Kenneth Ma and Selena Li’s Mutual Connection

October 31, 2008 at 7:09 pm (interviews, selena li)

Please note that this is not an official translation of the article.  There may be some mistakes, and minor errors on the translation.  I’ve tried my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there had been a few parts that I had to change a little in order to make the content “flow” better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!

Selena welcomes Kenneth to launch a pursuit of her, smiling she says she doesn't mind multiple pursuers

Kenneth has worked with Selena Li and Kate Tsui numerous times, and Kenneth has been paired up with each of them in different series. However when asked to pick between the two “onscreen girlfriends,” Kenneth honestly says that he likes Selena more, implementing “love Selena, give up Kate.”

Kenneth and Selena paired up again as a couple in TVB’s “The Four”

The two of them have worked together as a couple over 5 times.  The number of times they’ve worked together is no fewer than the times Kenneth has worked with his “rumor girlfriend” Kate. However, if he had to the pick between the two “onscreen girlfriend,” Kenneth likes Selena more, and announces that Selena’s personality/characteristics matches his taste. She has the quality/criteria that is required for his being his girlfriend.

Kenneth agrees that Selena is very delicate, fitting all the qualities he's looking for in a wife

He likes girls that are 小 鳥 伊 人
(gentle/weak, feminine, demure; pinyin: “siu liu yi yan” ).
Kenneth says: “Between Selena and Kate, I will pick Selena, because she gives me the feeling of being quiet, polite, and elegant. In contrast, Kate gives the impression that she is strong, has her own opinions, but I like “soft/gentle” type of girls. (What’s the criteria/characteristics for you when choosing a girlfriend?) Long hair, small/tiny (physical size), 小 鳥 伊 人, but can’t be too shy/quiet, because I’m too quiet/shy. (Selena suits you then?) Yeah, too bad she already has a “rumor boyfriend” Patrick Tang!”

She doesn’t mind a lot of guys fighting for her
As for Selena, she agrees that Kenneth’s physical appearance matches well with hers, that they really are a perfect onscreen couple. She says: “Kenneth seems like a really dependable guy (down to earth) and he gives others the impression that he is a “home/family” type of guy. As for me, I seem really quiet/polite/elegant, I don’t have too many rumors, and can be considered a good girl.  Hence, Kenneth and I match up pretty well. (Kenneth complemented that you’re quiet/gentle?) There’s a tough (bold/strong) side of me. I sometimes sit with my leg up, but while I was in Canada, I was really poised, maybe because life in Canada is kind of simple. I fit his criteria for a girlfriend? Is that for real? I think Kenneth is very good looking. (He said too bad you have Patrick?) I don’t mind being fought over for by a lot of guys!”

Kenneth & Selena have been paired together over five times, developing a deep connection worth full points

Credit: Carmen @ MKMC (translation), bbfreak (editor – sry may have further changed the arrangement), captions from babelfish (currently)

**For another version of the translation, Selena’s Fansource has theirs up as well: (aw…Lizzy beat me to posting this up! lol.)

**Other version:

Happy Halloween guys!

Comments: Finally, I’m commenting on this article haha. First off, KenSelena are so darn cute together! Actually, of all of Kenneth’s costars, I’ve always imagined Selena to be the closest to “his type.” I don’t know why, I just always thought Kenneth would like the more gentle good girls and Selena seemed the most like that. I guess I was right. Too bad she has Patrick or she is ‘rumored’ to have him anyways. Why oh why? Kenneth is the better catch in my opinion! I’m OK with Patrick, but for some reason I always imagined him as being too witty and somehow party boy like (kinda like Timmy Hung, but not exactly). I have a strange feeling that Kenneth’s super picky about his ideal girl lol. OMG. Noooooo…Kenneth likes little girls?! Haha. that sounded wrong, I meant like short girls? Is that what he means? I hope that’s not true (that just pops my dreams about BK), but then again, any girl standing next to Kenneth can be considered little as long as she’s below 5’10” (wishful thinking). Bernice isn’t too shy, and I feel that, despite her Westernized personality, she’s pretty feminine  (she has her cutesy/flirty voice). Anyways, it’s ok. That’s just his ideal girl, not necessarily who he dates. Btw, Linda Chung also seems to fit all the qualities, except she too is a little on the tall side.

Btw, does any one know what Month on the 2009 TVB Calendar Kenneth’s gonna be on? Who’s betting we’ll see KenSelena on the same month?!


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Toby’s Blog

October 26, 2008 at 7:33 pm (Uncategorized)

So I’m feeling really creepy right now since I’ve been Toby-blog stalking…yesh that’s like beyond facebook-stalking haha! ah..the things I do for u, Kenneth…lol… so here we go – her newest update!

The gals at maldives!!!

I have been so busy lately filming that i havent really taken any new pics, so here are some old pics that i took before filming!!! These pics were taken at maldives a little trip i had be4 i started wk, my little getaway with friends!!! We had great fun and its where i got the great tan from!!! I miss that color, i miss maldives!!!

Got to spend more time with Angela, thats when i scared her, calling her mama the hole trip and i met a crazy new friend, Rene!!! The crazy pack!!!!

Will sure take more pics soon!! Me and ma ming, filming!!!!


Well, she mentions Kenneth and says she’ll take more pix soon…lol… ah… but isnt the series finished filming? Or maybe she just never got to posting this blog entry…who knows. I was disappointed that she said she didn’t get to take many pix due to her busy filming schedule…hm…. Hoping for some MaMing pix! Will continue Toby-blogstalking!

Btw, Kathy Chow has a blog as well…if anyone’s interested. She’ll probably post more abt the new series…someone out there keep a watch out for her blog…it’s in Chinese so if u know how to read and spot something..u know who to tell ~me…lol~

Screencaps from site:

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Interesting Article I found – Take a Look….

October 26, 2008 at 6:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Comments: haha..the article was eh… interesting? lol. I’m not sure how to comment on it except, hey, the person cared enough to write about Kenneth….and he has become TVB’s ‘superstar’ lol!

Recently, I read a translation of a great interview with actor Kenneth Ma over at, the current king of websites devoted to translating Hong Kong entertainment news and gossip into English. I crowned Jayne king (or rather queen) because her site updates frequently, her translations are coherent and grammatical, and she also throws in some very interesting features – just like that wacky “y” in the middle of her name. Hers is the best of the recent batch of such sites whose numbers have exploded over the last year or so. Before they multiplied, these websites formed a singular, sequential line stretching back to the mid-1990s.

Some still even exist today, though all eventually flamed out in one way or another. Before Jaynestars, there was Em’s excellent TVBspace News site (where now a smoking crater lies); Sanney Leung’s foundational and comprehensive Hong Kong Entertainment News in Review (“The website that reveals more than two points,” and which had an epic, Ripkin-like run from about 1999 until mid-2004, after which it devolved into a soulless collection of links to Asian entertainment-related news items found at other sites, thus becoming an anorexic shadow of its former self); and before that, the infamous SAR Film Top Ten Homepage (still updating after almost a decade, but now minus the Fluff in Color, which was unquestionably the best thing about it). Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenneth Promoting SLII in Mandarin

October 26, 2008 at 6:01 pm (survivor's law II)

Comments: Is it me or does Kenneth look really cute in this clip? haha… There is no way Kenneth is that pale…. is it the lighting? He doesn’t look half bad pale…lol. But I typically like guys that are dark, they look more manly! Just curious…does anyone know if Kenneth is just naturally tanned from playing soccer or does he do tanning light? I hope it’s natural lol. I remember seeing a pic of him behind the scenes and he had a  very obvious tan line, so I figure his tan is natural? Hehe.. i remember I started thinking about this after Steven Ma said in an interview during the filming of TBOL that he gets his own tan from tanning lights.

Aw…SLII is Kenneth’s favorite series now… I remember when it used to be SP….

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TVB Weekly Issue #591: “The Four” The Final Battle

October 24, 2008 at 12:18 am (raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Note: The only parts translated are those involving Kenneth. This is not a full translation.

Picture 1: Main Cover – “The Four” The final battle

Picture 2: Table of Contents

Picture 3: “The Four” – Four in One (Ron & Sammul)

Picture 4: (Kenneth & Raymond) The 3 paragraphs there just gives a general overview of the storyline, and which actor/actress is acting as which character.

Picture 5: Raymond and Sammul talks about what they think about their character; and what happens to them in the end of the story.

Picture 6: “Metal Hand” – The Mediator (A peace-keeper)
Kenneth has a few similar characteristics as Metal hand; Metal Hand is a very honest and sincere; good-natured person, he acts as a neutralizer in the story. Kenneth said “In comparison to Heartless’ aloofness, Cold Blood’s cruelness, and Chase’s cheeriness, out of the four of them Metal Hand seems like the only one without any personal characteristics.  However, this is actually what makes Metal Hand the special character he is; friendly and “down-to-earth,” hence he always acts as the mediator in the group.”
This is the first time that Kenneth has to do fight scenes (kung fu).  Kenneth said “This is the first time (doing kung fu) since entering into the industry; in the past I acted as “Gan Yun Geen” in “My Master is Wong Fei Hong”, there were some kung fu involvement, but it had elements of comedy in it.  But this time it is a real kung fu movie/drama, so this is a big challenge.  Because I’m tall, every move/action I do involves me to stretch far and wide in order to create the required visual effect, and by doing so, it makes my fist manoeuvres more strong and tough.  I’m not very satisfied with my performance this time, everything was learned instantly (accelerated course); I hope I can improve more for the kung fu scenes in the future.”

“Metal Hand” – Ending – Brotherhood
The four of them had gone through a lot in order to achieve the brotherhood that they have now, however they are about to face a rupture on the relationship.  Kenneth said “the recent cases revealed that Metal Hand and Heartless actually has a unique association due to their family backgrounds; the two families are enemies.  Smart viewers would have noticed that at the beginning of the drama there was a part dealing with the two families, due to some misunderstanding, trying to kill each other off; Metal Hand and Heartless happens to be the descendents of the two family.  Plus with the “help” (inciting one against the other) from the “enemy spy” Song Gee Yin, our hatred for each other deepened.  The ending is to see how the four of us, not being brothers anymore, pull back together and team up to congregate our last battle, to elaborate the brotherhood in order to save each other.” (OMG!!! This paragraph is really hard to translate!!!)
Caption on the picture: Kenneth explains that Metal Hand’s hands can be injured by weapons, but because there are two little shields on his gloves that blocks it for him.  Seeing his own performance in the kung fu scenes, Kenneth feels really surprised and says “looks like I’m able to do pretty well for kung fu scenes, it is a big satisfaction (fulfillment).”

Picture 7: Raymond talks about Kenneth
“Although I’ve partnered with Kenneth a few times, we never had opportunities to actually act in the same scene with each other.  But this time we have a lot of screen time together.  In comparison to the three of us, Kenneth is mild-mannered/urbanely/suave, he usually doesn’t talk much.  This time during the filming process we got to know each other more (during play time while goofing around).  We would talk and laugh non-stop.  The major achievement this time was being able to “open up” Kenneth’s mouth (making Kenneth talk more).”

Picture 8: Ron talks about Kenneth
“I’ve partnered with Kenneth twice, although we don’t have a lot of scenes together, I can see major improvements in him.  He completed the actor training course, and has not learnt any kung fu or dancing skills, but you can see that when he does the fight scenes he knows what he’s doing and does it well.  You can see that other than his acting skills, he has matured a lot in other areas as well.  He does not feel that he is at a disadvantage because of the personality his character has, instead because every character has a different personality there can be attractive chemistry effects.”

Picture 9: Sammul talks about Kenneth
“I feel that Kenneth has become broad-minded and outspoken (optimistic).  When we first met, he was really shy and didn’t speak much.  This time around he is able to bond into (get along) our big family.  When we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” he doesn’t dare to play with us, this time he has learned/willing to joke with us and knows when to “fight back” when necessary.  Over the years, I’m able to see him improve in many different areas.”

Picture 10: Kenneth – Matured
Looking back, Kenneth is gratified that they’ve all matured. Kenneth says “thinking back to when we were filming “Triumph into the Skies” we were all new to the industry, all of us were very nervous.  Every time when we film the most important part was to fully delivery our lines and that was it.  Now after 5 years we’re able to work together again to film “The Four” and indeed we’ve all matured a lot, especially for our acting.  After getting our script we should discuss about it, we’ll do some pre-runs, and work out any kinks and make changes until everything is smooth.  This would be a hard task to accomplish if we didn’t have “unspoken consensus” (“muk ka-ie”).”

Kenneth talks about Raymond

“Haven’t partnered with Raymond a lot, even when we were both filming “La Femme Desperado” we didn’t have any scenes together, strictly speaking this is the first time we’ve filmed together, where we had so many parts together.  In the past I see more of his performance.  Remembering to the time when we were filming “Eternal Happiness” I was only a scholar, and he was already one of the main characters.  He had good control of his sword.  I think he is fit for ancient roles.”

Kenneth talks about Sammul
“Sammul is just like Chase, usually talks a lot, knows how to create a good atmosphere, in comparison I don’t talk as much.  But working with him is great, there wouldn’t be any boredom.  I just need to stand on the side to listen, and laugh together with them all; I really enjoy this type of happy and relaxing work environment.”

Kenneth talks about Ron
“Ron wouldn’t have a straight face just because he is playing the role Cold Blood, when filming he would look really cruel and not say a single word, but once the camera stops his own personality will come right back.  Because of Cold Blood it has caused him to hold back/depressed/constrained, he needs to be released (set free from Cold Blood’s personality).  For a person like him broad minded and outspoken, having them to stop and be silent and not speak is really hard on them.”

Credits: Carmen @ MKMC (Carmen, We really appreciate your translation! Thanks again!),

Note from Carmen: Please note that this is not an official translation of the article itself.  There may be some mistakes, and minor errors on the translation.  I’ve tried my best to include everything and not to make any alteration to the original meaning; however there had been a few parts that I had to change a little in order to make the content “flow” better.  Please excuse me for any English grammar errors or word choice I’ve made. Thanks!

Another version of the translated magazine w/ the Raymond Parts and soon all the other parts translated can be found here:

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General Chai & Lady Balsam – Praying Ceremony

October 22, 2008 at 3:32 pm (General Chai & Lady Balsam, toby leung)

POLL PAGE UP – check out the sidebar! Please take some time to check out the polls. I’m gonna start doing a Monthly Poll and the one for November 2008 is up (yesh its too late to count it for october really…) Start voting and all polls attached to articles will be found on that page as well! Enjoy! Results will also go there!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Rumors: Grand Entrepreneurs

October 21, 2008 at 2:07 am (grand entrepreneurs)

Here are some rumors regarding the series:

I just visited several forums and here are some more updates that I stole from them ^__^
The series will start filming in either mid to late November to April 2009. There will be many scenes that take place in Europe. Aside from the strong casts, it looks like TVB is putting great investment into the series by filming it in other places.
Kenix will play an ambitious lawyer who sacrifices love for career but she will regret later. Ray will be a successful business man whose life story is based on one of the Kwok brothers, the third wealthiest family in Hong Kong. However, TVB claims that their script is “original.”
Based on the various resources, the relationship and connection among the characters are as follows:
Family Life:
Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, and Sunny Chan will play brothers. So far we know that Gallen will play a villain and he and Ray are not getting along.
Krystal Tin, Kenix Kwok, Vincent Wong are siblings and children of Nancy Sit.
Ray, Gallen, & Sunny will be cousins of Krystal, Kenix, and Vincent.
Love Life:
Jamie Chik is Ray’s legitimate wife and Kenix plays his first love and soulmate. Jamie and Kenix are not getting along.
Anita Yuen is Gallen’s wife and best friend of Krystal.
Krystal plays Sunny’s girlfriend.

The series will be tailor made for Gallen, it’s about revenge and family feud.
Nancy Sit joins the cast as Ray Lui’s mother.
Ray Lui is the tycoon and big brother of the family. Gallen is his younger brother. Wife is Jamie Chik while Kenix is his soulmate. His role will be loosely based on a certain HK tycoon.
Kenix will be a tough career minded woman and have triangle relationship with Ray Lui and Jamie Chik.
Kenix’s character is an ambitious lawyer who chose career over love, but regretted later.
Gallen will be the ultimate villain.
Joe Ma joins the cast, he will be playing Anita’s boyfriend. (Wouldn’t this conflict with the previous info?)
Not sure how true this is since Sunny is not confirmed for the show.  We’ll see. No mention of Toby, Bernice or Kenneth……
– I’m going to venture that since Angelina Lo and Benz Hui are added to the cast that she replaces Nancy Sit and that Joe replaces Sunny.
– Also, Gallen will ‘rape’ Anita Yuen so therefore I doubt she is his wife as stated by the first poster…
– I would be so happy if they got to travel and film! Europe? Romantic haha. Hope BK gets to travel together!

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Updates on “Grand Entrepreneurs” (SPOILER ALERT) & Other stuff

October 18, 2008 at 1:25 pm (grand entrepreneurs)


From 富貴貓marie @ Discuss HK:

about 金錢誘罪

Credits:  LiliBeeBee @ MKMC

This source is suppose to be pretty reliable. I’m not sure what it says, but I put it through Babelfish and I believe this means that….. It’s BK! I think the pairings are Bernice-Kenneth and Toby-Vincent. However, it seems that Kenneth will die 1/2 way thru the series…aw… but as long as its worth it… I remeber how I was kinda disappointed about his death in TBOL, but lets hope its touching and worthwhile this time! Maybe it’ll be memorable? ~fingers crossed that TVB doesn’t decide to change anything since they finally got it right this time~

Also, according to AF, the Sales Presentation for this is completed. Lets watch out!

The Four cast has been interviewed in TVB programme 《范後感》 & the interview will air on Oct 18th, 8pm. at TVB entertainment news channel. Watch out for it! More pix @ MKMC and

From the news, in the interview, when asked about ideal other halves, Kenneth was quick to answer something about her having to be a pretty girl haha. He also mentioned that in one of his series, he was originally suppose to have a love-development with Halina Tam, but it got cut out. (I think it was probably Master of Kung Fu – WFH) That’s really funny. Again, he mentions that he doesn’t mind if a girl is older than him, as long as he likes her.

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Kenneth in “The Grand Entrepreneurs” 金錢誘罪

October 15, 2008 at 5:01 pm (bernice liu, series, toby leung)

The official cast of “Money” is Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen, Joe Ma, Nancy Sit, Jaimie Chik, Krystal Tin, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung –  according to

*Rumor had it that Sunny Chan, Geoffrey Wong, Vincent Wong and  Michael Tao were to be in it too…I guess not?


古靈精探2 (DIE 2)   – Kenneth will guest star
Bernice Liu & Vincent Wong will also be in 金錢誘罪

Angelina Lo & Benz Hui Added to Grand Entrepreneurs

*Credits to LiliBeeBee

Grand Production


Chong Wai Kin & Tommy Leung Ka Shu

Costume Fitting
November 2008

Late 2008 ~ 2009

Comments: I’m so happy that Kenneth got in on his very first Grand Production. I hope this list is accurate! It better be haha… So I guess this means he won’t be in DIE II…but who cares ? haha. As long as he’s in this one. And he’s the only younger generation actor in it! what is this? Tommy Leung trying to make Kenneth and his daughter Toby like a golden couple? Kenoby? lol. Oh well. I hope it’s a good role!

– Updated: OMG…could it be? Could it be? A BK reunion? Is it possible? Is TVB that wonderful? omg… i can’t breathe… but i’m not gonna get my hopes up… I always get let SCDII & how I thought there’d be BK. And Kenneth’s gonna guest star in DIEII which is awesome! Let’s hope its Toby-Vincent and Bernice-Kenneth!

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Kenneth & Angela on “Identity” Episode 8,9 & 10

October 8, 2008 at 1:44 am (angela tong, Identity, timmy hung, toby leung)

Epi 8:

Starts at 6:13 – after the Charlene & Ken Hung 1/2 of the show

Epi 9:

Epi 10:

Comments: Haha. Kenneth and Angela are so cute…Iguess they became good friends during SCDII. They kept acting out the jobs of the ppl. MaMing really does need a crazy woman around him to bring out the fun part of him! Loved Toby & Timmy as well. Those four are crazy together….. and since Toby & Kenneth are working together on a new series, that should be fun!

I loved how when Sammy asked Kenneth what the girl in red looked like and he said “next year’s Miss HK” and Timmy was like “ugh…who can top u?” It was so funny…Kenneth is so flattering and it’s so natural haha… Sammy laughed at how Kenneth is the pro flirter while Timmy’s good at checking out girls! (Timmy, yet again faced w/ the inability to beat MaMing when it comes to girls! 1st Chen Lu and then Grace haha… He just has to keep the girls from meeting Kenneth haha).

I’m glad they won it and honestly, these ppl weren’t too hard to guess. Kenneth is so passive. He let Timmy bully him into doing whatever. Timmy was so emotional haha, while Kenneth’s so calm. I understood Timmy’s reasoning, just as Kenneth did, but no one let Kenneth speak. They were all just so loud and quick to compliment Timmy’s ideas. I actually would have done what Kenneth was about to do. Either way, it would have worked out fine and there would have been a little bit more of suspense that way too. They could have left the safety for the last two ppl and even if its 1/2, they’d get more right? Who knows? But i would’ve submitted to pressure as well, like MaMing. He’s so unconfrontational!

Also, at the very end of the show while the credits were rolling…Kenneth showed his gentlemanly side yet again. The “lovely assistant” Snow, was standing to the side and Kenneth extended his arm in a motion like come over here, stand in front. I guess they were taking pictures or something. Kenneth just waved her in, so she wouldn’t be all alone to the side. It looked very gentlemanly, which makes me wonder how the girls are able to resist him! haha.

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Vote For Kenneth Here – Fansite, & the ID issue!

October 2, 2008 at 3:17 pm (tvb anniversary)

Kenneth seems to have lots of support over at this Chinese forum; he’s 2nd after Raymond.


Overseas Fansite VOTE HERE:

Scroll all the way down:

**If you don’t have an HK ID, you can still vote – visit, and follow the instructions.haha. read it!**

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