TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards 2010 – My Favorite Male Character: Kenneth Ma – Gu Yu Tong (A Fistful of Stances)

December 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm (A Fistful of Stances, anniversary, bosco wong, kate tsui, kevin cheng, Ron Ng, selena li, the mysteries of love, toby leung, tvb anniversary)

With the Awards’ season coming to an end, I believe most of us expected, though were still disappointed, that Kenneth would not receive an award for Gu Yu Tong (AFOS). However, I think the biggest shock of all was not Raymond Lam winning for the oh-so-plain-and-boring-I-wear-tight-pants-&-weird-vests Kingsley (dude, what kind of name is that anyways?), but that A Fistful of Stances didn’t even make the Top 5 series of the year. TVB are you serious? I personally thought AFOS was one of THE best series of the year. It started off the year right. Given that I have not seen NR, I will not judge, but it’s over-hyping is slightly nauseating me. While I did not think I’d like CBML initially, I ended up finding it pretty entertaining, though it was no-where near Best Series material. ACOTOB was a dark-horse in Top 5 for sure, and while I enjoyed the series much to my surprise, I really felt it was mediocre. It is an easily forgettable series. And then there’s TMOL….it was a bad series with a likable cast, and it does NOT belong in top 5 despite my love for BK & Tavia. Not to mention, every character was pretty much annoying. My choices for Favorite series are: AFOS, GMG, EMYM (I surprisingly enjoyed it), & I guess the two other anniversary series just based on popularity. I just have to say that I’m particularly amused at how TVB strategically aired AFOS at the beginning of the year, so people would forget it by Anniversary time. I guess they see the series & Kenneth as a threat (cause more uproar if he didn’t get anything) against their anniversary series. It was also a lame move to not let GMG finish airing before the Awards Ceremony.

As we knew early on this year, the contenders were Wayne, Moses, Raymond, and dark-horses Steven & Felix. There was not a doubt in my mind that the first 3 were going to take the Male Actor Awards home. Of course, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming. Kenneth’s performance in AFOS was amazing, and a definite breakthrough. Just the year prior, I was worried that Kenneth would never get a good role like MK Sun again, which was a contender for the Favorite Character Award in 2009. However, he came back strong this year with Gu Yu Tong, which deserved a Best Actor nomination. I am still amazed at how TVB can honestly not nominate him for the Best Actor award, but yet, list Kevin for AFOS and Bosco for GTL (among a few). If you’ve seen the series, no explanation is necessary, and you know who gave the better performance and was lead. While Steven is a deserving candidate for the awards, he did not deserve it for GW, and I have come to the conclusion long ago that Steven will NEVER get an award. Unless he gets super lucky and causes an unexpected uproar like Wayne did last year, as long as TVB is in control, he won’t get anything. Wayne is a great actor and among the five, I’m glad he won. Moses is a good actor as well, but I get tired of his comedies, and I know he can do so much more/better (Can TVB please give him a serious role?). Raymond is a good actor too (haha, this is getting repetitive), but he is always the same character, the prince-charming who bawls over a girl breaking his heart and he’s never exceptional. Felix was a refreshing lead, and while I liked GMG, I did not think he was as amazing nor was the series as great as everyone says it is. With all that said, I am secretly really happy that Raymond got this award (which I already expected) instead of Steven, because TVB just made a fine display of favoritism and instead of being happy for Steven, people are feeling sorry that Kenneth was robbed. 😀 I am still upset, however, that the media is feeling bad for Moses for being robbed of My Favorite Character, despite all the voices online (overseas) saying that Kenneth deserved it! (As seen in the screen-cap of the poll, where Kenneth is in the lead)

Kenneth is pulling off his bald look very nicely, and I love how the “Ma’s Brothers” were together on stage. Of course, I know Kenneth can do a better “chok” look and look super-handsome doing it, but his choice of shaking his head up and down just makes him the adorable MaMing we love. I was sad that Kenneth walked with Kate again, I was hoping for Nancy lol.

On a side note: Congrats Raymond Wong!!! (baby & award) Very deserving, though I loved ALL the contenders for Most Improved Male. As for the girls, I was sad Selena didn’t win. I don’t think Natalie is a that good of an actress, and no matter how touching her speech was, I felt there was so many people more deserving than her. My Best Supporting Actor choices were Dominic and Derek. Wing Tak (AFOS) was awesome and Dominic is just a great actor in general, but I was leaning more towards Derek (9 -Mui from SOF) because I don’t think he’d have much of a chance any other year. Derek is a great actor, but I haven’t liked one of his characters in a long time (used to love his evil roles) until 9-Mui in Season of Fate. He reminded me why I used to like him. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of Evergreen in general.

As for Best Supporting Actress, I think everyone in Top 5 was deserving. I secretly was cheering for Elena Kong (Angela Auntie) because she was just superb! I knew her chances were slim though so I was in support of Kara. While I love Nancy, I didn’t think she deserved this award for GMG (though her crying has gotten really good). Fala is an up-and-coming actress, but of the contenders she was the least deserving. Can’t they just wait for it to be her time? I’m sure it’d come soon, so why is TVB forcing us to believe she’s the best? Fala does not need your “help.” I secretly have always wished Rebecca Chan would at least get a nomination for Best Supporting.

As for Toby’s statement, I see some people sort of bashing her for it. While Ron did look awkward, I thought it was an adorable situation and display of their friendship. I already knew they were close, and I thought it was cute how Ron was embarrassed. Statements like those are just typical of Toby, and I personally love her craziness! (While she may not be the best, I Toby has been improving, but I still want her to go back to long hair and singing!)

My Choices:

Best Actress – Michelle Yim (SOF)

Best Actor – Wayne Lai

My Favorite Character – Charmaine Sheh & Kenneth Ma

Most Improved – Raymond Wong & Selena Li

With all that said, I’m sure Kenneth will not disappoint and will come out with an equally, if not more likable, character in the near future. In all our hearts, you’re a winner Kenneth!


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Toby Blog Stalking Part IV: Her Comment replies!

November 24, 2008 at 5:35 pm (sharon chan, toby leung)

First off, I think this is part IV. I’m too lazy to check! I’m very disappointed that Toby got cut from the cast as well (She’ll be filming some Mainland series w/ Ray and Bosco) and has been replaced by Grace. I guess she shouldn’t have so much Kenneth in a row or else she’ll really fall for him! haha. I actually preferred the original two girls over the new two ones. I like Sharon, but you know, it’s BK! As for Toby and Grace, I’ve always liked Toby since her singer days but I was disappointed when she turned over to acting. Wow, Grace’s first series and already a Grand Production! (I have a feeling that her acting may not be that great…maybe cuz of the accent … I hope I’m wrong) I’m not feeling the haircut for Sharon from the costume fitting either!

Back to Toby. I was looking forward for her to work w/ Kenneth again so I could Sharon and Toby blog stalk. I know Grace will probably take pix w/ Kenneth too, but she has a TVB blog and it’s so censored. Toby at least make her own posts.

Glad that Toby replies to comments and …in ENGLISH! haha. Here are a few regarding Kenneth and the Anniversary night pix.


i know, looks cute though!!!!

i know, he is the shy boy!!!! i hope 2 wk with him again real soon!!!!

thanks 4 ur support and yes he is really cute ga!!!!!

These three comments were all in reply to fans’ comments made about Kenneth. Every “cute” was referenced to MaMing! haha. Aw…Kenneth is so shy!

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Toby Blog Stalking Part III – TVB Anniversary and Updates on “Grand Entrepreneurs”

November 16, 2008 at 9:04 pm (bernice liu, General Chai & Lady Balsam, grand entrepreneurs, sharon chan, toby leung, tvb anniversary)

aWarD NitE!!!!

Ma ming & moi

mA mIng sooooooOO cuTe!!!!

Haha. Toby really does like Kenneth! She said he was cute! He looks so shy. I see another hand on Sonija’s arm, I bet he was surrounded by the ladies, that’s why he looked so shy! haha. aw…Sonija was there too, reminds me of DIE. Maming is simply irresistible! (Aha! I somehow knew it was Sharon standing there!)

Other blog entries on the show:


More pix:

Yin’s pix post Awards Presentation:

Videos of Fans waiting for Kenneth after the show:

He said that there are about two weeks left of filming for ‘General Chai’ (haha. poor Toby will be heartbroken…) He is anticipating the Grand production with Gallen and is really excited since he will be playing Gallen’s younger brother! yay. he’s one of the brothers. I think someone in the forums almost mentioned he’s confirmed to die midway and that something about DIE2. I don’t know… I tried to babelfish it haha.

Also, apparently some Raymond fans were there (from a blog of one of them – I babelfished that too haha) and they were screaming Kenneth’s name. They kept screaming MaMing! making reporters and everyone look at them. Kenneth seemed confused that they were screaming his name while holding signs that said “Fung” on it! haha. that’s cute!

Kenneth’s msg to fans…translation available here. So cute!

BAD NEWS: According to hyn5, there will be no BK!

Here is her msg:

Bernice is not in the 40 episodes series anymore. Ma Ming said so himself. Now, Sharon will be in it. TVB arrange for Bernice to be in a Western movie, that is why she wasn’t at the awards ceremony. No Ma Ming and Berncie! (

Truly, I’m devestated. Stinkin’ TVB. Darnit! He was so excited about this production and it would’ve been perfect! I knew it! I knew it! It was too good to be true. Since the news leaked, I kept telling myself to not get my hopes up and guess what I did? When the Sales Presentation screen caps came out, I let my hopes get up! And now I’m heartbroken! Argh TVB, if they didn’t say there’d be BK in the first place, I wouldn’t be so upset. I would’ve been content w/ Kenneth and Sharon. And they do this?! I thought there had been negotiations about Bernice in a western film since last year. Shouldn’t they have known sooner? grr….. I’m agravated, but there’s nothing that can be done now.

I’m just surprised Kenneth fans found out before Bernice fans. So that explains why she was a no-show at the Anniversary. Is she somewhere else right now? I’m selfish, I want BK haha.(I want the film to be pushed back so they’ll replace Sharon w/ Bernice again!)

Someone go and ask Kenneth to find Bernice and take a few nice photos with her to make us all happy again! haha. Yet another year without BK….how long do we have to wait… even Berray/Ronnice/Bobe/Bermo fans have it way better than we BK fans do… At least they attend functions together and take pix together!

Hi, I am not really a Kenneth fan. Just read in discuss forum and thought you may like to know:

More about 金錢誘罪: (credits: vicky039 @ KF.C)

拍摄时间为2008年12月至2009年03月, 11月24日試造型.

After the award ceremony, 馬明 told Bernice Liu’s fans that Bernice will not be in the series (另有安排). (from vicky039 @ KF.C)

From 陳敏之國際影迷會: Sharon Chan will be in this series.

钟嘉欣FAN紫色凝眸:(source: vicky039 @ KF.C)

You guys must know already about Sharon. Costume fitting is 11/24, filming from Dec-Mar. A poster saw in the news: Kenneth will play a villain, he likes to “cheat eat cheat drink”.

Posted by travelbug @ AF

Wow. So Kenneth said there are other arrangements regarding what will happen, but the info about Sharon was found on her forum. I thought TVB gave the role to Sharon, who told Kenneth this or something like that. Well I guess not…I guess Kenneth just happens to know everything when it comes to Bernice haha (yes. let me be..I can dream can’t I?)  This aggravates me more… Kenneth gets to be a villian, he gets to die, he gets to be in his first grand production…and it was suppose to be w/ Bernice! It would’ve been perfect…why oh why?!

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Toby has a crush on Kenneth!

November 14, 2008 at 3:56 am (news, toby leung)

Recently, Toby was filming 《蔡鍔與小鳳仙》 aka General Chai and Lady Balsam with Kenneth, she says that she really admires Kenneth. “I think he has heart towards acting, he’s the only male actor that I’ve come across that loves acting so much.  Treats people with care, I’m beginning to have a crush on him.”

*Random pix from last years Sales Presentation where Kenneth was surrounded by girls. What a ladies’ man!

Credit: Carmen

Comments: Haha. Can I say I’m not surprised? Toby is totally someone crazy enough to say that! haha. Kenneth is such a sweetheart, that it amazes me that he doesn’t have a bunch of girls chasing after him or maybe he does and we just don’t know it! Who wouldn’t love Kenneth? She’s probably just saying that though…. Seriously, Kenneth is just so loveable, I’m amazed that all his costars don’t fall for him! All the girls sell him and gush over him haha…

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TVB Sales Presentation 2009

November 12, 2008 at 3:10 pm (bernice liu, grand entrepreneurs, kate tsui, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, toby leung, tvb sales presentation 2009)

For More Pix, Please visit:

First off, I can’t wait to see the Sales Presentation. When will someone put it up?!
OMG. Kenneth was standing behind Bernice in the line-up! Too bad he walked out w/ Kate instead. Bernice was so close…so close… If only Kenneth and Sammul got to switch partners!

Why Couldn’t it be like this? (Did Kenneth walk the red carpet alone?)

Maybe Kenneth and Bernice will get to walk the red carpet together in the Awards Presentation since she walked in w/ Sammul and Kate this time? (wishful thinking) Is there time to rally? Someone go on the Chinese forums and start a BK rally! haha. Maybe TVB’ll hear our prayers?!

Kenneth took part in a dance number with the guys and Bernice danced w/ the girls.
Here are some pix of the sexy guys from Joe Ma’s blog… (Click on the pix, they are superbig!)

More: (with Kenneth)

*Aw Kenneth took off his tattoo really quickly, he said he reapply it later haha!

So does this mean that Sammul is contracted now? I’m so confused. lol. I’m not sure if BK are even in the Grand Entrepreneurs clip and I wouldn’t be shocked if they weren’t, considering that they don’t always put everyone in the series in the clip esp. when they aren’t the leads.

Can’t wait for the complete clip! Looks so good.

More pix:

Someone posted the 2009 Programme Book and it’s looking like a very Ron-full year! There is currently no Kenneth 😦 but only part of the booklet is up and he still has his unaired series.

Video from Tsui Wing’s Blog:

Let’s just say Toby-blog stalking was not wasted! haha. Finally I found something!

Another pic from her blog:

Is that Kenneth’s face on that magazine in the back (to the right of Toby’s shoulder)? What mag is that? haha.

TVB Calendar Update: Kenneth’s on May 2009 with Yoyo, Shirley & Chris. (He’s always w/ Chris & Yoyo lol)

Credit:, Toby’s blog, Joe Ma’s Blog, Tsui Wing’s blog, MKMC

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General Chai & Lady Balsam – Praying Ceremony

October 22, 2008 at 3:32 pm (General Chai & Lady Balsam, toby leung)

POLL PAGE UP – check out the sidebar! Please take some time to check out the polls. I’m gonna start doing a Monthly Poll and the one for November 2008 is up (yesh its too late to count it for october really…) Start voting and all polls attached to articles will be found on that page as well! Enjoy! Results will also go there!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenneth in “The Grand Entrepreneurs” 金錢誘罪

October 15, 2008 at 5:01 pm (bernice liu, series, toby leung)

The official cast of “Money” is Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen, Joe Ma, Nancy Sit, Jaimie Chik, Krystal Tin, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung –  according to

*Rumor had it that Sunny Chan, Geoffrey Wong, Vincent Wong and  Michael Tao were to be in it too…I guess not?


古靈精探2 (DIE 2)   – Kenneth will guest star
Bernice Liu & Vincent Wong will also be in 金錢誘罪

Angelina Lo & Benz Hui Added to Grand Entrepreneurs

*Credits to LiliBeeBee

Grand Production


Chong Wai Kin & Tommy Leung Ka Shu

Costume Fitting
November 2008

Late 2008 ~ 2009

Comments: I’m so happy that Kenneth got in on his very first Grand Production. I hope this list is accurate! It better be haha… So I guess this means he won’t be in DIE II…but who cares ? haha. As long as he’s in this one. And he’s the only younger generation actor in it! what is this? Tommy Leung trying to make Kenneth and his daughter Toby like a golden couple? Kenoby? lol. Oh well. I hope it’s a good role!

– Updated: OMG…could it be? Could it be? A BK reunion? Is it possible? Is TVB that wonderful? omg… i can’t breathe… but i’m not gonna get my hopes up… I always get let SCDII & how I thought there’d be BK. And Kenneth’s gonna guest star in DIEII which is awesome! Let’s hope its Toby-Vincent and Bernice-Kenneth!

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Kenneth & Angela on “Identity” Episode 8,9 & 10

October 8, 2008 at 1:44 am (angela tong, Identity, timmy hung, toby leung)

Epi 8:

Starts at 6:13 – after the Charlene & Ken Hung 1/2 of the show

Epi 9:

Epi 10:

Comments: Haha. Kenneth and Angela are so cute…Iguess they became good friends during SCDII. They kept acting out the jobs of the ppl. MaMing really does need a crazy woman around him to bring out the fun part of him! Loved Toby & Timmy as well. Those four are crazy together….. and since Toby & Kenneth are working together on a new series, that should be fun!

I loved how when Sammy asked Kenneth what the girl in red looked like and he said “next year’s Miss HK” and Timmy was like “ugh…who can top u?” It was so funny…Kenneth is so flattering and it’s so natural haha… Sammy laughed at how Kenneth is the pro flirter while Timmy’s good at checking out girls! (Timmy, yet again faced w/ the inability to beat MaMing when it comes to girls! 1st Chen Lu and then Grace haha… He just has to keep the girls from meeting Kenneth haha).

I’m glad they won it and honestly, these ppl weren’t too hard to guess. Kenneth is so passive. He let Timmy bully him into doing whatever. Timmy was so emotional haha, while Kenneth’s so calm. I understood Timmy’s reasoning, just as Kenneth did, but no one let Kenneth speak. They were all just so loud and quick to compliment Timmy’s ideas. I actually would have done what Kenneth was about to do. Either way, it would have worked out fine and there would have been a little bit more of suspense that way too. They could have left the safety for the last two ppl and even if its 1/2, they’d get more right? Who knows? But i would’ve submitted to pressure as well, like MaMing. He’s so unconfrontational!

Also, at the very end of the show while the credits were rolling…Kenneth showed his gentlemanly side yet again. The “lovely assistant” Snow, was standing to the side and Kenneth extended his arm in a motion like come over here, stand in front. I guess they were taking pictures or something. Kenneth just waved her in, so she wouldn’t be all alone to the side. It looked very gentlemanly, which makes me wonder how the girls are able to resist him! haha.

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D.I.E. II rescheduled to filming in November

July 18, 2008 at 2:43 pm (nancy wu, toby leung, updates)

Since D.I.E. II has moved its filming schedule to November, it is most likely Kenneth will be able to participate in it now. I glad to hear, hopefully he’ll play a prominent role!

It is no longer in conflict w/ Kenneth’s ManChor series, so hopefully Kenneth will be memorable in both!

I recently watched Starry Kitchen, a show that airs on TVB’s Lifestyle Channel.

Kenneth and Nancy have been featured in 3 episodes, at least from what I’ve seen. I’ll do a write-up on them soon. They are really cute together!

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New Series in August

June 27, 2008 at 5:38 pm (niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, toby leung)

Kenneth will be filming a new series in August. Other casts include: Damian Lau, Kathy Chow, and Toby Leung. So I guess He’ll be paired w/ Toby?

It’ll be a semi-ancient series aka ManChor.

Glad to hear Kenneth’s filming… wish it were Bernice or Nancy instead of Toby though (but I like Toby as well).

Strictly Come Dancing II – Episode 7 is up on the TVB site. I can’t wait til Hunan airs their version! I saw it and MengMa weren’t as amazing as I expected but good enough. There were glitches in the dance, but they looked really cute together. Based solely on Kenneth though, he definitely got a LOT more flexible!

Good job!

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