Awards Time!

November 12, 2009 at 8:16 pm (anniversary)

Kenneth’s nominations for TVB Awards 20o9. Vote for him though we know he won’t win! 😀

– 1. Elliot Yue – The Gem of Life
– 2. Kenny Wong – The Gem of Life
– 3. Stephen Au – Off Pedder
– 4. Tsui Wing – Off Pedder
– 5. Michael Tse – Emergency Unit
– 6. Joel Chan – Emergency Unit
– 7. Ron Ng – Rosy Business
– 8. Pierre Ngo – Rosy Business
– 9. Raymond Wong – Sweetness in the Salt
– 10. Derek Kwok – D.I.E. Again
– 11. Evergreen Mak – The Stew of Life
– 12. Dominic Lam – In the Chamber of Bliss
– 13. Lee Kwok Lun – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
– 14. Ram Tseung – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
– 15. Kenneth Ma – Born Rich

1. Moses Chan – The Gem of Life
2. Bowie Lam – The Gem of Life
3. Kenny Wong – The Gem of Life
4. Michael Miu – E.U.
5. Michael Tse – E.U.
6. Kenneth Ma – Man in Charge
7. Wayne Lai – Rosy Business
8. Steven Ma – Sweetness in the Salt
9. Wong Hei – Burning Flames III
10. Chin Ka Lok – A Bride for a Ride
11. Dayo Wong – You’re Hired
12. Roger Kwok – D.I.E. Again
13. Kevin Cheng – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
14. Ray Lui – Born Rich
15. Gallen Lo – Born Rich


– 8. Man In Charge
– 18. In the Chamber of Bliss

– 20. Born Rich

Vote Here! (also instructions credit to SehSeh’s blog:

He’s also nominated for: Asian TV Awards


Nomination for: I weekly: Most favourite TVB artiste (Singapore fans!)

Favourite actors:
1) Raymond Lam
2) Moses Chan
3) Kevin Cheng
4) Roger Kwok
5) Dayo Wong
6) Michael Tse
7) Wayne Lai
8) Bosco Wong
9) Michael Miu
10) Alex Fong
11) Ron Ng
12) Sammuel Chan
13) Gallen Lo
14) Joe Ma
15) Damien Lau
16) Sunny Chan
17) Kenneth Ma
18) Adam Cheng
19) Derek Kwok
20) Wong Hei


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Nancy Wu is suitable to be Kenneth Ma’s wife

November 4, 2009 at 1:35 am (nancy wu)

Rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu attended a promotional event together. Asked if the two are attending as a couple team, have their salary improved? Nancy’s manager expressed that the salary is reasonable. Kenneth loves cleaniness, he reveals that there was one time he went to a friend’s house from the entertainment circle and saw that their clothes were tossed everywhere around the house. He even have to push the clothes aside in order to sit down, but he refuses to reveal who that person is. It was suggested that he should marry a Filipino maid, Kenneth laughed: “The feeling is different, I feel that the girls who can do house chores are very gentle. If they can cook for me to eat then I would be very pleased.”

Reporters asked Nancy if she can do chores? She smiled: “I live alone and I also have a pet at home, so I have no choice but to do them.” It was said that Nancy is quite suitable for Kenneth’s qualifications. Kenneth said: “Nancy is suitable for many gentlemen.”

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

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Kenneth Ma hopes his future wife can stay at home to clean the house

November 1, 2009 at 10:42 pm (nancy wu)

Kenneth Ma and rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu attended a cleaning product promotion activity yesterday. The reporter asked Nancy whether she gets higher fees for appearing as a couple with Kenneth? Nancy smiled and said he has to ask her manager. Kenneth revealed that he always likes the place to be clean and tidy. Once he went to his friend’s house, he saw clothes on the floor, things everywhere, he had to push the clothes away to sit down. He also disclosed that because of his habit of “neat and tidy” and “cleanliness”, he is hoping his future wife can do the household chore, and he doesn’t mind if she doesn’t go out to work.

Translator: R.E.D @

Comments: CUTENESS! Aw…clean MaMing lol. Um…I like how he’s like I don’t mind if she doesn’t work. haha. aren’t women today more concerned abt working instead? haha….Kenneth u’r so confused! 😀

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Kenneth Ma Supports Tavia Yeung Getting TV Queen

October 31, 2009 at 11:11 pm (tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma, Shirley Yeung, Stephen Chan, Wong Cho Lam, Kiki Sheung and others were at Cheung Kwan O television city filming for [强心有理].

TVB’s Anniversary Awards are coming soon, Kenneth Ma expresses that for TV King he has great hopes for “Rosy Business’s Chai Gau” played by Wayne Lai. As for TV Queen he supports Sheren Tang, Tavia Yeung and Anita Yuen.

Kenneth’s words were obviously on Tavia Yeung’s side saying, “In my heart, all three are my personal prefrences, but Tavia Yeung’s villianous role should be more of a breakthrough”.

Credits: sandalls @ AF

COMMENTS: Sorry, for the lack of updates. Super bogged down in exams. I should actually be studying right now! haha. Ok. aw..of course Kenneth supports Ah Yi! haha. Sry for the random pix from SWSTC. Too lazy to search up the ones that pertain to the article (the blue jacket w/ the heart pix haha). Anyways, wonder if MaMing will get nominated for anything this year? I know he won’t win, but oh well. Loved him in ITCOB & loving him in BR! 😀

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Bernice Liu fears love relationship may change after publicly announced

August 31, 2009 at 10:52 pm (bernice liu)

Source: The Sun

Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu and 8 Models including Anjaylia and Evelyn attended a skincare event yesterday. Although Bernice and Jocelyn did not agree on what to wear, but they coincidentally still ended up wearing the same tube dress to the event. Currently busy filming for new series “Shall We State the Case” with Kenneth Ma, Bernice expressed that she developed a fresh new modern couple relationship with him. Asked if her mom accepts all the reports with her and Moses Chan’s relationship. She said: “She usually reads the news. (Will you be like Andy Lau announcing your relationship?) I have seen that same news recently!” Later she expressed that she’s worried that if she exposes a love relationship, there will be a change as a result: “It’s two people’s business when it comes to dating. If we announce it, then we’ll have to have an explanation for 700 million people! (Who didn’t want to announce it?) We had always announced our good friend relationship, but it’s been a while since we been in a series together.”

Comments: Tho this was a Bermo article, I’m happy to hear that Bernice enjoys their partnership lol! Since their collaborations have never been extensive, it must be refreshing! 🙂

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Ella Koon Complimenting Kenneth…AGAIN!

August 28, 2009 at 7:17 pm (ella koon)


Ella once again compliments Kenneth haha. He must have made quite an impression!

When asked which guy she had the most chemistry w/, Ella wiggled her way pass the question by asking “Do you mean the one I’m most comforatable with? In that case, Ma Kwok Ming.” haha. the host made fun of Kenneth for being serious and boring, but Ella stepped to his defense, saying he’s professional, punctual and takes his job very seriously. And unlike her, he would not play and work together, so maybe that is why ppl misunderstand him as boring. At first, they didn’t talk much, but after a while he would joke w/ her. And she thinks he’s funny and a very nice guy. Just a very comfortable person to be around!

I love how Ella describes him. She says it hard to describe, but he’s just easy to be around!

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Kissing scenes in Shall We State the Case

August 28, 2009 at 7:13 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case)

Bernice giving you the scoop on her kisses w/ Kenneth

Bernice teasing everyone to guess what kinda of relationship she has w/ MaMing

Kenneth tells you his side of the story

Bernice & Kenneth have been letting us know that kissing scenes are not easy to film! haha. Both of them are trying extremely hard to convince us that it’s not exactly romantic and fun kissing each other…well in MaMing’s case other ppl too! Bernice’s version is particularly funny as she tells us that her first day filming was at Maming’s “house” and that filming was intense (as we know from her twitter haha). She goes into detail making faces and giving us the dish on how everything has to be so precise. (I really wonder how many NG’s they’ve had…if MaMing NG’s while hugging…I can just imagine!)

Bernice is hilarious as she describes a scene where they kiss from entering the door and how their noses get squished and they can’t breathe haha. I would love to see all the outtakes as mentioned by Bernice! She constantly tells us that filming such scenes is not enjoyable uh huh…Bernice…we gotcha….are u trying to tell us this or Moses…or maybe convince urself? hm…

Kenneth on the other hand, says it hard to film such scenes as he doesn’t want the girl to think he’s a pervert. He mentions bed scenes and how he needs to hold himself up w/out touching the girl…wow..that sounds kinda unlike TVB so maybe this is as “intense” as Bernice says! He mentions Jessie Shum giving him her first onscreen kiss! lol.

Bernice also teases us w/ her smiley face as to the scenes she has w/ Kenneth.. She really cute in the videos! Must watch! Somehow the first video is cut off at the end for me. I only see her talking up to the part about her purse and it jumps back! who knows!

hm…they are so cute! BK are so fishy! lol. If I didn’t know any better….which I don’t haha. …hm…

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BK Reunion – Aw…so sweet! :-D Shall We State the Case Costume Fitting

August 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm (bernice liu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been waiting on me for the BK reunion post. I’ve been putting it off for so long, there’s no longer anything to write haha. So I’ll just skim over random things until the next BK moment swings around! 🙂 – Additionally, tho Kenvia are cute, I wish we’d get more BK!

Bernice & Kenneth look absolutely adorable together! I was surprised at all the hugging, leaning, and fake kissing. Honestly, I’ve always wondered about them. They really never seemed like super close friends, but sometimes they come out and surprise us. MaMing when mentioning close female friends never mentioned Bernice. And whenever they are together, I get the feeling that Bernice isn’t really comfortable completely? But I love the pic above, where she’s actually leaning into him! Haha, I keep telling myself that they are awkward in a cute “we have a crush on each other way” lol. Like they’re too shy to talk to each other enough to be super close friends so they aren’t crazy together like Kenvia!

I couldn’t help myself, all thru Tavia’s blog video, I was watching them hug in the background! I liked that they looked comfy enough w/ each other w/ some awkward shyness! They also didn’t pull away from each other too quickly after and only walk separate ways when asked to do interviews. Love how Bernice remembered their “Into Thin Air” days! There 360 kiss was memorable to her and she said it was her first time doing one of those haha. I guess this time she’ll have lots of new memories!

More pix:

TVB videos screencaps:

Kenneth completely steals all the girls (ah, Ray you must be jealous!), but it’s kinda sad that I don’t think Bernice is “that” big of a character anymore. Maybe she really is a big cameo. I hope she gets development esp. w/ Kenneth not just passion! I’m worried about how their love story will turn out and how his character is gonna be. I hope Bernice will change him and actually be meaningful (cuz Kenneth seems to like his roles when the girl loves him unconditionally!)

Video Clips:

Ma Ming is James Bond!

《談情說案》 “Shall We State the Case” Costume Fitting Pictures

Ma Ming’s Official Girlfriend

Haha, I love how Bernice is referred to being the “official” gf lol. That’s super cute! The way Kenneth was all like “i’ll bring u into the role” was hilarious. Bernice made it sound like a Category 3 series ! I absolutely adored it when Kenneth said they’d kiss and Bernice was like “really? In front of everyone?” That reaction was priceless. Instead of saying no or playing along as expected, she seemed shy to do it in front of the cameras haha, but didn’t seem to mind the idea. She looked like she was gonna let him really kiss her until he said they’re were pretending! Silly girl!

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“Shall We State the Case” Blessing Ceremony + News

August 23, 2009 at 6:49 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma ditches Nancy Wu for one night stand [Misleading Title]

Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu play a couple in TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth revealed that he’s a playboy in the series and often does one night stand, so it’s fortunate for him to be in this series. Besides stealing many of his female colleagues first on-screen kiss, Kenneth also expressed that he did two kiss scenes with Bernice. Asked if he would tell rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu about it? He said: “I don’t think that is neccesary. (Afraid that Nancy might scold you?) Nope. (How about Moses Chan?) Actually I am a bit worried about that.”

Bernice exposed that from all the series she has done, this series has the most kiss scenes for her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Raymond Lam brings illness along in continuing fate with Tavia Yeung; Tavia wants rumors with Kenneth Ma

The other day Raymond Lam ate something wrong and got a stomach infection, he had to go see the doctor and get shots before feeling better to attend events. Although he brought an illness to the studio, but he did not forget flatter co-star Tavia Yeung, greatly praising that she is getting prettier.

Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Astrid Chan and Jack Wu attended TVB new series “Shall We State the Case” blessing ceremony. Once Raymond arrived at the event, he revealed that the day before he ate something wrong and got a stomach infection (vomiting/diarrhea), he said: “I don’t know what I ate at home,. Yesterday afternoon, I already started getting diarrhea and by night I was vomiting a little. So, last night I was feeling very unwell at the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign. I didn’t go see the doctor until this morning and he gave me a shot, I need to attend another celebration tonight, I got no choice but to try my best to eat as much as I can.” As for Astrid Chan who was sick as well, she suspects that she ate an egg salad sandwich that resulted in her vomiting, therefore she had to leave early during the Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign.

Raymond and Tavia are a couple in the new series, they reveal that they have not played a couple for many years already. This time, there is a whole different feeling as they ‘date’ again. Tavia expressed: “Raymond and I have not been a couple for man years, recently he’s more focused on being a couple with Linda Chung, but this time being a couple with him is a different feeling than in the past. I feel that he is more mature and stabled now. We both seem to have gotten so much older, we have a deeper and better relationship. (Are you afraid of starting rumors with Raymond?) I am a rumor free individual!” Raymond expressed his appreciation towards Tavia’s praises, he also did not forget to praise her back that she has gotten very feminine, getting prettier and prettier.

Taking rumors to joke around with
Also, Tavia joked that she wanted to start rumors with Kenneth Ma. She even chased Kenneth to ask him if she’s or Nancy Wu was better? Kenneth definitely knew what to do, he said that Tavia is really good. Then the two of them exchanged fruits, the scene was quite comedic. But afterwards, Tavia laughed: “Kenneth felt that I was better? Did you see him when he was giving me the orange, he was covering his conscience!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Tavia Yeung works with Raymond Lam as a couple again

Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam attended the blessing ceremony for up coming new TV series “Shall We State The Case” yesterday. Raymond and Tavia will play the role as a couple again following “Golden Faith” and “Twin of Brothers”. Tavia revealed that the two has worked well together, but this time the feeling is different as Raymond has matured a lot. He doesn’t look like a kid anymore. Tavia was teased by the reporter if she is worried about rumors. Tavia smiled saying that it would be inevitable, whether it spreads out successfully is another matter. Tavia went on to say that she is immune with rumors. Raymond thanked Tavia for her remarks, in return, he also said Tavia is very feminine and she is getting more and more beautiful too.

Raymond was late for the blessing ceremony yesterday, he disclosed that he has gastroenteritis and has been having diarrhoea. “I am not sure if I had eaten out of date food at home. I started having diarrhea yesterday and throughout the night too. I was feeling really unwell last night in the fund raising activity. I went to see the doctor and had an injection this morning. We have a celebration dinner tonight, it is a shame that I can’t eat as much as I want.”

Tavia revealed that Kenneth wanted the media to create a rumor for them as on screen couple. She asked Kenneth if he is worried about his girlfriend Nancy Wu. Kenneth said he preferred to have Tavia as his rumored girlfriend; the two was seen sharing fruits together. Tavia told reporter afterwards “You think Kenneth prefers me as his girlfriend, can’t you see he said it with the orange covering his heart?”
Translation:R.E.D @

Yesterday, Tavia Yeung appeared at a blessing ceremony for TVB’s new series. In the series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond Lam. Raymond has been paired with Linda Chung for the past year. Tavia jokingly replied about Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu.

In the new series, Tavia will be paired with Raymond, as they were in “Twin of Brothers.”
Raymond: For the past year, I’ve been paired with Linda Chung. If we continue to star as a couple, I feel that we have matured and grown up. We are more emotional now.
Reporters: Aren’t you afraid of rumors?
Raymond: Yeah, I have rumors occassionally.
Tavia: Kenneth said he wants to get some rumors with me.
Reporters: But, he had Nancy.
Tavia: Oh, I don’t know about his life outside the series.
Reporters: Who’s better, you or Nancy?
Tavia: TVB products are alway good. If he likes Nancy, then go ahead.
咀廖碧兒驚陳豪嬲 (Kissing Bernice; Afraid that Moses will be Mad)

Kenneth blurted that his mom always praises Tavia for being a good girl. In the series, Kenneth will have numerous kissing scenes with Bernice.
Kenneth: I won’t get mad, we can kiss all we want.
Reporters: Are you afraid that Nancy will be mad?
Kenneth: No.
Reporters: Afraid that Moses Chan will be mad?
Kenneth: Oh yes.

Also, Moses Chan was a special guest at a coffee shop opening yesterday. He also said that Bernice had praised his coffee as being good tasting.
Moses: I want to have my own coffee brand shop.
Reporters: Will Bernice be part of it?
Moses: Yes, and I will tell many other artists as well.
Moses lost 1 million (HKD?) due to the economical crisis.

Source: The Sun
Translated by: love_of_tvb

Comments: Aw…KenVia are cute as usual, but im super disappointed that there are no BK moments 😦 !! Poor Ray is sick, but either way Kenneth would have stolen the limelight lol. I love how Tav pokes fun at Kenneth but still says she doesn’t know about KeNancy as if she’s hinting that its just all rumors to us lol. Love how Kenneth said he’s afraid of Moses haha. Bernice should beat him up for saying that

More pix @ baidu:

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Scared to hug the girl, Kenneth Ma NG-ing constantly! Punishing Bernice to stand on the streets inhaling all the dust

August 14, 2009 at 1:08 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, shall we state the case)

Kenneth Ma is lucky! He’s been appointed to play the role of a playboy in the new series “Shall We State the Case.” Aside from getting to partner with Bernice who’s hot and good looking, they even have scenes that are very intense in emotions. He’s also gets to hug all the hot girls in town, what a lucky man! The other night, they were filming in Lan Kwai Fong; the scene speaks of Kenneth flirting with another girl and Bernice catching him on the spot. However, Kenneth was not performing very well, as he was constantly making mistakes and was not acting naturally, seeming a bit scared. This caused Bernice to have to wait for him to complete his part. Bernice was forced to stay around on the streets for 30 mins. As it was hot and dusty, no wonder she looked upset.  There wasn’t much to the script, but Kenneth was just too nervous and constantly NG-ed.

From what we saw, Bernice arrived at the location and was in a good mood,wearing a pair of 4 inch high heels. She was talking with the crew and seemed to be having a good time. Yet Kenneth who had a “valid license” to hug girls was a bit shy and wasn’t very willing to hug the girl. His actions were a bit stiff. Not sure whether it’s because he’s worried that Nancy Wu might be upset about it.
Kenneth jokingly said “Tonight wasn’t tough, I’m only being a playboy, which is the same in reality, (that means you’ve got a lot of girlfriends?) What? No that’s not the case, I’m only joking. I’m not dating right now.”
Credits: Carmen, baidu
Comments: Haha. Another article trying to stir up unfriendly rumors. Well, I must admit, the reporter was actually pretty nice as it wasn’t a very convincing collaboration mishap article. Aw…Kenneth is still the same old shy MaMing! 😛 Haven’t seen that in a while! jkjk. Well maybe Kenneth was nervous becuz his goddess Bernice was watching him! muhaha. And maybe she wasn’t upset cuz she was “biting dust” but becuz she was jealous! ok. Explains it all! I should caption for this article instead lol. All jokes aside, Kenneth could’ve just felt awkward since the girl is buddy Johnson Lee’s gf (Fanny Ip), i believe. Wow 4-in heels?! I’m starting to wonder about Bernice’s height. How tall is she?! I remember seeing her in 7-in heels @ the Sales Presentation (was it 7-in? or 4 as well?) and she was still shorter than Kevin! Given she could’ve been slouching to let him feel taller, but I recently saw a pic of her and Ray @ the Laughing Gor Movie premier and she looked really short (gasps, was Ray wearing heels?! haha) KINDA sad that KenVia were not @ the LG premier while Berray were there 😦 tsktsk. leaving their partners behind!
Anyways, Bernice’s been twittering away. Here are some of her SWSTC related tweets:
I know! Was shooting in LKF & lots o doggie press. Whatever! but my sponsors for the drama are hot! Not bad for TV drama 🙂 thank uuuu!!10:18 PM Aug 9th from web
Studio shooting today… one scene… but man, definitely uhmm…. uh… yeah. Let’s just say…hehehe12:30 PM Aug 12th from web
Haha, looks like the first tweet was about the article above. Seems like Bernice was more upset at the doggie press than @ Kenneth’s NG-ing lol. I LOVE the 2nd tweet. Some intense in-studio shooting ooo-lala. Filming intense scenes already??!
OT: I see bernice tweeting CoffeeM0, is that Moses? Well, if so then, that’s very strange. I highly doubt Bernice would openly tweet him given that they are an item. I mean, if they are together, she would say all she had to say to him in person, phone or text. Tweeting is so public (something artists would avoid) and so distant? haha. OH well…interesting….

Another Article about filming & bumping in to Manecy Chan:
Comments: Aw..poor Manecy not getting to take a pic w/ Kenneth. She finally got up the courage! She should’ve totally done it @ the walkathon before everyone knew who she was! Yeah, i figured TVB would get in the way so she won’t get free publicity! We all know the 3 unmentionable letters in TVB ….haha A-T-V! oh well. she should try to switch channels! btw, Kenneth’s clothes are a tad weird? oh well. He’s still cute!

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Shall We State The Case – Several Articles

July 26, 2009 at 5:38 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma goes to Lan Kwai Fong to learn how to play with one-night stand

In Kenneth Ma’s new series, he plays a flirty inspector, besides having a very sexy girlfriend Bernice Liu, he will also have a one-night stand with beautiful girl Lisa S. For the role, Kenneth said that he will need to go to Lan Kwai Fong and look up information. Not hard to believe that rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu may get jealous.

Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu and Lisa S. attended the costume fitting of TVB new series “Shall We State the Case”. Kenneth and Bernice will again play a couple in the series, the two will even have a heated bed scene. Bernice appeared at the event in a low-cut outfit and always stuck by Kenneth when taking pictures, no wonder Kenneth had a huge smile on his face.

Kenneth being surrounded by all these pretty girls, will he report to rumored girlfriend Nancy Wu? He smiled: “I don’t need to. But its really just a role, I never tried one-night stand before. Maybe I will have to go to Lan Kwai Fong to check it out and take some notes for this role.” Even Western-like girl Bernice expressed that the script is quite an uproar, it doesn’t even seem like a television series would have such scenes.

Playing as a female cop, Tavia Yeung appeared in a police uniform, but the uniform requires her to change her 25-inch waist into a 22-inch, Tavia said: “This time I’m playing as a police officer, my mom is the happiest because she had always wanted me to be a police.” Raymond Lam’s role doesn’t beat Kenneth’s role where he is surrounded with girls, asked if he’s worried that Kenneth may steal all the limelight? He said: “Having many girls would stand out? Kenneth and my roles are very different. He is flirty and I’m the honest one.”

News Source: Mingpao
please credit if reposting

Kenneth Ma wins the year’s best role
Today at the costume fitting of a new TVB series (Shall we state the case), Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam appeared in their costumes.

At the fitting, it was indicated Kenneth, portraying a policeman, might have won the best role this year, because in the series he will have many girlfriends and will be a player, plus he loves ¡§One night stands¡¨. When asked whether he will notify rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu first, before filming romantic scenes with many actresses, of course he denied it. However, Bernice who will be Kenneth¡¦s girlfriend in the series, reminded him to bring chewing gum and a toothbrush.

Bernice also indicated, in the new series the first scene will be a passionate kiss between her and Kenneth. The rate of intimacy is closer than any kissing scenes she had done before. So she doesn¡¦t know whether it will be appropriate for showing on TV.

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Raymond, Kenneth, Tavia & Bernice in ‘Romance and Case Discussions’

July 26, 2009 at 5:31 pm (bernice liu, raymond lam, shall we state the case, tavia yeung)

Raymond Lam Fung, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Tavia Yeung Yi and Bernice Liu Bik Yee were at the costume fitting for TVB’s new series, “Romance and Case Discussions” 《談情說案》yesterday. In the series, Raymond will play a physicist and assist police officer, Kenneth, in solving criminal cases.

The theme for “Romance and Case Discussions” appear to resemble Japanese drama “Detective Galileo,”《神探伽俐略》. Was Raymond concerned that he will be accused of copying the Japanese drama? Raymond noted that “Romance and Case Discussions” will be set amidst a mystery, case-solving backdrop, while focusing on love relationships. To prevent the audience’s inability in following the cases, scientific explanations will often be used to validate the outcomes. This strategy will be different than “Detective Galileo.” To avoid further comparison to Fukuyama Masaharu’s performance in “Detective Galileo,” Raymond will avoid watching the Japanese drama. Raymond indicated he will need to prepare in advance for his role, as the scientific jargon will be even more difficult to relay than legal jargon.

Kenneth Ma will act as a detective, who is popular among women. At the costume fitting yesterday, Kenneth was surrounded by 6 actresses. Was Raymond concerned that Kenneth will steal the show? Raymond questioned, “Having more women will steal the show?” Reporters asked whether Raymond’s singer status prevented him from portraying womanizer roles? “No, it’s not related. Perhaps my image resembles a professor more! However, I do envy Kenneth. I have never seen a role with so many female co-stars. I would like to try the challenge sometime too!”

Bernice will play a guest role in “Romance and Case Discussions.” The script gave her a good surprise, as she and Kenneth will share an intimate scene together. Bernice said, “In a past series, we shared a kissing scene which required a 360 degree angle during filming. In ‘Romance and Case Discussions,’ the excitement will be taken a step further, as we will kiss and embrace passionately at the same time.” Bernice stressed that it would be necessary for both of them to freshen their mouths prior to filming.

Kenneth admitted that his role in “Romance and Case Discussions” was his most ‘fortunate’ role in 2009. Will Kenneth need to explain himself to rumored girlfriend, Nancy Wu Ding Yan? Kenneth laughed, “There’s no need to. But I never had a one night stand before; I may need to observe more activities in Lan Kwai Fong.” Reporters teased Kenneth that he was treated to feeling Bernice’s “boobie cakes” during the photograph session. Kenneth said, “Bernice has a very fit figure. I did feel her curves while standing next to her. Hopefully, during the filming, I will have more opportunities to feel them again!” Despite her long acting career, it will be the first time for Tavia Yeung to wear a police uniform in a series. It turns out that Tavia’s mother had wished her to become a police officer at one point. Thus this series will fulfill Tavia’s mother’s dream. Reporters noted that Tavia’s image lost out to the sexily dressed Bernice, Tavia laughed, “No, we are good sisters and will share. She will be sexy, while I will be prim.”

Tavia revealed that she will have a one night stand with Raymond in the series. In one scene, Raymond and Tavia lost their way in the mountains and thus shared an intimate night together.


Comments: This is one weird translation! haha…the translator said that it sounds like Kenneth said he wants to touch Bernice’s “boobiecakes” haha what kinda word is that?!
I guess it was taken out of context. Kenneth is a joker and has developed the weirdest sense of humor. I think he was simply complimenting Bernice’s figure and saying he would love to get to hold Bernice again haha…(and feel her curves?) innocent.gif Kenneth should be glad that the media loves him haha and that everyone just knows he’s all talk & being silly or else they could make it out to be a lot worse!

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July 13, 2009 at 2:41 pm (survivor's law II)

Vote for Kenneth’s MK Sun as Best Lead Actor of 2008 @ TVBSquare:

If you loved Survivor’s Law II ‘s MK Sun, please show some support and vote for him! As Kenneth’s never had much luck in the polls especially against such tough competition and in an overseas poll, lets make it a goal to get him up into Top 3! I know it’s farfetched but a goal is always good to set 😀 Please vote for Kenneth (and preferably for him only haha)!


Quick note: I was browsing thru and was reading some comments under Iron Horse and someone posted that Raymond was in the original trailer, but now Kenneth’s in it. And that “[Kenneth] looks good, but can’t act”. I started cracking up. I have never heard this one b4. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone diss Kenneth’s acting but say he’s good looking! Usually we hear it the other way around haha. Just an interesting comment lol. It’s also interesting to see that everyone is saying that Kenneth replaced Raymond instead of Kevin replacing Raymond. Isn’t that strange? Ppl even rarely comment that both KeKe (haha) replaced Ray usually saying that Kenneth replaced Ray. I’m really hoping that Kenneth’s role surprises us and ends up more important and likable than Kev’s or at least Kenneth gets a chance to outshine Kevin. They better not make his character 2D and boring just so he won’t outshine Kevin becuz we know Kenneth can if given a proper chance! 😀

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Nancy Wu likes making soup, but won’t share with Kenneth Ma

July 13, 2009 at 1:30 pm (nancy wu)

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu attended “Food in Eastern Tsim Sha Tsui” event together, the two appeared in red dresses, filled with summer feel. Besides taste testing at the event, they both made salads together. During the time the organizers arranged a male model who resembled Kenneth Ma, Nancy even fed the male model tomatoes.

Nancy smiled and said that the male model does not look anything like rumored boyfriend Kenneth Ma. Speaking of how her cooking skills are like? Nancy expressed that she knows how to cook some simple dishes. She felt that the most important thing to know for girls is making soup because it is healthy for the body. She often makes fish maw soup to drink. Asked if Kenneth Ma has received her care? Nancy said that Kenneth’s mom is a great cook, so she believes Kenneth can just go back home to have dinner. Nancy is part of the cast of “A Bride For a Ride” will be broadcasting next week, she smiled and said she’s really happy because the series is filled with goodies, just the NG clips can be cut to make a whole series!

Speaking of the recently negative news about MJ, Nancy expresses that she hopes it stop because she feels that being a superstar is not easy, MJ’s life is like a dream.

Comments: wow both Nancy & Kate…kenneth’s 2 dancing rumored gfs haha. Nancy looked super pretty at the event! hehe..i like how she says that Kenneth’s mom already cooks well enough so she doesn’t need to feed him! How do u know that Nancy?? have u tried some of MamaMa’s cooking??! lol. And the model so does NOT look like Kenneth!

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Who would Kenneth had been in……(insert series name)?

July 6, 2009 at 7:39 pm (bernice liu, born rich, grand entrepreneurs)

Just Love II

So I got to thinking after watching Just Love II, which Kenneth was supposed to guest star in but couldn’t due to Born Rich, who he would have played. From the looks of it, I would think he would’ve played CK which was played by Ken Wong. I don’t know whether they planned the role w/ MK Sun in mind or not, but most likely they did. The nontraditional lawyer who owns a bar sounds so familiar haha. I wondered how it would have worked if he had indeed guest starred. Would they have made the character “MK Sun” instead? And wrote a new love interest for Natalie (possibly his assistant)? Or would they have given Kenneth the role just as Ken’s? Seriously, I don’t think Kenneth would have needed the ponytail to pull off the “crossing line” lawyer as he had proved thru MK Sun. I really wonder how it “would have been”. If given a completely new character, it would be interesting to see Kenneth and Natalie I guess. Actually, I was more interested in Kenneth-Sunny interaction again after Love Guaranteed. Too bad it wasn’t meant to be. Had MK Sun been planned to take part, he would surely have been the most “crossed over” character in TVB history, having been in Money Maker’s Recipe and Your Class or Mine.

Wasabi Mon Amour

I remember reading that Kenneth was supposed to be in WMA, but pulled out due to landing a lead in SLII (the right choice might I add). If MaMing had been in the series, the only possible role I could think that he would have taken would have been Dexter’s role, pairing w/ Bernice. Had this been the case, this would be yet another missed BK opportunity. Not that I particularly like the series, which was not so good IMO, but had Kenneth played Bernice’s dorky partner, I think it would have drawn a lot more fans and ppl would have found them amazingly cute yet again! Not to mention the yellow sports car that appeared in the series (and many other series) had a “BK####” license plate 😀 I could see Kenneth playing the role completely, but am glad he chose MK Sun instead!

The Drive of Life

I remember hearing that Kenneth was supposed to be in TDOL?! Who could he have possibly been??? One of the workers in the factory? If not, then could he have been William Feng’s role aka Raymond’s cousin?haha. I doubt it, but that would’ve been the role I wanted him to take. I think he would more likely have been Ellesmere Choi’s role as Ray’s assistant and Myolie’s buddy, which was not a bad role at all. At least, I think Kenneth playing it would have attracted more towards the character and make ppl root/hope for a possible Kenolie pairing. Well, had he taken part, I don’t think Kenneth would have had the chance to roll out w/ 8 series in one year. As he said, the siu sangs were all tied up and they needed someone to film and he was available. I’m glad he wasn’t in the series though. I’d rather he lead in smaller series and build up from there. I’m glad he’s taking part in Born Rich now, his first grand production since he’ll be one of the few younger generation guys in the show as opposed to having Ray & Ron there.

Always Ready

English Title: Determinations in the Clouds
Chinese Title: Jong Chi Ling Wan

Casts: Ekin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Lai Lok Yi and Vivien Yeo
Some Infos: The story talks about flying services crew and they will come into contact with helicopters. It story tells of Ekin who plays a team leader, taking us on a tour of Chek Lap Kok and motivating the newcomers to join in the team.

This is something totally shocking. lol. I was looking through old Sales Presentation news and spotted this one. Who would Kenneth had played in AR? Wow. And Bosco & Vivien were supposed to be in it? I guess Vivien was replaced by Linda. And Lok Yi would have probably been pushed back further had Bosco & Kenneth taken part (reminds you of the two underdogs of S4). I guess Bosco would have been a bigger roled Chris and Kenneth a bigger roled Charles Szeto. It would have been nice to see Kenneth and Bosco work together again, not to mention a man in uniform..grr….despite the not so sexy uniform they had haha.

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Mini Fama Mega Fun: Kenneth loves which Yi/Yee?! Plus Episode 7 recap

July 6, 2009 at 7:11 pm (myolie wu, tavia yeung)

Watch and read transcript of episode 9 at link below:

Myolie was asked to prank call ppl on Mini Fama Mega Fun and she decided to call Kenneth when the tasks of getting someone to say I love you came up. This was really cute and Kenneth picked up the phone is a silly and cute voice that made the hosts shudder with goosebumps! haha. It was hilarious and makes me wonder if that is really how he answers the phone. Read above for what happens haha. Myolie asks him if he had fun at her house BBQ the day before  (oo…is this a star gathering we don’t know about? Hm…Nancy probably went lol. I wonder who else?) and goes on to ask him if he loves her. He replies w/ a “I love you” and she thanks him and hangs up! That is the strangest reply I’ve heard, but it’s Kenneth so oh well haha. (Wouldn’t “yeah, love” make more sense haha? But I guess he’s so use to telling her those 3 words that they’re inseparable!) Fama is convinced that Myolie is secretly “with” Kenneth since he replied so quickly and Kitty Yuen decides to call Kenneth to repeart Myolie’s words. Instead Kenneth, answering in the same cute voice, asks her if she’s doing the show again and tells her that “Yeung Yi” just called to ask him if he loved her. Everyone one explodes in laughter, while Myolie just, well, explodes, grabbing the phone and screaming “I am HANG Yee. You came to MY house yesterday…how dare you call me Yeung Yi?!”

Truly an LOL moment as the hosts tease Myolie saying that Kenneth loves the other Yi. Later on, Myolie gets Kenneth to tell her he loves her, Hang Yee, very much. haha. They’re such silly friends!

And girls, Kenneth belongs to only one Yi anways…and thats Bik Yi! muhahahaa…..I had to do that.

Epi 7 recap (watch here)

Kenneth was also featured on an earlier episode, epi 7. However, he had filmed the part way before the show aired since in episode 2’s end, he was already in the preview along w/ Sharon’s epi. He was to be featured on the Mother Day’s epi, but it was never aired until epi 7. It was believed that his part was cut do to the Swine Flu and the fact that his epi had unsanitary “milk spitting” in it. I don’t know, but they all of a sudden decided to air it! Who knows? It got me and bunch of fans waiting for his episode!

I was kinda upset though, since I believe they cut off a lot of footage! Kenneth was so cute during the spit milk part, where he was looking to see if they had milk in their mouths. He was clever and put his face really close to Candice’s so she’d move back and he was all like “I see she has something in her mouth!” Later on, he ended up choosing her since he knew that they all had milk. He was like, rather get spit on by a girl la. He even pretend to flirt with her..saying…what is your phone number to get her to laugh so he could see if she had milk in her mouth! Silly MaMing!

In the end while the credits are rolling you see some cut scenes, where Siu Yee and MaMing ‘pretend kiss’ and then she kisses him on the cheek and says “Today I don’t need to be paid for work!” and then he gives her a peck on the cheek (he looked so cute doing that!) Later you see Candice kissing whipped cream off Kenneth’s face (aw…) Wow. The ladies love him! haha. I liked Candice Chiu since Miss HK haha and she’s from Sydney, Australia, but I’m still surprised she kissed whipped cream off of his face! I mean, seriously? she got cream all over her face, but its MaMing 😀

I don’t know how many more cut scenes there are, I feel like there should be more and TVB said they’re airing online the full episodes I think. I am not sure.

The link is here to the show’s page, but I can’t watch the videos. If anyone sees it, and it is indeed the full version, please put it up on youtube or somewhere and tell us about it! 😀 thanks!

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Random Updates

July 6, 2009 at 6:50 pm (christine ng, Iron Horse Seeking Bridge, nancy wu, sharon chan, tavia yeung)

Sry for the lack of updates. I am overwhelmed and exhausted from work 😦 No more bumming for me haha. I realized I have lost like complete contact w/ my Staff as well….haha…and I’m totally to blame. Carmen has translated a bunch of stuff I haven’t even posted and I don’t even feel right sending her more stuff to translate….And I don’t know where Cami is anymore! We used to talk through youtube…but her account is gone now…Cami if you see this and you’re out there…reply! haha.

Back to Kenneth. This stuff is old news now, but w/e. 😛

Shall We State the Case 談情說案 (Tam Ching Suet On) aka the FungYi series

  • Kenneth is confirmed but he is just guest starring in the series. For how much, no one is really sure.
  • The series is inspired by Japanese TV series ‘Detective Galileo’ about crime solving and love.
  • Tavia and Kenneth will have ‘no’ romantic connect (unfortunately) and he’ll just be playing her superior
  • The Producer is Lau Ka Ho and he said that the series will be more focused on romance

In Tavia’s recent ‘Green Room’ aka Today’s VIP interview (link below) she stated that she and Kenneth are not fated to be lovers (haha. same thing Myolie said before), that usually they just ‘walk pass each other’ in series. Even in the new series, he is only her superior. (aww…i guess Tavia knew ppl were getting their hopes up or wondering so she said it very definitel that they don’t have a relationship in the series!) Of the younger generation, Kenneth is the only one she hasn’t gotten a chance to work w/ much so she wants to work with him and knows that he wants to work w/ her (ha. Yeah the whole world knows that!) And interviewer Carlo Ng poked fun saying that he thought Kenneth only wants to work with Kate. Tavia pointed to the camera ppl saying that they are all shaking their heads, “No” that it is someone else. Carlo then laughs and says “Wu…Hang Yee (Myolie)? Or the other one?” Tavia laughs and says “I still don’t know who it is”

I don’t really get Carlo, he seems to only know old news haha. I remember how he commented during the Kate Green Room interview that maybe Kenneth is only so nice to her after she complimented him and she got kinda defensive saying that Carlo shouldn’t say such things and that MaMing is a really good guy to everyone! It’s so random of him to bring up Kate.

Watch Tavia’s interview here (at the end is where she mentions MaMing):

Party Time!

  • Kenneth was not present at Miss Virginia Lok’s bday party since he was filming Iron Horse, nor was Kevin, Selena, Shirley, Linda nor Tavia present.  (too bad, I really wanted me some BK pix)
  • On the same night, Christine Ng and her husband had their anniversary party. I believe, had Kenneth not been working he would have gone/been invited since they seem like good friends. All his buddies went including Sharon, Nancy, Tavia, Joel, etc… (I remember how Kenneth was at Timmy’s bday with Christine and Sharon as well) Sharon, Nancy, & Joel went on to go to Miss Lok’s party while Tavia did not attend (hm..that’s strange oh well)

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Ella Koon: Women reaching age 30, gets more charming

July 6, 2009 at 6:26 pm (ella koon)

Welcomed by users of the popular website, usually posts the most recent entertainment clips. Recently invited “Electrifying Beauty” Ella Koon to accept an interview by “on Show Entertainment”. The Host made a big confession, wants to see what Ella has to expose?

Had always had the image of being sexy, Ella Koon spoke a lot about her private life due to the pressure from the Hosts. She said that her personality is like a tomboy, she is only like a girl when it comes to work.

Often appearing very pretty on shows, she exposed that she’s a “game addict”, she even said that the more she plays the more she gets into the game and the more happy she is. Recently she hosted a food show and appeared to have positive feedback. Playful Ella even pretended to speak like how she speaks in the show, it was very funny!

This year she will be turning 30 years old, will she throw a big party? She said: “I don’t really like to throw big parties, sometimes I don’t like to be the spotlight. (30 years old, does she feel that she’s getting old and afraid of aging?) Not really, but I feel that time really passed by fast. Also maybe because I always watch ‘Sex and the City’, so I feel that as women get older , the more charming they get. So actually I feel that I’ll look forward to being 30!”

Avoids Ron Ng; Most Compatible with Kenneth Ma

When asked about how since her entry into the industry, the hottest rumor she had was with Ron Ng, Ella immediately minded the question and avoid to answer. She appeared embarrassed, the feelings of the two could be seen indeed! Ella said: “Collaborating with so many male artistes, I think I match most with Kenneth Ma. We’re full of chemistry, a very comfortable feeling.”

Credits: aZnangel @

Comments: Aw…Ella of course picks Kenneth lol! I love how ppl just always randomly mention him. Hm…i just got to thinking, Toby has totally NOT posted pix from the filming of General Chai & Lady Balsam. I wonder why…? Is she waiting til the series airs? This is really puzzling becuz i remember her writing that she will post pix. Then, she didn’t update for a while and now she’s posting pix from her new series after that one. hm…I wonder if she was told to post them later or whether she’s waiting…because i was under the impression that she took a lot of pictures…hm…we’ll see.

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Kenneth Denies Dating Nancy Wu – says they’re just good friends

June 14, 2009 at 9:20 pm (bernice liu, nancy wu, tavia yeung)

Scoop Video Clip

Kenneth denies that he and Nancy are dating during the set of Iron Horse in reply to the 1 year Anniversary Celebration news. He says he’s close to Nancy becuz she’s tomboyish and not afraid of rumors. He further praises her performance in Rosy Business, saying she has a large range. haha. he repeats the same things about how Nancy called him to give her a ride and that they were each doing separate things that day.

Haha. Pix from filming of Iron Horse. They look like they’re enjoying themselves….more pix @ hyn5’s blog! (haha i stole these from her, hope that’s ok). As someone mentioned, does look like Kenneth & Kevin exchanged looks…IMO Kenneth looks good both ways, while Kevin looks better this way. I prefer Kenneth’s previous outfit tho!

Kenneth will only be a guest star in the FungYi series :-(…but that’s ok. I guess I was right in the beginning. And there will be no Bernice anyways! Apparently he’ll appear in 5 epis, and be Tavia’s husband who dies, leaving her with a son, Lawrence Ng. I hope its touching. Reminds me of The Brink of Law (some ppl are guessing he’ll die on a cop mission!). Haha. Kenneth always guest stars for someone. Life Made Simple he guest starred for Roger, now for Tavia…hm…I wonder if he guest starred in TBOL for Bernice??? (wishful thinking)

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Nancy Wu ‘likes’, ‘clicks with’ stars but won’t reveal whom she really loves

June 14, 2009 at 9:00 pm (nancy wu)

SLENDER Nancy Wu might not have the liver capacity to gulp down a half-yard of beer in a single sitting.

But there’s one thing she definitely doesn’t lack in her life – men.

The 27-year-old Hong Kong actress was in town last weekend, along with fellow TVB stars Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu, to attend the finals of Beds Beer Battle 2009.

Held at Beds KTV Pub, the event was a competition to discover the fastest beer drinker in Singapore.

She watched in amazement as contestants effortlessly washed down beer at breakneck speed.

After the event, as the doe-eyed beauty sipped gracefully on champagne – clearly her preferred drink – with her colleagues, The New Paper took the chance to quiz her about recent rumours surrounding two male celebrities.

Yes, we’re talking about not one, but two men.

The first is boyish South Korean singer-actor Nathan Lee, 25, member of boyband TAKE and part of the cast of A Starry Night, the new subway drama slated to be screened at train stations in Singapore and China later this year.


Nathan and Nancy were dance partners in the second season of reality talent show Strictly Come Dancing, the Asian version of Hollywood’s Dancing With The Stars.

Their chemistry was undeniable as the pair waltzed, tango-ed and rhumba-ed their way to third prize in the competition, even scoring full marks on two occasions.

Nancy had no qualms about heaping praise on him.

‘I must say Nathan is indeed the best partner I’ve had at work so far,’ said Nancy with a grin.

‘It must be fate’s arrangement that we got to dance together on the show.

‘Somehow, we just clicked very well and were able to communicate with ease.

‘I give him a full 100 marks for his dedication and commitment.’

As for Nathan’s confession of love for her during an interview, she laughed and admitted that she initially found his affection ‘odd’, but eventually didn’t think too much about what he said.

‘He grew up in America and therefore is more Westernised and direct in his behaviour,’ she said.

‘We spent two months on the show and saw each other literally every day, so it’s inevitable that we became close as friends.

‘He’s now pursuing his career in mainland China, I do hope he comes back to Hong Kong some time though!’

Another of her rumoured beaus is goofy-looking 35-year-old fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma

The Hong Kong media is rife with reports that the two got to know each other on Strictly Come Dancing.

According to reports, ‘sparks flew despite them being on different teams’ and they have ‘already been secretly dating for nearly a year’.

‘Ahh, it’s pure gossip, we are just very good friends,’ was Nancy’s calm reply.

She said, however, that Kenneth’s ‘down-to-earth disposition’ was one of his most attractive traits.

‘Who doesn’t like a man who is grounded and practical?’

Then, with a sigh, she added: ‘These days, good guys are really hard to come by.’


Local fans with placards sporting her name were seen stationed outside Beds KTV as they patiently waited for her arrival at the Beer Battle event, which was by invitation only.

Last December, she bagged the Most Improved Actress award at TVB’s 41st Anniversary Awards, a sign that she had finally hit the big time after eight years in the television industry.

‘It’s great that my efforts have been recognised,’ said Nancy.

‘I’ve been very lucky too, to get the challenging part in (period drama) The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows where I got to play the fourth wife of veteran actor Paul Chun.

‘The character I portrayed in it was a vivacious hostess who spent much of her rough life in seedy nightclubs. It was definitely a refreshing change for me, as well as for my fans who have followed my career all this while.’

Credits: Tne New Paper, sChiZoO14 @ AF

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