Practicing for Tonight’s Performance – Kenneth’s Blog Updated!

April 17, 2008 at 6:15 pm (kevin cheng, strictly come dancing)

Here’s a clip of the artists practicing for tonight’s performance. I’m not quite sure whether it’s the guys or the girls first, but seems like everyone is practicing already! (In the clip below, while Timmy is dancing, Kenneth is watching in the back. He’s sitting next to a girl in white)

Kenneth looks so good in white! What is he? “An Officer and A Gentleman” ? haha. What’s with the girl w/ the blonde wig? (Marylin Monroe?) He has a really odd expression on his face lol.

More Official pix are up. Kenneth is paired w/ Grace while Nancy is with Timmy. (I was so happy to see that Derek was with Angela…getting my hopes high for KenNancy but I just knew it’d turn out this way lol) Either way Kenneth looks so sexy in these haha!

If I must say so myself, I prefer this picture to the official pic! lol. aw… two hott guys… yum! Kenneth just loves puckering his lips doesn’t he? He must know they’re sexy..haha… Ppl call Bosco-Kevin lets come up with a name for Kevin & Kenneth…. KeKe?! lol.

Aw…what a cute team! I remember when Kevin first came into TVB how he mentioned his best friend was Timmy, and I was surprised since they seemed like such an odd couple lol. (I liked both of course) they’re reunited! haha! Where are they? On the shuttle at the airport?

Well, Good Luck to the “Disabled Youths” and the girls! We know they’ll make us proud….or at least make us laugh?! lol.

hm..i wonder who this is? Is this one of Kenneth’s sisters or family or his coworkers?

Kenneth Fans showing him support! Looks like everyone is on the verge of screaming “Ma Ming!” lol. Wonder if these are fans from HK or mainland or both? Happy to see all the support for Kenneth!



  1. Carmen said,

    that lady with Kenneth, its a TVB staff, forgot her position though.

  2. Lindi said,

    LOL. Kenneth n Selena are the best

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