The Staff

KMKMF Family

bbfreak aka Valli – The ‘Wacky’ Webmistress

Position: Webmistress
Specialties: Nothing and everything! (and updating very slowly too…)
Age: N/A
Location: US
When did you start to like Kenneth & Why? Read about this in the About Me & The Mission page
What’s your favorite Kenneth series/role? Gu Yu Tong (AFOS) – All of them? grr… MK Sun/SLII …if I had to pick
Favorite Kenneth pairing: BK ❤ (haha, what a surprise right?)
What other celebs do you like? Too many to name…but only MaMing has my heart haha!
Three words to describe you: quirky, silly, stubborn
Tell us something about yourself (…anything…): ~smilez~

Cami – Creative Director

Position: Creative Director
Specialties: Making videos, gallery setup
Age: 15
Location: Vancouver B.C
When did you start to like Kenneth? February 2006
Why do you like Kenneth?
I’ve had my eye on Kenneth ever since the Driving Power, I loved his acting ever since that, but I became an obsessed fan ever since I watched Into Thin Air, haha I fell in LOVE with BK ❤
He’s acting was just so cute, and with Bernice on the side!!
Then I began reading some of his news, and I began liking him more and more. His personality is just so amazing, so true to himself, and not cocky like other actors.
What’s your favorite Kenneth series/role? MK Sun !
Favorite Kenneth pairing: BERNICE AND KENNETH (onscreen), KENNETH AND NANCY<3 (offscreen) – “damm thats the hardest question ever.. it was BK, but Kella came in the way” (bbfreak: quoted just to be exact! haha..)
What other celebs do you like? Bernice, Moses, Bosco
Three words to describe you: I LOVE KENNETH
Tell us something about yourself (…anything…): I love mango icecream! lol

Carmen – Translator

Position: Translator
Specialties: Translating…I guess? Please don’t quote me for having the right translation job done!
Age: Secret
Location: Canada
When did you start to like Kenneth? Since the airing of “Triumph in The Skies.”  Began to notice Kenneth even before that, but information about him was just way too little for me to know more about him.
Why do you like Kenneth?
Well of course it all starts out with the looks! Of course I think he’s very good looking, the kind of look that makes you feel comfortable; and the fact that he doesn’t even try to make himself look good makes me like him even more! Everything is just natural. I love how he is always so friendly and cute looking, the cute part mainly comes from the roles that he plays and from some of the photos he’s taken for different media.  Friendly comes from the fact that he just looks like the type of person you’ll trust to ask for help.  And from personal encounters with Kenneth (attending his functions), I can say that he’s absolutely a nice and friendly guy! I mean, who would have ever thought of getting an apology text message from an artist that doesn’t even know who you are?! I never did! But I did receive one!
Aside from the looks, what attracts me the most about Kenneth is that from reading different articles, I learned that he’s a shy person, doesn’t like to talk much and he doesn’t like to make himself stand out (hence he’s always way in the back or off to the side when taking group pictures) in a crowd.  He’s a family man, very down to earth when it comes to stating his goals in life and in the entertainment industry! He just wants to act, make enough money to cover the cost of living, and have a happy family. He’s a well educated person (not too many SiuSung out there has a bachelor degree!) and very polite, willing to learn.  Having described some of his characteristics, I can’t believe he can play roles such as Tim Kwok (Love Guaranteed) and MK Sun (Survivor’s Law II) so well; the characteristics of these roles are totally opposite of Kenneth’s personality!  I really admire the fact that he’s willing to take on any type of roles, and he’s not worried about ruining his image to the public, it’s because of that as the audience and fans, we’re able to see Kenneth act all types of characters; he’s not just limited to being the good guy, or the handsome and smart one on the set!  I’m looking forward to see Kenneth as the big bad guy on the block! And I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of him playing a few more roles as professionals!  And I would love to hear him sing more. He has a good voice, but I think he wasn’t assigned with a song that suits him.  I wish Kenneth all the best, and hope he will shine brighter and brighter in the industry!
What’s your favorite Kenneth series/role? Triumph in The Skies, Dream of Colours, Love Guaranteed, Into Thin Air, The Brink of Law, Survivor’s Law I & II, La Femme Desperado, The Family Link, D.I.E., Speech Of Silence, The Four.
What other celebs do you like? Aaron Kwok, Amigo Choi, EO2
Favorite Kenneth pairing:  Kenneth & Bernice Liu
Three words to describe you: I’m a mango!
Tell us something about yourself…anything..: I’m a CBC, but not a banana because I know how to read, write and type Chinese. I don’t watch (what I would call) the English channels or English movies or listen to English songs. I basically know nothing about the Hollywood industry. Everyone around me doesn’t believe that I was born and raised in Canada; they all think I’m from Hong Kong, which I’m not! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day! ^_^

Disclaimer: ” Please note that the translations I do are not the official translations of the articles itself.  There may be mistakes and minor errors on the translation.  I try my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there may be parts of it that I have to change in order to make the content flow better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!”

Wanna join this awesome (and very needy) staff?

Just leave us a comment here on this page and tell us what position you would like to take and/or what skills you have! KMKMF will love to have you as a part of our team! Don’t hesitate, this is a once in a lifetime chance (haha, like Miss HK)! We’re very freelance as you can tell by my rate of updates. There’s no pressure at all to do anything, just work when you have time or when you feel like it!

The only requirement is that you have to be a Kenneth fan...or have the potential to become one! lol. (Who could not love him though?!)

*Special Thanks to Litingg @ the TVBsquare Forum for the banners (the 1st two)



  1. cami said,

    lol i love it~ thanks valli

  2. Carmen said,

    Thanks for posting it bbfreak! =)

  3. anita said,

    Do au know where he lives I really want to meet him in person.

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