Producer Nelson Cheung: Charmaine Sheh & Dayo Wong gives surprises (mentions Kenneth & Tavia)

March 26, 2010 at 7:45 pm (tavia yeung)

TVB Producer Nelson Cheung has been in behind the scenes television industry for 30 years, relying boldly on innovative characters to generate applaud by the public. Some of his productions include Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong’s “You’re Hired” and Roger Kwok and Sonjia Kwok’s “D.I.E” which has left deep impressions on audience. Among them, the Charmaine and Dayo fresh new combination created a strong chemical effect, giving happiness to all.

At an early age, Nelson has always loved to watch comedy flicks. Because of the accelerating Hong Kong film industry in the 70s and 80s, he was able to get into production and filming work. He joined ATV in 1979 as a PA and was promoted to director after 2 years. In 1985, he switched over to TVB and was promoted to a producer in 1989. Some of his productions includes: “One Step Beyond”、”Love Is Beautiful”、”Dicey Business”、”D.I.E”, “You’re Hired”, etc, moving forward into his television career and earning a very good reputation.

Nelson had also always had an adventurous spirit, so he is brave on the roles he creates for the artists he uses. Back in 1991, he decided to use Dicky Cheung and Deric Wan for the comedy series “One Step Beyond”, it was so funny that it left memorable impressions on audience. His recent production “Your Hired”, he decided to use Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong for a fresh new pairing, not only did audience applaud to the idea, but even Nelson felt surprised at the great success the pairing gave off.

Admires Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh surprises you

He said: “I really admire Dayo Wong. He is one talented performer and he is very hard working. Every time he does a series, he would do a lot of homework for it. From TV series to stand up comedy, he is the best. He is a very generous person, whatever new ideas he thinks of, he’ll definitely share it with others. When filming series, he doesn’t know that his acting is good, but he would look after otehr artists, getting into character together. Charmaine, although she’s one of the most popular actresses, but she really uses her heart to act. Not only does she fulfill the producer’s requirements well, but many times she would give you many surprises along with it. So Dayo and Charmaine both give off good sparks. I also discovered that Charmaine really does have good comedy acting skills.”

Supports Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung

Speaking of the rising stars, Nelson felt among the new rising Siu Sangs Kenneth Ma’s acting is the most solid. New rising FaDan, he supports Tavia. He said: “I have worked with most of the new rising siu sangs, every one of them have their own strengths and hard work, but for acting Kenneth Ma is definitely the one that is most solid. Perhaps he knows he needs to put up the go down the acting path. As for FaDans, Tavia Yeung I support, she’s like a military worker. Maybe its because whatever role you give her, she will put all her efforts into it for you, I have seen her improving all along.”

Credits: aZnangel @


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Kenneth Ma Supports Tavia Yeung Getting TV Queen

October 31, 2009 at 11:11 pm (tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma, Shirley Yeung, Stephen Chan, Wong Cho Lam, Kiki Sheung and others were at Cheung Kwan O television city filming for [强心有理].

TVB’s Anniversary Awards are coming soon, Kenneth Ma expresses that for TV King he has great hopes for “Rosy Business’s Chai Gau” played by Wayne Lai. As for TV Queen he supports Sheren Tang, Tavia Yeung and Anita Yuen.

Kenneth’s words were obviously on Tavia Yeung’s side saying, “In my heart, all three are my personal prefrences, but Tavia Yeung’s villianous role should be more of a breakthrough”.

Credits: sandalls @ AF

COMMENTS: Sorry, for the lack of updates. Super bogged down in exams. I should actually be studying right now! haha. Ok. aw..of course Kenneth supports Ah Yi! haha. Sry for the random pix from SWSTC. Too lazy to search up the ones that pertain to the article (the blue jacket w/ the heart pix haha). Anyways, wonder if MaMing will get nominated for anything this year? I know he won’t win, but oh well. Loved him in ITCOB & loving him in BR! 😀

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BK Reunion – Aw…so sweet! :-D Shall We State the Case Costume Fitting

August 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been waiting on me for the BK reunion post. I’ve been putting it off for so long, there’s no longer anything to write haha. So I’ll just skim over random things until the next BK moment swings around! 🙂 – Additionally, tho Kenvia are cute, I wish we’d get more BK!

Bernice & Kenneth look absolutely adorable together! I was surprised at all the hugging, leaning, and fake kissing. Honestly, I’ve always wondered about them. They really never seemed like super close friends, but sometimes they come out and surprise us. MaMing when mentioning close female friends never mentioned Bernice. And whenever they are together, I get the feeling that Bernice isn’t really comfortable completely? But I love the pic above, where she’s actually leaning into him! Haha, I keep telling myself that they are awkward in a cute “we have a crush on each other way” lol. Like they’re too shy to talk to each other enough to be super close friends so they aren’t crazy together like Kenvia!

I couldn’t help myself, all thru Tavia’s blog video, I was watching them hug in the background! I liked that they looked comfy enough w/ each other w/ some awkward shyness! They also didn’t pull away from each other too quickly after and only walk separate ways when asked to do interviews. Love how Bernice remembered their “Into Thin Air” days! There 360 kiss was memorable to her and she said it was her first time doing one of those haha. I guess this time she’ll have lots of new memories!

More pix:

TVB videos screencaps:

Kenneth completely steals all the girls (ah, Ray you must be jealous!), but it’s kinda sad that I don’t think Bernice is “that” big of a character anymore. Maybe she really is a big cameo. I hope she gets development esp. w/ Kenneth not just passion! I’m worried about how their love story will turn out and how his character is gonna be. I hope Bernice will change him and actually be meaningful (cuz Kenneth seems to like his roles when the girl loves him unconditionally!)

Video Clips:

Ma Ming is James Bond!

《談情說案》 “Shall We State the Case” Costume Fitting Pictures

Ma Ming’s Official Girlfriend

Haha, I love how Bernice is referred to being the “official” gf lol. That’s super cute! The way Kenneth was all like “i’ll bring u into the role” was hilarious. Bernice made it sound like a Category 3 series ! I absolutely adored it when Kenneth said they’d kiss and Bernice was like “really? In front of everyone?” That reaction was priceless. Instead of saying no or playing along as expected, she seemed shy to do it in front of the cameras haha, but didn’t seem to mind the idea. She looked like she was gonna let him really kiss her until he said they’re were pretending! Silly girl!

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“Shall We State the Case” Blessing Ceremony + News

August 23, 2009 at 6:49 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma ditches Nancy Wu for one night stand [Misleading Title]

Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu play a couple in TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth revealed that he’s a playboy in the series and often does one night stand, so it’s fortunate for him to be in this series. Besides stealing many of his female colleagues first on-screen kiss, Kenneth also expressed that he did two kiss scenes with Bernice. Asked if he would tell rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu about it? He said: “I don’t think that is neccesary. (Afraid that Nancy might scold you?) Nope. (How about Moses Chan?) Actually I am a bit worried about that.”

Bernice exposed that from all the series she has done, this series has the most kiss scenes for her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Raymond Lam brings illness along in continuing fate with Tavia Yeung; Tavia wants rumors with Kenneth Ma

The other day Raymond Lam ate something wrong and got a stomach infection, he had to go see the doctor and get shots before feeling better to attend events. Although he brought an illness to the studio, but he did not forget flatter co-star Tavia Yeung, greatly praising that she is getting prettier.

Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Astrid Chan and Jack Wu attended TVB new series “Shall We State the Case” blessing ceremony. Once Raymond arrived at the event, he revealed that the day before he ate something wrong and got a stomach infection (vomiting/diarrhea), he said: “I don’t know what I ate at home,. Yesterday afternoon, I already started getting diarrhea and by night I was vomiting a little. So, last night I was feeling very unwell at the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign. I didn’t go see the doctor until this morning and he gave me a shot, I need to attend another celebration tonight, I got no choice but to try my best to eat as much as I can.” As for Astrid Chan who was sick as well, she suspects that she ate an egg salad sandwich that resulted in her vomiting, therefore she had to leave early during the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign.

Raymond and Tavia are a couple in the new series, they reveal that they have not played a couple for many years already. This time, there is a whole different feeling as they ‘date’ again. Tavia expressed: “Raymond and I have not been a couple for man years, recently he’s more focused on being a couple with Linda Chung, but this time being a couple with him is a different feeling than in the past. I feel that he is more mature and stabled now. We both seem to have gotten so much older, we have a deeper and better relationship. (Are you afraid of starting rumors with Raymond?) I am a rumor free individual!” Raymond expressed his appreciation towards Tavia’s praises, he also did not forget to praise her back that she has gotten very feminine, getting prettier and prettier.

Taking rumors to joke around with
Also, Tavia joked that she wanted to start rumors with Kenneth Ma. She even chased Kenneth to ask him if she’s or Nancy Wu was better? Kenneth definitely knew what to do, he said that Tavia is really good. Then the two of them exchanged fruits, the scene was quite comedic. But afterwards, Tavia laughed: “Kenneth felt that I was better? Did you see him when he was giving me the orange, he was covering his conscience!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Tavia Yeung works with Raymond Lam as a couple again

Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam attended the blessing ceremony for up coming new TV series “Shall We State The Case” yesterday. Raymond and Tavia will play the role as a couple again following “Golden Faith” and “Twin of Brothers”. Tavia revealed that the two has worked well together, but this time the feeling is different as Raymond has matured a lot. He doesn’t look like a kid anymore. Tavia was teased by the reporter if she is worried about rumors. Tavia smiled saying that it would be inevitable, whether it spreads out successfully is another matter. Tavia went on to say that she is immune with rumors. Raymond thanked Tavia for her remarks, in return, he also said Tavia is very feminine and she is getting more and more beautiful too.

Raymond was late for the blessing ceremony yesterday, he disclosed that he has gastroenteritis and has been having diarrhoea. “I am not sure if I had eaten out of date food at home. I started having diarrhea yesterday and throughout the night too. I was feeling really unwell last night in the fund raising activity. I went to see the doctor and had an injection this morning. We have a celebration dinner tonight, it is a shame that I can’t eat as much as I want.”

Tavia revealed that Kenneth wanted the media to create a rumor for them as on screen couple. She asked Kenneth if he is worried about his girlfriend Nancy Wu. Kenneth said he preferred to have Tavia as his rumored girlfriend; the two was seen sharing fruits together. Tavia told reporter afterwards “You think Kenneth prefers me as his girlfriend, can’t you see he said it with the orange covering his heart?”
Translation:R.E.D @

Yesterday, Tavia Yeung appeared at a blessing ceremony for TVB’s new series. In the series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond Lam. Raymond has been paired with Linda Chung for the past year. Tavia jokingly replied about Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu.

In the new series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond, as they were in “Twin of Brothers.”
Raymond: For the past year, I’ve been paired with Linda Chung. If we continue to star as a couple, I feel that we have matured and grown up. We are more emotional now.
Reporters: Aren’t you afraid of rumors?
Raymond: Yeah, I have rumors occassionally.
Tavia: Kenneth said he wants to get some rumors with me.
Reporters: But, he had Nancy.
Tavia: Oh, I don’t know about his life outside the series.
Reporters: Who’s better, you or Nancy?
Tavia: TVB products are alway good. If he likes Nancy, then go ahead.
咀廖碧兒驚陳豪嬲 (Kissing Bernice; Afraid that Moses will be Mad)

Kenneth blurted that his mom always praises Tavia for being a good girl. In the series, Kenneth will have numerous kissing scenes with Bernice.
Kenneth: I won’t get mad, we can kiss all we want.
Reporters: Are you afraid that Nancy will be mad?
Kenneth: No.
Reporters: Afraid that Moses Chan will be mad?
Kenneth: Oh yes.

Also, Moses Chan was a special guest at a coffee shop opening yesterday. He also said that Bernice had praised his coffee as being good tasting.
Moses: I want to have my own coffee brand shop.
Reporters: Will Bernice be part of it?
Moses: Yes, and I will tell many other artists as well.
Moses lost 1 million (HKD?) due to the economical crisis.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: love_of_tvb

Comments: Aw…KenVia are cute as usual, but im super disappointed that there are no BK moments 😦 !! Poor Ray is sick, but either way Kenneth would have stolen the limelight lol. I love how Tav pokes fun at Kenneth but still says she doesn’t know about KeNancy as if she’s hinting that its just all rumors to us lol. Love how Kenneth said he’s afraid of Moses haha. Bernice should beat him up for saying that

More pix @ baidu:

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Shall We State The Case – Several Articles

July 26, 2009 at 5:38 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

In Kenneth Ma’s new series, he plays a flirty inspector, besides having a very sexy girlfriend Bernice Liu, he will also have a one-night stand with beautiful girl Lisa S. For the role, Kenneth said that he will need to go to Lan Kwai Fong and look up information. Not hard to believe that rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu may get jealous.

Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu and Lisa S. attended the costume fitting of TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth and Bernice will again play a couple in the series, the two will even have a heated bed scene. Bernice appeared at the event in a low-cut outfit and always stuck by Kenneth when taking pictures, no wonder Kenneth had a huge smile on his face.

Kenneth being surrounded by all these pretty girls, will he report to rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu? He smiled: “I don’t need to. But its really just a role, I never tried one-night stand before. Maybe I will have to go to Lan Kwai Fong to check it out and take some notes for this role.” Even Western-like girl Bernice expressed that the script is quite an uproar, it doesn’t even seem like a television series would have such scenes.

Playing as a female cop, Tavia Yeung appeared in a police uniform, but the uniform requires her to change her 25-inch waist into a 22-inch, Tavia said: “This time I’m playing as a police officer, my mom is the happiest because she had always wanted me to be a police.” Raymond Lam’s role doesn’t beat Kenneth’s role where he is surrounded with girls, asked if he’s worried that Kenneth may steal all the limelight? He said: “Having many girls would stand out? Kenneth and my roles are very different. He is flirty and I’m the honest one.”

News Source: Mingpao
please credit if reposting

Kenneth Ma wins the year’s best role
Today at the costume fitting of a new TVB series (Shall we state the case), Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam appeared in their costumes.

At the fitting, it was indicated Kenneth, portraying a policeman, might have won the best role this year, because in the series he will have many girlfriends and will be a player, plus he loves ¡§One night stands¡¨. When asked whether he will notify rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu first, before filming romantic scenes with many actresses, of course he denied it. However, Bernice who will be Kenneth¡¦s girlfriend in the series, reminded him to bring chewing gum and a toothbrush.

Bernice also indicated, in the new series the first scene will be a passionate kiss between her and Kenneth. The rate of intimacy is closer than any kissing scenes she had done before. So she doesn¡¦t know whether it will be appropriate for showing on TV.

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Raymond, Kenneth, Tavia & Bernice in ‘Romance and Case Discussions’

July 26, 2009 at 5:31 pm (bernice liu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Raymond Lam Fung, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Tavia Yeung Yi and Bernice Liu Bik Yee were at the costume fitting for TVB’s new series, “Romance and Case Discussions” 《談情說案》yesterday. In the series, Raymond will play a physicist and assist police officer, Kenneth, in solving criminal cases.

The theme for “Romance and Case Discussions” appear to resemble Japanese drama “Detective Galileo,”《神探伽俐略》. Was Raymond concerned that he will be accused of copying the Japanese drama? Raymond noted that “Romance and Case Discussions” will be set amidst a mystery, case-solving backdrop, while focusing on love relationships. To prevent the audience’s inability in following the cases, scientific explanations will often be used to validate the outcomes. This strategy will be different than “Detective Galileo.” To avoid further comparison to Fukuyama Masaharu’s performance in “Detective Galileo,” Raymond will avoid watching the Japanese drama. Raymond indicated he will need to prepare in advance for his role, as the scientific jargon will be even more difficult to relay than legal jargon.

Kenneth Ma will act as a detective, who is popular among women. At the costume fitting yesterday, Kenneth was surrounded by 6 actresses. Was Raymond concerned that Kenneth will steal the show? Raymond questioned, “Having more women will steal the show?” Reporters asked whether Raymond’s singer status prevented him from portraying womanizer roles? “No, it’s not related. Perhaps my image resembles a professor more! However, I do envy Kenneth. I have never seen a role with so many female co-stars. I would like to try the challenge sometime too!”

Bernice will play a guest role in “Romance and Case Discussions.” The script gave her a good surprise, as she and Kenneth will share an intimate scene together. Bernice said, “In a past series, we shared a kissing scene which required a 360 degree angle during filming. In ‘Romance and Case Discussions,’ the excitement will be taken a step further, as we will kiss and embrace passionately at the same time.” Bernice stressed that it would be necessary for both of them to freshen their mouths prior to filming.

Kenneth admitted that his role in “Romance and Case Discussions” was his most ‘fortunate’ role in 2009. Will Kenneth need to explain himself to rumored girlfriend, Nancy Wu Ding Yan? Kenneth laughed, “There’s no need to. But I never had a one night stand before; I may need to observe more activities in Lan Kwai Fong.” Reporters teased Kenneth that he was treated to feeling Bernice’s “boobie cakes” during the photograph session. Kenneth said, “Bernice has a very fit figure. I did feel her curves while standing next to her. Hopefully, during the filming, I will have more opportunities to feel them again!” Despite her long acting career, it will be the first time for Tavia Yeung to wear a police uniform in a series. It turns out that Tavia’s mother had wished her to become a police officer at one point. Thus this series will fulfill Tavia’s mother’s dream. Reporters noted that Tavia’s image lost out to the sexily dressed Bernice, Tavia laughed, “No, we are good sisters and will share. She will be sexy, while I will be prim.”

Tavia revealed that she will have a one night stand with Raymond in the series. In one scene, Raymond and Tavia lost their way in the mountains and thus shared an intimate night together.


Comments: This is one weird translation! haha…the translator said that it sounds like Kenneth said he wants to touch Bernice’s “boobiecakes” haha what kinda word is that?!
I guess it was taken out of context. Kenneth is a joker and has developed the weirdest sense of humor. I think he was simply complimenting Bernice’s figure and saying he would love to get to hold Bernice again haha…(and feel her curves?) innocent.gif Kenneth should be glad that the media loves him haha and that everyone just knows he’s all talk & being silly or else they could make it out to be a lot worse!

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Mini Fama Mega Fun: Kenneth loves which Yi/Yee?! Plus Episode 7 recap

July 6, 2009 at 7:11 pm (myolie wu, tavia yeung)

Watch and read transcript of episode 9 at link below:

Myolie was asked to prank call ppl on Mini Fama Mega Fun and she decided to call Kenneth when the tasks of getting someone to say I love you came up. This was really cute and Kenneth picked up the phone is a silly and cute voice that made the hosts shudder with goosebumps! haha. It was hilarious and makes me wonder if that is really how he answers the phone. Read above for what happens haha. Myolie asks him if he had fun at her house BBQ the day before  (oo…is this a star gathering we don’t know about? Hm…Nancy probably went lol. I wonder who else?) and goes on to ask him if he loves her. He replies w/ a “I love you” and she thanks him and hangs up! That is the strangest reply I’ve heard, but it’s Kenneth so oh well haha. (Wouldn’t “yeah, love” make more sense haha? But I guess he’s so use to telling her those 3 words that they’re inseparable!) Fama is convinced that Myolie is secretly “with” Kenneth since he replied so quickly and Kitty Yuen decides to call Kenneth to repeart Myolie’s words. Instead Kenneth, answering in the same cute voice, asks her if she’s doing the show again and tells her that “Yeung Yi” just called to ask him if he loved her. Everyone one explodes in laughter, while Myolie just, well, explodes, grabbing the phone and screaming “I am HANG Yee. You came to MY house yesterday…how dare you call me Yeung Yi?!”

Truly an LOL moment as the hosts tease Myolie saying that Kenneth loves the other Yi. Later on, Myolie gets Kenneth to tell her he loves her, Hang Yee, very much. haha. They’re such silly friends!

And girls, Kenneth belongs to only one Yi anways…and thats Bik Yi! muhahahaa…..I had to do that.

Epi 7 recap (watch here)

Kenneth was also featured on an earlier episode, epi 7. However, he had filmed the part way before the show aired since in episode 2’s end, he was already in the preview along w/ Sharon’s epi. He was to be featured on the Mother Day’s epi, but it was never aired until epi 7. It was believed that his part was cut do to the Swine Flu and the fact that his epi had unsanitary “milk spitting” in it. I don’t know, but they all of a sudden decided to air it! Who knows? It got me and bunch of fans waiting for his episode!

I was kinda upset though, since I believe they cut off a lot of footage! Kenneth was so cute during the spit milk part, where he was looking to see if they had milk in their mouths. He was clever and put his face really close to Candice’s so she’d move back and he was all like “I see she has something in her mouth!” Later on, he ended up choosing her since he knew that they all had milk. He was like, rather get spit on by a girl la. He even pretend to flirt with her..saying…what is your phone number to get her to laugh so he could see if she had milk in her mouth! Silly MaMing!

In the end while the credits are rolling you see some cut scenes, where Siu Yee and MaMing ‘pretend kiss’ and then she kisses him on the cheek and says “Today I don’t need to be paid for work!” and then he gives her a peck on the cheek (he looked so cute doing that!) Later you see Candice kissing whipped cream off Kenneth’s face (aw…) Wow. The ladies love him! haha. I liked Candice Chiu since Miss HK haha and she’s from Sydney, Australia, but I’m still surprised she kissed whipped cream off of his face! I mean, seriously? she got cream all over her face, but its MaMing 😀

I don’t know how many more cut scenes there are, I feel like there should be more and TVB said they’re airing online the full episodes I think. I am not sure.

The link is here to the show’s page, but I can’t watch the videos. If anyone sees it, and it is indeed the full version, please put it up on youtube or somewhere and tell us about it! 😀 thanks!

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Random Updates

July 6, 2009 at 6:50 pm (christine ng, Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, sharon chan, tavia yeung)

Sry for the lack of updates. I am overwhelmed and exhausted from work 😦 No more bumming for me haha. I realized I have lost like complete contact w/ my Staff as well….haha…and I’m totally to blame. Carmen has translated a bunch of stuff I haven’t even posted and I don’t even feel right sending her more stuff to translate….And I don’t know where Cami is anymore! We used to talk through youtube…but her account is gone now…Cami if you see this and you’re out there…reply! haha.

Back to Kenneth. This stuff is old news now, but w/e. 😛

Shall We State the Case 談情說案 (Tam Ching Suet On) aka the FungYi series

  • Kenneth is confirmed but he is just guest starring in the series. For how much, no one is really sure.
  • The series is inspired by Japanese TV series ‘Detective Galileo’ about crime solving and love.
  • Tavia and Kenneth will have ‘no’ romantic connect (unfortunately) and he’ll just be playing her superior
  • The Producer is Lau Ka Ho and he said that the series will be more focused on romance

In Tavia’s recent ‘Green Room’ aka Today’s VIP interview (link below) she stated that she and Kenneth are not fated to be lovers (haha. same thing Myolie said before), that usually they just ‘walk pass each other’ in series. Even in the new series, he is only her superior. (aww…i guess Tavia knew ppl were getting their hopes up or wondering so she said it very definitel that they don’t have a relationship in the series!) Of the younger generation, Kenneth is the only one she hasn’t gotten a chance to work w/ much so she wants to work with him and knows that he wants to work w/ her (ha. Yeah the whole world knows that!) And interviewer Carlo Ng poked fun saying that he thought Kenneth only wants to work with Kate. Tavia pointed to the camera ppl saying that they are all shaking their heads, “No” that it is someone else. Carlo then laughs and says “Wu…Hang Yee (Myolie)? Or the other one?” Tavia laughs and says “I still don’t know who it is”

I don’t really get Carlo, he seems to only know old news haha. I remember how he commented during the Kate Green Room interview that maybe Kenneth is only so nice to her after she complimented him and she got kinda defensive saying that Carlo shouldn’t say such things and that MaMing is a really good guy to everyone! It’s so random of him to bring up Kate.

Watch Tavia’s interview here (at the end is where she mentions MaMing):

Party Time!

  • Kenneth was not present at Miss Virginia Lok’s bday party since he was filming Iron Horse, nor was Kevin, Selena, Shirley, Linda nor Tavia present.  (too bad, I really wanted me some BK pix)
  • On the same night, Christine Ng and her husband had their anniversary party. I believe, had Kenneth not been working he would have gone/been invited since they seem like good friends. All his buddies went including Sharon, Nancy, Tavia, Joel, etc… (I remember how Kenneth was at Timmy’s bday with Christine and Sharon as well) Sharon, Nancy, & Joel went on to go to Miss Lok’s party while Tavia did not attend (hm..that’s strange oh well)

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Kenneth Denies Dating Nancy Wu – says they’re just good friends

June 14, 2009 at 9:20 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, tavia yeung)

Scoop Video Clip

Kenneth denies that he and Nancy are dating during the set of Iron Horse in reply to the 1 year Anniversary Celebration news. He says he’s close to Nancy becuz she’s tomboyish and not afraid of rumors. He further praises her performance in Rosy Business, saying she has a large range. haha. he repeats the same things about how Nancy called him to give her a ride and that they were each doing separate things that day.

Haha. Pix from filming of Iron Horse. They look like they’re enjoying themselves….more pix @ hyn5’s blog! (haha i stole these from her, hope that’s ok). As someone mentioned, does look like Kenneth & Kevin exchanged looks…IMO Kenneth looks good both ways, while Kevin looks better this way. I prefer Kenneth’s previous outfit tho!

Kenneth will only be a guest star in the FungYi series :-(…but that’s ok. I guess I was right in the beginning. And there will be no Bernice anyways! Apparently he’ll appear in 5 epis, and be Tavia’s husband who dies, leaving her with a son, Lawrence Ng. I hope its touching. Reminds me of The Brink of Law (some ppl are guessing he’ll die on a cop mission!). Haha. Kenneth always guest stars for someone. Life Made Simple he guest starred for Roger, now for Tavia…hm…I wonder if he guest starred in TBOL for Bernice??? (wishful thinking)

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Kenneth in a series w/ Tavia!

June 2, 2009 at 8:16 pm (raymond lam, tavia yeung)

Omg. ah-yi posted @ AF regarding this news. Apparently, stated that Kenneth’s been confirmed for the Raymond Lam & Tavia Yeung series (Fungyi)! Joel Chan will also be in the series. I don’t understand how this works, but Tavia is supposed to film right after she finished guest starring in Iron Horse. Then wouldn’t Kenneth be still filming, unless of course, he’s a guest star in the FungYi series upon request haha. The producers wanna fulfill his wishes so he’ll stop nagging them! “Here, you get a scene w/ Ah Yi! Now stop bothering us!”

The series is slated for June (wouldn’t Kenneth still be filming Iron Horse?). Bernice is also slated to film a series in June….hm…..~crossing my fingers~

I am so happy that there is a Fung-Yi-Ming series. Hope we see a love triangle haha…unless Bernice gets in on it of course!

This all still doesn’t make sense since Kenneth is apparently going to be in a series in July w/ Joe Ma and Susanna Kwan according to (Apparently Kate Tsui may also be in it…haha. they just wanna even the number of collaborations out w/ Selena’s eh?)

Fungyi fans (well i’m one too) seem super concerned that Kenneth may take part haha. That is funny. Lots of ppl anticipate a Kenvia collaboration, but they don’t want it to get in the way of FungYi haha. Come on, we all know sweet Kenneth will totally melt away our hearts if there is a triangle…the dangers 😛

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Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu celebrate their 1st year dating anniversary + MORE

May 30, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, selena li, tavia yeung)

Source: Hkheadline Translated by: Matchbox @

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma who are currently being promoted by TVB, collaborated on the show “Strictly Come Dancing II” last year. It was rumored that good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng were the matchmakers and the pair became a couple. But because they were afraid that announcing the news may affect their careers they have never admitted being together. Their relationship is very low profile. It was also reported that Nancy moved from her old home in Tuen Mun to the Hong Kong Island area, so that it would be more convenient. Her new home is only one street away from Kenneth’s. Picks up Nancy from work The other day, Kenneth who didn’t need to work drove to Pacifc Place to pick up girlfriend Nancy from work. In order to avoid being recognized Kenneth stayed inside his car and waited for Nancy. However he needed to drive around a few times because he wasn’t allowed to park there. After a while, Nancy appeared from level 3 of the car park and got into his car. They drove to Times Square, Causeway Bay. Nancy was seen getting out of the car and believed to be having a facial there. After parking his car, Kenneth walked around the streets near the shopping mall. He was seen looking in brand watch stores. In the end he purchased a watch that cost HK$3000 as a 1 year dating anniversary gift. After 1 hour Kenneth received a phone call from Nancy. He went back to the Times Square to meet up with her. She even paid for the parking ticket. As they departed, a group of paparazzi’s took pictures of them. The couple were shocked and Nancy looked unhappy. When the reporter mentioned that he had free time to go shopping, Kenneth didn’t know how to respond. [Where are you going now?) They only said they were going home. It wasn’t clear whether he felt the reporters misunderstood his reply, therefore he added “We are going back to our own homes.” (You mean you are driving Nancy back to her home, then going back to yours?) “Yes”. After clearing up the misunderstanding Kenneth felt more relaxed and allowed the reporters to take pictures.

Also a video about KeNancy rumors and Nancy getting a new kitty – Little Tiger!…0639bfcb07feae/

Iron Horse Blessing Ceremony on Scoop – Cast pokes fun @ KeNancy!


Watch Kenneth-Tavia-Selena-Nancy blog video, super kute!



Love this video. it’s super cute! Kenneth is such a sweet talker! No wonder the girls adore him! This is the first time we see Kenvia being close together! its really cute…and we too would love a Kenvia series..Kenneth is begging for it! I love how he was all sweet when he was calling for “Ah Yi”…and when he made that face at Selena saying “next time it’s me and ah Yi!” he’s so cute…the whole “Mommy” thing from Tav was adorable as well! haha….Kenneth spreading rumors now?! haha. too cute…As I have said b4, the only two fadans that are friends w/ everyone but don’t show in front of cam that they are close to Kenneth are Tavia & Bernice, but now that’s not true anymore…hopefully we’ll see more displays of affection from BK as well! Iron Horse will be yet another KenSelena series!

Since hyn5 beat me to it, here is a link to the transcript of the interview! haha. amazing how i like all 4 of them!

An old Kenancy video:

Super cute pix of Iron Horse filming from Shirley’s blog here

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Kenneth & Tavia: November ’08 Poll Results (Finally….)

February 16, 2009 at 8:18 pm (tavia yeung)

Results –

Which Fresh Kenneth Pairing Would You Most Like to See? Kenneth &…

Tavia Yeung 44% (16 votes)

Nancy Wu 19% (7 votes)

Myolie Wu 14% (5 votes)

Linda Chung 11% (4 votes)

Fala Chan 11% (4 votes)

Total Votes: 36

Sry the results are kinda late, but Tavia’s been leading the poll ever since it started! Even after leaving it here for months, she still leads the poll! Thank you for voting you guys!

The two underdogs of the Younger Generation, acting class grads Kenneth & Tavia have never been paired up since Eternal Happiness years ago when they were still practically cameos. However, today, they have both found great success, taking on leading roles, winning recognition for their hardwork from the audience. Not only are they recognized for their hard work and talent, but these two also have shown us that you don’t need plentiful headlines/rumors to make it in showbiz. They may have taken the longer and harder road, but they have gained alot of respect from the fans!

After the recent (well not really anymore), Anniversary Gala, many Kenneth & Tavia shippers have emerged, all going crazy over the screen caps of them playing the card passing game. Screencap analysis of whether they kissed or not along with a wave of exclamations that they “warmed up the TVB studios w/their hott kiss” spread across the forums like a forest fire (haha I’m sounding weird now), making for a “literally” hot topic!

Back in the Day….Eternal Happiness

This was their very first and only pairing in a TVB series. This was also Tavia’s first “bigger” role. Kenneth’s role was relatively insignificant. Later on, they reunited in “The Vigilante in the Mask“, Tavia’s first official lead series. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Sales Presentation & TVB Gala

November 24, 2008 at 4:08 pm (General Chai & Lady Balsam, grand entrepreneurs, tavia yeung, tvb anniversary, tvb sales presentation 2009, videos)

Grand Entrepreneurs

Kenneth’s only in the screencap shown before in the end. Same for Bernice.The theme of Monopoly is cute. Somehow, it feels a little superficial though, like it’s just a vague storyline that’s not scripted yet, but I’m expecting it to be good…it better be!

General Chai & Lady Balsam

Kenneth is yet again in for very limited time. He’s near the end and screaming. He’s one of the revolutionaries? Is that what you call them? haha. The series looks good. I love historical stuff!

The Dance w/ the guys and tatoos… It was James Bond themed.

It was very short, and not very entertaining it looked. Not enough closeups… this year really isn’t that great. I miss the Artist Extravaganza, where Kenneth got to sing and stuff. At least each artist got to “sell” themselves. At these things, it’s just a mess! At the end of the clip, at like 5.38 you see Kenneth with crazy (reminiscent of Bosco in WOILII) hair…how scary haha. I’m glad he didn’t walk onto stage like that. I guess it was part of the process of his styling. He was standing next to Tavia.. haha. interesting….

TVB Gala 2008

Read the rest of this entry »

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