfriend Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), she immediately denied that there was anything between them.


COMMENTS: These two are so cute. KenSelena are just so silly and flirty. Too bad Selena has Patrick, who I think she looks cute with as well. They seem like pretty good friends! That was Selena’s first onscreen kiss, of course she thinks/remembers it being a lot!

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Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

March 13, 2008 at 12:15 am (master of taichi, myolie wu, news, raymond lam, selena li)

Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

New Series The Master of Tai Chi 《太極》 will broadcast soon. Yesterday the promotion was held at a mall in Macau. Cast members including Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li were present at the event. Other cast members such as Myolie Wu and Vincent Zhao were unable to attend due to busy schedules. Myolie is currently in Malaysia doing some stage work, while Vincent currently is not in Hong Kong due to some personal problem. Producer Mr. Leung mentioned that Vincent has agreed to take part in the promotional event in March.

Kenneth Ma Welcomes Patrick Tang to come express Anger
Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were responsible for promoting the series to help ratings, at the event they were arranged to play games with audience members. Raymond had both of his arms in front of him and also shrugged his shoulders up for protection, he laughs and said that it is to avoid fans touching places that does not need to be touched, the event was extremely playful. Raymond expresses that he has confidence in “Tai Chi”‘s ratings. Also this is his first Pre-Modern series, the story talks a lot about the human nature. But in the series’s promotional clip, it showed a bed-kissing scene of him and Myolie and looked very intimate. He says that even though he’s very familiar with Myolie, but when filming that kind of scene the both of them had to do some preparations. Asked Raymond, if Myolie’s rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong would get jealous when he sees the scene? When Raymond heard the question, he laughed: “He will understand. We are all just acting. And also the series was already filmed 2 years ago, that time didn’t even know those two had rumors.” Kenneth Ma and Selena Li also has a bed scene in the series. Kenneth expresses that its not bad, only showed down to her shoulders, when reporters asked him if he’s afraid that Selena’s boyfriend Patrick Tang would go express his anger towards him, Kenneth laughs that he welcomes him to come find him.

Translated by: aZnangel


COMMENTS: Wonder if Kenneth means it? haha.. He’s such a joker. I can’t wait to see him and Selena in TaiChi and The Four!

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